About me

❤  FAQ:

Who is she?
An ordinary person who works as a freelance makeup artist while pursuing her studies in Degree of Graphic Design and Multimedia. Blog, is a platform for her to share about everything, it can be something personal but also some exciting news or even makeup trend.

How does she looks like?
Unlike the usual famous bloggers you saw on Instagram, she comes in a unique petite shape. Short, round and chubby, that's how she named after the blog. Oops! Btw, she looks real different before and after makeup. Shhh....

What's her personality?
She is an ostensibly resilient person and a typical Gemini, crazy and talkative. She loves to mingle around with her girl friends, hook on to party and events. But sometimes, she used to hide her feeling and she does like "cry alone" on the bed. She is sensitive, emotional and capricious in person that makes her change from time to time, acting like a freak and sometimes annoying. She loves to explore and discover things around, to feel, sense and experience. She is totally a self-loving person as she used to take selfie all the time and she feels she is sort of photogenic LOL. She loves to put on makeup as she believes that it's a way to impress or even enhance one's face features.

Her Portfolio?
She was once featured on Nuffnang Facebook Page. It was definitely an assurance and encouragement to her effort in the blogging journey.

She was once featured on Mary Kay Singapore's Facebook Page.

❤  Contact me
For any advertorial, job, review, invitation, sponsorship or inquiries, feel free to contact me:

Email: Ay_pc@yahoo.com
Facebook page: Ms.Ellie Yap
Twitter Account: Immateapot
Facebook account: Amelie Yap
Instagram Account: Immateapot