Monday, October 26, 2015

Vampire Diaries Inspired Makeup

Halloween is near and it has been 2 years since my last Halloween makeup sharing!
Back in 2013, I've did some creepy Halloween makeup, sort of Creepy Doll, Halloween Bride and even Broken Porcelain Doll. In case you wanna check back, click here.
After two years, I'm back with seductive and gorgeous Vampire Makeup Look for this Halloween. It's not necessary to be disgusting, ugly, scary nor with all the blood dripping. Lets be the prettiest one in the Halloween Party, like Bella in Twilight or Elena in Vampire Diaries LOL.
Step 1:
Remember! Always prep your skin before any application of makeup. You may just apply serum, moisturizer or essence to hydrate your skin, because you will be carrying the makeup for the whole night, even in air-condition room! Second, contact lens which helps giving you a brighter eyes! You may just wear something red, blue or green. I'm wearing 3 tone grey here.

Step 2:
Apply BB/CC cream which is one or two shades lighter that your original skin tone. No concealer needed here. Just briefly conceal your lips and brows using BB/CC Cream.
Step 3:
Using lighter shades of loose powder or two way cake to set your face. Looking as pale as possible.

Step 4:
Contour your face! So, it's time to apply as much as you like, as sharper face as you always desire.
Step 5:
Apply eye primer on your eyes. It helps bringing out the vibrant colors and preventing the eye shadow from smearing.

Step 6:
For the eyes, I'm using all brown shades, from light to dark. As a base, apply shade A over the eye socket, to create crease and deep set eyes.

Step 7:
Apply shade C as shown in picture. Creating a winged eye shadow, and carrying the eye shadow from inner corner of your eyes, till the side of nose bridge (part of contour) and eye brows. At the bottom of the eyes, apply shade C as well, along the lower lash line till the eye bad area.

Step 8:
Apply shade B as shown in picture, to blend shade C to the skin.

Step 9:
Draw a winged eyeliner, following the winged eye shadow.

Step 10:
Draw a line with eyeliner following your double eyelid crease, in creating a mod graphic eyeliner. It's okay if you're single eyelid, create an illusion line of your crease.

Step 11:
Using the sharp liquid eyeliner, draw as much as blood vessels under your eyes.

Step 12:
Apply thick falsies! It helps creating a more dramatic Halloween look.

Step 13:
We are done with the eyes area!

Step 14:
Carry on with the lips, apply any dark shades of red, to look absolute sexy and seductive. Keep it fuller and do not worry if it's out of your own lip's shape. Keep it matte so that it lasts for the whole night. You may using the trick of applying one layer of lipstick and place a sheet of tissue on lips, powder on top of the tissue. 

Here are the products that I've used.
Skin79 | CC Cream (Link)
Office | Contour Palette

Office | Eyes Primer
Heavy Rotation | Heroine Make Liner
Collection | Work the Color Eyebrow Kit (Link)
Maybelline | Hyper Sharp Liner

Bloop |  Duo Lipstick 02 Sovereign (Link)

Here's the full final look of my Halloween: Vampire Makeup Look, what's yours? Feel free to comment and share your Halloween look to me :D

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Friday, October 23, 2015

CRES Facial: Reversal 24 Therapy

I guess CRES Wellness is no strange to all of you as this is my second visit and review on their facial treatment.
In order to helps the women to achieve a high level of wellbeing, namely customized and luxurious solutions, CRES offers innovative facial services,  custom treat each mind, body and spirit, with Cellnique Paramedical revolutionary products - The Asia's First Paramedical Skincare Brand.
Most of the firming and uplift treatment offered in the facial outlet, mainly focus on elderly from age 35 above. On the other hand, CRES has recently launched its Reversal 24 Therapy which makes the youngsters to be one of the target audience, in preventing early sign of aging!
Here's the Cellnique set that are used in this Reversal 24 Therapy, including the Lineless Essence Mask, Lift and Firm Serum, Lift and Firm Concentrate, lastly Lift and Firm Black Cream Mask.
 In Reversal 2 Therapy, 3 innovative technologies and 4 active ingredients are involved:

3 Technologies:

  • Hematite
    Using the anti-age stone extract to helps restore skin's plumpness.
  • Phytocelltec Argan
    Using Argan stem cell to vitalize and protect skin dermal stem cells.
  • Argireline peptide
    Works like Botox that helps reducing the appearance of  expression wrinkles.

4 Active Ingredients:

  • Syn Hycan Peptide
    As Hyaluronan booster that helps strengthen collagen fibrils.
  • Hyalo Oligo
    Increase twice of skin moisture.
  • Bamboo Stem Powder
    Sweep away dead skin cells and firms the skin.
  • Vitamin C
    Refine pores and repair damaged tissues.

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
Restore skin radiance and elasticity.
Refine pores.
Increase skin firmness.

2 hours

My Thoughts:

I really love having my facial treatment at CRES as I've mentioned before in my previous post, they even trim my brows, provides pleasure massage that really made my day. I forgot all the stress and keeping my mind in the aroma of lemongrass. It's really cozy and enjoyable experience I've ever had.

In this treatment, extraction was involved which mean  it took longer time in doing the extraction and with more details. Yet, the pain was still bearable tho you can still see red blemishes on my skin (After). Of course, we have to pay for every pretty face, bear the pain!
As seen in the picture, the blackheads reduced and the pores were much finer! My face was way firmer and glow with radiance!

Post Care:
Since I have sensitive skin, I was advised to put on mask for consecutive three days after the treatment, to boost the skin hydration and reduce the sensitivity.

A GREAT DEAL for my reader, you will only need to enjoy this therapy at first trail price which is RM118 instead of RM288!
Click into the link below to redeem it 

For more information, please feel free to follow CRES Wellness updates on
Instagram: @creswellness

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lash Extensions @Pink Passion, Sunway Mas

After 2 years, I've got my second eye lash extensions again at Pink Passion. 

There are few questions may pop up in your mind while reading this post. Well, I'll be answering and explaining one by one.

What is lash extensions all about?
Eyelash extensions are any number of enhancements (synthetic eye lashes) designed to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes.
Once selected the length and type of lashes you want, the lashes are stick stalk by stalk using semi-permanent glue on your real lashes, as a base and support. 

How long the whole procedure takes?
Pink Passion they took around 1 hour to complete the whole procedure.

What type of lashes they using?
Namely, so silk lashes with optional length and thickness.
Length: 6mm | 8mm | 10mm
Thickness: 0.07mm | 0.10mm | 0.15mm 

Why do I opt for lash extensions?
I did it before my trip to Ipoh and Cameron Highland. It was really convenient for me because I may just simply skip mascara, eyeliner, falsies and double eyelid tape. It helps to hold my double eyelid as well, if you're having uneven eyelid like me or even without eyelid. Depends on the design of lashes, it just widen up and volumised your eye lashes. Just imagine, you wake up naturally with gorgeous eyes. 

How to take care?
Avoid rubbing your eyes, avoid using oil-based remover, avoid curling the lashes, be gentle while cleansing your face, do not frequently visit sauna or steam room.

How long it last?
It will last around 2 weeks to 4 weeks, depend how well you take care of the lashes.

Will my own real lashes hurt?
It will somehow hurt your lashes. if you're being too harsh. The extensions will fall off following with your real lashes.

So, here's the before and after the extensions. My lashes were way fuller and longer.
I've opt for the natural length lashes as I'm wearing spect. I wouldn't want my long lashes to sweep my glasses hehe. I'm going for longer and wider eyes with 6mm at front part, 8mm at the center and 10mm at the behind.

If you're going for rounder eyes, the lashes will be longer at the center part, while shorter at both front and behind.

For more details, feel free to visit Pink Passion on Facebook or

Pink Passion Salon
No. 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7805 7285

Closed on Monday.
Tue - Sat : 11am - 7pm
Sun         : 11am - 6pm


For my reader, here's a great deal for all of you!
Click on the picture below, print the voucher and make an appointment, you can get your lashes done at RM88 (inclusive free touch up and remove) instead of RM258!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File in PINK (Limited Edition)

Time flies and so soon it's a year since I blogged about my last interview with my mom, sharing her experience using the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File.

FYI, Scholl Velvet Smooth is an effective tool which helps removing cracked skin or filing our feet effortlessly, leaving our feet smooth and beautiful.
In conjunction of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in this October, Scholl is going PINK for a good cause! From 1st of October to 15th November 2015, with every limited edition Pink Scholl Pedi sold, a RM10 will be donated to Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA).

This meaningful act meant to attract women's interest and bring their awareness towards breast cancer, meanwhile helping women to get through the fight with breast cancer, regaining health and confidence.
To highlight again, Scholl Velvet Smooth Exoress Pedi Electronic Foot File consists of

  • Micralumina replaceable roller head
  • Ergonomically-shaped soft touch handle
  • Battery operated (4 units of AA batteries)
  • Handy size which is perfect for travel purpose or simply slip in the bag  

It's super safe and easy to use! For direction to use, please click into the video above.
Please use on dry skin only.
Here's the instant effect after using. Need to sit long to file your cracked heel, because it's faster and efficient using the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File.
Not only taking good care of your body or hair is a must, but also your feet! Using the easiest way with Scholl Velvet Smooth!
By purchasing this limited edition PINK Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, it lends your support for breast cancer welfare while pampering your feet!

Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic File (PINK)
Brand         : Scholl
Pack Contents : Cover, 4 AA Batteries, Roller Head, Electronic Foot File
Benefit        : Foot Filing, Remove Cracked Skin, Home Pedicure
Price           : RM135.20

*Roller head refill packs(2 roller heads) sell at RM52.30.

In conjunction of the breast cancer campaign, you can purchase the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File in pink at Scholl Roadshow, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing Ground Floor, in front of Candylicious) from 14th October to 18th October 2013.

Don't forget to catch the roadshow to enjoy a totally relaxing and complimentary Scholl Express Pedicure!
For more information, please visit Scholl on Facebook or

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Makeup Transformation | 空气刘海之每日妆容

Here's the long awaited makeup post since months! I've drafted earlier but then have to rush on some other blog post before this. Now, it's here, the Makeup Transformation with bangs! TBH, it will be a terrifying one haha!
久别的妆容篇!写稿写了很久,但是都有其他部落篇要赶。幸好还来得及!空气刘海之每日妆容篇。这篇将会非常震撼,因为我要完全公布我的素颜照了 TT

Here's my barefaced, looks kinda scary though. Before start applying the makeup, top up your skin with serum or ampoules, to moisture the skin and create a dewy skin makeup look.

Product Link: DocLab Face Ampoule
Firstly, apply some BB Cream to cover up the red blemishes, dark spots and pores. In order to cover up the dark circle, i will apply two layers of BB cream on the dark circle area, gently dab with my ring finger.

Product Link: Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream
Set your makeup with a thin layer of loose powder or two way cake, in order to keep the makeup last for whole day.

Product Link: L'egere Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder
Instead of using powder type of eye shadow, I'm using the elianto eye shadow stick. Draw fully until the double eyelid and a bit at the outer corner on lower lash line. Imitating the drawing of eyeliner. It's the best eye shadow I've used so far, which really water-proof and sebum-proof! I wore it during my trip to lost world of Tambun, after sweating in hot spring or even swimming, the eyeshadow still remained!

Product Link: Elianto Eyeshadow Stick
Time to brow! Brows are real important, it can change the shape of your face. To create droopy eyes and cute look, I tend to draw korean kind of straight eyebrows. Longer brows, straight and a little downward at the half end of brows.

Product Link: Collection Eyebrow Kit
An optional step, the falsies! I have puffy eyes and hence I am applying the most natural falsies here. My eyes are wider and bigger!
After all, it's contouring! It's important to do contour on jawline and nose. It helps creating a more dimensional face and making your face features more outstanding. It may not be obvious on the mirror, but it's super significant in the picture!
接着便是 把脸部的轮廓更显现出来,打阴影啦。这步骤可以把大脸变成小脸, 让五官变更立体!重点放在鼻翼与脸的菱角。初学者,下手别太重啦。选用比自己的肤色深一两度。我多数都用三色的眉影哦。
Last but not least, the lippie! I'm using the lip balm here with red tint. While moisturizing the lips, it adds a little tone and glossiness on the lips.

Product Link: Bio Magic Deluxe Gold Diamond BB Cream with Lip Balm
Jeng Jeng! I'm done! Time to release the bang!
So, here's the See-Through Bang Makeup look that I've created, super fast and easy! Remember not to skip the brows steps on see-through bang, unless you have thicker bangs. OMG, now only I realize that I look real different before and after makeup. Btw, products reviews' link are under each and every steps.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Face Ampoule by DocLab x GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Beep Beep Beep! 
I'm back! If you've been following my social medias, I've travelled to Ipoh and Cameron for the past few days, having tons of fun, laughter, selfies and of course food too! 
During my trip, I was so glad to bring along the DocLab Face Ampoule which instantly boost my skin moisture level and hence it was easier for me to apply make up, while keeping my make up lasted for whole day! Selfie-lasting-makeup!

So, before we start with the product. Here's some facts about Ampoules.

Ampoules is a dropper-type and air-tight bottles which consist of potent, highly concentrated and finest active ingredients, like vitamins and enzymes without any preservatives or chemicals.
Ampoules is different from serum as it contains more condensed ingredients and smaller size particles which are small enough to deeply penetrate into the skin, for targeted skincare issues.
The lifespan of ampoules is shorter once the bottle is opened as it doesn't consist any preservatives.

After getting some basic knowledge about Ampoules, Jeng Jeng! Here's the Ampoule that I was mentioning. Hyaluronic Acid Face Ampoules from DocLab.
A bit about DocLab.
It is a brand from Korea with the mission of serving the premium quality beauty products with affordable price, DocLab aims to keep the latest beauty trend from Korea affordable in lowest cost for all women around the world.
DocLab Hyaluronic Acid face Ampoule comes in a box of rectangle, with 5 bottles in each box. 2ml (0.06 FL.oz) per bottle. Perfectly arranged and easy to carry for travel purpose.
Formula and technology:
This ampoules mainly focus on hyaluronic acid and anti-wrinkles formula, which are a boost to prevent sign of aging.
Hyaluronic acid moistures and nourishes the skin dermal layers, reboost hydration while diminish fine lines and adding natural skin glow.
To prevent the formation of wrinkles, restoring skin collagen is a must! This ampoules helps smoothen and tighten our skin.
Main Ingredients and Formula:
The main ingredients will be ginseng extract and collagen extract.

Apart from various health benefits, ginseng extract contains anti-aging properties, improving skin complexion, tone the skin, reducing dark spots, increase collagen formation within skin cells and promote skin metabolism. Ginseng is much effective as it is quick-absorbed by the skin.

Collagen restores skin suppleness and elasticity while retexturize the skin.

In addition, it's free from paraben, alcohol, silicone and animal ingredients.
The application is really easy!
Step 1: Cleanse and tone your face.
Step 2: Break the bottle into half according to the silver line.
Step 3: Pour the essence on palm. Gently smooth thorough the face and neck. Massage your face until the essence is fully absorbed. You may use a facial machine for better penetration.

*Each bottle should be finished within a day once it's opened.
Texture and scent:
The texture of the essence is just watery, dilute and scentless, crystal clear, just like water.
Here's the picture before and after the application. 
Before application, my skin is dry and dull.
After application, my skin glows with health and much supple.

My thoughts:
I really love this Face Ampoules as I always prefer skincare products which is fragrance-free and colorless. Besides, surprisingly the essence penetrates rapidly into my skin, leaving my skin oil-free and stickiness-free! It's like your own skin, supple and glowy, without any layer topping on it. So lightweight and the feeling is superb! It's great to restore instant hydration to the skin, especially before applying makeup, it keeps the makeup lasting and glow naturally. 

DocLab Hyaluronic Acid | Anti Wrinkles Face Ampoule
Made in    : Korea
Size       : Each box with 5 bottles (Each bottle 2ml)
Ingredients: Aqua, Collagen, Panax Ginseng Root extract, Aloe Vera leaf extract, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel Water
Benefit    : Moisture skin, restore skin elasticity, anti-oxidant, whitening 

Price      : RM138

For more information, please feel free to visit DocLab
Facebook Page:


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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Every Sundae by Cielo Dolci @Damansara Uptown

It was Haji Day!
For god sake, my boyfie was finally free to have a dessert date with me in the afternoon. I was real happy because it has been so long time since my last dessert and my boyfie only free at night because he has to work. Err...desserts as supper? NO WAY!
FYI, all the girls love sweet stuffs especially instagram-mable dessert. Guess it was sort of trend? So, we get to have something to post and share on our social media. 
We planned to go Ecole P but it was closed unfortunately. Then, we bumped into Every Sundae, a dessert bar which was just a few steps away from Ecole P.

In Every Sundae, everything is made-fresh. They serve soft gelatos, with varieties of bases, toppings and sauces. Besides, they do serve pastries and cakes with different flavors, coffees and other beverages.
So, here's the menu. As you seen here, you may either customize your own sundae or get the signature sundaes, which are perfectly paired. 
My boyfie and I decided to make one customize sundae and another one from the signature.

 Tadaaa, here's the signature sundae 'The Dark Side' @RM16.
It comes with a giant cookie, paired with deep dark chocolate soft gelato, topped with dark chocolate fudge and caramel popcorn.
Alright, not to judge over the appearance, it was such a savory dessert, the perfect match of dark chocolate gelato and caramel popcorn, which is the combination of soft bitter and sweet crusty. The deep chocolate gelato was irresistible, all the pure bitter chocolate taste melt in my mouth, it was so dense and pleasant. The giant cookie was just immense to its position, as a base, crunchy and crumbly. It wasn't tasteless nor too sweet, it tasted slight warm buttery. All the combination was lip smacking!
Then, we have custom-made our sundae with Belgian waffle as base, top with deep chocolate gelato, berries compote and cotton cloud @RM19. Yup, we ordered the deep chocolate gelato again, it was just devilishly delicate. I considered the overall composition looked tempting haha! Look like sort of the UFO?
The overall taste was real weird, with combination of bitter, sweet and sour LOL. I don't like the berries compote and the cotton cloud. But the waffle was classical, soft and crispy.

I'll be back to try their signature anyway :) BTW, warm water is served, self-service though.

Food:              4/5
Services:         5/5 (friendly and helpful staffs)
Environment:  2/5 (nothing special about the interior)
Hygiene:         4/5

Every Sundae - Cielo Dolci
9, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama
(Next to Village Park Nasi Lemak)