Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Superstar Libra Cruise Trip | 5 Days 4 Nights

If you guys have been keeping an eyes on my social media platforms, you guys should know that I went for a cruise trip! Yes. For the very first time!
I was actually super excited few weeks before the trip, I even bought new clothes, planned and paired for every single days on the cruise.

It was a 5 Days 4 Nights cruise trip, with Superstar Libra Cruise, departing from Port Klang - Langkawi - Phuket - Penang - Port Klang. By reading the routes itself, I was aroused with excitement because I have never been to these places by cruise, only planes!
Wait no further and lets get on board!
On the first day, we were asked to gather at Boustead Cruise Centre, Port Klang. Chency and I went early and hence we got to enjoy the cruise scenery with the fluffy blue clouds.
Superstar Libra Cruise
Libra Cruise
It was amazing to see the scenery changed, as if the cotton candy blushed at the warm touch of the golden sun. The Superstar Libra Cruise looked magnificent with the spectacular display of sun set, warmth and beauty.

Crystal Court, the center court of the cruise, where the reception counter and customer services counter located. I felt like I was in a grandeur hotel, doing some checked-in LOL.
There is a sun deck area, where you can just lie in the sun, getting a sunbath while enjoying the horizon.  

Surprisingly, there are also two huge outdoor swimming pools in the cruise.
Right in between the two swimming pools, there are jacuzzi, where you can just sit back and relax after a tiring day.

Near the sun deck, there is a pool bar, where you can have a long chat with your spouse, while having a sip of wine.
You need not to worry if you have too much meals on the cruise, as there is a fitness centre, well equipped with gym equipments, with steam and sauna rooms.
You may spend some of your leisure time on the cruise at golf-driving range, practicing your putting skills, or even enjoy some ball games at the basketball court or even have a mini table tennis competition with your friend.
Beside, there is a karaoke lounge for those 'singers-wanna-be' ! Don't hide and sing in the bathroom, it's time for you to shine!
Or you may just wanna enjoy the KTV ambiance, listening to the old songs.
Here you go for the 'dancer-wanna-be', Boomers Disco in the cruise!
You can just party all night in the cruise! This is how we enjoy our last night in the cruise.
For crazy shoppers like me, there is a duty free shop in the cruise where you can shop restlessly. There is even beauty salon in the cruise!

Cabin Room
This is where Chency and I spend our nights. Compact and comfort! With two single beds, side by side, just perfect for us to chat face to face haha! I love that the room actually comes with a lot of compartment wardrobes.

There are actually a lot more cabin room choices, like Executive Suites which can accommodate up to 4 people, Oceanview Cabin and Inside Cabin.

Day 1

Actually nothing much on the first day, it was all about waiting and checked-in into the cabin. It was about 8pm when we settled down in our room. After all, we joined the sail away party and conquered our hunger with international buffet at Mariners Restaurant.

Day 2 in Langkawi
Woke up at 7am, we were all ready for our chinese cuisine breakkie at Ocean Palace Restaurant.
There were variety of choices of food, like dimsum, nasi lemak, fried beehoon, porridge, cereals, breads, yogurt, or even you may do some side dishes like omelettes. The food choices are different everyday.
We definitely have an enjoyable morning, having our light breakfast at the Ocean Palace Restaurant. 
After breakfast, we did some quick changes and wandered around the cruise for photos.
Around 10.30am, we were asked to join the bridge tour, to discover something 'behind the fun' in the cruise. During the tour, we were introduced with the shipboard personnel, as well as the shipboard's operations. It was so cool, because I have never been to a ship's bridge, and definitely fun to have some informative sessions with the captains. There is also a galley tour if you are interested to join where you can discover how all the restaurants get their food prepare at once.
Around 3.30pm, we disembarked at Langkawi and here we were at Cenang Beach.
Chilling by the beach and enjoying the sun set.
Right before head back to the cruise, we would never miss out the duty free shops! Yes! It was all about shopping at the duty free shops whenever you visit Langkawi. I have gotten some chocolates for my friends and families.
We were back to the cruise around 6.30pm. After some wash up, we joined a dinner session with some other medias at Spices Restaurant.

Honestly, this was the most delicious food that I ever had! And what?! On a cruise! I love the sambal petai with prawn so so much, spicy enough and the prawn was so fresh, juicy and chewy! It is one of the certified Halal restaurant on the cruise too. Just the best choice for muslim customers.

Day 3 in Phuket

On day 3, we disembarked at Phuket around 9am and we were transferred by tender boats to the shore. Right after that, we were all sent to Patong Beach by van.
OMG! I was madly in love with this amazing island. So pretty!
There was a lot of water sports as well, like parasailing, speed boat, banana boat and more.

It is always the best moment when you are creating new memories with your bff.
After hanging around the beach, we went back to Jungceylon Shopping Mall, did some food hunting and groceries shopping. First stop, 7-Eleven.

You should never miss Bentagen and Lays!
About 1.30pm, we have some authentic thai food for lunch at a bistro nearby.

Second stop: Time for groceries shopping at Big C Extra after lunch. I have bought quite a lot of snacks, like Lays, Jelly Drinks, Hi Chew and a few more for my siblings. Just wanna keep some quota for my next Thailand trip in October haha.
We headed back to cruise at 5pm and start preparing for the night, as there was a cocktail party at 8pm with the cruise personnels, at Stardust Lounge
After the cocktail party, we were all invited to join the gala dinner with the captains at Ocean Palace Restaurant. It was fun because I have met so many new friends there!
These were what we have for Gala night, fine dining and you can make your own choices on some dishes. I chose lobster as main dishes over chicken.
After dining, we went to Stardust Lounge for Magic show by James Long. It was definitely a fulfilling day with tons of activities. To not that there is different shows for each night.

Day 4 in Penang

It has soon come to the end of the trip. As usual, we woke up early in the morning for breakkie and prepare for the disembarkation in Penang. 
I have nasi lemak and some cereal for breakfast. Just to wanna keep some space for my cafe hopping! XP

What else to do in Penang beside exploring the city, cafe hoping!
After taking some pictures, Chency and I decided to twinning with our henna. It was also my very first try on getting henna. Matchy one with the beloved girl friend.
As planned, we went to China House for a quick lunch.

Yes, our lunch was served with all desserts and pastries LOL. Like usual. We have only cakes for whenever we do cafe hoping.

We headed back to the cruise at 2pm, because we want to explore more places and facilities in the cruise.
As it was our last night, we have farewell party at Boomers Disco with all the medias and a themed night party at the pool deck with all the crews and new comers. It was our last night accompanied by dance and music.

It was an amazing experience on the cruise, where you will never realize the days and time passes so so fast. Especially when you are around with your friends or families. During the whole cruise trip, it was filled with fun activities, as there were interesting shows and I have never suffered from any hunger, as there were 5 meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner and Supper)! I knew that's crazy!

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Beside, from 1st November onward Superstar Libra has increased with a new route, Port Klang - Phuket - Macleod - Penang - Port Klang. FYI, Macleod island is located in southern Myanmar, which known for its crystal clear water and  sandy beaches!

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