Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Most Affordable Beauty Box - Modbox [Review]

I bet beauty box is a thing that everyone familiar with. Nowadays, subscribing beauty box online is a trend! People able to try things out from luxurious to normal brand which cover all ranges (from head to toes) before really purchasing them in the store.
Yet, there's so many beauty boxes in the market, which is the affordable and complete beauty box?
It's MODBOX! The most affordable beauty box in the town!

Believe it or not? It's just cost RM9 and you can choose the samples that you want to try! No worry if you get something that you don't fancy.

For the packaging, though it's not that attractive and colorful yet it's eco-friendly and reusable.
Lets see what's in the box.
 1. Kneipp® Lavender Herbal Body Oil (100ml | RM67)
     A natural based body oil that contains of essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E which can leave our skin with smoothness. With its therapeutic lavender scent, it can relax our body and mind.

     Kneipp® Eucalyptus Herbal Bath (100ml | RM67)
     A healing bath treatment which is good for flu and allergies as it is infused with eucalyptus which can clear congestion.

     Kneipp® Almond Blossom Body Lotion (200ml | RM89)
     A formulated and natural based body lotion which high concentration of hydrating ingredients that deeply nourish our skin. 

2. Human Nature® Moisturizing Shampoo with CreamFoam (50ml@RM11.90 | 200ml@RM22.90| 500ml@RM44.90)
    A all natural, SLS-free moisturizing shampoo. With its proprietary CreamFoam Technology, it can rescue dry and damaged hair, leaving us healthier and softer tresses.

3. Lavera® Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream
    It contains organic almond oil and Shea butter, greatly moisturizes and nourishes hands It's good in protecting and keeping our hand moisture in air-conditioned environment.

4. Murad Resurgence® Hydrating Toner (180ml | RM128)
    A toner which can help us restoring our skin's suppleness to its former glory. Rehydrate, balance and neutralize surface impurities.

5. Dermedex® Challenge Pack 
    Biotox Cleanser (50ml | RM120) 
    A deep cleansing cleanser which can unclog pores for a brighter and clearer complexion.
    Refining Cream 2 (30ml | RM165)
    A treatment cream which contain Chinese herbs and western technology, effectively treat skin problems, clear acne and resist blackheads.

Thanks Modbox for the exclusive blogger kit. For more information, visit

Monday, November 25, 2013

GEO contact lenses [Review]

Recently, I have received a pair of GEO lenses from HiShop for review purposes.

I bet most of the girls nowadays can't survive without contact lenses like I do LOL. I wondered how girls survive before the invention of contact lenses. When ever I go out for works, events or parties, I will put on contact lenses. It seems to become a trend and it's a must after we put on make up. Because I am those kind of girl that will definitely look weird without contact lenses but with makeup on, like something lost, my eyes are soul-less. Besides contact lenses can make our eyes soulful, it's important to choose the right contact lenses with high moisturity as most of the time we stay in air-conditional environment up to 6 hours or even longer.

Here I am going to review on GEO CK105. Picture above shows the Before and After I put on the contact lenses. Clearly seen that the pattern of the contact lenses, it's something like the radiant of sun rays. After putting on the contact lenses, my eyes look larger and there goes the soul-ful-ness. Yet, the pattern of contact lenses have disappeared as they are black in color and so do my pupils. They may look slightly different if your pupils are brown. Besides, they are soft lenses, way more comfortable wearing them!

The contact lenses are from Korea! So no worry, they are genuine GEO lenses.
I do think that the diameter of this GEO lenses are just nice, it suits my eyes as I look so innocent and Korean on it haha! I will prefer black lenses like these as they look way more natural. Moreover, the moisture level is kinda high as my eyes won't easily get irritated or redness after wearing for long hours.

HiShop is having promotion for both GEO and Barbie Lenses on this November with 10% OFF! Grab it before it's too late!
For my readers, code GEO20 then you will get RM20 exclusive rebates with terms and conditions applied.

For more information, feel free to visit

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stay youthful with NUXE Paris

Firstly, a huge thanks to SaSa Malaysia for inviting me to join this awesome NUXE Blogger Event and so I have a chance to get to know NUXE more!

NUXE, founded in 1957 has today become one of the best-selling natural cosmetology brands in French pharmacies and para-pharmacies. Most of the NUXE products are focusing on Anti-Aging Range.
Most of us, who age range falls from 20 to 25 may think that, it's still too early to go for anti-aging products as we are still young. This was what I set in my mind as well previously until I did some skin-analysis on few events and they told me that my skin is suffering from pre-aging sign wtf. In short, my skin is getting OLD already in just the age of 20!

(PC to Google)
If we do not get rid of these pre-aging signs, and soon we will look old, maybe by the age of 25, we will look like this LOL.

Besides, SaSa has invited Mr.Ryan Lau all the way from HongKong as guess speaker on NUXE Blogger event.

Teaching us some tips to choose the right product, the importance of skincare regime and exposing us to NUXE anti-aging range!

Now, I will be introducing some of the NUXE Products (Sponsored by SaSa) right in my blog.

Nuxellence Jeunesse, a re-charge fluid for mitochondria in cells, is the new essential daily skincare step for women of all ages and all skin types. Just like how the charger work on batteries of cellphone, it can repair our skin with youthful appearance and visibly nourish our skin with natural radiance. It contains ultra-high concentrations of natural-origin extracts which are Passionflower, Anchusa Poppy, Hyaluronic Acid, Calendula Petals and Galanga, help smoothing wrinkles and fine lines instantly. Besides, it can illuminate our skin with its corrective pigments enrichment. 

The texture is smooth and light in peachy pink with fresh floral scent, leave our skin with no stickiness. It's 87% of natural origins with no paraben.
*Retail price at RM180.

NUXE Serum Merveillance ( face and eye contour), contains Althea Root, Acmella and Oat extract which can instantly smooth and detense our skin. Besides, it can fill in the appearance of visible expression lines with its hyaluronic ingredients, leaving our skin more glowy and relax.

It is a very light fluid in slightly bright yellowish color and light floral scent, it can absorb well and fast by our skin.
*Merveillance range is retailing at RM168 to RM198.

Nuxuriance Yeux et Levres offers comprehensive anti-aging action on eye and lip contours, by moisture and firm the skin, diminishing wrinkles, anti-dark circles, under-eye puffiness and brightens the look of dark spots.

The texture is light in yellowish color and sweet floral scent. I love this scent the most!
*Nuxuriance range is retailing at RM188 to RM240.

Creme Nirvanesque Enrichie which contain Blue Lotus, Poppy Seeds, Althea Root, Acmella an Calmosensine can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, instantly smoothen our skin. Enriched with Macadamia and Musk Rose Oils, it helps comforting dry and sensitive skin.

The texture is slightly thicker than the others with floral scent.
*Nirvanesque range is retailing at RM140 to RM160.

This is my favorite product! I bet most of you have heard of Huile Prodigieuse - Multi Usage Dry Oil as most of the people used it as hair oil. It can nourish, repair and soften our skins or hair with 6 precious oils (borage, St. John’s wort, sweet almond, camellia, hazelnut and macadamia oils) and vitamin E. Besides, it can smooth out any dryness and provide sufficient moisture.

It is in liquid form, with a scent between earthy and flowery, very light, fresh, soft yet warm.

End up this post with a picture of me and Mr.Ryan.

For more information on NUXE, feel free to drop by SaSa stores or visit SaSa Malaysia.

Monday, November 18, 2013

WONJIN, the best private cosmetic medical centre is NOW in Malaysia!

In the past few years, there’s a trend of having cosmetic surgery or we can call it as an extension of beauty.  Everyone has different view and define on beauty. Some may think that being the true self and the natural site of us are the prettiest one. Some may think that internal beauty matters as it reflects on one's physical appearance . 
It depends on how we define the phrase BEAUTY.

Personally, I do think that physical appearance matters in real life. It may sounds cruel and realistic huh.
Firstly, be true and tell me, do you see any ugly face on commercial, advertisement field, hitting the runway, and being on the cover of magazine? 
Second, assume that if you are a male, who do you prefer, a pretty girlfriend or an ugly one? Who can truly be not attracted by hot chick?
Third, be sincere, you prefer looking at pretty girls or ugly one in  photos? Check your Instagram.
It's all about desire and greediness, So it lead us to go for perfection.

For me, I don't think that I'm pretty enough, I bet some of the girls out there feel the same way like I do. There go the ladies spending millions in Korea for walk-in consultation and cosmetic surgery. Who doesn't want a sharp and outstanding features?
*If you are confidence enough with your own beauty and prefer on the terms of 'I am born this way', keep it up =) It's good as you are happy and satisfy with what you have.*

Grand Opening of WONJIN

Here's a great news for all the ladies, WONJIN, the best private cosmetic medical centre in South Korea is now opened in Malaysia! The opening of WONJIN in Malaysia is to meet the demands or needs of Malaysian, bringing us the utmost services or satisfaction with more than 40 experienced surgeons and experts.

Press Conference
" We understand how this is a life-changing procedure for most and the journey, treatment and post-surgery care should go smoothly, seamlessly and successfully. This is why we felt the need to collaborate with renowned and trustworthy brand like WONJIN'', said Dorothy Ng, co-founder of WONJIN Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

WONJIN promises reliable, quality and professional services. They even took care of clients from the minute they step into WONJIN till the completion of post-surgery care.

Dr.Park Won JIn, founder and practicing surgeon at WONJIN boasting a steady portfolio of clientele which include celebrities Nicole from KARA, actresses Lee Cheong Ah and even R&B sensation Kim Bum Soo!

Services offered in Malaysia and South Korea

Treatments offered

- Face
Double eyelids, eye bag removal, inner/outer corner eyes extensions, rhinoplasty, nose tip correction, nostrils reduction, facial contouring and fat grafting
- Body
Breast enlargement, liposuction, fat injections, breast reduction, hip augmentation, tummy tuck
- Laser Skin Treatments
Whitening, scar removals, pigmentation removal, belody laser for slimming and lifting
- Hair Growth
Correct balding issues with hair grafting
- Anti-aging Treatments
PRP, Stem cells
For more information and inquiries, visit or walk-in

WONJIN Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd
B1-8, Plaza Damas 3,
No.63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas, KL

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What I up to on Oct/Nov : DARE To Dream

Recent Life in October and earlier of November
It's just a month in the University and I felt that I've been through a lots LOL
Everything that happened was just too crazy and beyond control.
Instead of bulking up with all the assignments, I was on the stage for UTAR PJ Voice Final as the Top 10 Finalists, sound mad huh? Most of my readers and blogger friends don't know that I can sing haha!

It was my second time to be on the stage, the first was on Astro Star Quest 2013 (if you have read my previous post). It's something that really really mad. I joined the audition like for trying my luck without any preparation and I was in! I got to be in the Semi-final and eventually on the stage of Final as I was actually around the border.

I was kinda surprise to see myself in the poster publicly, everywhere in the University compound with my funny pose/face. My friends used to make fool of me with my pose LOL Spot me right? The odd one

Thank You Speech
Thanks Jave and Jeff for guiding me all the way, giving comments, brave me up, encourage me and spending their precious time to train me.
Thanks all the judges for giving sincere comment, kinda hurt though. Yet, they told me that I have a nice vocal which I didn't realize at all because usually I used to just shout like an insane one in K-room. They said I have solid vocals which suits powerful songs like 'Rolling in the Deep'. They asked me to learn how to softer and control my vocal by trying out more sentimental songs.
Thanks all my friends for supporting me mentally and physically, I was really happy to have all of you and staying with me till the end.
Thanks all the committees for making UTAR PJ Voice a huge success.
I don't really know how to express myself, but I'm really grateful and thank LOL. I have said thousands of thank you to everyone, this is the only way to show and express my appreciation.

Well, I didn't snap much pictures for all the competitions, not at all LOL. But they were all saved up in my mindset. The only picture on me and Wee 陈汉伟, he is sucha talented guy!

My Feelings
I was so happy that I've learn a lot of things and gaining the experience on how to perform on the stage. I am no longer afraid to face the audience and relax. I learn how to calm myself down before performing. I got to make new friends who shared the same passion of mine, we love to sing! I really appreciate every moment and I'm so thankful for everyone who support and help me out.
I have all the good memories in 2013 with thrill and excitements. Yea, and soon I will be in the age of 21. I wanna try out more stuffs and make more memories. Don't forget to dream big!

P/s: So sorry for not updating my blog that often. Will soon update, stay tune. =D

Sunday, November 10, 2013

TruCare Nano Silver Toothpaste [Review]

Every morning we start off our day by brushing our teeth *should be opening our eyes right? I know LOL*. It's a must do action to keep our breath fresh and hygiene!

Here, #Manoah has introduced us TruCare Nano Silver Toothpaste. It is an all-in-one oral care solution which known for its Nano Silver contents within! It can combat harmful bacterial, heal ulcers, relieve gum aches and eliminate bad breath!

There's more function of Silver! It can strengthen weak enamel and whiten our teeth!

For the packaging itself, it's in simple silver color, fully delivering a message of its 'Nano Silver Protection!'

What does Nano Silver Protection means? 
It refers to the effectiveness in eliminating harmful microbes within our oral cavity. The protection itself comes from Nano Colloidal Silver which is known to be capable of removing 650 types of bacterias and viruses.

Open up its cover and it is sealed for hygiene purposes as it is not exposed to the air and the ingredients within is still fresh till we peel it off.

What so unique about this TruCare toothpaste? 
It contains Ag+ RapidHeal factor which is capable to accelerate the body's healing process in oral cavity. So, if you often have ulcers and bleeding gums, you should get one of these!

How do I feel after using TruCare Toothpaste?
My teeth is not that sensitive towards cold things! Before that, whenever I consume ice-cream, I will feel the electric shock goes through my teeth LOL, but now, NO MORE!
Besides, it's damn minty, I got no bad breath! I am now dare to laugh/ talk with my mouth big big =P
Since my teeth is already white originally, so I can't really make a different before/after using TruCare Toothpaste and I don't really have ulcer.

Now you can Laugh Out Loud with TruCare ToothPaste!
For more information, visit TruCare Malaysia or

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SKIN 79 CC Cream Correct [Review]

Recently, I have received a tube of  CC Cream for review purposes. I was so happy as I have not tried CC cream so far instead of BB cream.
Both BB cream and CC cream can be all-in-one products as they cover the functions of moisture, sunscreen, primes, oil control and skin coverage. Yet there are still some differences between them.

Lets make it clear what are the differences between BB (Beauty Balm) cream and CC (Color Correcting) cream.
With no doubt, CC cream are similar with BB Cream yet it amped up a bit more on skin care benefits. They're a little heavier on anti-aging, helping with uneven skin tone, age spots, wrinkles and other simple skin issues. BB cream will be more on skin coverage, but CC cream more on anti-aging and skin improving properties.

So, this is CC Cream Correct from SKIN79, namely a triple functional CC Cream.
It contains sunblock up to SPF 30 PA++, as in general most of the BB cream I owned was up to SPF 15 PA++ only. Besides, it contains whitening and wrinkles improvement ingredients.

The texture of this CC Cream is slightly light and thinner with very light pinkish color. It consists of micro capsules which carry mineral ingredients as they can add on a little natural glow to our skin. Moreover, it is rich in Amino Soothing complex for relaxing stressed skin while making it healthier and more elastic.

Here's a picture of me before and after applying SKIN79 CC Cream Correct. 
Before applying CC Cream
Clearly seen that  there's redness and dark spots on my skin, with obvious pores, dry and dull/uneven skin tone. *I have big pores wtf* 

After applying CC cream
My skin complexion is better, looking fairer and smoother. It covers the redness/dark spots and pores on my face effectively. It is more hydrate after all with natural healthy glow.

What's so special about this CC cream? 
It's made in KOREA!
When we come to actresses in Korea drama, they appear to have fair, soft and transparent skin!
So here comes SKIN79 CC Cream Correct, it makes my skin look so Korean wtf.

 Haha! I am now confidence with my halfly bared face =p

All thanks to SKIN79 CC Cream Correct for making my life easier haha as I can skip few steps on skin care and makeup!

Grab it now from HiShop before it's too late with 15% OFF!!!
For more information, visit or HiShop Malaysia on Facebook!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Party, @Loft KL [Backstage]

LOL Perhaps it isn't too late for me to blog about this Halloween Party! Luckily I have attended this - first Halloween party in my life, although I was working as a make up artist there but I still have lotsa fun! We snapped lotsa pictures!
I was quite sad as I can't manage to attend Allianz Halloween Party with my babe bloggers as I have to attend semi-final for UTAR Singing competition that day. Feel sucks, when things clashed. To be lucky enough, I am one of the finalist teehee!

This post will be all about my backstage experience for the Halloween Party at @Loft KL.
Before that, all of us have to get our self done with Halloween Makeup at ACA. Lets scan through all of ours halloween makeup.
Make up done by my buddy, Susu while hair done by my guru, Desmond.
So I call this look as a cute paper doll with two huge hairy earphone LOL

So, this is my sexy vampire guru, Desmond.

Here's Susu with vampire look again and my coach, Pinky in injured kitty look. Pinky insisted to have a pretty image. LOL

Nico with his awesome zombie makeup done by Desmond! So creepy OMG

Nym Yan with her half mask.

Regine with her wicked spider-woman makeup .

Spot a eerie doll?? OMG she suited the dolly make up so well with her outstanding face features. *jelly*

 Jenny with her broken doll look.

With both Fion and Fish!

A scary face wtf!

A gorgeous devil .

With all the girls.
Us in the dark. So ghoulish.

 One of our expert, Elle.

Halloween make up that done by me on that day, maybe it's not that perfect because I am graduated from bridal makeup instead of this kinda special effects and I didn't practice before. But I am so happy that I can try special effects make up on that day and I am satisfied with all of that. Thanks ACA for this amazing opportunity.

 Evil Queen.

 Halfly make up done by me. Add on makeup for the 'broken parts' and blood.

 Vampire look. He said he don't wanna look disgusting haha.

First try on creating scars.

End up with this picture taken at the entrance of @Loft.
Hope you guys enjoy reading this. I'm just sharing some backstage experience and make up as usual :)