Monday, October 30, 2017

Khao Yai, Thailand | Day Trip

Yes! I am back and my blogging journey has finally resumed after a month!
I am sorry for not bringing up much content in my blog recently but I promise, more to come! Keep an eye on my blog and youtube channel!

FYI, I have spent splendid days in Khaoyai and Bangkok a week ago. Actually I have been to Bangkok for about 3 times in just 2 years, hence I decided to go somewhere away from the busy city. There I went to Khaoyai for a day and I am back here to share with you guys!

It was definitely the most memorable trip ever, as I have experienced my very first flood not in Malaysia, but in Bangkok! How crazy!
Woke up at 6am, we got our way down to the hotel lobby via stairs as the lift was not in service. Arriving the lobby, we were warmly welcomed by the water that raised up till my ankles. There was flood all over the lobby till the main road, which the water level was actually up till the knees. Luckily, we planned our day to Khaoyai and surprisingly the driver was super responsible that he found his way, going through the flood with his bare feet, just to reach us in the hotel and drive us to Khaoyai.

It took us about 3 hours drive from Phrom Phong, Bangkok to The Bloom, Khaoyai
Very first stop, I went to The Bloom Khao Yai, which is known as a magnificent garden with variety of beautiful blooming flowers. Entrance fees at 100B per person.
The Bloom, Khao Yai
The only ultimate floral backdrop I found which is Insta-worthy LOL.
Beside 30 species of flowers that yet to bloom, there are some tiny surprises laying in the bed of flower gardens, like the floral carriage and some other cartoon characters.
I came in the wrong season as there wasn't much flowers blooming, instead of a bed of flowers, I saw only bushy deserted areas and some just-planted plants. Make sure you are visiting The Bloom during the right season, which is Winter, from November till February.

Second stop, we visited alpaca at Primo Piazza.

Entrance fee at 200B per person.
This is definitely my favorite place! FYI, I love stunning architectures and scenery. I felt like leisurely walking into a gorgeous Italian painting! The constructions are simply elegant and perfectly blend into the natures.

There are souvenirs shops where you can purchase all the cute alpaca plushy, key chains, even alpaca indoor slippers!

Primo Piazza
I just can't stop taking pictures in every single corners. They are so insta-worthy!

Primo Piazza

I was kinda disappointing as I did not manage to visit alpaca in Taiwan few years back, but here we were, feeding the alpaca, in Khaoyai! 
Third stop: Piazza Palio! This is also my favorite places among all! Another Italy-themed village here.
There again, wall plants that trailing down the rock walls! Spectacular!
 Oh hey! Didn't I tell you, I love all the green stuffs! I found serenity in green!
Piazza Palio
There are so many colourful walls and buildings.
I am indulged in every single corner here in the village, like an art piece, the streets, the buildings and the greeneries. It reflects so much of the Italian-ese culture itself.

There are even shops that selling art and crafts. 

Piazza Palio
Wandering down the street, I am in love! 

Chocolate Factory
Here go the last stop at Chocolate Factory, a chocolate heaven!
They sell variety of chocolates, with pretty packaging! This is so cute right! Just the perfect souvenir for your friends. Unique, with load of sweetness.

Beside selling some chocolates, there is even a cafe within. You may just get some cakes or coffee, chill a little there.
I love the interior and ambiance here, simply perfect to hang out with your gang friends.
The best hot chocolate I've tried ever! The sweetness and milkiness were just perfect!

Actually we planned to visit Farm Chokchai too, but the rain stopped us from doing so. We headed back to the city around 4pm.
The Bloom > Primo Piazza > Piazza Palio > Chocolate Factory
That's all of my Khao Yai day trip. Personally, I love these place! If you love admiring unique architectures, nature scenery, like me, you should visit Khao Yai! All these places are just perfect for photos haha!

If you guys are planning to visit Khaoyai, here's the driver that we used (with rough price attached)
Mr. Somkid +66 879 205155
3600B for a minivan of 7 people
2300B for a normal size car that fits 4.