Saturday, July 26, 2014

Purevivi Cleansing Lotion for sensitive skins and L'egere Magic Skin Beautifier CC Cream

 ---Purevivi Cleansing Lotion---

Guess some of us may suffer from sensitive skins and it's definitely not easy to find a suitable make up remover at the stores. To remove waterproof make up, it's even tougher as we are forced to use oil-based make up remover. I used to have a habit to apply sun cream or BB/CC cream when ever I walk out from my house door step on day time. Double cleansing is a great way to always keep our face from impurities, especially pollution and dust. Yet, using oil-based remover can really clog our pores and somehow hurt our skins, causing dryness and all.

Here the rescue for us, PureVivi Cleansing Lotion, which recently highly-recommended on blog and magazines!

ALOVIVI Tokyo Aloe Corporation PUREVIVI Cleansing Lotion, is a cleansing lotion which removes make up and impurities. It's not only great for sensitive skin, as well as normal skin. Made in Japan, from Japan.

Texture and scent
It's in clear liquid form which looks much like water. It's scentless.

Benefits and features
It's a combination of low stimulus cleansing lotion and moisturizing functions.
Paraben free
Alcohol free
Oil free

No flavouring and fragrance
No coloring
No affecting for fake eyelashes extension

Cleansing (removes makeup, impurities and dirt)

Water, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe extract, Grapefruits extract, Crataegus Cuneata extract, Jujuba extract, Apple extract, Lime extract, Orange extract, Barley extract, etc

Size and Price
500ml | RM48.90

Here's the result of removing make up base and even lipstick (shown on cotton)

Here's the result on removing waterproof mascara (shown on cotton bud)

Q&A: What do I think about it?
I use it everyday, removing BB/CC cream and my skin has never suffer from blemishes or dryness like previous. It's really soothing and moisturizing. I think it's really good with its water-like texture and it's color-free, fragrance-free, oil-free and alcohol-free characteristics whereby it won't hurt our skin, yet cleansing our skin with even moisturizing it. No more worries on inflammation or sensitive! It is really effective in removing waterproof make up like mascara, lipstick and eyeliner. It is my daily use and favorite remover now! My skin is always refreshing, hydrated and soft. Besides, it's so affordable with a whole bottle (500ml) by paying only RM48.90!

---L'EGERE Magic Skin Beautifier---

Guess all of you aren't strange with this brand L'EGERE, as it's now a famous brand not only in Korea, but everywhere. Always being featured on magazines, newspaper, blogs, even on TV show (女人我最大)!
L'EGERE a brand from Korea which represented as medical beauty, built up with high recognition.

Hereby, I am going to introduce all of you with L'EGERE Magic Skin Beautifier CC Cream. It's a all-in-one CC cream which equipped with multiple functions at the same time.

Texture and Color
Moist milky-white cream. Consisting tiny capsules which can magically transforms our skin for an enlivened complexion.

Benefits and features
Innovative Capsule technology which keeps the exclusive CC Capsule fresh until application, giving you the best translucent complexion.
Double whitening 
Multi-lift formula which keeps our skin firm and tight
Unify skin tone
UV protection of SPF 20

Size and Price
50g | RM98

Here's a before and after application.

Q&A: What do I think about it?
Obviously that my skin look fairer and red blemishes on skin are covered up well. My skin tone is much even, brightened and much moisturized. But, my dark circles aren't fully covered up. Guess I still need to touch up with concealer. The whitening and lifting effect is great, yet I found it too fair for me.

All these two products are available at SaSa outlet. Do check them out!
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Attached with a video from YouTube which featuring function of L'EGERE CC Cream on 女人我最大.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Daily Natural Make Up Look.

In this post, I am going to share my daily make up routine. It will be super natural, no worries. I know how hard it was bearing 10kg of skin care and make up products on the face. I used to be that way for the past few years. Now, here's the time for a light makeup in just 3 simple steps using recent well-known make up products which highly recommended by blogger world widely and all the products come with unique features!

--- Apply CC Cream ---
After cleansing your face, go on with your skincare routine, then BB/CC Cream. Hereby, I am applying L'EGERE Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream

So, maybe you will pop up with a question:
'why do we need to apply BB/CC Cream?'
BB/CC Cream can improve skin texture and cover up flaws on face, like dark circle and red blemishes. Besides, even up skin tone and brighten up dull skin. 

'Difference between BB cream and CC cream?'
Both has minor difference in coverage level, yet the main difference is CC cream has skincare ingredients within but nope for BB cream.

L'EGERE Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream SPF 20 is a CC cream from Korea. It provides super moisturize level with visible water drops effect using W.S.N. Technology. Using the innovative formula, it contains natural moisture and soothing ingredients, leaving us with hydrate and soothing skin instantly. Besides, it primes and even up skin tone, giving our skin a radiant and silky finish.

Texture and Color
'Dilute liquid form' of cream, Skin tone (beige color)

Size and Price
35g/1.18 FL.OZ.e | RM78

To fully cover up dark circles or blemishes, use 'tap' technique and apply few layers around the area where you would like to cover. 

Q&A: What I think about it?
Since the texture is in 'dilute liquid form' of cream, unlike what we used out there as they are more concentrated, it appears to be not too sticky and still perfectly cover the flaws on my skin (shown on picture above). With its skin tone color, my skin appears to be more natural and light after the application. Besides, my skin look more radiant and smooth, no more worries for uneven skin tone, dark circle, big pores and even blemishes. As it's in dilute liquid form, I can instantly feel it's moisture level on the skin after applying it. I love how the bubbles are formed, it was really amazing and best describe its aqua characteristic. I have never seen any BB/CC cream can form bubbles that way so far.

--- Apply setting powder ---
After CC cream, hereby I have put on L'EGERE Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder as my setting powder. Setting powder is a must so that our overall make up can last longer and reduce the stickiness on skin, leaving us with silky smooth baby skin.

L'EGERE Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder from Korea, is a magic powder which creates natural crystal make up. It is a powder but water in powder around 60% and you can feel cooling touch upon applying. It can tighten pores and maintain fine finish resisting sweat and sebum. Meanwhile, it moisture and consist of anti-aging effect!

Benefits and features
  • Water in Powder in technology (moisturizing)
    After the application, powder instantly turn into water soothing molecules, giving our skin a brand new experience! This powder double up the moisturizing effects and keeping our make up in shape!
  • Pore tightening and sebum control
    The water soothing effect instantly tighten the skin and pores.
  • Whitening
    Dark pigment can be effectively restrained with AA2G whitening ingredients in this powder, leaving us with rosy-fairness.
  • Anti-aging effect
    The natural tea leaf extract effectively keep our skin away from oxidation.
  • Glossiness
    The ultra fine powders perfectly embellish small wrinkles, pores and imperfections, leaving us with bright and crystal clear glowy skin!

It comes with an extra puff. The holes of the container are well-sealed with transparent sticker.

Texture and Color

The powder molecules are very fine and smooth. It's in light beige color.

Size and Price
9g/0.31 FL.OZ.e | RM78

Apply few layers of powder under the eyes to prevent smudge/smear.

Q&A: What I think about it?
I love that the powder is really fine and it do perfectly create a natural look which makes me look like totally not applying any make up on the skin. The water-patented technology is really awesome as when I was applying, I can feel water coming out and giving me much cooling effect! I can feel my skin being hydrated instantly. Moreover, it's easy in application and the powder closely attached to the skin without looking like applying 'a layer of powder' after the application. So flawless and natural! Best creating a Korean style make up.

 --- Apply Mascara ---

After the base, it's time for a little sparkle on eyes! That's mascara! For daily natural make up look, or even my daily outing, I do not apply any eyeliner or eyeshadow, but only mascara. You will see how's the huge different even only applying mascara with the condition that 'you found the right mascara'!

Hereby I am using BONAVOCE Ultra Long Mascara in Vivid Black from Japan. It has a long comb which especially designed to comb lashes from roots, it firmly catches short and thin lashes. Besides, it is formulated with 'triple block' polymer which promote effective water-resistance. The adhesive film effectively resists water and sebum, preventing mascara from creating panda eyes. Get in a pool or ocean without having mascara running down your face!

Here's the before and after the application of mascara. Clearly shown on every angle that my lashes are much longer and curl, without any clumps. No worries for multiple layers of it.


Apply few layers to get longer and dramatic lashes!

Q&A: What I think about it?
This is fabulous as you seen from the picture above! Every single lashes are clearly shown and combed without clumpiness. The ultra long effect are great and it last really well. I used to apply for my mom and the curl of the lashes last till the second day (my mom do not have the habit of removing make up at night).

After all, get your brows done. Hereby, I am having my usual straight brows and tadaaaa, I'm done! Perhaps you guys love this natural make up and get up-to-date with all these unique inventions!.

Magic Skin Beautifier CC Cream
Last but not least, I would love to introduce L'EGERE Magic Skin Beautifier CC Cream SPF20 here. It is a all-in-one completed correction cream. With its capsule technology that keeps the exclusive CC capsule fresh until application, so that you can get the most translucent complexion.

Texture and Color
Moist milky-white cream. The texture is in cream form which is much diluted compare to Aqua Soothing Essence-In CC Cream SPF 20, it consists of tiny capsules within.

Size and Price
50g/1.69 FL.OZ.e | RM88

  • Primes
  • Hydrates
  • Corrects and even up skin tone
  • Double whitening and Multi-lift

Q&A: What I think about it?
The coverage level is not that high as dark circle and pores still can be clearly seen. Whitening effect is fantastic, yet I found it too fair for me. I look pale after applying this.

All these products are available on HiShop!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BCL x BFF Make up Party

 ----- Workshop -----
I have attended a make up party with both BCL(Beauty Creative Lab) and my BFF last Sunday! It was definitely a productive day and I can feel that we are getting closer after the workshop!

So, this is our partially bared face (minimal make up), nothing much but our main "BROWS" haha! Opps, this is my BFF of the day, Niki!

A big thanks to Manoah and BCL Malaysia for having us with Mr.Takaru Hiroki, a make up artist who came all the way from Japan!

During the workshop, Hiroki san shared some of the Japan lastest make up trend and tips to us! I love interactive workshop where the make up artist will demonstrate and guide us step by step, it's much interesting compare to letting us to do some hands on after the full demonstration.
Hereby Hiroki san was doing a demo using BCL make up products, creating Cool Beauty Look for dinner occasion and Japanese Idol for natural daily look.

Here's the result!
As you can see that for Night (Cool Beauty Look), it has much sharp and strong edgy brows. Since it's a cool make up, a sharp wing eyeliner at the outer corner of eyes is a must! Besides, make sure you brush your blush in upper direction, creating a gorgeous bold look. Followed by inner liner, mascara and a touch for your lips, you're done!

For Day (Japanese Idol), it has lighter and thicker flat brows which much imitating the Korean Brows. Droopy eyes can be created by having your eyeliner drawn downwards, right extend from outer corner of your eyes. Make sure your blush is brushed outwards, as to create a sweet, friendly and innocent look. After inner liner, mascara and lipstick, you're done with a sweet natural look!

During the demo, we were putting on make up as well! Guided step by step with Hiroki san from eye brow to eye shadow, then eyeliner and mascara!

Niki's serious face haha!

Tadaaaa, here's y face done using all BCL products, except my brows la, but I did touch up abit with BCL eyebrow powder.

----- Favorite Products -----
Eyebrow :
Browlash EX W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid, available in Natural brown and Grayish brown.
It comes with both eyebrow pencil and eyebrow liquid liner.  With the sharp tip for eyebrow liquid liner, it can creates sharp and strong eyebrows, go for bold!

[NEW] Browlash EX W Eyebrow Gel Pencil & Powder. Available in Natural brown and Light brown.
It comes with both eyebrow gel pencil and eyebrow powder.  Eyebrow powder is good in creating natural and lighter brown shape.

Eye shadow:
Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow, available in Bronze brown and Light brown.
It comes with a tip which easier for application as eye shadow and also eyeliner! Besides can be used as eye shadow and eyeliner, it can be used as eyebrow powder and also creating tear bags! A 4-in-1 invention!

 [NEW] Browlash EX Slim Gel Eyeliner which available in deep black and deep brown.

 [NEW] Perfect Mascara + Liner, it's a combination of eyeliner and mascara in ONE! It definitely makes our life easier! Besides, the eyeliner is alike with what I've reviewed earlier, it comes with shiny jewel! Creating a gorgeous with a addition of glitters on our eyes!

[NEW] Washable WP Mascara, it produces thick and curly eyelashes. What's washable means? It is waterproof (oil based) yet can be easily removed by warm water.

Volume Lash Fiber which gives us extra 200% volume and thickness!

----- BTS -----

It has been a long time since my last event, meeting all the girls. Guess it was during May, on PinknProper event LOL? Thanks BCL Malaysia and Manoah again for putting all of us together! I have so much fun during the workshop especially those amazing props!

 Thanks Niki for accompany =)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pedicure and Manicure session at beeQnails!

Earlier of July, I have paid a visit a beeQnails near ss2. It has been a long time since my last manicure and pedicure. I have always amazed by their nail art design on Instagram, and finally I got to try them now!

beeQnails is a OPI partner salon which located at the double storeys housing area, beside Beauty Highpoint. It's actually nearby the LDP road and Murni Mamak.

-Interior Design-
The interior design of beeQnails is based on the warm and housing concept, giving their customers the most comfortable and cozy feeling. To be clear, they are all using OPI products.

Here's the waiting area by the window. No worries you can bring along your boyfriend, husband, siblings or friends.

The manicure area which is just located at the living hall, with magazines and samples of designs on the rack.

The pedicure area which is located in a room, giving us the best privacy and serene. I have always refused to have pedicure session externally, I meant like outside a room with everyone walking around or other people who is having manicure at the same time, it was so graceless to show my feet.

The most pleasing design was the television! They are placed well in the pedicure room and manicure area. You can enjoy you favorite show while doing manicure/pedicure, no more bored or awkward situation with your nail technician haha!

I have started off my journey with Kate on pedicure. Hereby I was having Avocado Pedicure treatment. It was OPI's advanced avocado lipid complex, the foundation of Avoplex system, which is packed with naturally moisturizing, protecting and soothing ingredients. The ingredients including antioxidants, vitamins and avocado oil (closely resembles skin's mineral oil). Avocado oil benefits our skin by moisturizing our skin, increase collagen production, heal wounds and treat skin conditions like eczema.

After soaking and scrubbing, Kate carried on with cuticle detailing, callus removal and massage with Avocado lotion.

As a confident, passion and energetic people, red perfectly describe and represent me! Hereby, I was in OPI Big Apple Red.

 As usual, we have started off with cleaning, shaping and polishing our nails before manicure.

Hereby, I was having Gel Nail by OPI. It was based with pastel purple color and topped with marble design (pastel pink, blue and beige). Some of the nails were nicely framed with silver glitters and some cute nail stickers!

You can pick you favorite stickers in your design, there are lotsa choices with either edgy, cute, or even elegant design like laces! Variety of designs are offered, from Nail Up, Nail Venus and Nail Max which are all imported from Japan as well as assorted nail accessories for adding on!
Tadaaa, have my both hand done!
For OPI gel nail, it gives intense shine and shades cure in 30 seconds. It lasts for minimum 2 weeks and maximum a month, depends on how you take care of them. Well recommended to remove it after 2 weeks, or else it will affect you nail growth.

After manicure, we carried on with Avocado manicure treatment, like scrub and lotion! Look so graceful LOL

Manicure RM60
Pedicure RM75
Gel RM50
Nail art RM20-RM100

-Overall Review-
Thanks a lot to Kate for the amazing service which kept me laughing and talking most of the time! The full manicure and pedicure design were done in approximately 4 hours. And of course again, the television played a great role LOL. As I realized that, most of the manicure/pedicure shop do not place any television, it was so bored to flip the magazines over with our just-got-to-finish finger nails or just chit chat, sometimes there's some awkwardness without any topic. Their nail art design are fantastic, you may just check them out online before visiting them!

For more information or designs, please feel free to visit beeqnails on
Instagram: @beeqnails

 (Map credit to Isabel)

Location :
No. 89,
Jalan SS2/75, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, 
016 555 5935 / 03 7866 0935
Operation hours:
11am to 9pm (Monday to Friday)
11an to 6pm (Saturday and Sunday)

p/s: giveaway on clean&clear
       giveaway on Shokubutsu