Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mary Kay Gel Semi Matte Lipstick | 4 Makeup Looks

As a lipstick collector and makeup lover, how can you miss out the latest Gel Semi Matte Lipstick from Mary Kay? I am sure some of the you girls love exploring different lipstick brand, trying out amazing shades, as well as owning those lipstick with gorgeous packaging!
I am so glad to share this good news with all of you that Mary Kay has introduced its new formulation lip stick - Gel Semi Matte Lipstick.

Formulation and Technology
It was created with the Advanced Cushion Matrix Technology that made use of the ultrafine silica microsphere and gel formulation, to deliver rich vibrant shades which can last for hours without leaving the lips looking and feeling dry! Besides, it helps smoothen the lips and blur out all the imperfections.

Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick
Main Ingredients
Sunflower Oil and Jojoba Esters, helps conditioning and moisturizing the lips. 

Texture & Scent
It comes with a light refreshing citrus scent, in gel creamy texture, which is easy to be slide and glide on the lips, smooth and evenly. The texture turns from gel to semi-matte finish, yet leaving the lips hydrated and supple. 
It comes in a sleek black tube, with a look through panel on the top cover, which really helps in differentiating all the shades. Meanwhile, the overall packaging gives a classic yet modern touch with the silver crafted logo.

8 shades in total
(Rich Truffle, Poppy Please, Bashful You, Crushed Berry, Mauve Movement, Powerful Pink, Always Apricot, Midnight Red)

In this post, I am going to share 4 different looks pairing with 4 different shades from Mary Kay.
Swatches from Left to Right
  • Poppy Please
  • Rich Truffle
  • Crushed Berry
  • Bashful You

#Look 1 - Oriental Red | Poppy Please

Oriental Red
My all time favorite shades for night occasions - bold lips! 
Mary Kay Poppy Please Just perfect for an oriental night look, best pairing with little dress in black, red or white. 
Shades Poppy Please
The overall makeup complete with brownish eye shadow, create a little smokey effect at the outer corner of the eyes, using both gel eyeliner and eye shadow. It helps elongate the eyes and gives an pure innocent touch. Beside, create a slight cut crease effect using the eye shadow from the wing of the eyeliner elongate to the double eyelid crease. Put on blusher heavily.
The overall look is actually inspired by a Model from China - Zhang Xin Yuan.

#Look 2 - casual touch | rich truffle
Casual Touch
For daily casual look, you may go for a casual touch with Mary Kay Rich Truffle. This look is just perfect for a hangout with the girls! Shine among them with this Korean inspired look!
Shades Rich Truffle

The overall makeup look complete with a light brownish eye shadow with slight droopy effect created using eye shadow and eyeliner. You may create some puppy eyes effect by highlighting your inner corner of your eyes as well as lower lash line with some silver white or pink eye shadow. Top up with the lipstick Rich Truffle to enhance the overall look.

#Look 3 - soft grunge | crushed berry

Soft Grunge
If you're going to attend a music festival or some sort of fun event, go for this soft grunge look with Mary Kay Crushed Berry.
Shades Crushed Berry

The overall makeup look complete with brown smokey eyes and strong contour. Remember to highlight your brow bone and cheek bone for this striking look! Last but not least, never miss out the dark lip shades for a grunge look - Crushed Berry, giving a hippie fun touch.

#Look 4 - Sweet Date | bashful you

Sweet Date
If you're going for the very first date, remember to keep it as light as possible! Don't scare your admirer away with thick makeup!
Shades Bashful You

The overall look completed with orangish-peach eye shadow, without any strong eyeliner. Use a gel or pencil eyeliner to fill in your lashes will do! Inspired by the Japanese Igari Makeup, burning cheeks is the highlight! Top up with Bashful You for the pure innocent look for the first date!

For the full look on video, please feel free to check out my videos and don't hesitate to subscribe to me! :p

Overall Thoughts
I love the shade Rich Truffle most, as it suits most of the occasions, I wear it all the time, like casual outing with the girls, daily working and even attending events. The gel formula makes the overall application so smooth and easy, takes around few minutes for a  perfect glide-on and the shades pull off so well on the lips, vibrant and moisturizing.

I have actually wore all the shades on different occasions, I was so surprised that they did last for few hours (with touch-up needed), with no cracks on my lips and my lips didn't dry up at all. I love how easily it can be removed with remover, without leaving any stains on my lips!

Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Contest

Finally, the Mary Kay Asia Pacific 2016 Dream Beautiful Contest is now open! 
In its fourth year, this beauty contest is a regional makeover competition, celebrating the making of Asia's next modeling star, as well as makeup artist talent.

With the vision of enriching the women's lives, this contest encourages women to discover their own beauty inside out, while achieving their dreams with Mary Kay.

This competition involved nine countries across Asia Pacific, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia,, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan. The good news is, the winners from each country will be attending the Grand Finale in Hong Kong in March 2017! 

Contest begins from 1st July till March 2017.

For more information, please feel free to visit Mary Kay on

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Life as an Intern

In this post, I am going to conclude my 4 months of internship experience before heading to be a permanent worker in a few weeks time, in the same company.

Stage 1: Anticipation
How to start?
A month before the industrial training starts, make sure you have a list of companies or position that relevant to your course. Start to filter on the list of companies that you're interested to work in, reasonable payment/ allowance and of course you see your bright future working in the company.

Don't pick only 1 or 2 companies, but make sure you pick 5 to 10 companies and be sure to send your resumes. Because most of the companies are too busy to reply your mails! Higher chances to be asked for an interview if you send your resumes to more companies.

What about the interviews?
After all, it's time to reply your emails and prepare for your interview sessions.
To attend an interview, make sure
  1. you're in proper dress code, don't go with your comfy jeans or slippers. Go for formal outfit, because it's first impression and it reflects how serious are you toward the interview. 
  2. do some background research about the companies and get your portfolios ready. 
  3. be prepared with few questions that you might be asked. For example,
    Tell us about yourself,
    this is a tricky question where you shouldn't do only the basic introduction about yourself but talk about your strength, weakness and goal;

    What do you want to learn in the company
    something that you didn't learn in the class. Some hands-on or practicals etc. Knowing the flow of the relevant job and of course develop some professional work etiquette.

    How can you contribute to the company
    by knowing the company background will definitely helps answering this question. As an intern, we can definitely contribute fresh new ideas, handling some simple and minor task, applying knowledge that you've learnt in the class.
  4. ask some questions, like how many hours you have to work per day, do you need to work overtime, how long do you need to wait for their favor reply and etc.

Stage 2: Confliction
After your position is secured, it's time for some reflex action LOL.
There goes your conflict with yourself, when you start struggling  and being in a dilemma situation, between your thoughts and action. You are afraid to ask, you are shy, you act like a coward and etc. Take initiative to talk to your colleagues, look for guidance and seek for help. Be humble! Don't act like a smart ass, like you know everything! You are there to learn and gain experience. Of course it works perfect when you have a good mentor who guides you from time to time.

Be responsible on your own task and follow every single instructions. No worry if you make any mistakes, but make sure you learn from your mistakes and don't ever repeat! When you're confuse or lost, seek for help! It helps to reduce any risky situation.

You will have some bad time in the company too. Meeting some awful clients, colleagues or boss. Sit back and get over it! It's just a few months. It definitely helps us to develop some working etiquette, like better endurance and higher EQ. It's good to helps us adapting in different situation too.

Try not to blame too much, else you will really have a tough time there. Even though we are not born to please anyone, but still do try kay? Everyone loves compliment and being respect.

Stage 3: Expectation
When your internship is going to end and you have a great time in the company, definitely you will expect to get a better offer in your position, being a permanent worker? A good pay?
Let me tell you, if the company wants you, they will do whatever to ask you to stay! Of course if your expectation aren't over your head.

If you have a real bad time in the company, well, just expect to end early kay?? Start looking for a new position right a month before you end your internship.

Before getting a permanent job,
do a lot of surveys, ask your friends, colleagues, lecturers and parents for tons of advises, as in the basic expectation of salary and etc. Get your portfolios ready and don't be shy to go for some other job interviews, because it helps you to understand your working field more! Like the basic offers and requirements. Then start comparing and picking up the one you want most.

That's all my conclusion during the 4 months internship. Mind to share yours with me?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记

Years back when I was still a student in primary school, I remembered my very first mask that I have purchased in Guardian, which was ' My Beauty Diary '. I have to confess that it was the first mask brand that I have approached and of course it was part of my childhood memories now, where it has accompanied me throughout my puberty period and grown-up journey.

I guess My Beauty Diary is no strange to all of you if you do spend some time in SaSa and Guardian.
Founded in 2004, My Beauty Diary has been the most popular sheet mask brand in Taiwan, HongKong and Singapore, where it known for the Number 1 Best Selling Mask, with over 100 million masks sold in 2011.
I have been trying out a lot of masks recently, but now I am back with my childhood mask brand - My Beauty Diary in this post. I am going to share two of my favorites masks series which I have discovered lately.

Rose Moisturizing Essence Mask
I am so excited to tell you guys that My Beauty Diary has actually come out with the Floral Essence Series and I am so happy that I got to try the Rose Moisturizing Essence Mask. FYI, I love everything comes in rose aroma!

For girls, you will be definitely obsessed with the packaging like I do!
The packaging is rather simple yet lovely, with different shades of rose illustrations scattered around on the light pink color reflective foil.

Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Rose Petals extract
    Tone the skin and leaving it with rosy complexion
  • Aromatic Rose Oil and Rose Water
    A combination of soothing aromatherapy and moisture agent, that helps to calm both skin and mind, with ultimate hydration
  • Sugar Maple, Centella Asiatica and Seaweed extract
    Recharge the skin with a boost of energy, leaving our skin in a soft and supple finish
Before application of mask, my skin was rather tired and dry. There were some light red blemishes around the nose and cheek.

Formulation of Mask:
The mask contains Multi-Silk formula which is rich in silk amino acids, silk peptide and silk fibroin compound. It helps to swift up the penetration and absorption of active ingredients into the skin.

The mask comes in highly breathable and ultra-thin hydrating fabric, which is light and easily fit into the skin while intensively moisturized the skin in shortest time.
Texture and Scent:
I really love the rose scent so so much! So delicate and mild that it really helps to relax my mind while having the mask on my face. 
I love the size and shape of the mask as it fits really well on my face. I can even walk around without the need of worrying that the mask may fall. The mask is so smooth and soft, with generous amount of rose essence on till they were dripping! 
After application, my skin was so much moisture and I was surprised that there wasn't any single inflammation or irritation on my skin even though it was dried like a desert. My skin was so soft and supple, those red blemishes has diminished as well!

Size and Price:
7 pieces in a box | RM44.90

Black Pearl Mask
I can hardly find any whitening mask that really comes with the moisturizing benefits until I discovered the Black Pearl Mask!

It comes in classy black color with minimal design on the packaging. The overall packaging gives an ocean kind of feelings with some repetition of bubbles illustrations where the pink seashell draws most of the attraction over the black background.

Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Black Pearl essence
    Rich in Vitamins, minerals and amino acids that helps rejuvenate stress dull skin
  • Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein, Lemon extract, Cosphingo and Aquaroad
    Moisturizing agents that helps brighten up the skin tone and complexion
  • Deep Red Sea Algae and Malvasylvestris extract
    Sooth and relief skin
  • Sugar maple compound in Sugar Cane
    Provide intense hydration to the skin
Before application of mask, my skin was rather dull. My skin tone is absolutely uneven, especially under the lips and nose area, as well as forehead.

Formulation of Mask:
The mask sheet has improved from the previous masks with Super Ultra Thin Fabric Formula, as it is much thinner and fit better on the face. Besides, the mask is so soft and high permeability, that it carries 50% more essence as well as penetrate faster compare to the previous masks.
Texture and Scent:
It comes with a light citrus kind of floral scent, which is really refreshing and energizing. Actually I don't feel any difference regarding on the texture of mask from both floral series and this, as both are equally silky soft and smooth!
After application, my skin turned glowy and fairer! Beside brighten up my skin, I felt my skin is hydrated and supple soft! Say bye bye to dull skin, while welcoming an energized skin!

Size and Prices:
5 pieces in a box | RM44.90

* All the products from My Beauty Diary are free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, artificial coloring and fluorescent agents.
* All the products available in SaSa and Guardian Outlets.

For more information, please feel free to visit My Beauty Diary on

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bonia | My Fashion Hauls

If you guys have been a humble follower of mine on Facebook and Instagram, you may aware that, I am now a Bonia Lover!
I was never a Bonia fans, but until I got to visit their Boutique one day and I have started to fall in love with the brand now. I have most of my fashion accessories from Bonia!
In this post, I am going to share all the good deals I got from and how I paired them with all my daily outfit. 

The Girl in Leather
Girl in Leather
Not gonna missed out any summer outfit of the trendy off-shoulder top! Going with the basic Black and White outfit for a casual hangout with the girls! Top up with some shades of orange and red on the accessories, leather bag, leather bracelet and leather skirt, for some extra bright hues.
Outfit: White Chiffon Off Shoulder, Black Leather A Skirt
Bag: Apricot Mini Lock The Satchel
Bracelet: Red Bauhaus Leather Bracelet

Black Mermaid
Black Mermaid
Not to go all black but some bright shades on the accessories and makeup! Going bold and mystery, looking a little sexayyyyy.

Outfit: Black Wide Off Shoulder
Bag: Apricot Mini Lock The Satchel
Bracelet: Red Bauhaus Leather Bracelet

Based on the Edge
Based on the Edge
Going a little edgy with the choker trend! Even though I can't pull it off well, but it's definitely a good try for the first. The gunmetal bag in metallic shade boosted the overall look, with the futuristic and modern touch.

Outfit: Choker Off Shoulder Top in army green, Leather Skirt
Bag: Gun Metal Basic Sonia Size S

Korean Inspired
Korean Inspired
Not gonna miss out any Korean inspired look, trying to be fresh and minimal with only few shades on the outfit. The highlight with go to the Golden Oasis Watch For Her in rose gold. Loving it to the bits and it has become my daily wear now!

Outfit: Black and White one-piece top, High Waisted Tennis Skirt
Bag: Gun Metal Basic Sonia Size S
Watch: Golden Oasis Watch For Her

Lady in Red
Lady in Red
Red and black with never go wrong! Trying to be lady-like or celebrities-wanna-be?? Pair with some cool shades! You will look either classy or cool.
Outfit: Red Off Shoulder Top, Split Midi Pencil Skirt
Bag: Apricot Mini Lock The Satchel
Watch: Golden Oasis Watch For Her
Shade: Silent Black Sunglasses

For more amazing deals, please do not hesitate to check out Bonia on

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Melvita Rose Floral Water

Time flies and it's September now!
I can't imagine that there are actually few days left to the end of my internship journey! It was a tough journey, definitely. I have to sit and work all day. Even though sitting under the air-conditional environment for around 7 hours long within these few months, I have realized that my skin wasn't drying!
Melvita Rose Floral Water
The secret of keeping my skin hydrated all the time - Melvita Rose Floral Water!
I'm a truly floral lover and I am glad that I have discovered this Rose Floral Water from Melvita few months back! I am loving it now to the bit and it has become my daily obsession!
Reading the formulation and ingredients panel on the packaging, I was so surprised that the floral water is actually obtained through steam distillation of fresh rose petals, where the unique extraction method get to obtain floral water which is highly rich in active ingredients

All the ingredients' extracts are fresh and organic, of course the main component is Rosa Damascena Flower (Damask Rose). In only a bottle of Rose Floral Water, it contains over 2000 Damask Rose Petals!
Like the usual spring water, it comes in a pump-kind bottle where the spray nozzle helps to fully control the amount of the mist as well as the area covered, vertically. In 2 pumps, it got my face all covered! 
Melvita Rose Floral Water has become one of my favorite spring water, I just can't stop loving the scent of the rose mist, so refreshing and delicate. I definitely enjoy every single moment during the application, with the rose aroma fully spread in the air. I love using the Rose Floral Water as toner, for day and night! I can feel the cooling sensation on my skin, it is soothing and my skin is hydrated in just a spray. If you are a rose lover or even a frequent spring water user, I bet you will love Melvita Roe Floral Water! Just like I do!

Melvita Rose Floral Water
Benefit       Moisturize, soothe and regenerate skin
Ingredient Damask Rose, Citric Acid, Aqua
Made in     France
Size           200ml
Price          RM128

For more information, please feel free to visit Melvita