Wednesday, December 31, 2014

COLLECTION New Urbanista Lip Crayon and Work the Color Eyebrow kit

[Last post for 2014]
Happy New Year peeps!

COLLECTION, a top makeup brand in the UK is turning head in Asia! Known internationally as trendy and versatile cosmetics, COLLECTION let us explicit our inner diva, sharing the sass and spirit to the world!

COLLECTION LookBook contest which ran earlier on 24th of September has finally come to the end! With the trend of make up and fashion that should come hand-in-hand, COLLECTION wants all the creative fashionistas out there to create and bring out their very own personality, expressing their true self via the social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Here's a recap on the four winners:
Shazleen Binti Abdul Jabar (Candy Crush)
Erra Afifa Binti Ali (Gorgeously Sweet)
Amelia Chiang Kar Mun (Glamour Glitz)
Moo Ee Fern (Rocker Chic)

OhMaGawd.. There are four photobooth in total which are so well-decorated with the four theme. Me and Chency were like so busy and crazy taking picture from one booth to another. #RockerChic

Acting stupid here haha, I have no idea how to be glamour #Glamour Glitz

I looked so cute here, with da big big bear that's almost my size #GorgeouslySweet

Strum the candy guitar! #CandyCrush

In conjunction of the winner announcement, COLLECTION has also launched their New Urbanista Lip Crayon and Work The Color Eyebrow Kit.

New Urbanista Lip Crayon
Here comes the COLLECTION Urbanista range which work uniquely on their own. All of them are in kind of pencil shape, with a blunt tip. Of course, the size of it makes it easier for us to carry around!
The COLLECTION Urbanista range has its FIVE fabulous features:

SOFT Glossy Finish
Keeping our lips luminous and satiny.

EXTRA Moisturized
Contains Vitamin E infused formula to keep our lips stay hydrated all day long.

LONG Wearing
Keep the colors and won't fade for hours.

FULL Coverage
Being vibrant to the maximum without having any cakey feeling.

Light and easy for application. 

Here's the swatches result with and without flash. The colors are intense and the extra glossy/watery effect.
1 - City Belle (Be the Belle of the city)
2 - City Slicker (Be Savvy)
3 - Ms Metropolis (Electrofying style)
6 - Dashing Diva (Perfect bold look)
7 - Weekend Wild (Go wild)
8 - After Hours (Day to Night)

Suggest that if you are having pigmented lips (darker tone lips - brownish/blackish), do conceal your lips with either concealer or two way cake before application of lip crayon and any lipstick. It can boost the exact color and last longer. 
*Picture above, I did not conceal my lips at all. All direct application.

(PC: Google)
Draw an X on the upper lips at the arches. Outline the whole lips and fill it.

Urbanista Lip Crayon | RM24.90 | 1.5g

Work the Color Eyebrow Kit
Rushing to work? Find it hard to shape the brows with brow pencil? Having thick brows?
So, here comes the saver - COLLECTION Work the Color Eyebrow Kit!

Work the Color Eyebrow Kit consists of three shades (light to dark brown), a clear brow mascara, two-ways brush (edge brush and contour brush). It's in powder texture, which is fine and soft.

(PC: Google)
1. Apply the intermediate shade from the start to make it look more natural like grown brows.
2. Apply darkest shade from the arch to the end using the edge brush for a precise shape.
3. Apply the lightest shade as contour on the nose extend from the start of brows.
4. After all, apply clear brow mascara (following the direction of hair grown) to get everything in place!

Here's my after application. [Brows] The color is not too intense and giving a soft natural look after application. Perfect suit for nude look. Suggest that if you are having very little brows, do apply with brow pencil before the Eyebrow kit.

Work the Color Eyebrow Kit | RM33.90 | 3 shades


Both Urbanista Lip Crayon and Work the Color Eyebrow Kit can be found in selection Watsons and fashion label F block stores in Sunway Giza Mall, Setia Walk Puchong, Fahrenheit 88, Cheras Leisure Mall, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, Kuchai Lama and Bangsar Batu.

For more information, please feel free to visit COLLECTION on:

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

3-in-1 New Year Party Makeup with MakeUp Revolution!

Woke up early in the morning today and I can't believe that, two more days left and we will be in the brand new year of 2015. Didn't achieve much yet in 2014 besides studying and also studying. Yet, the overall 2014 was a fantastic year for me, too many memories created with my friends and families, loads of experiences that I have explored broadened my knowledge and strengthens myself. 

It's too soon that I have not set up any new resolutions or goal yet for the 2015. 
But, I am all ready to party on the New Year Eve.
Yippie, you never see it wrong. It's Makeup Revolution!
A brand of Passion which launched in London earlier on March is finally landed in Malaysia! Although their cosmetics line up are priced as low as RM8 yet they are all made with the finest ingredients with absolute performance and quality.
And now, everyone can afford the price of being pretty!
Lets unwrap them one by one!

I Make Up - I Heart Sin
I Heart Sin comes in a simple combination of black as a base and 3D purple jewel at the center of the cover. It gives a mystery and classic feeling for the overall packaging, sinful enough like the name.

For the inner part, it comes with a long eyeshadow applicator with small puffs at both sides. Of course, the bigger mirror.

I Heart Sin comes with a combination of matte and shimmer shades. It covers a large range of shades, from the basic highlight like 'Do It For Me', dark metal shades like 'Golden Gun' till colorful neon shades like 'It Works For Me'.

Here are all the color swatches result with (bottom) and without flash (top). 
As you can see that even with or without flash, the colors are still vibrant and pigmented. For all the application, eye primer isn't needed yet the color appears to be sharp or tinted as exact shown in the palette and they can last for hours without smearing. The particles are fine and definitely easy for application even with fingers or brushes. 
Yet there's still excessive of powders fall off during application, do apply layers of loose powder under your eyes before application as you can sweep off the excessive eye shadows effortlessly.

RM65 | 16 shades | Link

Awesome Metals Foil Finish
 Awesome Metal Foils Finish in Magnificent Copper for an intense and dramatic look with a metallic foil finish.

It consists of an eye primer, a tray and the Awesome Metals color.
Application is easy where you will just need to add a drop of eye primer and Metals color into the tray, then mix them together. After mixing, apply lightly on your eyes. Additional layers can be build up through repetition.

The texture is much creamy without mixing. The metal colors is brilliant with the shimmers and eloquent effects. It perfectly suit for a bold look or even full smokey eyes for party with its long lasting wearage and shine.
More metallic shades available, click on the 'Link' below.

RM39 | 1.5g | Link

Lip Lacquer
Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer- Black Heart comes in a transparent long tube for easier storage in the bag or make up pouch. There are 11 shades available.

It goes on as a liquid texture and dries in matte. The color is super intense, touch proof and long wearing. Yet, it takes quite a long time to be fully dry. 
The tip of the applicator can be improved, to be much pointy for a perfect and accurate shapes or application on the lips.

RM24 | 2ml | Link

Blush Lacquer
Vivid Blush Lacquer- O' Boy, a cream texture blush. Cream form of blush will last longer compare to powder form. Just squeeze a bit and apply on both cheeks, then run over the face with a layer of loose powder or two-way cake. 

The color is much bright and pinkish, perfect blusher for Korean or Japan Make up look.
There are 6 shades available for this blush lacquer.
RM24 | Link

Amazing MakeUp Fixing Spray
Amazing Fixing Spray, a very lighweight setting spray right after make up, that helps keeping all the make up in place with no smudging or fading up to 12 hours. The formula protect our make up against heat, humid and windy condition.
Shake well, then use it like a normal spray on face but ensure the distance of 8 to 12 inches away and keep your eyes/mouth closing.

RM39 | 100ml | Link

3-in-1 New Year Party Look
Here's Edgy Pink, for a simple yet super chio looking. Using only eye shadows as eyeliner, but much thicker till the double eyelid. For normal application, we will apply a layer of pencil eyeliner and then dab the preference eyeshadow color on it. Hence the color can turn out more vivid. Yet, the eye shadows from I Heart Sin Palette works so well that even without pencil eyeliner as a base, the colors are still intense.

I Heart Sin Palette
Full Throttle (full upper eyelid),
Color Crime (line the crease and outer lower lash line) ,
Once an angel (inner corner of the eyes and inner lower lash line)

Here's Ice Blue, if you wanna go for a cool and winter make up.

I Heart Sin Palette
Want it all (Full upper eyelid)
Self Indulgence (Outer lid)
Jealous Eyes (Outer lower lash line)
It works for me (Inner corner of eyes and inner lower lash line)
Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer (lips)

Here's Sophisticated, for a glamor and sexy, vampire-kind of looking.

I Heart Sin
Golden Gun (inner lid)
Bad boys (outer lid and full lower lash line)
Awesome Metals Foil Finish in Magnificent Copper (middle lid)
Gel Pencil Eyeliner
Lip Crayon in Chili Red (full lips)
Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer (outer corner)

That's all! Do check out their site for more and affordable make up products!
Official Website:

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas, Party or Prom Hairdo at HairCo, The Gardens Mall

Two more days left and it's Christmas! I am sure everyone of you having countless Christmas date or night out and even start wondering any nice place for a proper hairdo. Even though I am a major in bridal make up and hairdo, yet I have a tough time styling my own hair as I can't see my hair from the back.

So, instead of doing on my own, I gave a pass to Nick, during my very first visit at HairCo, The Gardens Mall last Friday.
I was stunned when I was passing by the shop. The black walls and the modern French windows make the shop even outstanding among the other shops. The modern French windows are always my favorite as they makes the overall interior look much elegant and magnificent, I even think of having all the French windows with pure white/black walls in my dream house by the seaside. Taking a sip of rose tea and enjoying the great bay view through the windows.WHAT A LIFE.

The salon is also well-decorated with all the Christmas ornaments. Christmas tree at the waiting room with all the wrapped gifts underneath. Besides the decoration, there's a shelf displaying all the Shiseido products. Yup, they used Shiseido products for all their services as it's a brand from Japan and they are meant for Asians' hair type.

The crystal lighting decorations at the center adding more of the wonderful Christmas holiday atmosphere, like gigantic snow balls.

As you can see, the place is really clean and neat. Extreme comfortable environment while enjoying the hair session there.

I was really impressed that they even have an in-built drinks counter that serves their customers with all kind of beverages like fresh juices, sparkling juices, tea and wine as well!

OhMaGawd, aren't they too awesome?? Serving the customers with the best drinks and so do the services, treating them like a VIP. It's definitely the most gratifying hair session.

They even have a VIP room for guests or customers who want most of the private and personal space or moment. They can even have their hair wash in the VIP room.

Hairdo session:
After being amused by the interior, I was lead to sit and got introduce to my hairstylist of the day, Nick.
I have the perfect scalp massage while I was off for hair wash. The scalp massage was so details and relaxing that I almost fell asleep. Then, I have my hair being blown dry by two hair stylists haha! Cool.

Here's how my frizzy hair looked like when they were dried up. But they looked much smoother than how they usually do.

The party hairdo started when Nick tong-ed my hair with Instyle (explain further below), that made the hair curls much wavy and natural.

Without using any hair products like mousse and hairspray, but only Bobbi pins / U pins, my hair was nicely done! I did look a bit like Korean here huh? =P

With all the precise twists and curls, that looks a bit like flower buds, they added in a much graceful sense on me. Yet the overall looking was still casual and a bit country-side kind of feeling as there were few strands of hair falling from the side, as like the wind blown and also the natural hair waves.

This is Instyle, a curling tong with combination of comb (smoothen our hair while curling) and ceramic heater (will not damage our hair) with two sizes available. Just imagine the usual curling tong you use at home, it's just a steel/iron with heated up to 160 Celsius. It definitely damage our hair eventually. But Instyle don't. HairCo is retailing Instyle at RM800.

All the hair stylists there are super friendly as I really spent an amazing moment having conversation with Nick and even HairCo's founder, Raymond. Thanks Nick for the whole hairdo session, being so tolerance and patience to me.
I can feel myself being pampered like a Queen indeed, served with wine and being told ways to take care of my own hair. It's a really cozy environment and definitely a delightful or luxurious hairdo experience, first ever experience. You feel heart-warming in HairCo - a lifestyle hair salon, having a different experience which worth the pay. It's not about getting your hair done, but enjoying your hair getting done. You will never feel yourself staying in a salon, or even like a fool, afraid of being judged by the hairstylist.

Raymond is sucha humorous guy and of course with his edgy hair color. He told us that there's no certainty for any hairstyle that suits your face shape or own self. 

'Cut your hair, instead of your face' - Raymond
Shouldn't having a hair style that cover your face as it's too puffy. You wear the hair, instead of the wearing you. 

 'Change' - Raymond 
The best way to know yourself better is change. Put on all kind of make up, hair style or even clothes and get the different you as you may realize that the different side of you will be revealed by changing.

'Hair will grow' - Raymond
Do not afraid chopping off your damaged hair because hair will grow eventually. 

HairCo is having a promotion which just right up for our coming Christmas! RM98 for wash+ blow+ party updo! Make an appointment now!

Hairco Malaysia
S235A The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City
Operating hours: 10:30am to 10:00pm
Contact: 03-2287 6428

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Earlier Christmas Gift from Ollie Jewellery x GIVEAWAY [Closed]

It's December! Hanging around all the shopping malls and all of them are so well-decorated with Christmas trees and of course a Christmas theme! Even though it's not snowing in Malaysia yet we can still experience some of the temporary snowing moment, feeling the cold like other countries do, breathing hardly as you will inhale all the cold air that will freeze your nostrils!

Besides jingle-ing by all the Christmas songs, singing the Christmas Carols, running a rain deer or even sharing a Christmas couple dinner set with your love one, of course the most anticipating part of the Christmas will be ------- Getting a Christmas Gift!

So, I was so excited that I have received an earlier Christmas gift from Ollie!

Can't wait to unwrap the gift!
Oh My God! It's an elegant Teardrop Pendant which suits every special occasions. It's definitely my favorite right now as it reached my doorstep just in time because the coming 2015, I will be attending countless wedding dinner and somehow I may be one of the bridesmaid!

The Teardrop pendant is made of 925 sterling silver with Rhodium plating which makes the necklace to have more shine and to be more durable as it will resist scratches and tarnish. Their jewellery is also nickel free and hypoallergenic (to cause fewer allergic reaction).

An imported necklace that comes with brilliant refined round CZs (Cubic Zirconia) which is the highest grade stones, it makes this teardrop pendant extraordinary classic yet charming.

Let's see how I pair the exquisite necklace with my outfit!

Do note that Rhodium plating on the sterling silver jewelry will eventually wear off with daily wear and eventually will reveal the original colour of silver, which is bright silver. However the rate of how quickly it will wear off depends on how often you wear the jewellery. They will give you a small card on how to care for sterling silver jewellery and as long as you follow the guide, your silver jewellery will be tarnish free.    

Besides the elegant bracelet, here comes an Elegant Pearl Bracelet in Grey! Perfectly grace!
A faux pearl bracelet that comes with two different designs on the side and in two tone colors, which kinda resemble the dual characteristics in me. This is really a simple yet expressive piece. 
It is exclusively designed and handmade with high polish finish. Meanwhile, you can choose your preference bracelet length!

At the front view, it comes with a dragonfly toggle clasp. Do you know that Dragonfly jewelry carries a unique meaning?
It represents strength and courage, overcoming failures and fighting for something you want.
It represents renewal and power, after facing all the obstacles or challenges in life.

This side comes with triple strands of mini pearls in light grey color. It gives me a sense of youth and sweet looking.

This side comes with a series of larger pearls in darker grey tone. Whereby it's much mature and intense.

Besides pendant and bracelets, Ollie Jewellery is also selling rings and earrings, some of them even come in set! All the accessories and jeweleries are absolutely adorable and I really have a tough time while making decision.

Tips on taking care your jewellery:
  • Clean your jewellery regularly with soft 100% cotton cloth or even a mixture of mild detergent and little water.
  • Usage of tooth paste or tooth brush for cleaning is not recommended instead using fine and soft brush to remove dirt behind stones.
  • Store jewellery in dry and air-tight area, like sealed bag or jewellery box.
  • Store your jewellery separately to prevent any friction or rubbing action against other jewellery.
  • Remove jewellery when doing household tasks or heavy duty activities.
  • Avoid jewellery in contact with water.

That's all.
Girls, get one for yourself, gear up for the Christmas! With affordable price, Ollie Jewellery provide affordable elegance to you!
Boys, get one for your girlfriend or mother, surprise them!  

By the way, I will be holding a giveaway in collaboration with Ollie Jewellery! One winner will be selected to win a Pearly Chain Bracelet! Complete the entries below!
For more information, visit | FB Page | Instagram
p/s: Outdoor pictures courtesy to Diam Tnek. Dress from Sense & Style.