Sunday, October 26, 2014

Way to destress: Join The Night of Fright 2 at Sunway Lagoon #NOFSL2

Having a hobby is like, you are completely focus by doing things you like in order to relax your mind and forget all the irksome things.Besides having some hobbies like reading, gardening or shopping to de-stress, there's actually a new hobby that I discovered lately, SHOUTING. Yes, yelling like a psycho in the haunted house.

I am always a horror movie lover and I seldom get frightened from that as I can predict most of the shocking scene. I love to watch horror movie with my friends and my brother as you may just either frightened by them itself instead of the sound effect or any bloody scene.

So, I have come across to join 'The Night of Fright 2' held in Sunway Lagoon in conjunction of the Halloween Day! Before that, we have done some research on the #NOFSL itself by watching some videos where few celebrities were invited to join the event. I was totally freak out while watching the video as all the celebrities went in the haunted house alone. I was like WTF, it's bloody scary.

It was absolutely a great night when you spent all these crazy moments with all your friends and you also got to know who's the true friend. A real friend will never leave you behind especially in the haunted house LOL yet all of you face the fear together!

 Both of us trying to be ghouly as well.

First ever chinese vampire which I came across! I meant I used to watch all the HongKong Vampire kind of movie and I was kinda obsessed that time. I hope I can meet one in real life and I did, right in #NOFSL2!

So, I was the third party for this couples as you can that the girl stared at me creepily.
Thumbs up for this make up! I can tell that it's the best among all! I wonder how he removes his make up tho.

Okayyy la, I asked him to pretend to chop off my head because everyone who took picture with him requested to split his head instead, I pity him a bit la.

End up this post with my buay paiseh posing on the throne.
It wasn't an advertorial but I just wanna got all these recorded in my blog, so many things happened in between. Beside me calling out like a crazy woman in every haunted house, I experienced to have my first ever friend who was sent to first aid after having his 360 degree ride and a friend's car broke down after that. It was totally an unpredictable night haha!

Last but not least, SHOUT OUT LOUD whenever you're stress!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kiss Me Malaysia Selfie Contest

I have been sort of haunted by the selfie song in the past few months and always ended up posting pictures with the caption 'So, just let me take a selfie' on my Instagram or even Facebook.

Recent trend of #selfie, which mean a self-portrait photograph on camera/handphone has slowly transformed into #wefie, which mean photo taken with 2 or more people. After all, everyone of us has practiced sort of selfie/wefie skills, with even owning a monopod, capturing from the highest position for a perfect angle. I guess with so many inventions and years of training, everyone will be a professional in selfie.

So, without waiting, it's time for you to show off your selfie skill!

Kiss Me  has been holding a KISS ME Selfie Fixation Contest and having the selfie station set up at selected Watson outlet.
-Watson Mid Valley
-Watson Pavillion
-Watson One Utama

So glad that I have come across the Selfie contest at Watson, One Utama Shopping Centre weeks ago.

So, this is the selfie machine which is adjustable and flexible in all angle. The mechanism is pretty easy as you'll just need to follow the instructions displayed, simple 4 steps.

The next step will be taking as much selfie as you want, until you get the perfect one. After you have picked the best shot, you'll just need to connect to your Facebook account and upload it on your wall. 
LOL, all of us were pretty excited to join the contest and we have so much fun after all! Share some selfie fun with us too!

Do upload it on your Facebook wall, in order to gain 'LIKES' and 'SHARES'. Amazing prizes will be given out!!!

Most 'LIKES' for each round will win grand prize:
- Sony Selfie Smart Phone Sony Xperia C3
- 1 Year supply of Kiss Me products
- 100K Watsons points

Most 'SHARES' for each round will win a
- 1 year supply of Kiss Me products.

After taking the selfie with any Kiss Me products, I was given vouchers as a token of appreciation! Customers who purchases Kiss Me products on the spot with or without using the vouchers are entitled to enter a weekly lucky draw worth RM100. OMG, what are you waiting for??

Mark your calender as there will be 3 rounds for the selfie contest:
1st round:  
Selfie contest from 1 Oct - 31 Oct,
sharing and like gaining period from 1 Oct - 7 Nov.

2nd round:
Selfie contest from 1 Nov - 30 Nov,
sharing and like gaining period from 1 Nov - 7 Dec.

3rd round:  
Selfie contest from 1 Dec - 31 Dec,
sharing and like gaining period from 1 Dec - 7 Jan'15.

The first round starts now! 
For more information about Kiss Me Selfie Fixation Contest, feel free to visit Watsons outlet mentioned above or Kiss Me Facebook Page.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Neogence C+ Revital Whitening Serum 霓淨思Plus C 煥白能量精華

By the age of 20th, I have started to come across the word 'sunscreen'.  It's a thing that I put on everyday when ever I step out of my house., especially we are living in a country with such hot sun. My mother even gross that she will equipped herself with a hat which also cover half of her face, long sleeve gloves and long pants. She does that even in a car. So, when ever you see anyone that looks like what I mentioned above, do walk over and say Hi, because that's my mom.

Here's a reference. The one with the cross is how my mom dressed up like.

Beside putting on sunscreen, another extra work that we used to do every night will be the skincare routine, the whitening job which reduce the melanin produced on our skin. I have been trying Neogene C+ Revital Whitening Serum lately which available at Dermo Science Lab Roadshow at Mid Valley North Court starting 15th Oct - 19th Oct 2014.
Neogence 霓淨思, a brand from Taiwan. It comes with a C+ Revital Whitening Serum with the main content of Vitamin C, which known as an effective whitening agent.

- Texture & Scent -
It comes in milky white cream form, yet not too concentrated. The scent itself is very light, soothing and refreshing which smell like a sweet pomelo.

- Size & Price -
30ml | 1.0 FL.OZ | RM149.00
* Available at SaSa outlets even after the roadshow.

- Functions -
As named 'Revital', it consists of an active ingredient 'Revitalin' which revitalize our skin, recreate and restore youthful skin.
With the slight concentration of caffeine, it boosts our skin metabolism, in order to restore the skin radiant.
The main ingredient 3% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate is good enough to whiten our skin and eliminate melanin from deep, in order to kick away dull skin and reduce the dark spots!
The sweet pomelo fragrance comforts both our skin and mind! Keep us away from stressful skin.

- Comparisons & Comments -
I have applied adequate amount of Neogence whitening serum on my left hand and the result turned out instantly, whereby you can see that my left hand appeared to be fairer and brighter.
The serum penetration is great as it takes only second to be fully absorbed by my skin. After applying the serum, my skin doesn't turn out to be oily or any greasiness even after hours. Personally, I love that post-effect which left my face with zero greasiness.

Attached with a video from Youtube, where 柳燕老師 was introducing the Neogence C+ Revital Whitening Serum.
For more information, please feel free to visit SaSa Malaysia.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Amelie in Bangkok: Hello Kitty Cafe [Part 2]

So, in this post will be literally all about my well spent sweetest moment at Hello Kitty Cafe. Big alert, if you're a kitty fans. *Hands up*
To be honest, it was a long queue and we have waited for around 30 minutes to an hour to be seated . But no worries, there were lovely pink benches for you by the side, right near the entrance. While waiting, you can just selfie around. The building itself already so kitty-licious.

Welcome to the Hello Kitty House Cafe.

Well, all the interior was so sweet and pinkish, I felt that I have fallen into something like a wonderland or dreamland. All the chairs are so adorable that designed with kitty bow and kitty logo. Everything was so dreamy.

Sitting on the chair and definitely makes you feel like a princes LOL. But I guess it may drives boys crazy, some of them found it embarrass sitting on it or even walking into this cafe.

Okay, I have purposely ordered a hot chocolate because of the coffee art! If you get what I meant, for cold drinks, it will just appear to be having kitty design on the packaging itself but not on the drinks. Maybe they should improve by having something like bubbly Hello kitty which floating on the drinks. It will be perfect.

A hot chocolate priced at 130 baht. So, you should take at least 5 pictures =P The hot chocolate drinks tastes just fine, not too sweet nor too milky. But, it's way too adorable to even have a sip on it.

Then, we have tried their strawberry pancake (Price: 205 baht) . Each layers were covered by cream and strawberry pieces which originally carrying some sour taste. Both sweet and sour taste definitely excite our taste buds. The dishes also come with marshmallow and strawberry jam as part of the edible deco.

Lastly, we tried on the Double Chocolate Cupcake (Price: 95 baht). This is just so chocolicious and pretty sweet for me. The cream itself is already sweet and the cupcake. So, one word after having the full cupcake, super sweet. Personally, I feel greasy after having this and exhaust for water.

If you do have a chance having a short vacation at Bangkok, don't ever forget to pay a visit at Hello Kitty Cafe, absolute place for desserts for girls.

Location: Siam Square

P/s: Part 1 or recent giveaway

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mix & Match with Le Bunny Bleu Fashion Sneakers!

- Introduction -
Le Bunny Bleu brought you the sweetest shoes you've ever seen! A brand from new york, it has blended hipster cool New York fashion scene and the effortless European chic-ness. The unforgettable bunny mascot is all about the way you think -- desirable on freedom, going through life with determination, being both charming and fascinating, it's a desire that gets you where and what you want.

Le Bunny Bleu signature range of shoes cover from classic to avant-garde, with over 100 styles  including Oxfords, Slip-ons, Loafers, Espadrilles, Ballet flats, Sandals, Rain & Wool boots and fashion sneaker. As one-of-a kind with extreme comfort, you can be a hipster or a romance vintage chic.

- Sneak peak -
So before the fitting session, it's definitely eye-ing all the shoes in the stores like a happy girl. I would be just sharing some of my favorite shoes on each category.

Ballet flats
This pair of flats is so CHIO and bling that I can't have any words to describe it LOL. After wearing it, you will sure shine like a diamond, anytime and anywhere haha!


These designs are way too adorable.

Awww, it's actually sandals for kids, they have it as well for adults. Mom and daughters could definitely pair up with the same shoes!

Hidden heels
Just nice for work!

- Fitting session -
After all, it's fitting time.
Okay, I have always faced the same problem whereby choosing shoes that really fit my feet, as my feet are way too small in size and as cute as me in person haha! So, I could only choose either sneakers or oxfords that fully wrap my feet. Okay, get a try first. *Oops, my pointy toes*

Eventually, after spending hours, I have brought home with my Gold Suzie Sneakers.
I guess wearing this pair of fashion sneakers, I'll instantly become an attention seeker, like wearing 42K gold on my feet haha!

Thanks to Le Bunny Bleu and #Butterflymsia!

- Mix & Match -
Well, I have to say that sneakers are absoulutely great in pairing any clothes or styles, yet giving us the most comfort. Don't you agree? To be honest, I used to wear slippers all the time but now I am having my fun time with Gold Suzie Sneakers!
So, here are some tips on few styling paired with Le Bunny Bleu Gold Suzie Sneakers.


Done with 4 different styles! How about you? Have you gotten yours yet?
For more information and choices, please feel free to visit Le Bunny Bleu outlet or