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Taiwan Trip, Day 3

Tadaa! After so long, here's my post on Taiwan Trip Day 3. 
I was really busy with my final year project recently as this was my very last semester in the university before I head for my internship program, and of course some burdened review post that I stacked behind. All the PR were trying to buzz me every single week :( I felt so sorry for procrastinating all the post.

Now, back to the trip, since it's winter season and the sun rose super early! About 5am, we can already feel the sunshine glares. Just to avoid the traffic congestion, we decided to wake up around 9am and we headed to our 
First Breakkie Station, the renowned Soy Bean Milk of Lai Shop 来来豆浆 at Xitun (西屯).
Since there were 4 of us and both of the man can eat pretty much, we have ordered quite a number of dishes in this early morning. First dish, we have ordered the Taiwan pancake 葱油饼.
Second dish, Xiaolong Juicy Bun 小笼汤包. Unlike the 小笼汤包 I first ate in Singapore, there wasn't much soup in this 汤包, I can only taste all the meat. In my impression, there will be some soup-bursting out effect after the first bite on the pao. Quite disappointing though.
Third dish, dumplings that are filled shrimp and chives 韭菜虾饺. this was my favorite dishes of all as I really love craving on chives.
OMG, so much of fillings right?? It tasted good too!
Forth dish, fried dumpling 鲜肉锅贴. 锅贴 is really famous in Taiwan, you can see them everywhere in the night market. I did not try this dish, because it didn't seem tempting to me haha. That's a lot of meat.
Last but not least, we have ordered a warm soy milk 热豆浆 and salty soy milk 咸豆浆 (picture above) for this freezing weather. 

"Actually what is so special about the soy milk here?
There is a scorching taste in the soy milk which make the soy milk unique and everyone comes for it. " 

Anyway, I don't really fancy with the scorching soy milk, I felt it tasted quite weird but it was a great try as it wasn't available in Malaysia. Definitely, the scorching warm soy milk was way better than the salty soy milk. All the food there was just fine. 

Unfortunately, it started to rain cats and dogs after our breakfast, with no choice we have to visit somewhere indoor. 
Our Second Station: Salico Foods 大黑松小俩口博物馆 in Nantou, Puli (南投埔里).
(Picture credit to Google)

I was so sorry that I didn't capture much photos here, as it was raining out there but I would love to recommend this place, it was a real great place that worth photograph and visiting. A place in the fairy tale! The toilet was gorgeous too LOL.

There were actually a lot of great deals in the museum, which selling all the famous local products in Taiwan like nougat牛轧糖, pineapple cake凤梨酥, sea birdnest 海燕窝 and etc.
This was what I highly recommended. Everything that made of Passion Fruit, they have ice cream and jelly that you guys should really try out! It was really really tasty! I have brought back like two huge boxes yet I was really regret of not buying much of these. Yeah, some luggage weight limitation =(
Since I couldn't captured much picture outdoor, forcefully to capture one indoor pictures to show that I have really visited this place hehe.

Since the rain has become smaller, we headed to the
Third station: Sun Moon Lake 日月潭
Yet, the rain was still unstoppable, that making us soak throughout the 'shipping' journey. We were forced to put on the rain coat, how the hell we take pictures with rain coat and umbrella? TT
There were few stops for the whole journey, like visiting the temple 玄光寺 and Taiwanese aborigines habitat 伊达邵村.
We have visited the temple and it was a different experience as it was so crowded with all the umbrellas and colorful rain coats, rude people pushing here and there. We actually missed the Taiwanese aborigines habitat, as the rain has become larger and we decided to wait in the ship instead.
Finally, the rain stopped around 2pm!
Here we were at the Forth Station: Feeling 18 degree, 18°C巧克力工坊
Feeling 18 Degree was named after the fact of that best temperature for perfect chocolate production, preservation and flavor. From an online venture in 2006, it has established its first store in Puli within a year time. It was now a renowned handmade chocolate shop with the promising of the optimum and premium quality.

They are even selling some Taiwanese-style chocolate using the local unique ingredients like Assam Black Tea, Roses and Mulberries!
To share the happiness around, the owner has even prepared a rest area (right beside the shop) and a visiting area (right opposite the shop) for the consumers. In the visiting area, there will be staffs that help explaining and showcasing the chocolate, whereby the consumers get to try the chocolate as well as being served with teas and coffee.
Beside chocolate, they are selling Italian Handmade Gelato too to reshape people's impression towards ice cream where topping up with fresh fruits was the best choice of healthy dessert.
This was the real best ice cream I have eaten so far - the heavenly made Lychee Rose + Granizado ice cream. It was an indescribable taste and feeling, everything was just right to the point! MUST TRY!

After some ice cream, we were finally at our fifth station: Green Green Grassland, CingJing Farm 清境农场 - 青青草原.
清境农场 - 青青草原

Yeah! It's a castle! A cute one though. I wonder why there's a castle at the entrance here LOL Guess it attracts the kids a lot and of course MEEEEE. 

Here's the huge GARDEN behind the castle. Spot the lovely couple. I wish I could travel the whole world with my beloved man.

Our foot print in Taiwan.
It was so foggy after the rain, super windy and cooling, adding a little mystery sense to the whole environment.
Plus, there were so many insta-worthy places for photoshoooooot! It was kinda risky to jump up on the stone though, but definitely worth the shoot haha. I felt like I was there for jungle trekking.
Here's the highlight - SHEEEEEEEEP
They were kinda disgusting LOL all the fur was damped, like they just back from a bubbly shower. Unlike the usual farm that we visited, all the sheep weren't caged, they were running freely everywhere, we were free to touch, feed and selfie with them.

I felt like filming 'Sound of Music 2' here, hop around and sing, "high on a hill was a lonely goatherd, lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo ~"

A selfie with the sheep! Pst...closer look of the fur. 
I was so happy that I have like tons of photo taken here with the wide green scenery that looks exactly like the painting, but too bad that there wasn't any appearance of the alpaca 草泥马. We got wrong information from our friends.
At the Sixth station, we have headed to Swiss Garden 瑞士小花园!
Swiss Garden, which was also known as the Taiwan's Little Switzerland.
Inside the swiss garden, there's an innovative place where everything was made by carton! Even the packaging on food and souvenirs, or any architectural designs that you can name.
This was a tea packaging, so creative right and of course eco-friendly?
Here's the last station before we headed back to Taichung - Shangri La Music Villa.
It was a real gorgeous old England kind of architectureal building that situated 10 minutes away from the CingJing farm.

Spotted a cat which my boyfriend thought it was a fake cat LOL It sat still without moving and the tail swirled around its body.
The view here was magnificent! We got so thrill to see the spectacular views of rugged mountain, green forest, stunning sky and all the tiny building from top!
OMG, I was so immersed in this place that I thought I was travelling in European country. Just can't stop taking selfies and I really don't mind to do a photo shoot here.
It was an unforgettable trip in CingJing, where I got to see and feel all the awe-inspiring scenery there out from the town, the fresh air, the wild greenery and the clear blue sky!
Last but not least, along the way down from the peak to Taichung, we spotted a secluded place - with a river that sided by mountain, with the analogous colors of green, turquoise and blue! An infinite serene and tranquil view!

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4 Steps Skincare Regime to Brighter and Moisture Skin | Neesya

If you're a constant reader of mine,  you may heard about Neesya, which I have blogged in the earlier post. 

Neesya, a Greek word to address Butterfly. It symbolizes the transformation between each individual that is awaited to be revealed. Neesya believes everyone can afford beautiful healthy skin from Neesya, with the offer of products that consist of innovative science technology, premium quality and safe.
Recently, I have received a set of products from Neesya and I wish to share with all of you. With only 4 steps to achieve glowy and hydrated skin!

Errr... not to talk about the packaging. I am kind of a perfectionist LOL and I was actually quite disappointing with the products I received from the mailman as the box was a bit torn, even though the products were still complete.
This brightening hydrating set comes along with 4 complete set of products, which are Brightening Gel Cleanser, Brightening Toner, Illuminating Essence and Brightening Day Cream SPF 20++.

Well, lets get started and head on to the products one by one!

Step 1: Cleanse with Neesya Brightening Gel Cleanser
I have really dry skin, hence I always prevent myself from using any foam formula cleanser. I feel that foam cleanser used to make my skin dries up even more. Gel and milk cleanser works just fine for me.
Neesya Gel Cleanser contains aloe vera extract and Vitamin B that helps hydrate, soften and soothe the skin.The texture of Neesya Gel Cleanser is in clear gel foam, it doesn't form any foam even after lathering with water. The texture of the gel isn't too thick, and it can be easily spread throughout the face.
After washing off the gel, there wasn't any uncomfortable nor 'slippery' sort of feeling on my skin. It left my skin with a smooth and silky finish.

Step 2: Tone with Neesya Brightening Toner
Apply the toner with a cotton pad.
It's a must to use a toner. it's essential in minimizing the pores, balance the skin pH level, maintain the moisture level within skin while soften and prep the skin from further skin care regime.
Neesya toner comes in a lightweight and liquid texture, with a refreshing floral scent.
It didn't cause my skin to be greasy nor sticky after the application. I felt my pores were less obvious after a week of usage.

Step 3: Treat  your skin with Neesya Illuminating Essence
Pour an adequate amount of essence on palm and spread throughout the face.
Essence is important to enhance the skin hydration after the usage of toner. 
Neesya essence contains natural fruit extract that helps restoring skin cellular fluidity and enhance the skin complexion.
Neesya essence comes in a thicker gel texture with the similar scent of the toner. yet it is much lightweight and less concentrated compare to others essence. Neesya essence is formulated with the finest active ingredients hence it penetrates rapidly into the skin layer.
I love how this essence worked on my skin as I felt the instant hydration and I always used it as a base before application of makeup.

Step 4: Hydrate with Neesya Brightening Day Cream SPF 20
As a day time moisturizer, Neesya Day Cream can be used as a skin moisturizer and sun screen! Besides, it helps to brighten the dark spots on skin while soothe and hydrate the skin.
Neesya Day Cream comes in a white creamy texture and slight watery.
I really love the formula of Neesya Day Cream with both moisture and UV protection because sometimes I can't even remember to apply sun block before going to university and the day cream is just perfect to help me out hehe! Even though it is creamy, yet it absorbs into my skin layer very fast and didn't leaves my skin with oily appearance even after hours!

I guess all of you can see the significant result! My skin has become more translucent, hydrated and brighter in complexion after a week of application!
Guess what? Neesya Brightening Hydration Set is only selling at RM242 RM169.
For more product information and details, please do not hesitate to visit Neesya on:
Official website:
Facebook Page: 
OR even visiting Watson Outlet.

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Collagen Drinks with Flavor: Vida Glow

I guess everyone notices the changes within body and skin when getting older. Metabolism begins to slow down and the loss of collagen has eventually led us to the sign of aging.

Do you know why are all the Japanese looking so youthful even in their elder age? It's marine collagen, a secret to stay youthful!
After reviewing and trying so many stuffs about marine collagen and they were all welcoming, I was so happy that Vida Glow from Australia has approached me. It was truly unbelievable when you got to connect with PR abroad. Which means, I got not only readers from Malaysia but also overseas!

After doing some research, I found that Vida Glow, is actually a company from Australia, yet all the products are 100% natural extract from the scales of Deep Sea Red Snapper (sourced in Western Central Pacific Ocean Waters of Australia) and purely made in Japan! Besides, all the products are safely tested and quality guaranteed. 

Well, I feel so much comfortable in consuming these supplement. 
Vida Glow, a natural marine collagen supplement which comes in powder form that can be added or mix into any of your drinks! Not only any drinks, even food like porridge, soup, yogurt, tea, coffee and etc.

By consuming Vida Glow, it boosts the production of natural collagen in our body, improving skin elasticity and firmness, while strengthen our hair, nail, as well as joint and bone!
What makes Vida Glow different from others?
Beside all the pure ingredients, Vida Glow offers variety of flavored collagen powders which containing natural fruit flavors and extra dose of vitamins. 

Vida Glow is so consumer-friendly that offering supplements that best meet everyone's demand! Beside offering collagen in flavors like original, blueberry, peach, mango and pineapple, they even offer supplements like Original Loose Powder for those who has sensitive taste bud and Beauty Blend for those who is vegetarian. 

Hereby, this is Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen that comes in a packaging which is every girls favorite dream color, Tiffany Blue.
 This Natural Collagen serve the highest quantity of collagen per serving within all the range.
The ingredients are basically pure natural marine collagen, with no wheat, gluten, sugar, additives, preservatives or flavors.

As mentioned earlier, the natural marine collagen comes in white powdery form. Without adding the powder in any drinks, the scent of collagen is quite heavy, sort of fishy scent? Yet, it tastes just like pure water.  

This is Vida Glow Pineapple that comes in a bright yellow packaging.
The ingredients are not much different from the Natural Marine Collagen, yet it contains pineapple fruit powder which is high in vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C, as well as bromelain enzyme. Bromelain helps in reducing swelling or inflammation, especially the nose and sinuses, preventing cancer and getting rid the body fat.

The combination of collagen, Vitamin C and bromelain helps nourishing the skin while assisting in body healing and combating the sign of aging. 
The pineapple collagen comes in white powdery form and it turns yellowish after dissolving in water. Without adding the powder in any drinks, the scent of pineapple collagen unlike the natural marine collagen, it smells like the exact pineapple with a very light hint of collagen scent. Again! It tastes just like pure water.  
So, here's the fully dissolved Natural Marine Collagen and Pineapple Collagen in plain water. There isn't any taste from them but just carrying a different scent. 

In terms of the packaging, I really love it, simple and eye-catchy! The size of the sachets are really convenient to be kept in our handbag, especially for the office ladies. Easily, you can dig out the sachet and adding it into your morning coffee in the office. 

I was so impressed with the way of consuming: adding the collagen powder into any form of beverage. I really hate the marine scent LOL. Yet, I've been adding the natural marine collagen in my morning beverage before heading to class, like a sachet everyday. It didn't make my coffee tasted weird  nor having a weird scent, it just tasted and smelled like coffee. After consuming for two weeks, I did notice that the hair fall condition has been reduced and even my nail is growing very healthily without that much of chipping. 

Vida Glow
Made in           : Japan
Size                  : 30 sachets per pack
Flavor or Type: Original, Peach, Pineapple, Blueberry, Mango, Original Loose Powder (sensitive taste bud), Beauty Blend (Vegetarian-friendly)
Benefit             : Stimulate collagen production in body, Hydration, Increase skin firmness and elasticity, Strengthen hair and nails, Maintaining healthy muscles, tissues and bones
Price                : $49.95 usd - $142.95 usd

For more information and update, please feel free to visit Vida Glow on
Instagram: @Vida_Glow
Twitter: @Vida_Glow