Friday, July 29, 2016

Mamonde is now in AEON One Utama, Malaysia

If you're a super beauty junky who always aware of the skincare brand in Korea, so yeah, we have the first Mamonde counter now in AEON One Utama! 

I was so excited to be part of the launch because Park Shin Hye is the brand ambassador for Mamonde! Guess everyone knows Park Shin Hye well as she played in most of the renowned Korean Drama like The Heirs, Pinochio and my current obssesion - Doctors!
Mamonde Counter in AEON One Utama
Mamonde, the latest cosmetics brand among AmorePacific Malaysia, is dedicated with its inspirational from flowers.

It is the first skincare brand that uses purely only flowers as key ingredients over all the products, coupled with the natural fresh ingredients as well as formulation. Mamonde helps bringing up the blooming energy and blossoming beauty within woman, providing the best skincare solutions and meeting every woman's demand.
There are 5 key flowers of Mamonde
  • Honeysuckle, which has the amazing revitalizing properties that helps maintaining skin health.
  • Hibiscus, contains natural hydrators that offer flawless hydration.
  • Narcissus, offers skin hydration that hold up to 24 hours, quenching skin dryness and tiredness.
  • Lotus Flower, helps to cleanse and purify the skin while providing anti-oxidant protection.
  • Camellia, protects skin from radical damage and revives skin youthfulness.

Blooms like a flower, Mamonde advocates the therapeutic properties of flowers that ensuring every customers get the most fulfilling floral experience in the counter, where customer get to 'stop and scent'.

Mamonde Best Seller
If you ever wonder what to get from Mamonde, here are some of the bestsellers that I would recommend.

  • Mamonde First Energy Serum
  • Mamonde First Energy Essence
  • Mamonde Rose Water Multi-Soothing Gel
  • Mamonde Rose Water Toner
  • Mamonde Floral Hydro Cream
  • Mamonde Jelly Blusher

Mamonde Masks
There are also flower masks selling at the counter.
Biocellulose Mask
As well as the skin fitting bio-cellulose mask!
Skincare products aside, they do offer makeup products, like lip tint, lip crayon and lip stick.
Of course the petal's shape bb cushion, concealer, blusher and eye shadows.
Pic credit: Mamonde Malaysia

For the fans of Park Shin Hye, here's an exciting news to share with. Mamonde will be selling Park's autographed limited edition Moisture Ceramide Light Cream, Intense Cream and Cover Powder Cushion, limited to 150 pieces items per item.

Park's fans will also stand a chance to join the 'Park Shin Hye's Meet and Greet Session' happening this October after purchasing the Park Shin Hye First Energy Lucky Box.
Mamonde Hand Cream
Beside the products from skincare and makeup range, Mamonde does carry products for hand care and they do provide flower touch hand massage too!
Mamonde Opening Promotions
In conjunction of the launch, Mamonde is offering a coplimentary 8-piece gift set with every purchase of RM350 and a free Mamonde membership.

Well, you will never want to miss all these super great deals and of course A CHANCE TO MEET PARK SHIN HYE! Do remember to drop by Mamonde counter between  29 July - 31 August.

For more information and update, feel free to visit Mamonde counter or stay update with their promotions on
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Taiwan Trip, Day 5

I'm back again with my sharing on Taiwan Trip at Day 5! After all my sharing in TaiChung, finally it's now in Taipei :)
It wasn't fully a bad stay in Taipei but we have chosen to stay in sort of terrace house and we have to carry our  huge luggage till the fourth floor. OMG. Imagine that I have to carry all my shopping hauls in TaiChung?!
So, back to the post, for our first day in Taipei, we have decided to hang around 西门町 XiMenDing, a must visit place in Taipei. 
For the trip in Taipei, we did not hire any driver, but taking MRT or buses were good enough to reach any places. 
We reached XiMenDing a bit too early at 9.30am and all the shops weren't operating yet LOL. In the end, we decided to wait nearby the well known Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodle 阿宗面线.
Well, I heard that there was a lot of crowd queuing outside Ay Chung Flouring Rice Noodle once they operate. So, be fair and square we have grabbed some chairs with us queuing outside the shop.
Oh. There wasn't any tables or seats in the shop but few chairs where you have be seated and eat near the shop.
Tadaa, here's the hot noodle! I wasn't a big fans of flour-rice noodle, even though I have tried it before in Malaysia, I wasn't fancy in the taste and the softness in noodle which tasted much like a porridge to me. 
After all. To be sincere, Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodle was REALLY THE BEST ONE ever! I have eaten this for consecutive two days and I remembered Carolyn told me that during her trip in Taipei, she has eaten Ay Chung for the damn whole week, and of course, Ay Chung for breakfast, lunch and dinner.!
The soup was just great and the noodle was so bouncy, everything was good, unlike what I've eaten in Malaysia! Remember to consume when it is still smokin' hot!
During our walk in XiMenDing, we were distracted by a shop where they have two huge golden retrievers, welcoming our arrival!
Aren't they too cute??

Another must eat in XiMenDing - the Shave Ice Desserts 幸春三兄妹, which was just right opposite the Hot Star Large Friend Chicken 豪大大鸡排.
Yeah! It was indeed a great feeling to have ice during the winter! Especially the mango shave ice! The whole combination was perfect, not too sweet nor over-greasy after consuming the full bowl. 
I really love the soft and fine shaved ice, chewy mango that makes me feel like going back to Taiwan again, just for this!
After filling up our bellies, it's time for a walk in Taipei 101. Hmm.. Have to make a confess that it wasn't my favorite spot as I felt it was much like Pavilion in KL. If you're looking for classy brand, then it will be a great place for expensive hauls. 
Beside Taipei 101, you may shop at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi 新光三越, which reminds me of Isetan or Parkson. 
If you aren't going for fancy brands, you might just pay a visit at Kuang Nan Discount Store 光南大批发 which was my favorite shopping place. There was a lot of good deals, from hair to toe.
If you're looking for some pretty cosmetic or skincare products, you may just visit Paris Strawberry 巴黎草莓 in XiMenDing or Cosmed 康是美 in any place. 
For book lovers, you will never missed out the Eslite Bookstore 诚品书店. 
Don't forget to stay tune on my next post and do check back my previous posts if you have missed them!

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Peony Skincare Routine | L'occitane Pivoine Sublime

Have you ever dream of waking up in the morning, laying in a garden of peony flowers? 

L'occitane Pivoine Sublime
The aroma of peony, much like an elegant fragrance, so light and fresh.
Now, L'occitane fulfill our peony dream of skin perfection with its new skincare range - L'occitane Pivoine Sublime.

The new species of peony (Paeonia Lactiflora) that grown in France is used in this range where it is formulated by the Perfecting Peony Complex through enzymatic hydrolysis (breaking down molecules into tiny fragments). 
The peony extract brings a peony effect, it helps
  • correcting our skin texture while providing exceptional hydration, leaving us with petal soft skin
  • minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines, while enhancing our skin complexion's radiance.

Step 1 : Cleanse

Always start off our skincare routine with cleansing, using remover to remove all the impurities and dirt accumulated on face throughout the day. Do not even try to skip the cleansing part even though you are not wearing any make up or sunblock. 
It's indeed essential to double cleanse our face. 
L'occitane Perfecting Makeup Remover

The Perfecting Makeup Remover helps removing our day's makeup without stripping away our skin's moisture and keeping our face away from impurities particles.
It comes in a clear gel texture, with a light refreshing floral scent. 
The gel texture doesn't form any foam after contact with water, without leaving the skin with any stickiness and oiliness, but with a hint of peony aroma.
Here's a small test on the effectiveness of the remover on waterproof and non-waterproof makeup products. From the image above, we can clearly see that on the first wipe, my hand left with some eyeliner stain but barely remaining eyebrow pencil stain. After a few wipes, none of the remaining left on hand.  

After the application of Perfecting Makeup Remover, my skin feel so much cleaner, moisture and softer, like baby skin! It effectively removes all the make up on my skin, while retaining the hydration in my skin. I totally love the formula of the remover as there's no inflammation or irritation feeling even during my bad skin day! I will definitely use it everyday on my entire face, eyes, lips and neck!

Step 2 : Exfoliate

Do remember to exfoliate our skin at least once a week. 
It helps removing the dead skin cells on the skin and boosting the absorption of further skincare regime like toner, cream and moisturizer.
L'occitane 2 in 1 Perfecting Scrub

The 2-in-1 Perfecting Scrub consists of micro-granules that made up of the best micro-exfoliant active ingredients and peony extract that prep us for following skincare regime. 
By the way, it can be used as an exfoliation mask too. Apply a thick layer of scrub on face and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it off!
It comes in a clear pinkish gel texture with a blend of tiny beads that will slowly turn into oily texture. It turns into fine foam texture after contact with water.

The lovely peony scent aside, I really love how gentle the scrub works on my face. I guess I may use it like twice a week? No harshness at all! After the application, it looks like there is a light protective film appears on my skin, keeping my skin smooth, soft and supple like a peeled-boiled-egg!
Bouncy bouncy!

Step 3 : Tone

Last but not least, tone up the face!
L'occitane Perfecting Toner
The Perfecting Toner helps reducing the fine pores on our skin, making them less visible while reviving the skin radiance with a burst of hydration!
Like the usual toner, the perfecting toner comes in a watery texture and of course, refreshing peony scent!
Well, I have to say it again and again, the Pivoine Sublime range is all about Peony aroma! I am totally in love with this delicate scent and I will definitely use it everyday. Just to smell like a peony whenever and wherever I go. It's like putting on a peony fragrance that definitely helps boosting our mood!
The Pivoine Sublime range just like a secret to flawless skin that definitely helps in restoring skin hydration and radiance glow!

Perfecting Makeup Remover
Price:     RM105
Size:       200ml
Benefit: Remove daily makeup and skin impurities while retaining the skin moisture level.

2-in-1 Perfecting Scrub
Price:     128
Size:       100ml
Benefit: Can be used as both gentle scrub or intense exfoliation mask, leaving the skin soft with suppleness.

Perfecting Toner
Price:     RM98
Size:       100ml
Benefit: Refreshing toner that helps minimize pores and revive skin complexion.

*All the products available in L'occitane outlet and counter.

For more information and update, please feel free to visit L'occitane on Facebook | Website

Monday, July 4, 2016

Magic Water | My Daily Face Mist

Hi July! 
Counting days and hours, I have finally completed 7 weeks of my internship. I have all my very first experience there where I have never been sitting and stoning in front of a desktop for more than 6 hours. My feet got cramp very frequently as the blood circulation was bad due to sitting for long hours. 
Now, my skin has turned really really bad. It was extremely dry and sensitive even though I have cut down my makeup routine, while increasing my home treatment-mask routine. I wonder if the air-conditioning working environment has caused my skin turned dehydrate. Or maybe the weather was way too hot?
My Daily Face Mist Here's the Magic Water to the rescue!
Magic Water Nano Aqua Ultimate Beauty There's no difference between the consumption of water within our biological body and face. When we are thirsty, nothing is better than a refreshing glass of water, as well as our skin! Quench our skin's thirst with WeCoMed Magic Water!

WeCoMed Magic Water is

  • formulated by the nano technology that creates nano size molecules that can easily penetrate into the skin membrane. 
  • full of negative ions that helps increasing blood circulation, reinforce collagen and reduce microorganisms. 
  • consists of natural botanical enzyme like fermented fruits and plants which are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidant properties.
  • free from Paraben, SLS, artificial coloring and fragrances.

Multi-functional mist Magic Water suits all skin type. It works like a miracle that can be used as a multi-functional mist. It can be used on the face, eyes, hair scalp, mouth and body.

- as  a base before application of makeup and sunblock that helps oil control.
- nourish and revive dry sensitive skin, red blemishes or even tired skin.

- hydrate and sooth irritated dry eyes.

- quench itchiness on dry and sensitive scalp.
- smooth and hydrate frizzy hair.
- hair fall control.

- cure bad breathe.
- moisture chapped dry lips.

- get rid of stinky armpits and genital area
The Magic Water comes in an usual sterile pump that helps control the amount of water, as well as keeping the water content within in a hygienic environment. 

It can be applied anytime anywhere you want!
Since the Magic Water comes with no fragrances, it comes in a light clinical scent. It's sort of some uncomfort medicine scent, but still bearable.

I love the curvy shape of the bottle, that comes in handy. The output of the spray mist isn't over-strong as it is controlled and just nice to fully covers my whole face in just one spray. Instantly, it gives my skin a refreshing and cooling sensation after the application. My skin turns supple and hydrated for long hours.
I used to apply the magic water before my application of makeup and sunblock, as it gives a much attachable feeling after the spray. Whenever my skin is dry and tighten, I do apply the magic water up to my own wish, anytime anywhere just to keep my skin in a comfortable and soothing condition.

A good deal for all of you! 
The Magic Water (210ml) is selling at RM128 RM89 with one FREE bottle of Magic Water (60ml) worth RM56!

For more information, please feel free to visit WeCoMed and ido's