Monday, January 26, 2015

My 2015 Beauty Regime

Besides putting on layers-thicked makeup, getting our hair done fashionably, exposing our body to load of works or bearing tons of clothes, we take a big responsibility on the post-caring for every single inches of our skin and body hair. The face, body and hair, that we used to color, tong or straighten. Have to say, all of the parts!
So, here's my 2015 Beauty Regime. It will be just a short one and I will be soon having a give away right near the Valentine's day! 
*Hint: Something pinkish and it's a skin care products!

I do mask my face frequently as a treatment whenever I feel my face is tired or dried, but I rarely put any cream or gel on my face as a base before the makeup, because I want to sleep more and make everything quick! I have found there's another to keep our face moisturized and won't causing any crackiness after makeup - Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing & Refreshing Gel Mist. It smells so nice, absolutely, the Aloe Vera scent!

Besides, I do use hand cream - L'occitane Velvet Hand Cream to keep my hand drenched as I used to work long hours in air-conditional room, like studio or even class. It's chilling cold! I play a dish-washer role at home, so with no choice, I have to put on hand cream even though I am lazy.

Taadaa, rescuer for my dried-colored hair - Matrix Biolage COLORlast Shampoo . It works like the nature's fade-defying orchid, it protects and sustains to help keeping our hair to shine, maintaining the depth and hair color tone. Comes with low pH property it prolongs the color vibrancy. No worry if you colored your hair in rainbow, the colors stay longer with this shampoo!

That's all for my 2015 Beauty Regime, how about yours? Leave a comment and share with me :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Nutritious Power Drinks: Oxydrinks

I was given a box of Nutritious drinks to try out a month ago. It wasn't my first time trying out all kind of nutritious drinks as I have tried oat drinks and all. I was giving a shot for diet purpose and then it slowly turned into a replacement meal for me for a quick grab. Hereby, I am introducing Oxydrinks.

It contains of 22 natural nutritious ingredients with
Trans Fat
Artificial color

that can power up our day by promoting  healthy energy flow (Oxygen) in our bodies and keeping us vital with 3 main sources, which are Moringa Oleifera (Miracle plant), Hirsutella Sinensis and Siberian Ginseng.

Contained of wide variety of whole natural food and combined with 5 colored natural whole plant-based food which are red, green, black, white and yellow, all these nutrients include Vitamin, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, dietary fibre and antioxidants.

Oxydrinks can
- boost metabolism,
- increase body stamina,
- purify body
- promotes harmony in body
- Vitality

There are 3 sachets in a box with 25g each.

Add 1 sachet of Oxydrinks into 150-180cc of warm water, stir briskly until it dissolved completely. Then you can enjoy your nutritious drink.
* You can adjust the amount or even add it into your favorite beverages for optimum health.

What do I think?
I do like how it smells and taste as it smells kinda like oatmeal cookies. It actually tastes very light that almost like drinking water (tasteless) yet with some chewy ingredients. Yet, it's kinda hard to be fully dissolved even though stirred it for minutes.

For more information and updates, please feel free to visit
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Valentine Day MakeUp Look: The CAT

In most of the time we saw extremely WOW and dramatic cat makeup look, with the dark, sharp and thick cat flick eyeliner. So, hereby I have created my own simple Valentine Day Makeup Look : The CAT


It's really easy to practice and with only a few makeup products needed.

Before head on to the final makeup look, I will be introducing you guys with the products that I have used to create this look.

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
For the eyeliner part, I am using KOJI Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner. The packaging itself reveals it as a brand in Japan, kawaii and girly sweet. It has ultra fine and soft tip applicator. It's flexible and very easy to apply in drawing either thick or thin strokes, depending on how much pressures you used. Besides, this eyeliner is waterproof and sweatproof. It can dries up within a minute and your look will be long wearing, without smudging in hours.

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop
Our lips need extra moisture before applying any lipstick or lip gloss, to give an aid covering the fine lines or prevent chapping. Hereby I am using the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop in pink shock (fuchsia color) ,which can provide up to 8 hours hydration with amazing pigmentation of neon. After using this lip balm, I believe that it can save us from looking pale and even making our makeup routine easier without the step of applying lipstick.

Collection Hotlights Lipgloss
After the lip balm, I apply the Collection Hotlights Lipgloss in star shade (nude pink). It comes with the non sticky yet high glossy formula, giving us a dazzling look all day long.

The amazing part of this lip gloss will be, it is equipped with a built-in light and a mirror and the side of the tube. It makes our life so much easier as we need not to bring the entire makeup pouch, tucking in the extra mirror with us for touch up purpose. It does impressed me so well!

It's noticeable that under the flash, the shimmers in the gloss appear to be more glowy and shiny. Even without the flash, there are gold shimmers in the gloss which give us a brighter and juicy lips.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish
Of course without letting our nails bared. I have applied the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Berry Sexy (004). The shade is compatible with the lip balm shades, kind of the combination of pink and purple shades. The difference can be seen from one and two layers. For first layer, it appears to be more pinkish but the second layer appears to be more purple-ish. I don't really like this shade as it makes me look old and kinda irritating. But, it's good as it dries up really fast within a minute after application of each layer.

CAT MakeUp Look
Tadaaaa.... Here's the final looking. It's super duper simple with just the only few steps to be done.

For the eyes part, I am going for the thin cat flick with Dolly Wink Eyeliner, unlike what we seen from the pictures online. It doesn't give a intense and dramatic look, but soft and clean. To add a little sweet looking like the kitty, I have drawn a few tiny strokes on my lower lash line, imitating the falsies. It's pretty much like how the Japanese done with the Gyaru look

For the lips, I have added a layer of Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop (adding a bit of the pop color) and Collection Hotlights Lip Gloss (adding a bit of lustrous look). Besides giving moisture to my lips, the lip balm can even cover up the fine lines on my lips and giving it a shade of pink, leaving it with supple and smooth finish. In addition, the lip gloss enhance the shape of my lips, giving it a juicy-bouncy finish. A Kissable Lips.

Surprise your boyfriend with this CAT look! Be wild, be seductive yet gorgeously sweet. Earlier greet of Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

JWEL, the Ice Cream Empire

Calling all the Ice Cream lovers ~
A great news to share...

So, I have dropped by Tropicana City Mall yesterday and F&N Creameries was actually having a roadshow to introduce their newly launched Royal range of Ice Cream sticks - JWEL, The Ice Cream Empire.

The name of JWEL itself break the rules, wittingly inserting a diamond and shortening the accepted spelling - putting a new twist on luxury, offering a unique yet daring experience. 

JWEL consists of five nobles that bring you more than just a luxurious or premium experience, but also a world of irresistible indulgence and intrigue. Each nobles present a distinctively delicious treat. Decadently coated in thick, almond-flecked chocolate, there are five classic flavours of them which are Vanilla, Tiramisu, Double Chocolate, Caramel and Black Forest.

Like any great empire, JWEL has many twists and turns in its background as been told through their packaging. Each wrappers bears a golden crown, the title of its creator and unique motifs that hold profound hints to their flavors and places of origin. Through the writing on the wrappers, you can glance into the distinctiveness, rivalry and the united pursuit of perfection that they share.

The Baron of the Dark Forest
The Brazen Baron plucks young cherries from the forest and presents them to the
village maidens. With his deep passion for the darkest chocolate in the realm, the
Baron will tempt you with the very best of the Black Forest.

The Earl of Caramel
The Extravagant Earl spares no expense in his pursuit of perfect indulgence. They
say this eccentric lordship uses pots and pans of gold and silver to create the
sweetest drops of heaven ever seen in the entire empire.

The Duke of Vanilla
The Decadent Duke has flair, finesse and a certain élan. His gowns are sewn from
the finest satin. His cloaks are lined with gold thread. He bathes in milk scented with
the finest vanilla essence and he brushes his teeth with pearl dust.

The Duchess of Double Chocolate
They say The Delectable Duchess eats her devilishly indulgent Double Chocolate
with diamond-studded dessert spoons. While her subjects eat cake, she covets
hazelnuts like they are priceless jewels. In fact the only thing nuttier than the
Duchess is her ice cream.

The Countess of Tiramisu
She’s Italian. She’s irresistible. She’s got va va voom. The Curvaceous Countess
expertly embraces the most distinctive coffee flavours with the very finest chocolate
to create a sensually creamy experience.

By simply capturing a picture on the JWEL throne and share it on your social platforms, you can walk away with a complimentary JWEL Ice Cream! Catch up all the roadshows to enjoy such sweet treat!
  •   16th – 18th Jan at Tropicana City Mall (10am – 10pm)
  •  19th Jan at APIT Bukit Jalil (10am – 5pm)
  •  21st Jan at UNITEN (10am – 5pm)
  •  22nd Jan at Nilai University (10-5pm)
  •  23rd Jan at MMU Cyberjaya (10am – 5pm)
  •  25th Jan at British Malaysian University (8.30am – 2pm)
  •  26th Jan at Taylor's Lake Side (10am – 5pm)
  •  27th Jan at Segi Kota Damansara (10am – 5pm)
  •  28th Jan at Unisel Bestari Jaya (10am – 5pm)
  •  29th Jan at HELP University College (10am – 5pm)
  •  30th Jan at German Malaysian Institute (10am – 5pm)
  •  4th Feb at Inti Subang (10am – 5pm)
  •  5th Feb at Unisel Shah Alam (10am – 5pm)
  •  6th Feb at UTAR PJ (10am – 5pm)
  •  9th Feb at Inti Nilai (10am – 5pm)
Besides, here's a great deal for you simply through clicking.
By voting your favorite JWEL flavour on Facebook, you may win yourself an Apple iPad Air and cash prizes! Click here to vote -

I have so so so much fun with my friends during the roadshow and of course chilling together with the JWEL ice cream! Do follow JWEL on Instagram and Facebook for more roadshow updates or promotions!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

LC Derma Mild Body Wash from HiShop

Hereby I am introducing LC Derma Mild Body Wash, made in collaboration with Solabia Group France. It's a skin friendly body wash with 7NOs, which can be used everyday from head to toe.

Formulated with sulfate/silicone free system, it can promote deep cleanse and leave our skin with moisture, smooth, soft feeling. Meanwhile, it helps to protect our skin against daily external aggression like pollutants or UV through its active ingredients obtained by natural sugars fermentation.

It comes in clear liquid form with a scent that's much alike with the essential oil. It is enriched with 11 kind of amino acids and lavender oil.

How to use:
- Press adequate amount on palm and apply it all over the body.
- Gently massage and rinse thoroughly.

RM39.90 | 300ml

What do I think?
I don't really like the scent as it smells like sort of herbs, which is quite strong but soothing. After shower with LC Derma Mild Body Wash, I can feel there's a protective layer on my skin which is much like an oily coat, smooth and supple. Besides, it does keep my skin hydrated for the whole day. With the 7NOs, I do believe that it even suits people who has sensitive skin, like my mom does. She can't use any body wash with too much of chemical ingredients.

For more information, please feel free to visit HiShop
Official Website:

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Be a Flasher: Alcatel One Touch Flash

If all of you did come across my social platforms, you'll be noticing that I have been posting stuffs besides selfies of course....
It's about Alcatel Onetouch! So before introducing the latest Alcatel Onetouch Flash they launched lately, I will brief all of you with some brand introduction.

Alcatel, a brand from French which insist the value of simple, unexpected, downtoearth and colorful, was the top 10 best selling smartphone in 2013 along side of well-known brand like Samsung, Lenovo and many more.
Guess all of you have heard about Xiaomi, a brand from China, which is also the third largest smartphones distributor. Alcatel is indeed a strong contender for Xiaomi, as all the Alcatel smartphones posses strong features while selling at extremely reasonable price. 

Working with reputable renowned brand like Orange and Vodafone, Alcatel highly penetrated in the Europe and US market with definitely high quality handsets.

In order to embrace the culture of selfie, an action that expressing one self, Alcatel has launched a campaign #BeaFlasher, letting all of us to flash and shine. Of course, in conjunction with the launch of Alcatel Onetouch Flash, the selfie smart phone which come in handy size for perfect grip and also a fashionable look, suit everyone of us who love selfie so so much! 

So, beside the beauty mode equipped selfie camera, we have the selfie smartphone from Alcatel with good quality and high resolution of front and back camera. With its premium design and HYDRASKIN, it makes Alcatel Onetouch Flash not only a smartphone but also a fashion and edgy accessory.

The main features of Acatel Onetouch Flash:
Front Camera (5MP HD) with beauty enhancer mode
Back Camera (13MP Full HD)
5.5 inches HD screen to have a better view
3200 mAh huge battery

For more information and details, please feel free to visit By the way, there's a contest running by Cilisos and IGERSMALAYSIA, please do check out our Flashie selfie on Instagram or Facebook with the hastag #BeaFlasher for reference.

Alcatel Onetouch Flash is now available nationwide selling at RM699. It also comes with free flip cover and also a one times screen crack warranty for the first 12 months of ownership.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner

You know it's a sign to moisture your skin when you feel your skin is tight and itchy, especially for  those who used stay in air condition room for long hours. You need to drink, so do your skin. Even after applying layers of body lotion, you may just leave your skin with stickiness instead of moisture. Sometimes, we are just too busy to apply body lotion. I am one of them *raising hand*
I used to see all my friends apply body lotion daily, but I'm just too lazy to put on before heading to bed and that's the consequence of having such rough skin LOL 
You may think that most of the Malaysian women do not apply body lotion daily, BUT YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG. There are just a tiny 30% Malaysia women who don't.

It isn't too late to pick up such beauty routine!
NIVEA has now made body care easier for everyonne of us. To meet every women needs, NIVEA has discovered the unique water-activated formula that works on wet skin. The breakthrough innovation of the first rinse-off body lotion that helps women with optimum moisture during shower time ------ NIVEA In-Shower Conditioner
They believe that the best time to moisture our skin is during shower moment, as the skin is wet and causing the nourishment to be absorb easily through the open pores.

There are 4 variants in NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner range.
NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Milk Skin Conditioner which is specially formulated for dry skin. It consists of shea butter which leave our skin with irresistibly smooth feeling.

NIVEA In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner which is specially formulated for dry skin, enriched with nourishing Almond Oil to leave the skin with noticeably softer and smoother.

NIVEA In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner which is specially formulated for dull skin. It is enriched with Camu Camu (50 times higher of Vitamin C), the natural antioxidants and skin lightening agent.

NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner which is specially formulated for normal skin. It consists of Sea Minerals that leaves our skin with soft and hydration.

The texture is much creamy and a bit of oily, like the usual body lotion.

How to use:
Step 1: Use your shower gel and rinse off
Step 2: Apply NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner while still in shower and rinse off.
Step 3: Dry yourself and get dressed.

So, instead of using it on my own, I have shared it with my mom as well. Lets see what does she thinks about the NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner.

For more information, please feel free to visit NIVEA
Official Website: