Monday, November 28, 2016

Getting Bright Fair Skin with NanoWhite

I bet everyone of us, especially girls has heard about a saying in chinese "一白遮三丑", which mean fair skin tend to cover up a hundred flaws. It used to describe a woman who is always considered to be beautiful as long as she is fair regardless on any other facial flaws.

Beside developing a habit of putting on sun screen daily, a proper skincare regime is essential too. Here's my secret to bright fair skin and yes! Good things come in three! 
In this post, I am going to share about these triple treats from Nanowhite that helps keeping my skin fair, smooth and glowy.
These range of products are packed with a 'Nano Skin-happy' technology that helps open up our pores for better absorption, where the nano molecules are 1000 times finer for deeper penetration to the skin, allowing the instant penetration of Omega White-C, effectively being absorbed and lighten the skin quickly!

Let's get started with the 3 wonder steps and get into the products one by one!

Step 1 : Exfoliate
First of all, be sure to exfoliate our skin weekly with NanoWhite Skin Renewing Aqua Gel. It helps to remove blackheads and dead skin cells on our skin, keeping our skin fresh and silky smooth. 

Price & Size:
RM44.90 | 140ml
The NanoWhite Skin Renewing Aqua Gel comes in a transparent gel texture, which is much dilute and comes with no scent, as it is free from alcohol, coloring and fragrance.
 Pump a tiny amount of the gel on fingertips and gently massage it on your skin in circular motions.
Within seconds, you may see those grey-ish 'dead skins' appearing. Somehow look like the eraser bits LOL
Personally, I would prefer exfoliating gel over any exfoliating scrub that contains granules, as the gel type is much more gentle and non-abrasive to the skin. During the massage moment, there isn't any pain or inflammation feeling on my skin.

Step 2 : Mask
The next step will be treating our skin with NanoWhite Intensive Brightening Mask. Enriched with Grapefruits extract and Sodium Hyaluronate, it helps provide our skin with a boost of moisture and illumination.

Price & Size:
RM8.90 per piece
Apply the mask on face and chill for a good 15 minutes.
It comes with a refreshing scent which is kinda similar to those citrus fruits. Unlike the previous whitening mask that I have used, this mask doesn't cause any inflammation feeling to my skin. Instead, I feel my skin is instant hydrated as well as brighter!

Step 3 : Moist
As a final touch, do apply NanoWhite Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream that helps in ensure the maximum efficacy of delivery of doubled whitening effect, while keeping the skin moisture and smooth. At the same time, minimize the appearance of dark spots.
The Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream comes in a gel, creamy texture, which is much concentrated and heavy.  It contains unique capsules which consists of Vitamin E and C to helps maximizing the brightening effect and combat against oxidation.

Price & Size:
RM39.90 | 40ml
Even though the texture is creamy and concentrate, surprisingly it penetrates into the skin swiftly, leaving the skin with dewy glow finish. 
During the first application, there is slight needle-like pain on the face. I wonder if my skin is real dry/sensitive or any other reasons. But there's no more pain sensation feeling after the second application.
I guess the before and after pictures said it all. My skin turns so much fairer, brighter and glowy after using the products! I really need these range of products badly after my trip to Pantai Klebang, Melacca LOL I turned so much tan! 
I must tell that most of the whitening products tend to be drying, however these Nanowhite range doesn't, it helps boosting the skin moisture! Yet, there is some cons after using the products, where the skin turns slightly greasy after hours. 

That's all for the triple treats!

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Monday, November 21, 2016

WANT TO KNOW The Secret To Every Woman's SMILE?

If you guys have been keeping up with my previous posts regarding on my personal life sharing, I guess it doesn't seems like a big matter for me to bring up some intimate talk in this post.

Since we are all adults, I believe that SEX is a no strange word to all of us. As a sexual being, sex is part of our life, an absolute healthy and natural activity, where most of us enjoy. A satisfied sex life contributes to both physical and mental health. For instance, the feeling of love, mood boost, stress relief, as well as fostering the bond between partners. 

However, we don't need a partner to enjoy great sex

Here it goes to the topic of self-pleasuring.
"If we enjoy sexual activities without a partner, we understand and love ourselves enough to give and receive sexual satisfaction to ourselves. Yes, it's quite acceptable, healthy, in fact, to masturbate" - American Sexual Health Association

We take charge of our own orgasm and sexual pleasure!
No one knows us better but our-self. Don't be shy and start exploring! It's normal as there are no rules nor right ways to achieve sexual pleasure as long as you're doing no harm to anyone else. And, you're just finding out what turns you on, to reach the big 'O'. 
Smile Makers Collections
I was so so so excited when I was given an opportunity by Smile Makers, where I am going to own my very first toy!
Smile Maker, is actually inspired by the belief that beauty starts with a smile. Smiling inside out, and nothing is more gorgeous than that. 
The Smile Makers Collection comes with 4 variants of personal massagers, resembling 4 different characters and personalities.

My first impression when I received the items, was like "OMG, how can the vibrators so cute and pastel!" Yeap! Smile Makers personal massagers are feminine, friendly and fun, with pastel colors and fun shapes, that gives you different pleasure.

Now, let's meet them one by one!
The Fireman
THE FIREMAN - A clitoral vibrator that features an intense nose, exhilarating tip and 'soft flames' for extra sensation.
The Frenchman
 THE FRENCHMAN - An oral-sex vibrator that inspired by a French Kiss, resembling a tongue to symbolise linguistic skills, which is super flexible and soft.
The Millionaire
 THE MILLIONAIRE - A classic bullet vibrator that perfectly crafted to mimic sexual intercourse, just the right thing for woman who enjoys both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
The Tennis Coach
THE TENNIS COACH - A gentle G-spot vibrator for woman who is curious, wanting to explore their sensations. 
 All theSmile Makers Personal Massagers are
  • made of super smooth, cryogenically polished silicone
  •  completely body safe and phthalate free
  • 100% waterproof 
  • quiet-est (minimal sound that less than 40 Mb)
  • comes with 4 speeds and 1 pulsation mode 
  • operated by only one AAA battery (up to 4 hours of fun)
Overall, I love the cute color tone and design of Smile Makers personal massagers as they are real feminine and fun! Super soft and velvet. Besides, they are safe to use, waterproof (shower-friendly and easy to be cleaned) as well travel friendly! These personal massagers are not necessarily for masturbation usage, but couple toys too!
Among the collection, I prefer The Fireman most, it comes with a rousing flame tip that gets all the girls heaty and arouse!

I think it's absolutely normal for us girls to explore our own body, reaching a better understanding of our own sexual needs and responsibilities. With or without a partner, we are in charge of our own sexual pleasure. Self-pleasuring makes us feel confidence, younger and beautiful, as well as leading to a healthy life.
Let's start smiling.
For more information about Smile Makers Personal Massagers and Lubricants,
please feel free to check out Smile Makers on

"Sex toys are a day-to-day essential that should be purchased free from shame and stigma", Metro.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Getting drunk in Japan Sake Skincare | Kiku-Masamune

Do you guys know that 1st of October has been officially known as the World Sake Day? Tom Inoue quoted that Sake Day was made to commemorate the culture and joy in making and drinking Sake, in order to pass down the sake traditions and rituals from one generations to another. 

In conjunction of the World Sake Day, the secret of sake has been revealed, when one of the ancient beauty rituals has been discovered, where geishas used to have the habit of soaking in sake bath for a good 30 minutes. This ritual resulting with geishas' bright and refreshing dewy skin. 

According to Sake Talk, Sake has significant beauty benefits where it helps boosting the skin's moisture, gently exfoliate the dead skin, as well as whitening and anti-aging properties. 
Yeap! We are now bringing the ancient ritual back to life and infusing the sake beauty benefits into this skin care range -- Kiku-Masamune.

FYI, the brewing of Sake involves the fermentation of steam-cooked rice, which consists of hundred of nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, kojic acid and esters.
Kikuma-Samune, it is a company founded in 1659 by a Famous Japan Sake Brewer and now they are bringing the Sake brewing method into this range of skincare products -- Kiku-Masamune, which I will be sharing my very own experience with you guys in this post and we will be going step by step.

Step 1: Cleanse

Be sure to double cleanse our face all the time! Remove light makeup or any impurities on the skin with Kiku-Masamune Skin Care Cleansing. The main ingredients on this product is placenta extract, rice extract and arbutin. Beside using it as a makeup remover, it can be used to remove sunscreen on body too. 

Size & Price:
200g | RM42.90
It comes in a white gel texture which is so light and easy to be spread on the skin. 

I love using gel/balm remover to remove my daily light makeup and sunblock, as it needs not require any cotton or harsh action, where the impurities can be easily removed just using fingers. Surprisingly, this gel remover doesn't cause any irritation or inflammable feelings on my skin. It effectively removes make up and impurities on my skin while maintaining its moisture level. This remover is only applicable for face only, avoid contact with eyes. 

Step 2: Wash
Followed by another cleansing step, will be cleansing our face with Kiku-Masamune Skin Care Wash. It claims to remove sebum deep in the pores, smoothen the skin without leaving the skin feeling tighten.

Size & Price:
It comes in white creamy texture which later turns into white dense foam after lathering with water.
To be honest, I am not a fans of foam facial cleanser, which I have been mentioning over and over again in my blog. Same goes to this. Even though this cleanser cleanses my face well, it leaves a 'film' kinda layer on my skin. My skin feels slimy and I don't really like the overall feeling when I am rinsing off the foam with water. However, it's good as it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight! In contrast, my skin feels hydrated and supple!

Moreover, this product can be used as a full body wash! Multi-usage!

Step 3: Tone
After all, it's time to tone our skin with Kiku-Masamune Skin Lotion.

Size & Price:
500ml | RM42.90
The lotion comes in a dilute liquid texture, like the usual toner.
If you're going for something super moisture, opt for Kiku-Masamune Skin Care Lotion High Moist.

Size & Price:
500ml | RM49.90
It comes in a dilute liquid texture, yet it is much concentrated compare to the normal skin care lotion in Kiku-Masamune range. 
I love the high moist lotion most among this range. Both lotion penetrates into the skin swiftly within seconds, without leaving the skin feeling greasy and sticky. Instantly, I can feel the moist in my skin, which is so refreshing with a hint of sake scent!

Step 4: Treat
Lastly, never forget to treat your skin with KiKu-Masamune Skin Care Emulsion! This product claims to hydrate, soothe, smooth and brighten the skin, while protecting the skin barrier against free radical damages and moisture loss.

Size & Price:
380ml | RM49.90
It comes in a lightweight white milky texture, slightly dilute.
I love how this emulsion works on my skin as it can be easily and quickly absorb into my skin, leaves no stickiness and greasiness. After application, I can feel my skin turns so much brighter, dewy and moisturized!
Besides, it can be used as a body lotion where you can apply anywhere on your dry skin, like elbow and knee.

Overall thoughts
I have read up some blog reviews online where few of the writers have stated that they have been suffering from breakouts right after using the Kiku Masamune range. Yet, there are still writers that loving this product range as they are highly-moisturized.

On my own view, most of the products from this range has a strong sake scent, which doesn't seem comfort to me. It smells like medicine LOL. However, all the products work amazingly on my skin! There isn't any breakouts neither acne on my skin, instead I feel my skin is so much hydrated and bright in complexion!
I should say that all kind of skin care is very much depending on our skin type. The Kiku-Masamune range is slightly acidic (acid pH balance), yet it comes with no mineral oil and color additives.
Last but not least, the price range is absolutely worthy with such huge bottle/volume of product!
If you're a fans of sake, you should never missed this products range! Indulge in the sake scent and get drunk now!

For more information, please feel free to check out Kiku-Masamune products range at Selected AEON Wellness and SaSa stores.