Tuesday, March 5, 2019

72H Detox Hydration x SASA Collistar IDRO-ATTIVA

SASA Collistar
It was my pleasure to be invited to witness the launch of Collistar IDRO-ATTIVA range earlier last week. I have never tried any of the Collistar skincare products before but only the body scrub and lotion, which amazed me a lot.

FYI, Collistar, is a brand originated from Italy, which has been the best-selling cosmetic brands since 2003. Combined with all-Italian passion of creation and innovation, all the products are formulated with high technology and scientific approach, with absolute affordable price yet top-end quality.
Italian Peony extract is the main ingredient in these Collistar IDRO-ATTIVA range. Peony, known as the queen of flowers, it is highly rich in antioxidant and detoxing properties. Combined with the IDRO-ATTIVA Complex, these products range provides long lasting moisturizing and antioxidant effect, preventing our skin from oxidative stress and pollution.

Intense Moisturizing Anti-Pollution Balm SPF 20
Collistar Intense Moisturizing Anti-Pollution Balm SPF20
This Intense Moisturizing Anti-Pollution Balm SPF20 is enriched with pink jojoba microbeads that highly contains Vitamin E. Beside that, this balm also contains UVA and UVB filters and cocoa extract that helps repair damaged skin caused by digital aging. This balm also helps to protect skin from environmental factors. 
The texture of this balm is in white creamy form, which is quite thick and contains of pink microbeads that melts into the skin after being spread.
The balm absorbs into the skin very quickly while it is being spread on the skin. After all, it forms a coating layer on the skin, which leaves the skin soft, velvet smooth and glowy. I will recommend to use this to prime the skin for moisture before makeup.

Deep Moisturizing Cream
Collistar Deep Moisturizing Cream
IDRO-ATTIVA Deep Moisturizing Cream - the most iconic product across this range. A concentrated cream, that helps strengthening the skin while instantly provides super moisturization effect that lasts up to 72 hours.
It comes in white creamy texture, accompanied by a refreshing aroma. Personally I don't categorized this cream as rich cream, as I feel it is quite light in texture for me, very easy to spread on the skin and the texture is super smooth upon spreading. It penetrates into the skin deeply, leaving the skin moist and with glowy finish. I will recommend to use this during the night time as it will cause slight oiliness after long hour.

Eye Hydro-Gel Ice Effect
Collistar Eye Hydro-Gel Ice Effect
Eye Hydro-Gel Ice Effect, an innovative eye cream gel that comes with a ceramic applicator, which reminds me of the 'liquid lipstick'. It is boosted with the revolutionary 'ice effect' that helps minimizing eye bags and dark circles, reducing fine lines.
It comes in light transparent gel texture, works along with the ceramic roller that gives a cooling effect upon the application. I love the cooling effect so much as I feel my eyes are much relieve from the tiredness during the massage. A con on the applicator as it's hard to control or adjust the amount of gel taken out from the bottle.

*ps. sorry for the scary looking eyes, due to over-work and lack of sleep, my eyes area appear to be super tired, red and heavy dark circle.

S.O.S Moisturizing Hydro-Mask
Collistar SOS Moisturizing Hydro Mask
Like the name itself- SOS, this is a moisturizing mask that takes only 10 minutes to replenish your skin moisture and radiance. It can be used as a night mask or even quick mask as ideal rescue remedy for instant hydration boost. It provides long lasting, intense and prolonged 72 Hour hydration effect.
This mask comes in a transparent slight pinkish gel texture, it melts into the skin, appear to be moist liquid texture upon attaching with the skin. After washing off the mask, I feel there is a light protective film on the skin, which gives me a soft and supple touch. Usually, I use this mask as a instant boost before any application of makeup. It works and I don't mind applying a thick layer!
This is how my skin looks like after the mask! Super glowy and bouncy!

I have tried their 3-in-1 Micellar Milk as well during the launch, too bad it isn't in the press kit :( I really recommend you guys to get that huge bottle because it works multi-functional! As cleanser and makeup remover for face, eyes and lips! I love the texture itself that feels like a toner, pretty dilute and it doesn't leave any trace of stickiness/ greasiness on the skin after the application. Unlike the usual remover or cleansing water, which I really feel the must to rinse off with water, this cleansing milk doesn't! It leaves my skin cleansed, refreshing and soft as in after applying toner LOL. 

For more information , please feel free to check out Collistar IDRO-ATTIVA range in SASA outlet, or online at www.sasa.com.my