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Pure collagen to get rid signs of aging | Osyean

Like what I have mentioned in my blog earlier, it's never too late to prep your skin from aging. Due to our unhealthy lifestyle, environmental factors, hormonal factors, working stress and eating habit, our skin condition has slowly changed. Slowly by slowly, all the sign of aging has overwhelmed us. And when we realized later, it's always too late.

Just to recap all the signs of aging, see if you have met one!
  • Dry and scaly skin
  • Rough skin 
  • Saggy Skin
  • Age spots and uneven skin tone
  • Sensitive skin and redness
  • Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines when stretch or without

So, obviously I have met three of them, not only having dry and sensitive skin, can you believe that I am having those fine lines on my forehead whenever I laugh too hard or stretching my brows? Well, I  know I am actually one step closer to the signs of aging and I gonna stop it!

FYI, the only way to get rid of all the signs of aging, is restoring the collagen in our skin cells. Collagen is indeed useful to our skin where it strengthen our skin cells and works like a filler that helps to boost the skin elasticity and even as a scar treatment. 
Since the collagen offers a wide variety of benefits, hence there come the inventions of collagen drinks, makeup and skincare products.
Recently, I have been searching through all kind of collagen skincare on the site and one of my friend has introduced a pure collagen essence to me, which she found it quite effective and she can see the result after using it for a month. I have used it for a month. I think it definitely worth for me to share with all of you here - Osyean Oceanology Collagenoir Essence.

The name Osyean, is named after its 100% pure and unique extraction from Japan, that promise the consumers' with firm and youthful skin with the approval from the ministry of Health in Malaysia. 

Talk about the packaging, it is absolutely crazy and you get to know how quality and classy the products are just by looking at how much money they spend on the packaging itself. 
It comes in a thick square box with a reflective material cover. The cover is fully designed with the repetitive ocean waves, with thick and thin lines that lies in a horizontal way, that gives me a calm and relax feeling. For my first impression, it looks much like the smooth muscle cells that are layering. I love how they relate the marine collagen with the packaging.

Within the box, it comes in a orangish-gold color, with 5 sphere shaped nectars and an activator in glass. Everything is set in place, without the need to worry if you may break any of them.
Here's a closer look on the nectars with its reflective mirror kind cover and an activator that fills with solution.
The Collagenoir Activator contains rich Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), which works as an antioxidant agent that helps brighten the skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots, boost the production of collagen in order to delay the skin aging and promote skin healing.
The activator come in a glass bottle with a bulb dropper pipette that helps controlling the amount of essence wanted. 
The essence is kinda concentrated, with a gel watery texture. 
It can be use as a serum or essence daily without the nectar. It penetrates swiftly into the skin layer and leaving the skin with a sticky yet glowy finish. After the full absorption, there is no more stickiness but the skin appears to be soft and supple!
The collagenoir nectar is sealed within a tiny bottle. One bottle for once usage weekly.
Within the tiny bottle, there is a cotton silk ball?

Direction to use
It is actually a collagen ball, with zero content of chemicals and allergens, that needed to be dissolved by the collagenoir activator. The amount of activator to be used is depend on what kind of texture of the essence that you prefer.

If you want something dilute, not too gel-ly but with sort of watery gel texture, you may use about 4 to 5 drops of the activator.
If you are going for something concentrated, much like the sticky kind of jelly texture, use about 2 to 3 drops of activator.
This is how the collagen ball looks like when it dissolves. It takes some time to fully dissolve, about 3 to 5 minutes and within the time, I have to use something to keep on poking or immersing the collagen ball, as it may float on top. Hence, it takes a longer time to dissolve.

Usually, I used about 4 to 5 drops of the activator and end up with about one-third of the essence in the tiny bottle. Guess it's more than enough to fully cover the whole face and neck.
This is how it turns out when it is fully dissolve, in clear gel watery texture, with some sort of mild scent, but still bearable. The natural scent of the marine collagen?

Do you know that with one single dose of Osyean, it is equivalent to 3 months of regular collagen serum?
Yup! It is also 1.5 times more absorbent than other collagen sources. Guess nothing stronger that 100% pure collagen that generates 100% pure result?

Beside being free from preservatives, parabens, additives, harmful ingredients and fragrances, Osyean is good for all skin and target to get rid signs of aging:
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation & Dark Spots (Lighten up dark spots)
  • Sagging Skin (Improve skin elasticity and firm up)
  • Uneven Skin Texture (Smooth and moisture the skin)
  • Dull Appearance (Brighten up the skin)

Here's the result on the second week, with a significant contrast, my skin is way glowy and fairer after the application. Beside that, the redness on my skin has reduced.
After the application, I feel the soothing and cooling effect on my skin. It is quite sticky on the face, yet still bearable to me. What matters when you can really see the significant result?! As I said, you can control on the texture by yourself!
A box of Osyean come with 5 dose of collagen nectars, which is 1 dose per week. So, I have picked up this challenge which took me about one month and one week. 
Here's the result after 5 dosage used. Before using Osyean, my skin was dull and the skin tone was obviously uneven. 
After 3rd dosage, my skin has become much glowy and firmer, a pointy V-shaped chin! Yet, the pores and redness never reduce, maybe because I was still adapting to the weather in Malaysia after came back from Taiwan. 
After 5th dosage, guess all of you can really see the difference as my skin complexion was so much brighter and the pores have reduced. So happy that my face wasn't that dull in tone again, it was smooth, even and healthy! My face appeared to be firmer and tighter, with suppleness!

Retail Price: RM488 ( A box which consist of 5 collagen nectars and a collagenoir activator)
Since CNY is edging close, Osyean is having a promotion of purchasing a set while getting 50% off on the second set!

For more information and details about Osyean, please feel free to visit them on
Facebook Page:

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Go Hairless | Types of Hair Removal Methods

Back in high school, I still remember how I dress up just to cover up my feet. I never dare to reveal my feet in the hostel or school. I was afraid that my friends or roommates would make joke of me.

Our high school's uniform come in two pieces, fully in white, sort of the usual white top and the A-shaped skirt. To get 'in-trend' and be 'one-of-the-girl', I used to fold my skirt until it got above my knees. I guess it was quite a common technique to shorten or lengthen the skin flexibly just by folding up the skirt on the waist part.

The secret of hair still got to explode one day.
When we were slacking around in the canteen, one of my male classmate pointed and looked at my feet with his kind of shock face, I felt I was somehow being embarrassed or visually molested? Instantly, he threw out with a question, "how dare you dress in skirt like this with such hairy feet?" And, I rapidly shut and lessen the smile on my face.

It was inherited and I got nothing to do with it.

Deep down in my heart, I was hurt and crazily went through all sort of hair removal methods. Within all the methods, I have chosen the shaving method which is the fastest and cost-saving one. I shaved my feet like once in two weeks and just couldn't stop because my hair was growing way too fast. I found back my confidence after shaving my feet and never afraid to reveal my feet or even dress up with shorts.

Yet, I found that my skin has become rougher and my hair was thickening after shaving. There started my approach with Veets Wazing Strips when I was financially stable and that is what I am still using it right now. So, I can tell that I have about 10 years of experience in waxing?

Luckily with the development of Science and Tech, there comes a lots of hair removal method done by the professionals beside doing some removal at home, like waxing, IPL and now the Sumuzu.

Here's the comparison of all the hair removal methods and soon I'll be going to share about my hair removal journey with Sumuzu at Ido's Clinic with all of you in details!

Since aesthetic surgery has been a trend and talk of the town, guess Ido's Clinic is no strange to all of you as we used to see their advertisements on newspaper and outlets everywhere, in Penang, Klang Valley, Johor, Indonesia and Singapore.
Founded in 2011, Ido's is the fastest growing skin, laser and aesthetic clinic in Malaysia with legally certification and professional doctors. They provide holistic and effective aesthetic treatments, covering from skin, face, body to hair. with the fusion of science, medicine and art. They strongly hold to their philosophy of delivering treatments which are of clinically proves, non to minimal downtime, affordable and FDA-approved state of the art laser technology.

Not to talk too much because I know picture speaks a thousand words. Don't forget to stay tune on my next post!

p/s: The new post on the Before and After was up!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Spotlight: ZA Deep Hydration Range!

In such hot and humid country, our skin always tend to dry up really fast. Do you ever know that the dehydration of skin may lead to all the signs of aging? For instance, the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, huge pores, less elasticity, accumulation of melanin and etc.

At the age of 23, I already have huge pores on my cheek and some fine lines on my forehead. I was really sick of them and I guess it's never too late to prep your skin from aging by using some of the anti-aging and hydrating products. Moisture and hydration are indeed essential to our body, as well as our skin. Don't ever forget to feed our skin with water!

I knew some of us couldn't afford those high end skincare products. Like me. I am still studying and don't earn much of the pocket money . Well, here are something really affordable yet effective that I am going to recommend for you guys!
A month ago, a magical book arrived at my doorstep just in time. It is a book that empowers our beauty. I believe that most of us has come across the brand, ZA, as we can see it in Guardian and Watson outlets.
Within the book, it was surprisingly contented with full ZA Hydrating Range products, just to meet the demands of Asia's consumers, keeping our skin moisture and hydrated throughout the day! 
In this range, ZA features 5 of the products, with the Moisture Lock-in Effect formula, that highlighting the effect of long lasting moisture, radiance and supple skin!

The main ingredients of these range are
  • Double Hyaluronic Acid and Super Hyaluronic Acid 
  • Triple Hydrating Complex (Jujube, Apricot juice and Wild rose)
  • Rose, Jasmine and Bergamot

All these ingredients help to improve the skin texture and enhance the skin cells' moisture retention ability. Meanwhile, leaving with a dignified floral green scent that calm our mind, soul and body.

Deep Hydration Cleansing Foam

This cleansing foam helps removing dirt, sebum and dead cells from our skin layer gently, unclog the pores while moisturizing the skin.
The texture is much creamy with tiny orangish granules, which actually contain Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and minerals. It forms rich lather very easily with water.

I usually prefer milk or gel kind of facial cleanser as I don't really like how the texture is when I am rinsing off the lather with water, sort of slippery and squeaky. My skin appears to be tight, itchy and dry after all. Yet, this cleansing foam has totally changed my view a bit, even though there is still some squeaky feeling, yet the post feeling isn't that bad. My skin doesn't appear to be tight nor dry, but supple and bouncy! The granules do some effect in scrubbing off the dead skin as well, in a gentle way that I don't mind doing it daily. It is so refreshing and my face smells really great LOL.

Price: RM21.90 | 100g

Deep Hydration Lotion
This lotion works like a hydrating toner in this range. Apply right after cleansing the face with a cotton pad. It is fast penetrating and keeping the skin looks radiant, plump and moisture.
This lotion is much like a toner, yet it is much intense and concentrated, in clear watery texture.

It absorbs into the skin swiftly within seconds. Although there's a sticky feeling leaves behind, but it lasts only a while after it is fully being absorbed. A plus point for the exhilarating scent and my skin is way plumper!

Price: RM36.90 | 150ml

Deep Hydration Emulsion
This is an emulsion that enhances the function of retaining skin moisture. A plus point if you are working in a dry and air conditioning environment. 
It comes in much dilute in emulsion texture.

It gives my skin a cooling sensation during the application, with no greasiness leaving behind, maybe because of its lightweight texture and rapid penetration.

Price: RM42.90 | 125ml

Deep Hydration Lasting Moisture Gel
STAR product for these range, where featuring its instant moisture level within 30 minutes up to 200% for just a single application. 
It is formulated with 3 different complexes (Triple Hydrating Complex, Double Hyaluronic Complex and Marine Moisture Complex) that helps delivering up to 12 hours of lasting moisture effect. 
This gel is contented in a glass-made container which will definitely freak me out when it falls LOL. Extra caution when handing this gel. FYI, the glass jar is actually much durable and resistance to temperature changes.
It comes in clear dewy gel texture.

It immediately absorbs into the skin, with slight greasy and sticky feeling but still bearable. The skin seems to be covered with thin and transparent layer and appear to be slightly oily and shine. I would recommend to apply this at night and I really love how it works on my skin the next day! After washing off the gel layer, my skin is so supple and bouncy! I can really feel my skin is soft and hydrated.

Price: RM48.90 | 50g

Deep Hydration Cream
A cream to use before application of any makeup or for day time! This cream works like an ultimate hydration magic that leaves your skin with softer, smoother and suppler complexion.
This cream is contented in a plastic-made container which is not easy to be broken when it falls.. 
It comes in a rich and moist creamy texture.

For me, I feel it is not much different with the gel, I guess owning either one should be fine. It gives a different feeling and sensation comparing to the gel, but I find it works well in keeping my skin hydrated beneath my makeup for the whole day. It is way creamier and less greasy compare to the gel, I doesn't really feel the layering on skin. 
But, I still prefer the gel as I really love the post effect when I wake up the next day!

Price: RM48.90 | 40g 

I feel owning and applying the whole range of products daily are a bit too much for me, as it seems that my skin is layered with tons of skincare products. Beside the cleanser, lotion and emulsion, you may consider owning either the hydration cream or gel should be fine, as both work actually the same, depends on which texture you prefer. It's really hard to find any hydrating products with zero stickiness and greasiness, as long as the feeling is still bearable after application. Anyway, I really love all the green floral scent within this whole range, they are so soothing and invigorating. In the picture, I can really see the result before and after the application, my skin appears to be brighter and glow in natural radiance.

For more product information and details, please feel free to visit ZA Facebook Page or ZA counter at major pharmacies and supermarkets.

Friday, January 15, 2016

MOJO Nail Cafe @SS2

Right before my trip to Taiwan, I have decided to get my manicure and pedicure done. I wanted to look awe-fully beautiful from fingers to toes in a new land, not only from the way I dress LOL. *Confidence over-load*
I have visited few nail salons and bars in the previous and yet this was my first time come across a nail cafe.
MOJO Nail Cafe was located at SS2, above Vape and Tint Service shops, at the same row of RHB Bank. It wasn't that hard for me to look for the place, as I just used to WAZE there and I need to really look at the unnoticeable signboard.
Right at the doorstep, I was surprised by the props corner, a full table of props and nicely decorated corner which was just perfect for selfies. 
I have so much fun playing with the props with my sister right before we left the nail cafe!

The overall design of the nail cafe was in vintage concept with wooden tables and chairs, the step, red bricks that piling up, hanging light bulbs, green plants, nature lighting during the day time, as well as laces and concrete that added a little princessy and modern feeling to the cafe.
What made this nail cafe difference from the others, it was an event space for approximately 50 persons, serving great food and drinks on their menu! Well, I guess it was amazing to have a tiny party with friends here, being pampered with some manicures and pedicures while having some great food at the same time. Although the place was tiny, yet it was just perfect and cozy for some bachelorette party, baby shower, farewell and anything you can name.

Further more, your friends or boyfriend who wait, will never be boring! They can get some drinks or food, with free wifi provided!
SEE! Instagram-friendly place where I can take selfie any time any place!
Headed for manicure and pedicure session, which was just next to a lace curtain, that made me feel like a princess being pampered. With black elegant sofa and even a sofa for two! I can bring my mom here next time!
They even have a TV here just to in case you are bored from waiting your manicure or pedicure to dry up!
They have a lot of sample nail art to look and choose from,, just to match your dress code or specific occasions! 

This time, I opted something plain and natural for my nail. A manicure color that closest to my nature nail color, which was soft pink, for a sweet and lovely touch!
For the toes, I have opted something glitter and bright for a new year - Chili red. Something outstanding when I wear my flipflop. *Raise brow*

The overall experience was fine, I have tried their Lavender Tea and I really love it! Yet to find out the menu and food they serve. I found both of the classic mani and pedi was way too speedy, that took less than 1 hour excluding the basic treatment and time for dry up? The skill of manicurist still have to be improved, especially the basic application.
I would recommend this if you are going for something affordable and fast. In addition, it is a indeed an amazing place for a party or event, with a pampering corner.

Now, a special deal for all of you before Chinese New year!

Gel Manicure and Gel Pedicure at only RM128
Classic Manicure and Classic Pedicure at only RM50

For more information, please feel free to visit MOJO Nail Cafe or pay at visit at

MOJO Nail Cafe
No. 105, Jalan SS2/24,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7863 0510

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Makeup Tips for Beginner : My On-the-Go Make up

Whenever we start our career, we have not much time spend in the morning, cutting off the time for makeup, dress up, breakfast, traffic congestion and parking, we need around 2 hours to get our self ready for work, especially girls. Instead of wasting 30 minutes to do makeup, I rather spend the extra 15 minutes on bed. Simple light makeup is fine for work, it is a basic manners that helps impressing others and how others perceive you or your personalities. Hence, it's a no way to show your bared-face.

Recently, I have come across a real fast makeup which used less than 15 minutes. I guess all of us should really suck it up in doing the basic makeup instead of finding lots of excuses like "I don't know how to do that" or "It's a waste of time". Since putting on makeup is a waste of time, then why don't you put on pajamas to work but not in formal wear. It is much like a respect, to you yourself and how people look on you. Putting on makeup definitely helps boosting our confidence and mood throughout the day.

So, not to go over the topic, in this post, I'm going to share about my On-The-Go makeup with only 3 products needed to complete this look. It was also a guide for makeup beginner to go for something affordable and with easy applications.

Step 1
If you are a beginner for makeup and unlike thick foundation, or putting on too much of products on the face like concealer, primer and sunblock, guess the ZA Airy Flawless Powder Foundation is just perfect for you. You may just skip all the nonsense applications and steps, like  BB, CC cream, get along with this step!

For the packaging itself, it is in rectangular shape and pink hues. At the edge, it is shaped along with mirror kind of materials, which add a little edgy and stylish design on the lovely packaging. Reflecting the diverse sides of woman.
The powder foundation is formulated with 'Liquid X Powder formula' which is a technology from Japan that combining both liquid and powder foundation in one, leaving the skin with natural and smooth finish. Beside that, it contains moisturizing ingredients and anti-shine powder that helps keeping our skin moist while long lasting throughout the day!
As usual, the powder foundation comes with a sponge. Yet, it is so much special as the sponge comes with a combination of two different surfaces, the puff and sponge side, which looks much like the Shu Eumura Pentagon Brushing Sponge. 

The puff side comes in hairy and fine hair that helps in quick touch up purpose as it gives the lightest layer of powder compare to the sponge side. Whereas the sponge side, helps in first application and layering stage, that required the usual technique of press and dab to fit the foundation into the skin. 
The powder foundation comes in a lightweight texture as it doesn't make my skin appear to be thick or with layered with tons of products even though after few times of applications. Yet, it is good enough to cover up my pores, red blemishes and even dark circles naturally. Basically, the coverage is fine, which it doesn't fully cover the dark circles. It leaves my skin with a matte and grease-free finish, which makes my skin real smooth and refined. I really love how it works on my skin, not too thickening and so seeming-less that it doesn't cause any distinct of skin variation from the neck. It's like my own skin! The particles are fine and it doesn't appear to be cakey on the skin, that it is so easy to blend on and glide over my face. In addition, a plus point for its UV protection with SPF 20 ++, excellent for working ladies in the office.

ZA Airy Flawless Powder Foundation

Features: Lightweight, UV Protection, Long Lasting, Non stick and shine free finish
Shades  : 9 shades (Beige | Very Light Ivory | Light Ivory | Medium Ivory | Healthy Ivory | Golden Beige | Very light Rose | Light Rose | Medium Rose
Price      : RM39.90

Step 2
Second step is for the eyes. Using mascara to open up your eyes widely since the eyes are the soul and also a weapon to let the boys get crazy. Hereby, I am suggesting the ZA Killer Volume Curl Mascara.
It comes in a tube shape, like the usual mascara, yet it was way shorter and plumper in shape compare to the mascara in the stores. Quite convenient to tuck in bag. The color is absolutely beautiful, in electro fuchsia pink and madeup of reflective material that making the colors changes in different angles.
Namely, the killer mascara, it gives the maximum curl and volume. It is a product that meets Asian's demands as the brush is uniquely designed (Ultra Curve Brush and Curl Lock Formula) to get rid of straight and downward-pointing lashes.
In the previous makeup post, I did mention about me myself having straight and sleepy lashes. I always find it hard to get mascara that really works for my lashes. This is how amazing the ZA Killer Mascara works on my lashes, so curvy and it doesn't appear to be clumpy! I still can see my lashes going stroke by stroke. I must say that the design of the applicator was so effective, even in reaching the inner and outer corner lashes.

A tiny tips are to curl your lashes with curler before application of mascara and always look down when applying the mascara.
A closeup look on the before and after. In the after for side view, my lashes are insanely going 110 degree upward and pushing up one by one without any clingy. During the application, I can feel the particles are really light and fine, hence it pushes the lashes even more and wide. Furthermore, this mascara is awesome that it contains of nourishing ingredients that helps preventing our  lashes from cuticles abrasion.Well, I swear this is really the must-grab mascara, great invention girls!

ZA Killer Volume Curl Mascara

Features: Volumizing, Curling, Waterproof and Smudge-proof , Long-lasting
Price      : RM39.90

Step 3
Last but not least, shape your brows! Just follow the original shape of your brows will be fine, kepp it as light and natural as possible. Well, if you have thick brows, you may just skip this step then. Personally, I have totally like 50% of brows only, I guess they grow way too much on my feet and scalp. Hence, it reduces much on my lashes and brows LOL. I am using the Collection Eye Brow kit which I have introduced earlier. The powder form of eye brow kit works much natural without harsh line for daily look, and way easier for beginner!

After 6 Hours...
To prove the magically effectiveness of the powder foundation and mascara, here's a look of before and after 6 hours of application without touch-up. See! It was crazy! My lashes were still performing great. It was so long lasting without any smudging or smearing under eyes! For the foundation powder, I still found it didn't work that well in sebum control, as my T-zone still appear to be oily, but I must tell that my skin still look flawless, without any redness revealing and no cakey-ness! I guess after touching up will be perfect or else you may just press the oil away with tissue.
I hope this post is helpful to all of you and I highly recommend both of the ZA products. They are just awesome and quite reasonable in price. Do check out for the makeup beginners, the products are really affordable to start off with. All the products will be available in all major pharmacies and supermarkets.

For more about the product updates and info, feel free to visit ZA on