Thursday, August 20, 2015

Putting on mascara without hurting your lashes x SkinSoul

I guess all the girls were aware that, putting on whatever make up on the face like foundation, lipstick or even mascara, do hurt our skin! Of course it doesn't mean all the ingredients within the make up products are harmful, yet they penetrate into our skin. 
For instance, some foundation may clog our pores, leaving with a lot of whiteheads on our skin. Lipstick with less moisturization ended up drying our lips and that causes us of having chapped lips! Removing mascara and causing the fall of our real lashes!

In this post, we gonna talk about mascara. It's easy to find all sort of mascara in the market, the volumizing one, curling one, or even both. 

Today, I gonna share about Natural Volume Attack Mascara from SkinSoul.

SkinSoul, the soul of your skin.
It believes that skin has its own life force, radiates with natural beauty when it's properly taken care of. Feeding our skin with best nourishment is the only way to restore skin youthfulness.

Special features:
  • 100% Free of Paraben and Prostaglandin
  • Free of hair growth chemicals
  • Strengthen and nourishes lashes naturally
  • Grow lashes within 8 weeks
  • Lengthen, volumizing, curling the lashes from tip to top

It comes in usual black tube in a shorter length. The mascara bar is rather simple in rounded tube shape, which is straight and bushy. The mascara bristles is kinda short.

Main Ingredients:
Natural Mulberry extract which rich in polynutrients, vitamins and consists of natural antioxidant properties that helps revitalizing hair follicles, promoting hair growth and preventing hair fall.

Pros: The lengthening and volumizing effects are marvelous. No clumpiness after application as I still can see my lashes stroke by sroke. Surprising no lashes fall off when I was removing my make up.The effect on lashes growing is yet to check out.
Cons: The mascara take longer time to dry off and need thicker coating. The curling effect isn't working that well. The design of tube and mascara brush is boring and isn't attractive at all.

With this amazing mascara, no more worry when putting it on! Never hurt your lashes and it's time to feed your lashes even when you're beautifying it!

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Ways to build confidence within self x Clean&Clear

After getting through ups and downs for about 16 years (neglecting the toddling moment), no matter in academic or my own career, I realize the importance of self-confidence. Back in 17, I have once attended a scholarship interview, right after the release of my SPM results. 
I was asked by the interviewer started with  
'Introduce yourself'

'Why do you think that you deserve this scholarship among others with better academic or co-curricular results than you?'
And that's your answer to promote your own self thick-facedly, no matter flaws or strength, sort of hard-sell yourself to the interviewers, so that they get to know you better from your own understanding and interpretation of yourself.
Hence, I've survived through this interview and I got my offer from STAR scholarship from foundation leading to master degree in architecture. After all, that the first thing that lead me to success :


There are many ways to build confidence within self in life, I'm here to share mine.
#1 Empower yourself by reading books
Read everything, no matter what genre. Gaining knowledge is one of the best way to build confidence. It always get you prepared, not only exam but dealing with all kind of circumstances in our life.You act and think better whenever you're ready, that's the confidence within.

#2 Smile
A smile that keep negative thoughts away. Kill all your negativeness deep down, stop persuading yourself with negative words like 'It's too hard' "I gonna give up' and you gonna left with zero confidence once you doubt about yourself. Smile is always powerful. It's how people perceive you as an energetic and kind person. It does helps activating the chain reaction and bonding relationship with one another.

#3 Groom yourself
Dress up and make up. A way to build our self-image as well as confidence from both inner and outer. Grooming up helps in boosting our mood and creating a great impact on first impression. You will definitely receiving compliments from others and owning a perception of 'I am always looking good' not only the appearance but within! Thus, that's confidence boosting!

#4 Photoshop your self-image
Yeah, the imaginary-self! We have a mental picture of ourselves, and it determines how confident we are in ourselves. Figure out why you see yourself that way, and find a way to fix it. Even when we got compliments from others, it helps to boost our mood and confidence too, a way to work on to become the imaginery-self! Like a target. Set and go for it.

#5 Taking good care of your skin
Showing your barefaced, showcasing the real YOU. I can tell that none of you like having terrible skin, how can you feel confidence with your acne skin and breakouts? How confidence are you showing your barefaced? Constructing your inner confidence is far more effective than the outer one. Need not to put on any make up or even photoshop your skin, but looking real great and healthy!

And hey! Clean & Clear Regime Kit works miraculously on my skin! In conjunction of the #CleanNCheer Cheerleading Competition, Clean & Clear has come out with the regime kit which highlighting the best routines that can give you courage and confidence to show the world the REAL you.

Come in a transparent pink pouch, it consists of facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer in travel size. Best carrying around with only a cute lovely pouch!
Clean & Clear Essential Essentials Foaming Facial Wash, an oil free cleanser that helps preventing formation of pimples and blackheads. Meanwhile keeping our face shine and oily free!
Clean & Clear Essential Oil Control Toner, penetrates deeply into pores and managing oil control in order to prevent the growth of pimples and blackheads.

Clean & Clear Essential Moisturizer, moisturizes the skin leaving with zero oiliness and greasiness.
With simply bare skin using Clean & Clear Regime kits, you can feel the most confidence after all in just 3 simple steps, cleanse, tone and moisturize. You will definitely feeling easy and healthy! Need not to hide under the mask anymore. Show yourself and shine like a cheerleader! Btw, it's time to show off yourself by joining an on-going instagram contest! Click here

Monday, August 10, 2015

10 minutes Early in the Morning Make up x Muffin Beauty Box

It has been sooooo long since the last beauty box I've received. I miss all the surprise beauty boxes so much! Now, there's a new beauty box in town again!
As lovely as the tiny cakes, it's Muffin Box!
In the box, it comes with two lovely products with some tiny sachets and masks. You may just customize and match the right beauty products that perfect for you with ease and style with Muffin.

10 Minutes Early in the Morning Make Up

With these two products, I gonna do a 10 Minutes Early in the Morning Make Up. My lazy mode used to turn on every morning, hence I ended up being an auntie in the campus. But then, make up has never been easy until I discovered a magic product! It's indeed swift where you only need to get few products ready, Neesya Illuminating Essence, Bio Magic Deluxe Gold Diamond BB Cream and a brow pencil.
Make sure you prime your face before any application of make up. By priming the skin, it helps the make up to last longer, preventing cakiness and restore moisturization into the skin. Hereby, I'm using the Neesya Illuminating Essence. Pump few drops on palm and gently massage over the face and neck until it's fully absorbed. It helps to brighten up your skin as well!
Apply a thin layer of BB Cream/ CC Cream with sun protection effect. Hereby I'm using the Diamond BB from Bio Magic Deluxe Gold Diamond BB Cream. Gently tap another layer of BB Cream under your eyes to cover up the dark circle. I am sure you wouldn't wanna expose your flaws. Get your brow done according to your original brow shape, you don't wanna look harsh early in the morning.
Lastly, stop being a coldblooded zombie! Freshen up yourself by coating your lips with lip balm from Bio Magic Deluxe Gold Diamond BB Cream.

OhMyGosh! So fast and easy! Lets check out the magic products!

Neesya Illuminating Essence
It's product from Neesya again! This is my real favorite as I used to apply it as base right before any application of foundation or BB Cream, even before I sleep.
It really helps my skin in regaining translucent appearance, brighten up and boost up my skin hydration. Besides, it smoothen and even up my skin tone! Perfectly prime my face before any make up!
The texture is in transparent liquid form, very lightweight and fast absorbing. Scentless and colorless.
I love the texture of this product as it is very dilute, like water! It doesn't leave my skin with any greasiness and stickiness even after long hours. It penetrates very fast to my skin and it shows how fine the particles are. It gives my skin the most natural radiance and healthy glowy. Best apply it before make up to get my skin moisture.

Neesya Illuminating Essence

Ingredients: Silver Vine Extract, Alpha-Melight, Fruits extract, Lumi Science Technology
Function:      Smoothen the skin, create skin radiance, even up skin complexion, hydration, anti-aging
Size:             65ml
Price:            RM129

Bio Magic Deluxe Gold Diamond BB Cream

Well, this is a real amazing product which I gonna introduce, compatible with 3 in 1 functions!
It consists of 2 functional BB Cream and Lip Balm in separate layers. Yup! All in ONE tube! You just have to carry this thingy in your bag for any touch up. Simply convenient and easy.
In the BB Cream layer, it consist of two tiny tubes, which are Gold BB Cream and Diamond BB Cream. Both having sunscreen protection of SPF33/PA+.

Gold BB Cream comprised of nano gold complex powder and natural mineral. The texture is more creamy and concentrated. The color is slightly greyish and with pink undertone.

Diamond BB Cream comprised of jewelry complex powder, contains of ruby, amethyst and pearl particles which making our skin look more radiant. The texture is more liquify and the color is more towards to yellowish undertone.
Although both colors are quite distinct, yet nothing much different after application on the skin. Gold BB Cream looks slightly greasy overall the face compare to Diamond BB Cream. Both coverage about the same, even on pores or red blemishes, they did quite fine. Yet, I don't think this two BB Cream are good enough to perfectly cover up the dark circle.
The texture of lip balm is in transparent-red gel form, a little too sticky. The moisture effect doesn't last as I expected.
It added a little glossy effect on the lips and slight rosy pinkish.

Bio Magic Deluxe Gold Diamond BB Cream

Made in:       Korea
Features:     3-in-1, with two BB Cream and one lip balm in a tube
Size:             30g
Price:            RM158

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