Thursday, February 26, 2015

Swedish Lymphatic Drainage Massage @Face Factors Clinic

It was really tiring for the last few weeks, besides the laden assignments, it's all the strenuous in life. It was kinda hectic for me in this trimester, with all the studio shooting and table works. The feeling of sitting stiffly in front of your laptop for up to 5 hours daily, can kill.
Hence, I have decided to pay a visit to Face Factors Clinic and experienced their Swedish Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatment, for a much relaxing and de-stress session.

Here's the surrounding which is quite cozy and spacious, with classic kind of couch at the waiting zone.

Here's the room where the massage was carried out. The room was actually shared with others and with only one curtain apart. I actually prefer more privacy session as I feel uncomfortable with other people around and I can still clearly heard each other whispering or even the squeaky bed sound.

Before head on to the details of the massage treatment, I would love to share some of the advantages of it.
By performing lymphatic drainage massage, the opening of the initial lymphatic can be stimulated and the volume of lymph flow can be increased as much as 20 times.
Thus, it helps to:
  • boost our body immune system
  • removing harmful substances from our body tissues
  • heel scars
  • enhance our skin quality, especially face
  • reduce the risk of edema.

The treatment kick started with full body scrubbing to remove dead skin layers, followed by massage with Swedish massage oil. The scent of massage oil is very refreshing and relaxing, sort of lemon tree kind of aroma.

It was a full body massage, from head to toes. Yet, the massage is mainly on lymph nodes, focusing on thighs, arms and stomach, so these few areas took most of the time.

Here's the before and after the massage. As you can see the shape of my ankle was much obvious and the shape of my thigh was much firmer after the massage.

After the 2 hours of massage, this treatment ended up with I was placed in the heater (hotbed) to perform sweating session for around 15 minutes after being mummied with warm towels. I napped a little during this session. No worry, if the temperature is too high, it is adjustable (just let the staffs know). I was so surprised that all the towels were damn soaked (guess I hasn't sweat for like 5 years), I think the amount of sweat can be filled into a big pail.

I can immediately feel the difference before and after the massage session. I felt much energetic and refreshing.
2 hours after the massage, I felt pretty exhausting, yet not having any symptom like nausea. I was told by the staff that having symptoms like tired, vomiting and uneasy is normal, as our body have lost so much of water after the treatment.  I was advised to drink a lots of water in order to prevent dehydration. Remember, consuming loads of water is important!

I felt severe pain during the massage session. As af irst timer, my lymph vessels were kinda clogged I guess. After few sessions of clearing the nodes, I won't feel the pain anymore. I saw bruises on my thighs few days after the massage, yet it gone off kinda soon.

Swedish Lymphatic Drainage Massage
RM 178 per trial and RM 350 per session
RM 3500 package (10+4)

For more information, please feel free to visit  
Face Factors Clinic
Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-6205 3508 
FB Page:
Official Website:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

SASA 7th Fragrance Awards 2014

Finally, the annual SASA Fragrance Awards 2014 has come to the end after one month duration of voting (7th Sep - 15th Oct 2014) ! 24 nominees across 5 categories has been concluded! Now, it's time to announce the winners!

Best Women's Fragrance Award:
VERSACE Bright Crystal Absolu

Best Men's Fragrance Award:

Best New Fragrance Award:

Best Couple's Fragrance Award:

Best Packaging Fragrance Award:
ANNA SUI La Nuit de Boheme

Besides that, here are some new and recommended fragrances!
MOSCHINO Cheap and Chic Stars

 DKNY Be Delicious Sparkling Apple


On top of the fragrance winners, 1 lucky winner from SASA has walked away with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Gear Watch. Another 3 lucky winners bagged up with a fragrance hampers each which worth up to RN10,000 from the SHOP, VOTE and WIN promotion during the Fragrance Fair.

For more information and update, please feel free to visit:
SASA Official Website:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

PASJEL Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream

To be honest, I was so blessed for the last few months. When I was still wondering if anyone still reading my blog because I was too busy to update my blog for even once a week, but YES. THEY DID.  I really appreciate those readers who used to read or comment on my blog, supporting me all the way.
Few months ago, I've received an email from Pasjel International Company, which is a company based in Thailand, telling me that they love reading my blog and wanting me to try out their skin care products. Sending them all the way from Thailand.

Yeah! It's PASJEL from Thailand! It's a well known skincare brand among bloggers in Indonesia and Philippines! Here's the start from Malaysia!

I have done some research before receiving the products. PASJEL Cherry Tender Night Facial Cream is actually one of the best seller among PASJEL products.

Skin smoothening
Treat acne, blackheads, whiteheads, melasma, freckles and skin discoloration
Treat scar

Salicylic Acid, 
Allium Cepa Extract, 
Rice Callus Stem Extract
Tranexamic Acid 
Contains no steroids or harmful ingredients. Not tested on animals.

Direction to use:
Apply regularly to face before sleep.

Texture and scent:
It comes in light pinkish creamy texture and with a cherry scent. The cherry scent is quite sweet and it reminds me of the candy as well as sort of 'grape flavored Vitagen'. The cherrilicious aroma is pretty heavy as people around can even smell it but it's totally refreshing and you will definitely feel happy with the scent.

It penetrates to the skin very fast, like within 30 seconds and it goes completely matte. I can't feel any stickiness or oiliness on my skin. Even after hours, it's still pertain its matte-ness. Yet, there's still the bouncy and moisture feeling.

After a week of application, I can feel my skin texture improved as well brighter skin complexion. Meanwhile, it did treat my acne and dark spots, in just one day. (Refer to picture above)

Something dislike...
It's too small and I think it can only last for a month even only for night time usage.

Size and price
10g | 390 baht

For more information and update, feel free to visit
Pasjel Official Website:
Instagram: @pasjelofficial

Thursday, February 12, 2015

AUPRES Aqua Energy Skincare range

AUPRES introduced you the revolutionary moisturizing range for this season:
AUPRES Aqua Energy
Increase Moisture Retention, Giving your skin the hydration it needs.

Formulated with the Green tea complex and exclusive Smart Moisture Complex, AUPRES Aqua Energy soothe agitated cells and replenish our skin with adequate amount of moisture level. With this range, the skin is able to radiate brightness created from the moisture purified deep inside the skin layer.

Aqua Energy Cleansing Foam, which forms fine and rich bubbles rapidly within 30 seconds. It effectively remove dirt in pores and get rid of fine lines. Meanwhile, retaining moisture in our skin.
It has a sweet floral scent that sooth and adding a relaxation to our daily regime

125g |  RM65

Aqua Energy Rich Moisture Emulsion, with excellent penetrate capacity by forming a clean and purified cell environment. Giving us a moisture and translucent skin with hydration that are locked inside the skin for long hours. It promoted ATP formation that enhance the revitalization of skin cuticle.

130ml | RM85
Aqua Energy Rich Moisture Lotion, a lotion with high penetration which contains of Moisture Capturing Essence and Moisture Emulsion that strongly penetrate moisturization to our skin and having the long lasting effect.
By producing the self-moisturizing effect, it solves our recurrent dryness from the root, leaving us with soft, hydrated and healthy skin!

170ml | RM80

Aqua Energy Cream, a cream with moisture-locking effect, yet reduce fine line and wrinkles that caused by dryness! It promote blood circulation in the skin with the content of Vitamin E and olive oil as emollient to moist and provide nutrients.
It's recommended to be used in the morning.

50g | RM100
Aqua Energy Eye Cream, an amazing eye cream that consist of Houttuynia Cordata Extract (control eye puffiness), eucalyptus oil (antiseptic and antibacterial), Vitamin C and Vitamin E (reduce melanin and blood circulation at eye area). It can improve fine wrinkles, wrinkles and dark circles meanwhile replenishing the skin with extra moisture.

20g | RM100

Here's the star product for this range - Aqua Energy Moisture Capturing Essence.
It works like an oasis in the desert, hydrate and repair the skin inside out. It consist of  Natural Yeast-derived amino acid (increase moisture locking), rose extract (promote the production of hyaluronic that help skin generate, retain and self-produce moisture) and green tea complex (purify cell to condition skin's moisture).

Its effectiveness is shown and proved through experiment that it's moisture is retained for more than 12 hours comparing to other moisturizers.

Personal opinion after trying the Aqua Energy Moisture Capturing Essence, it's quite sticky for me and I don't think how it feels on my skin. Too concentrated. Not recommended to oily skin type.

For more updates and information, please feel free to visit:

Friday, February 6, 2015

JWEL Ice Cream Review!

JWEL roadshows are coming to the end. Have you collected yours?
In case you didn't, check out the next roadshows by clicking HERE

In this post, I will be doing a review on all flavored JWEL Ice Cream.

 Thanks F&N Creameries Malaysia, I have gotten 10 pieces of ice cream on my hand!

So, here's the simple review on how I think about each and every one of them.
From the outer layer, basically are all the almond-flecked chocolate coats which are crunchy and crispy, perfectly matches each and every flavored, aren't too sweet nor milky. 

The Baron of the Black Forest
Overall is a bit too sweet when it comes with a bite of both core and coat. A slight heavy on the taste of cherry that comes with a little sourness, for non-cherry lover wouldn't fancy on this stick. 

The Duke of Vanilla
This is my favorite among all. The most compatible partners! The vanilla scent fully spread in the entire mouth, comes with the perfect blend of crispy chocolate coat at the first bite. It didn't cause any queasiness for the post tasting, leaving with fresh milky feeling in the throat.

The Duchess of Double Chocolate
It's milky instead of being over-chocolicious, overall sweetness is just fine, without causing any greasiness on the throat or even after taste.
The Earl of Caramel
Every ingredients work so well with the combination both sweetness (chocolate coat) and bitterness (caramel). The core itself tasted a bit like coffee.

The Countess of Tiramisu
The Tiramisu taste is quite heavy yet it's just like a perfect twins that absolute compatible with the chocolate coat, without being too sweet. Some of the Tiramisu beverages may cause some sort of exhausted feeling on the after-taste, but this stick won't.

RM 3.50 per stick 
RM 13.80 for a multi-pack of 4 sticks 
*available at selected leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide.

Don't forget to catch up more JWEL promotions and updates on Instagram or Facebook.

Monday, February 2, 2015


If you guys have been reading my blog or 'stalking' my social platforms and you will know that I have never written anything about fashion in my post. I meant a full blog post on fashion. So, here's the first #OOTD blog post with MILKTEE.

Chinese New Year is near! I am sure everyone has been busying to shop for sales in the mall or even doing sort of window shopping to save up time and fuels. I actually prefer doing online shopping as it really saves up a lots of time, keeping us away from the crowd and traffic or even fighting for parking space. I did suffer a lot to wake up early just to fight over the parking, especially during the weekend. You will definitely understand my feeling if you have gone round and round in Mid Valley parking lot for hours. For window shopping, you will just need to choose, instant paying online, patiently wait for only 2-3 days and the products will be on your hand. But it still depends on each blog shop services and shipping procedures.

Recently, I have come across MILKTEE when I was browsing over all the blog shops.

MILKTEE, being an online stores on specialized ready-to-wear tees, they have expanded their range of clothing apparels. Insisting on the value of 'Make Good Outfits', they believe in simplicity and good designs. MILKTEE want everyone to own themselves with well-crafted and great fitting clothes, living in all comfortable in all day, everyday. MILKTEE pride them self with the quality service and product, offering 1-2 working days for Malaysia whereas 2-4 working days to ship internationally.  Returns and exchanges services are offered in order to satisfy all the customer's demand, yet with terms and conditions applied.

In this post, I have created two look with MILKTEE clothing. Let's check out!

For a simple yet stylish look, I will always go for monochrome. It's simply easy as you don't need to use up so much of your brain juice or time to match up the colors. Hereby, I am pairing with a grey crop top, black lace pants and a cardigan.

Black Aztec Cardigan, made from knitted fabric, it has buttoned side closure with a draped open-front design, including ribbed trims with a relaxed fit.

It actually looks much like the traditional kimono design, with atzec prints all over. It's super comfortable and easy to pair with any clothing, especially when you are rushing out for an errand. A quick grab on black aztec cardigan makes your look unique and simply stylish. Besides, covering my fats, like flabby arms and big butt.

Black Aztec Cardigan | MYR59.00 | Free Size | Product site

Back to School
For back to school look, I am pairing Blue Striped T-shirt Dress with Blue Satchel Bag. I love wearing clothes in one piece as I can save up my time to do the mix and match thingy from top to bottom.This piece of cloth made me look so slim fit and of course overall feeling was so elegant, not the real me tho haha!

Blue Striped TShirt Dress made from cotton lycra blend. It features the round neckline, short sleeves, styling with horizontal striping. The knee-length cutting is actually just fine for me, even though I am short, but it doesn't make me look fatter or even shorter haha! Personally, I love this TShirt dress.

Blue Striped TShirt Dress | MYR49.00 | S Size | Product Site

Blue Satchel Bag, can be also doubled as a clutch, it is crafted in faux leather. It features a flap closure with magnetic button-snap. The interior features a double compartment separated by a zippered compartment. Also includes an extra pocket compartment on the front and interior. Thin and adjustable shoulder strap.

Blue Satchel Bag | MYR109.00 | Product site

For more choices and details, please feel free to visit MILKTEE 
Official Website:
Instagram:  @Milkteeclothing

p/s: ALL photographed by Diam Tnek

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Instagram Giveaway! [Close]

Hello dearies, I am holding a giveaway on my Instagram!
Step 1: Follow @Immateapot on Instagram.
Step 2: REPOST this picture with the caption of
'' @Immateapot is having a giveaway! I wanna doll up myself with MaryQuant! #Immateapotgiveaway''

Winner will walk away with a
- Mary Quant lipstick
- Mary Quant Eyeshadow
- Mary Quant Action Lashings Lengthening Mascara

*Contest open to Malaysian only and ends on 27th of February. ONE winner will be selected randomly.