Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chocolate Steamboat Review!

I'm really sorry 
that i seldom blog
i was kinda sad too :(
and i just finished my MUET exam today
Besides,i was busying with my homework and watching Drama xD
as that's my routine lifestyle habit

Recently i've been told about the chocolate steamboat
they said it is really Nice!
my bro tried once and his comment was 
"It's really delicious lah, you should try"

i was like being tempted with my bro's word 
and everyday i am thinking about having a try
i were spamming my tweets with
"i am so exhausted to have Choco Steamboat"

because i have only tried on the most common Tomyam steamboat with my friends
instead of the chocolate fondue

so, i convinced my friends to have the meal with ME !
and we also planned to celebrate Chency's birthday too!=D

 Here is the post,
 Make up and #OOTD
That's my bro with his CHIO sunglasses

here's the place
 Hometown @Kota Damansara
it's actually close to Sunway Giza and they have new branches at Manjalara, kepong too
 Beside the chocolate fondue, they offered variety of steamboat dishes too
i am quite interested in the "Cheese fondue "
 a photo from Google, i forgot to snap one xD
 This is kinda huge one! this may suit 4 person

 half is Tomyam and the other half is chicken soup
you can choose to have porridge for a side
we poured all the raw foods into the pot! #QiongKong

and Tadadada ~ ~
this is the chocolate fondue
recommend 3 - 4 person sharing one
 it was my first time trying on Chocolate steamboat
 Ice cream balls !

The chocolate was really nice as it wasn't too sweet 

Photos of us =)
 @Elvene and @chinyee

 @chency and @liana
a girl doesn't want to reveal herself xD
 My bro @ah why and I

After the sumptuous chocolate meal, we have some drinks at Beer Factory @Sunway Giza
LOLOL this was our first time been there (as we prefer OverTime)
kinda "ganjiong" lor 

the condition there was far more better than Rush Hour
but it's kinda crowded for me
so, we just sat there for 30 minutes

Capturing photos xD
There's a quote in chinese which is 物以類聚
which describe those who having same personality or sharing the same interest tend to stick together in a gang!
we are EGO gang ,hehe
all the JiMui

 Am I ugly enough to scare YOU? xD

Here's my ego personal portrait xP

Rephrase : i am not good-looking person ,
thus if i don't capture photo of myself by my own,
who else will capture for me
It seems like a kid who is under-age with her bottle of drinks =.=
Ended up this post with this photo xD
it's look gay LOL

Happy B'day Chency!

P.S: i have updated my pages with Hari Raya Cards at Handmade Cards