Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Secrets of Beauty

In this post, I'm going to share a little secret of mine, which is also a secret of the famous international actress - Bingbing Fan. 

If you're a fans of 康熙来了 or 范冰冰, you should have watched the episode where Bingbing was being interviewed and she has shared her great secrets of beauty - Putting on mask whenever she's free. 
It was what I strongly believe in. 
Diligently put on mask. 
Like how we keep our body hydrated, our face and skin need it too. So, do not stop feeding your skin with water!

Since I have brought back about 10 boxes of mask from Taiwan, hence my masking routine has been increased as well. Before that, I put on mask like 3 times a week due to the insufficient amount. Now, I have increased the routine to 5 pieces a week? LOL
Recently, I have received a box of mask to try out from My Secrets of Beauty (MSB), a mask that manufactured and designed from HongKong, with a strong belief in bringing beauty into the next level, while in the simplest way of home care for the maximum result.
I really love the packaging itself. It comes in a simple yet elegant and classy long black box, with gold printing of the brand name on the matte surface. 
Unlike the usual box, it comes with a cover where you have to pull out, in order to get the content box.
It surprises me when it comes with 7 pieces of masks in a box. There are 3 variants within a box which can be differentiated by 3 different colors. 

Within the 7 pieces of masks, they are consisted of 
3 pieces of hydrating mask, 
2 pieces of brightening masks and 
2 pieces of anti-aging masks.
Hydrating mask
It consists of unique fine molecules that helps in rapid penetration and maximum absorption. Meanwhile, it helps repairing the skin by replenishing the nourishment and improve the skin moisture level. 

Aqua, Vegetable glcerine, Hyaluronic acid, PEG-40 hydrogenated caster oil

Brightening mask
It helps in whitening the skin while preventing the formation of pigmentation. Besides, it helps to brighten the skin and restore the skin complexion, leaving our skin with radiant glow and even skin tone. 

Snow lotus extract, Vitamin C, Yellow Collagen

Anti ageing mask
It helps to restore skin collagen and improve the skin elasticity. Furthermore, it smoothens and revitalize the skin, leaving us with fresh and youthful skin. 

Yellow collagen, Vitamin E, Allantoin

The mask actually comes with three layers, with two protective layers (white and blue layer) and one transparent sheet mask in between. 
The mask is thin and soft, where it comes in a sheer silky material. The texture is rather sleek and fully soaked with essence, yet there aren't any essence dripping. The mask is designed in a way where to work like a second layer of skin, with some tiny holes that promotes excellent skin breath-ability. Maximizing the absorption and  penetration. 
Step 1: Apply the mask on a cleanse and dry face, after peeling off the protective layers.

I really love how it stays still on my face, as it was really soft, light and it sticks really well to the skin. Just like the second layer of skin! I can do my own stuffs while having my mask on without any worries.
Step 2: Wait for 15-20 minutes. Peel off!

Even though the mask is way too big in size, but it does fit the nose, lips and eyes area very well. I guess it is the common size where to fit all the shapes of face. FREE SIZE.
Step 3: Gently massage your skin until the essence is fully absorbed. 

I have found some people is doing it wrong by washing off the essence when they feel the stickiness on skin. It's a big waste and big NO! It's the ingredients and nourishment that going to penetrate into the skin!
I feel so refreshing after using the mask. Even over-time, I still feel very comfortable with the mask on my skin! Besides, it smells so nice, with some sort of light floral aroma. My skin feel so supple and soft after the application!
Btw, MSB is running a giveaway contest, ending on 7th March! 
Tag, Share and Win. A chance for you to walk away with a iPhone 6s Rose Gold.
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My Secrets of Beauty

Made in    : HongKong
Content    : 7 pieces per box
Skin type  : All skin type
Benefits    : Hydrating, Brightening and Firming

For more information and details, feel free to visit My Secrets of Beauty Official on

Friday, February 19, 2016

Tried and Tested | KOSE Sekkisei Trial Kit

Hello guys! 
As seen from my social media postings, I have been putting on make up super often, especially during the Chinese New Year and Valentine's period. I don't really put on make up when it's unnecessary. I need to school almost every weekday, so I only put on sunblock just to prevent any sun damage and formation of dark spots. 
In the previous, I used to put on BB cream everyday, but it was way too tiring for me and I found that it hurt my skin a lot, even the appearance of blemishes, acne and white heads has become more severe.

It's okay to put on a lots of makeup on the face, cover up the flaws and enhancing our beauty, yet it's really important to take good care of our own skin as it works as the best canvas and and everyone of us want to look beautiful as well without makeup. Choosing the products that best suit your skin is essential. In order to select those products, you have to really try first before purchasing them for daily use. You may get some sample kits or even purchase some trial kits before purchasing the deluxe size products.

I have never tried any skincare products from Kose, but only the mask. I felt so happy to be given such opportunity from The Butterfly Project to even just getting a trial kit set. I love to try and explore different products, not only makeup but skincare as well. Yet, Kose trial kit was more than that, it was a surprise box that delighted my day! You may click on the video above, to check out my unboxing experience.
So, here's the special edition trial kit, which came in a transparent cute pink pouch, with a lovely geisha 'Setsuka' illustration on the cover. I don't mind to reuse it when ever I travel hehe. Just great to keep my makeup or skincare products.
This special trial edition came with a trio of oriental plant extracts, Coix Seed, Melothria and Angelica. 3 of these ingredients works amazingly in hydrating and brightening the skin, leaving the skin with radiant and even complexion.
In this pouch, it came with the basic skincare range, consisting
Sekkisei White Liquid Wash | 20ml
Sekkisei Lotion | 100ml
Sekkisei Emulsion | 70ml
Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask | 10g
Bihadagoyomi Mask | 3 pieces

In this post, we are going step by step in applying these products.
Step 1: Cleanse with Sekkisei White Liquid Wash
Dispense one to two pump on palm and lather until foams are formed with the addition of water. Spread evenly on the face and massage.

The liquid wash is much dilute in sort of emulsion texture, comes with a refreshing sweet floral scent. Unlike the usual foam cleanser, it doesn't made my skin appear to be slippery nor dry, but leaving my skin with a supple and hydrated feeling.
Step 2: Tone with Sekkisei Lotion
Pour the lotion on cotton and pad on the face gently.

The lotion comes in a liquid foam with a strong refreshing scent, which reminds me of the alcohol content within? It gives my skin cool sensation and it really works well in hydrating my skin. I love how it makes my skin feel soft and glowy. Beside the usage of being a lotion, it can be a mask too!
Step 3: Moisturize your skin with Sekkisei Emulsion
Dispense adequate amount of lotion on palm and spread over the skin. Massage until it is fully absorbed.

This emulsion comes in a dilute gel texture, with the similar scent of the liquid wash. It can penetrate into the skin swiftly, yet it leaves my skin with a little stickiness which is bearable. Sometimes, I use the lotion as a base before the application of primer and foundation.
After the basic skincare regime, here's some special care or treatment for our skin, to enhance the skin hydration and complexion. 

Step 4: Quick Mask with Bihadagoyomi Mask
The application is very simple that you just have to place one 'pill' of the mask (which reminds me of the Redoxon Vitamin C pill) on the cover cap of the Sekkisei Lotion and pour the lotion on the mask till it puffs up. Then, place it onto clean face for 5 to 10 minutes.

I must swear that I am fascinated with the mask, not only on the application but the instant hydration it gives to my skin. I used to apply this when ever I feel my skin is tensed and exhausted, especially after a long hour of make up or sun exposing, or even I slept late the day before. It really helps to boost the skin with moisture and getting a better complexion. In terms of the shape and size of the mask, I found it quite huge for my face and I don't really like the design on the nose area where it doesn't fit and cover my nose perfectly.

Step 5: Weekly treat, Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask 
Spread it over the face and peel it off once it dries off!
This mask consists of nano sized black powder that can be used weekly where it helps removing black heads, dead skin cells and tighten visible pores on skin, while whitening the skin! It dries off really fast like about 5 minutes and surprisingly whiten my skin so much while leaving it with a soft finish.

Overall, I found this Trial Kit quite effective as in hydration and brightening. You guys should really try out if these products suits your skin as this trial kit is only selling at RM99! A great deal and chance!

For more information, please feel free to visit Kose Counter or

Sunday, February 14, 2016

#Throwback My CNY Outfit

Here's my second outfit post! Just to share my Chinese New Year outfit as  requested.
I have been looking forward to put on Cheongsam every Chinese New Year. Yet, I found it hard for my petite size. I have wide hips and of course my cute height. Some of the cheongsam fit my waist, but doesn't fit my hips. Some excellently fit my body, but doesn't fit my height, way too lengthy nor short. 

I used to visualize myself in cheongsam, the traditional collar, just the knee length, slim fit cutting on top, yet wide A-shaped skirt and not that too-traditional kind of material or prints. I always used to have some sort of illusion that putting on cheongsam will definitely make one looks old and mature, with the traditional floral prints and cutting.

I was so happy that I found something that really suit me from Twenty3 and I bought it during the massive sales, 2 for RM100. Can you imagine I got my cheongsam for only about RM50 each?
Chor 1, Cheongsam
This was the Cordelia dress in burgundy color. It was originally priced at RM89. The material was great and comfortable in satin blend. What's best about dress from Twenty3? They have functional pockets where I can keep my mobile phone or camera!

I was so happy to found a clutch bag that amazingly fit my outfit - Black Glitter Signature Clutch Fan from ChristyNg. I bought it at RM88 during the sales, it was originally priced at RM128.

I got my heels from Taiwan which was priced about TWD 300.
Chor 2, Cheongsam
This was the Gael Dress in white. It's a white on white print.  I really love the unique print and lining. I bought it at only RM35. Great deal right? haha

The stylenanda inspired sandals was bought from Taiwan at TWD 290.

That's all of my sharing for my CNY. Hope you enjoy! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Taiwan Trip, Day 2

Since it's winter season, the sun woke up really early! It was up around 4am. To avoid the morning traffic, we decided to meet up the driver at 9am. 
While we were waiting, we have done some shopping in Family Mart, which was a convenient store that kinda alike with 7-11.

Hereby we started off our day 2 journey in 彩虹眷村 (Rainbow Village).
It was an artistic village where all the colorful murals were fully hand drawn by an old man cum warrior, 黃永阜. The painting was started in 2008 by Papa Wang during his 80s. Previously it was just for the sake of quenching his boredom, slowly it has attracted all the visitors to visit this village, as well as support from the neighborhood.
Almost every inches of the village were painted colorful, much like a fairy tale! There were even stone painting on the grass that led us into the village.
All the collage of colors and paintings have added a sense of liveliness to the whole village, much like a dreamland to children.

I wonder how long it took him to finish all the paintings? Without any left out. Kay lahhh.. only the roof.
There was a man as well, as a camouflage in the village, as a musician, that came with the most inspiring dream that accompanying the crowd.

He even distributed us with few post cards for free with his selfie and heart warming captions on.

The next station, we hopped into the Monster Village 妖怪村.

No worry there wasn't any appearance of monster, but everything interesting and fun to explore.
The heavy fog has added some mysterious feeling to the village, which making it to be much discover-able and of course boosting my curiosity.

I really love the environment here in the village, all the interior, shop decorations and items selling!
Spot the cutest van!
Along the road, we have seen all the signage about 咬人猫 (The Bite Cat) and definitely it caught our attention! It has effortlessly led us into a bakery shop in the monster village, namely 久保田烘培坊.

咬人猫 was actually a bread that named after an editable leave, which was part on the bread, a leave that came in the shape of a 'maple leave'. The cooked leaves helped in blood circulation, relieve pain and dispel rheumatism. 
The bread was the bestseller in the shop, where the amount was limited and each person can purchase only 2 breads. It was selling at 30 TWD and was divided into two batches, selling at 10.30 in the morning and 2.30 in the afternoon. 
There were some others pastries selling in the shop as well.
Hereby, they were selling freshly baked Hokkaido cheesecake and the packaging was so so so cute! Only selling at 199 TWD.
Besides, there were also a wide range of candies, snacks and seasonings that came in amazing packaging!

Surprisingly, there were so many insta-worthy places in the village for selfie and of course OOTD shot.
There were even souvenir shops that I really recommend all of you to purchase right in the monster village as they were really unique and you may not found some where else.

The second last station, we have spent our afternoon at 天空之桥 (Sky Bridge), just right to catch the year of Monkey!

The sky bridge was 204 km long and height 70 km, connected by 265 pieces of staircases and it can carry up to 150 people. No worry it wouldn't over-load as there was a machine that helps calculating the amount of people on bridge.
It was really windy up on the sky bridge and it took only 15 minutes for both routes. With the bridge, I can view the whole beautiful scenery of 彰化, complementing the greens of the trees in the caves and the blue sky.
Last station of the day, 宫原眼科 (Miyahara).
It was constructed in 1927 by Japanese and was originally a private hospital. It was abandoned after WWII when Japanese left Taiwan. Years after years, it was again renovated and refurnished by 日出 Organization. Today, it has made Miyahara, a place for high tea sessions and of course the renown place for ice cream!

Right stepping into the building, I felt like I was about going to have some high tea session at TWG. Yeah, right on the second floor, it was a place for tea and came with a cover charge of 360 TWD per person.
As we have really limited budget, we decided to go for ice cream only, where the shop was just located beside the huge building.
On the first floor, basically they were selling some of the local products like pineapple cake 凤梨酥, sun cake 太阳饼 and nougat 牛轧糖. 
So, here's the place 宫原眼科冰淇淋 for ice cream only.
Here's the updated price.
Single scoop: 90 TWD
Double scoop: 160 TWD
I guess this was my first time visiting an ice cream store that have such wide choices of ice cream. They served varieties of ice cream flavors as well as different topping! There were different sweetness and bitter level of chocolate, with or without nut, different milky level, a wide range of fruitilicious and tea-flavored ice cream!

After a long discussion, we decided to order something bitter and sweet! The dark chocolate and longan yogurt! I was totally obsessed with the dark chocolate, which was something that I have never tried before, even dark chocolate. I wasn't into the crunchy cone as I found it quite thick.

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