Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Hey readers!
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Monday, October 22, 2012

How to react after a mild car-knock? (P-driver)

As a P licensed driver, we are always the one who be taking advantage of those "experienced driver"
as i have mentioned on my previous post.

I have been a P license driver for 1 year and 6 months,and so was my friend.
I think all of you have experienced a lot during your driving journey.

Hitting onto people's car when you are parking your car, yet you run-away, 
( I have a dumb friend that she hit a car when she was trying to park her car, AND she still got to parked her car beside the car she hit!! LOL )
Even more stupid, car side mirror hit onto the ticket-taking machine in the mall at the entry or the wall when you are trying to turn into another corner.

Of course this is all accidentally action. 
All this Hit-and-run action.
We want to avoid from problems. LOL
For sure we want to keep it away from our parents. Later they will bug on us after they examine our car after every single route.

My friend have got into a minor car-knock at the parking lot yesterday and we felt so helpless during that moment as we don't even know what to do . We have no idea where to fix the car and we want to keep this away from our parents.

A secret between us and the car.Shhh.

Writing a post of this has come to my mind and perhaps you guys find this helpful, especially girls.

Now, let's differentiate "car accessories shop" and "car repair shop"

Car accessories shop, they are selling car stuffs, they included Tyre fixing service --- There is no car body repairing here.You can find this kinda shops anywhere, they are usually not that huge as car repairing shop.
This is normally how the car accessories shop looks like!
 The tyre rims falling off may happen and you can get this from car accessories shop.
 (you may find this incident happened stupid, but it did happen)
The car tyre rims

Car repairing shop, for sure repairs your car. They are usually very huge and normally found in industry area(you can't find this kind  shop easily) They included the car services, car-spraying ,oil change, tyre fixing and most important they fulfill your car body & collision repair needs! Great technician provided to fix your problems! 

How do you look for this kinda shop?
You just need to ask "Do you know where to get 吗咭 (Ma Kat) ?" [In english, MudGuard]
Problem solved then. Ask the price before asking them to repair your car!
don't get cheated! Mostly this kinda shop gathering at the same place. Compare the price!
 This is what they fix (car bodywork)

Never panic when handling mild car knock! 
The end of my post! perhaps this information helps!

p.s: All photos from google. (edited)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let's Veet!

I think all the girls share the same feeling with me
Whenever we watch teevee programme
we used to watch Taiwan's girls with pretty sharp face, big eyes
most importantly they have fair skin
especially their long "furless"feet

when i was in primary school,
all my limbs covered with "hair"
even my parents saluted me "furry-girl"
I didn't dare to wear shorts that will reveal my legs with massive hair
I used to wear skirt but with white stockings that we used for ballet which overwhelmingly cover my Hairry-feet!
should i blame on my body hormone that boost my hairiness??

But later in secondary school, because of embarrassment,
i shaved my feet with shaver that my dad used -.-
i found out that using shaver did not last
as the hair will grow out fast and what we called "rough" after the hair grows

After been told by my friend, she recommended me using Veet!

There's so many choices of veet products!
and there's so many flavor LOL

Previously i was using the Veet wax strips
it did last longer ,for about 3 weeks as it removes the hair from the root!
it is easy to use and you wont feel any pain
step 1: rub the strips with your both palm and tear the both strips
step 2: paste it on the place where you feel that's hairy and flattened it with your hand
step 3: tear it off !
And you know that Veet is so meticulous! that they prepared few packs of wax-removal oil that you can use it to remove the remained wax on your skin! How sweet!

For more ..

Now, as our life turned hustle-bustle,
we will always prefer easy way and time-saving products lol!
That's the Veet hair removal cream!
Highly recommend those lazy girls like me using hair removal cream!
Using hair removal cream is more convenient!
Just need a few minutes before you shower!
step 1: apply the cream on the part where you want to remove the hair and wait for few minutes
step 2: Scrape it using the plastic "shaver" that they supplied in the box!
step 3: wash it during your shower!
That's really easy and fast!
For more ..

I am using Aloe vera! it's for sensitive skin and it did help to restore our skin hydration!
After using Veet, my skin condition is smoother and fairer!
I know its abit weird la..
but i always used to have the habit molesting my own feet after removing the hair lol!
its really smooth until you feel abit weird when you wear skirts/shorts as the clothes directly touch our skin instead of hair lor!

 This is my outfit before and after revamped:
This shirt is kinda loose and look a bit over-size on me.
 A slight cut at the edge of the shirt, tie a small ribbon at the place you cut and now you can have a hot shirt that can show you waistline!

Cover your feet again with long skirt or long jeans?
 No more!!!
Use Veet and say byebye to unwanted hair!

 Having smooth and silky skin no longer a dream! Use Veet to pursue your dream !

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I've graduated!

Really cant wait to blog this!

Ohmy! recently i was just so busy with my clothing on graduation and gifts for teachers as appreciation!
I went to Sunway pyramid for twice and One-utama once in a roll,
continued by every stay back for farewell party and back to school on saturday for graduation,
making cards and bookmarks for teachers,
all of these happened in a week!
I was really exhausted! Even eating is a really tired and hard action!
But then all of this tiredness were so worth it la
I was so sad that i'm leaving Form 6 soon, all the teachers and friends here are so nice
We can easily fool around with each others and
the way we get along with each other are really comfortable and like friends!

Now, i've really graduated :'(
It happened today. My first graduation ~
was really sad *sob sob*

Let's check out my #OOTD
it's with formal theme
 Neon blue blouse, long skirt and studded heels
 Graduation's make!
as natural as possible because it's school event
 Thin ,long lashes and silver white/ brown eyeshadow
(none eyeliner applied)
 hmm? quite natural right? =p
Graduation's hair style! 
wavy curl and side fringe (cheat one xD)

Now, everything done! let's off to school =D
 This is our school open hall for graduation =)
our school authorities so cute lo, they are also wearing the graduation cap and gown!
  The M/C table setting  
performances from the students!
LMAO..our so called red carpet (thin sheet of red clothes nia )

 This is my buddy! we are named as a group --- 福祿壽
lol..actually we are the class clown!
 my class,6 Adil
haha..there is only 5 of us lor! (real number)

received my certificate =D

 snapping photo with other form 6 students =D

all the form6 students who's really graduated haha!
 the informal one, all of us like gone mad! haha
photos snapped with the teachers =D
 the left one is my class form teacher
young and gorgeous leh =D
sorry lah, photo snapped with my eyes closed!
this is my favorite teacher, PK of form 6 =D

 Some laugh gags! (Behind The Scene)

 the bat-women
 the KD gangster lol
new way of wearing the graduation gown
 pregnant lor!
The 3 crazie women!
Although the time we spent together is short (1+half year)
but i really appreciate and cherish every single moment that we spent together
After stpm, we are really going to separate
I hope that we will still keep in touch with each other after this
Although time fades,
but i believe the memories and our friendship between us will not fade