Thursday, May 30, 2013

100% Perfect Lady

Few blogger friends and I have attended  <100% Perfect Lady>  which held by SaSa at Mid Valley last week.
Thanks for the invitations and a cash voucher at RM50 from SaSa Malaysia !

Besides the cash voucher for SHILLS products, do you know that Kai Chang,小凱老師 was also invited to share some beauty tips with us during the event?? So that all of us can turn into a perfect lady indeed!

(PC to SaSa Malaysia)
" Kai Chang who's from Taiwan is one of the most versatile and popular celebrity makeup artist and skin care specialist in Asia. "

In case you have no idea who is Kai Chang. Here is a short description from SaSa Malaysia.

If you do watch 女人我最大 which is a well-known and female MUST watch show in Taiwan, you will know who is he. He always love to share make up and beauty tips in the show.

This time, he's here in Malaysia! Sharing SHILLS products with us!

 Doing demo on the spot for "Before and After" using the product!

OMG! This was the most exaggerating part, instant effects on the face! Since he was doing on one side of the face only.
You can clearly seen the difference between the left and right face on the spot!

 Moreover, he did intro this beneficial plant enzymes drink to us which is good for health!
Guess what? With the cash voucher I bought myself this with RM25 only!
A box with 8 pieces!
It's actually a slimming patch and the effects can last for 8 hours! 
It's really not bad la..It's not that too heaty..I feel my arm got a bit slim jo lol.

End up this post with a shot of me and Kai Chang :D He is so extreme handsome and friendly in real.
Sponsored outfit by Raqul Reed, check out the link for more gorgeous outfit!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Find the best glass shape for your wine!

RIEDEL has threw a Glass Tasting event on 16th of May. 
Thanks Chency for the invitation :)
About 25 of wine-lovers shared a great moment on glass tasting at The Seventh Heaven, Pavilion! 

Instead of a WINE tasting event, how to taste a glass??
Find out here with me and RIEDEL! :)
There's so many wine glass selling in the market.
But, why is it every wine glass are vary in shape, diameter of base and size?
Have you ever think of it?

And, is there one glass for all my wines? 

 At RIEDEL, the content commands shape!
A wine will display a completely different characteristics and experiences when served in different glasses.
But, do you know why shape of wine glass matters?
According to Riedel, there are 4 sensations in wine and grape varietal specific stemware are responsible to translate and deliver the "mes­sage" of wine to the human senses.

1. Bouquet: Grape varietal specific stemware delivers the quality and intensity of the wine's aroma.
2. Textura: Grape varietal specific stemware highlights the exciting and diverse styles of "mouthfeel" in wine (watery, creamy, silky, velvety).
3. Flavor: Grape varietal specific stemware creates a ba­lanced interaction between the fruit, minerality, acidity and bitter components of a wine.
4. Finish: Grape varietal specific stemware offers a pleasant, seamless, harmonious, and long lasting aftertaste.
Never try, never know.
Instead knowing the proper manner on dining table, for example the way to hold a wine glass, I am so glad to attend this event as it really benefits me a lot! I got to know more about the decanters and the shape of wine glass matters a lot in wine enjoyment!

Try it with RIEDEL glass, you will find out what  makes the wine different.

Besides wine glass, there's also decanters to enhance our wine experience!

Throughout the history of wine, decanters play a significant role in wine serving!

Not to talk much about the decanter, show you guys some photos here!
A decanter is a vessel used to hold the decantation of wine which may contain sediment.
Decanting diminishes the amount of carbox dioxide through oxygenation and mature the wine. 
Decanted wine expresses higher level of fruitiness and tends to integrate and smooth out tannins, open up aromas and flavors.

A limited edition decanter which have only 2 in Malaysia sold out at about RM3000 during the event!
 "A grape variatal specific RIEDEL glass is a wine tool 'the key to wine' and is designed to unlock the most elusive characteristics of a wine"

A different wine glass affects our total wine enjoyment.
So, find the right RIEDEL glass for your wine!
 For more about RIEDEL, check here.

P/s: labelled it as a food review product lol

Monday, May 27, 2013

I want a Havaianas!!!

In conjunction with the Spa party, we need to blog about "WHY I want a Havaianas" to get some entry hehe..

So, why I want a Havaianas?

Firstly, I want to walk in the dark with Havaianas! OMG, Havaianas glow-in-the-dark are so adorable! They are so cute and I think I will never need a torch light whenever I walk in the dark :D I won't fall with Havaianas! Perhaps I can wear flip flops in a club friend can search for me easily by looking at all the feet on the dance floor :p
(PC to google)

Second, I want to wear it to the Butterfly Project's Spa Party! Since it's a Spa Party, we need something comfort, casual and relax! Havaianas will do hehe! Imagine how great it is, wearing a plain bath robe with a pair of chio flip flops with outstanding funky colors xD

(PC to google)
*The color combination not bad right? And the design suits "The Butterfly Project" as well :D*

Besides, they are so colorful! Color did impact in emotions. I believe that colorful stuff are irresistible and looking at all those colorful stuffs can make one happy, being optimism and more energetic!

(PC to google)
*Instead of wearing it, you already feel so happy looking at it, muacks :D*

Last but not least, in the history of Havaianas, I got to know that famous people like Malu Mader and Bebeto wore Havaianas! So I want a Havaianas, I wanna be famous too

By the way, I've collaborated with Cindy on a video- Havaianas our hero!
We have a great time at Havaianas, Pavilion!
It's kinda special experience being chase after by the security guard and dared ourself to snap pictures at the outlet, sort of! Haha!
(Pc to Cindy)
 (Pc to Cindy)

Tho it's kinda embarrassing sometimes, yet it's really fun LOL
We should do something that make our life more lively, out of the box!
Dare yourself to do something that you've never tried or dare to do before that!
So, it will be the most memorable moment instead of the lifeless memory without much fun and thrilling moment.

See how desperate are us to win a pair of Havaianas Flip flop!
It's my first time to join a video recording haha!


Want to know more about Havaianas? check here
Follow Havaianas on Twitter!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Plan a Theme Party with Party Hat!

If you are a theme party lover, you may get insane with this !
Yea, Party Hat did plan theme party!

I bet all of you love theme party like I do!
Party Hat provide complete decorating service for your theme party! From balloons, Backdrop, Flowers, Centerpiece, Lanterns and even party printables!
Party printables include banners, gift tags, photo props, straw tag, signage, bottle label and even more!

Lets check out Eliza's 1st Birthday!

No matter what theme you want, Party Hat plan it all for you!

Pororo Theme birthday party now!

How adorable are those theme party!
Perhaps you get yourself  a theme party too!

With Party Hat, you have no more worries with your party!
For more party or event services from Party Hat, check here!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Laneige K-Beauty Blogger

My favorite Laneige skincare product is Laneige's hydra solution cream!

As a make up artist and part-time blogger, I used to apply makeup almost everyday when attending events or even out for services! Applying and removing makeup, makes my skin really dry and look dull. I need this hydra solution to keep my face hydrate in long hours and revitalize. The combination of abundant ionized-minerals of Snow water and marine extracts leaves in hydra solution provides super long lasting hydration to the skin. This can keep my skin in good condition for whole day! Fresh and radiant!

My favorite Laneige make-up product is Snow BB Cream SPF 30+ PA++
Of course after hydrating skin care product, we need moisturizing BB cream too to make us look flawless and having a smooth skin condition! Besides providing UV protection which can prevent us from harmful UV rays, this BB cream can moisturize and nourish our face by delivering rich moisturizing nutrients with liquid crystal essence! I know it's too young for me to talk about wrinkle care, but we need to take care of our skin since young mah. This BB cream do provide anti-aging effects! How great is it! A BB Cream which come with triple effects!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Invitation to Butterfly Project's Spa Party!

The Butterfly Project is going to hold a Spa Party on 29th of June!  
Yes! It's a SPA PARTY!
Actually I've never heard of Spa party..I wonder what kind of party is that? Until I googled it....and I got a conclusion.
Spa party is a party to pamper yourself!

A big kiss to The Butterfly Project and all the collaborators for making this a dream come true!
Posh!Nail Spa

So, here are 3 reasons on WHY I will not miss this party:
#1 Since I've never get a chance to join the previous parties for the Bag of Love unboxing Tea Party, the Teaffani Patisserie Tea Party and most recently La Senza Body Kiss Party. I've been sobbing badly with fully regret-ness at home. Plus, I've been blacklisted by Tammy as the Top 10 FFK blogger. OMG! How sad is that :( SO, I WILL NEVER MISS THIS CHANCE AGAIN!

#2 I really enjoy attending events and doing product reviews with the invitation from The Butterfly Project. Being a part of the butterflies, I got to meet new friends who are also love to blog like me! I would love to make more friends by this time, sharing our experiences and having a great moment! So that I will not be this lonely again when attending other events. Feel like I am just having Chency as friend only when ever attending events , neh , all her face lor =0
*haha! I think she will kill me if  she read my post...I am not saying that she not good la, we prefer more friends what hehe :D *

#3 I want to pamper myself lahhhh....Since I am so self-loving. I've never been to any manicures and pedicures. So, I would like to give a shot now! By the way, got good food leh, WHY NO ME??!!Plus, there's a photobooth leh!!! WHY NO ME AGAIN???!! I am a superb camho-lover and photo-bomber! I would like to beautify all the photos with my own face xp
You see! My face! My face again! My face and my face ! Banyak pattern ni.

So, please let me join la..pleaseeeeeeee :(

P/s: If you wanna join this Spa Party, check this link to submit your entry :D

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2013 @Paradigm Mall (Backstage)

[Photos Post]
Here you go!
Continued by the last post on Fashion week at Mid Valley.
It's Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2013 at Paradigm Mall again!
But this time instead of being a guest, I was working again for backstage as makeup artist!
This was a combination photos post in two days show.

Self-loving as always lol...Got a photo of myself at photobooth xD
This was the stage where the Fashion show was having.
The makeup team!
The center one is Quennel Quan, ACA makeup instructor in Time Square Branch.

Actually I was trying to show off my Fuchsia lips which all the models were applying too, but the light effect made the lips color kinda blur :(

Again snapping photos with all the ang-mo! LOL
OMG how tiny am I standing beside them *sob* Full of security!

OMG, after browsing thru all the photos only I realized my eyes were damn puffy and i didn't put on my false lashes =.=

LOL some of my perverct act!
 Don't get jealous LOL You know I always do that haha!
You can read my previous backstage job for Giorgio Armani eye ware collection, you can see how fun to work with those ang mo and snapping photos LAH!

 If you have missed out this show, here are some photos
during the show,
It's all spring and summer collection.

Here's my model closeup shot:
It's my first try on guy's make up. 

For more

Will soon blog about Amber Chia Academy Graduation show and backstage :D
Stay Tune and keep reading !