Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner [美肌の志 - 净白补水纳米化妆水]

Here's a simple review on Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner ( 美肌の志 - 净白补水纳米化妆水). Guess this brand is no strange to all of you, it's quite a well-known skincare brand in Taiwan and so in Malaysia which widely sell in drug stores!

Let see what's the ingredients within and how it works!

---------------- Ingredients ----------------
The main ingredients in Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner (120ml) are:
- Pearl extraction (brighten skin tone)
- Ginkgo biloba extract (hydration & boost metabolism)
- Morus alba extract
- Glucosamine aggregation sugar
- Aloe vera extract
- Licorice extract
- Hyaluronic acid

 ---------------- Texture and Scent ----------------

It's designed with a pump so that it's easy for us to control the amount that we needed. For the texture, since it's a toner, it's in solution form. This product amazed me as the particles are 'nano' enough to be fully absorb by our skin within seconds to 1 minutes, leaving with zero stickiness. I like the scent as it's very light and refreshing.

---------------- Functions ----------------
Beside toning our skin, it helps to maintain the moisture level in our skin, meanwhile bring up a healthier skin complexion, leaving us with soft and baby smooth skin. It contains glycoproteins which play a great role in increasing moisture balance by 60% in cuticle up to 15 hours or even more.

 ---------------- How to use ----------------
After cleansing your face, moisten a cotton pad with Beautymate Purifiying & Hydrating Toner. Stroke it all over your face and even neck in a upward motion until it's thoroughly absorbed.
*Can be apply in the morning and evening.

---------------- How I feel ----------------
Personally, I love the scent as it's really light and fresh. Moreover, after applying it, it leaves my skin with non-greasy and non-sticky feeling. I can instantly feel my skin be moisturized and I really feel comfortable with it. Sometimes, I get irritated as some of the toner can make my skin get really oily and sticky after an hour.
Instead of selling in RM49.90, Natta Cosme is selling it at RM44.91! Grab one now before the promotion ends!

Check out more promotions and updates at www.nattacosme.com | Natta Cosme on Facebook

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Philosophy is now in Sephora Malaysia!

It's my great pleasure to share the news with you guys, Philosophy is now in Malaysia! Actually I have shared some of the teasers earlier with you guys on Facebook and most of the beauty junkies were pretty excited, can't wait for this brand to land in Malaysia. 

 ----------------------- The Launch -----------------------
Felt so lucky and g
lad to spend time with Mrs. Robin White, Director of global press for Philosophy at the launch as we have discovered more products of Philosophy from some hands on activities and most important that I got to know Philosophy more! 
Can you believe that she is 75 years old? She looks so young!!! 
*All in sudden, I felt that I'm such failure in keeping myself look younger than my age wtf*

*Cheers for Philosophy!* Look at the backdrop set behind, they were way gorgeous!

OMG, I look so 'tall' huh standing beside Mrs. Robin =.= Gosh look at the bath tub fully filled with Philosophy Bath and Body series! I wish I can have them all with me!

Most amazing part of the launch was that meeting all my babies! It has been a long while attending event with my babes after school started. *With Lumi and Chency*

----------------------- Introduction -----------------------

Philosophy ---- A well known brand in United State was founded by Christina Carlino in 1996. Christina was committed to inspire women to live a better life by being better to themselves by believe hope, purity, grace, miracle and peace. With over 30 years of experiences in biomedic, she expanded her goal to bridge the gap between what was offered in doctors' offices and retailers so that every women can access leading skin care technologies. With her strong belief in nurturing women's soul as well as skin, all the products based on a rich scientific heritage, coupled with inspirational messages to create fresh and approachable attitude toward beauty. All the formulas incorporate cutting-edge science and medically-inspired technology that deliver proven results.

For every products, there are few inspirational lines, just to celebrate the beauty of human spirit, to inspire you, lift your spirits, encourage a smile and to always believe in miracles!

----------------------- Skin Care ----------------------- 
Microdelivery peel which is a 2-steps, in home peel. It can rejuvenate sun damaged, hyperpigemented and aging skin, meanwhile replenish our skin to make it smoother and more radiant by delivering vitamin C and peptide. It comes with a gentle formula and can be used as daily exfoliation.I have tried this on the spot, instantly it gives me a baby silk skin!

Purity Made Simple is an award winning 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes that removes make up, cleanses and tones our skin all in one set. It's gentle enough to apply although you are wearing contact lenses! It won't irritate your eyes and maintain skin's moisture level.
Heard that this is a really amazing product! Gonna try it and perhaps I have time to do a review on it =D

Hope in a Jar Oil Free Gel, it's a moisturizer that provides optimal hydration to revitalize skin, maintain its moisture barrier and it has antioxidant properties.
I've tried this as well, it fantastically leaves our skin with comfortable hydrated matte finish, with zero stickiness feeling!

Eye hope which can reduce eye puffiness, fine lines around eyes area and dark circles! Besides, it moisturizes our eyes area as well. Guess designer should own this for always staying up late as eyes area do show sign our ages.

Hope in a jar, is also an award winning daily moisturizer which hydrate skin to reduce dryness and giving our skin a healthy radiant glow.

Miracle worker series - Miraculous anti-aging moisturizer, helps firm and hydrate skin. This cream features a unique complex and formulated with vitamin C, glutathione helps to support natural collagen in our skin and restore youthfulness!

My favorite product of all, Turbo Booster C Powder which is a 99.8% high potential topical vitamin C powder that helps to prevent premature aging, support collagen and brighter our skin complexion. Add one scoop daily in your water-based skin care  is enough to boost and restore elasticity of your skin!

-------------------- Bath & Body --------------------

Philosophy has fabulous shower gel! All of them perform fresh and nice scent! You can use them from top to toe, even bubble bath. You gonna soak in a fantasy or fruity scent shower!
Melon Daiquiri, a happy hour favorite, is transformed into a refreshing bath treat. This moisturizing
formula cleanses and condition, as it delights your senses.
the luscious Raspberry Sorbet, positively refreshing, feel and smell good all over with this, berry-licious!
the delectable vanilla birthday cake, a scent which is too sweet for words. feel clean and smell good all over with this award-winning shampoo, shower gel& bubble bath.

Field of Flowers, a 3-in-1 shower gel which cleanse, condition our skin and hair, while provides rich, foaming lather for a shower experience fused with fresh scent of delicate wildflowers.

-------------------- Gift Set --------------------

Philosophy also comes with gift set which make our life easier! 
Every Birthday Girl wants cake, make every day a celebration with Vanilla Birthday Cake shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath and Vanilla BirthdayCake high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine.
Thank You, show someone your appreciation with a double scoop of raspberry sorbet -- Raspberry Sorbet shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath and Raspberry Sorbet high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine. The moisturizing formulas leave skin feeling super soft and lips looking glossy and beautiful. it’s a delicious way to say “thank you

Wish You Well,give the gift of well-being. This set features field of flowers water lily blossom
shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath and field of flowers water lily blossom body lotion to help
nurture your skin and your well-being. the bright citrus, clean floral scent of water lily rejuvenates
the senses as it delicately scents the skin for a light veil of fragrance.
Say Congrats! with more than a bouquet; give a field of flowers! It features Field
of Flowers shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath. the extra rich and creamy formula gently cleanses
and conditions skin and hair, while the fresh floral scent of peony makes you feel positively lovely.

-------------------- Fragrance --------------------

Pure grace has universal appeal and is perfect for anyone who wants to feel as though they just stepped out of the shower. It is the clean smell of soap and water, the memory of fresh air woven into a set of crisp, white cotton sheets. The fragrance imparts a veil of water lily with a subtle freshness;
the simple, modern tones of leafy greens; and frosted musk brings a refreshing finish.
Eternal grace, an ideal fragrance for those who seek for youthfulness, warm and uplifting energy. It features a sparkling blend of fresh bergamot, citrus and neroli accented with the green crispiness
of geranium, lavender, violets and a subtle hint of passion fruit. The timeless heart of the fragrance entwines the tenderness of jasmine, orange blossom and the luxuriousness of rose.

Inner grace, is perfect for those who want to free their mind and lift their spirit with a heavenly fragrance. It was created to help bring peace and balance to your life. aqua leaf imparts peaceful balance; delicate freesia offers deep spirituality; and warm, sensual musk calms your thoughts.
Amazing grace -- Philosophy’s best-selling spray fragrance. It's a floral and beautifully feminine fragrance which is an irresistible blend of welcoming bergamot to greet the senses; irresistibly
soft, clean muguet blossoms; and lasting musk with its classic beauty.

For more information of products and updates, visit Philosophy Malaysia.
*All the products are available in Sephora nationwide.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Natta Cosme Cerro Queen Makeup Brush Set

After waited for nearly a month, I got my Cerro Queen Makeup brushes with me now. All thanks to Nationwide courier service and they even asked me to pick up the parcel myself at their office. Nah, they don't deliver parcel, they called people to pick up parcel. 
But still feeling thankful that Natta Cosme for putting up so much effort on tracking my parcel and all.

Lets start!

---------------------------- Packaging ----------------------------
The overall packaging on Natta Cosme Cerro Queen Make Up Brush Set comes with most of the girls' favorite color, sweet or baby PINK! Pink simple-designed pouch, pink brushes and pink handle! Everything pink which totally enlighten us girl!

The brush handle is made of Eco-friendly painting wooden handle.

 ---------------------------- Brush Set ----------------------------
Each set consists of 7 brushes. Actually there's no limitation on what kind of brush to suit on a specific function, but make sure that they function at their best and maximum usage regarding on their shape and size. Of course they are created for something with its own characteristics.

For the brush materials, they are fibers with combination of white and pink on the brush tip.
This fluffy thing is powder & blush brush which can be used to apply light loose powder (in circular motion), blush powder or even compact.

Eye liner brush which can be use for details make up, like doing eyeliner or applying eye shadow on lower lash line. It can be used for smudging pencil or gel liner purposes as well.

This is angle brush as you can see that the brush is slightly angled so that it's easier for us to create a better shape. It's used for applying eye brow powder or smudging purpose after drawing with eyebrow pencil.

This is eye lash brush which can be used to 'comb' your eye brows in shape or smudging purpose after applying eye brow liner for a more natural finish. Meanwhile, it can be used to separate clumpy eye lashes.

This is eye shadow brushes which can be used to apply eye shadow, doing highlight on brow bones and even blending purposes.

 ------------------- Simple Retro Make up -------------------
After applying Skin79 CC Cream, I got my concealing job done with Office Concealer 04 and 06. It's the best concealer I have used so far.
I have started off the make up with Mary Kay at Play Baked Eye Trio - Tuxedo. Apply grey around your eye socket with medium size brush to create an illusion of eye creases like European . Blend it with black on your double eye lid, so that your parallel eyelid appears to be obvious and creating larger eyes. Lastly, blend all the eye shadows well with the largest eye shadow brush.

Apply plum from Mary Kay at Play Baked Eye Trio - On the Horizon on your lower lash line using eye liner brush. After brushing off excess eye shadows on tissue paper, apply light peach at the inner corner of your eyes and 1/3 away from there to enhance sharp features.

 I am hereby using Office eye brow powder, it can create softer brows compare to eye brow pencil. Apply eye brow powder with eye brow brush, make sure your eye brows are nicely shaped before that. Follow your own eye brow shape will be fine.

 Then, shape your brows with eye lash brush. Using lash brush to brush the front part of your brows more, so that it looks way more natural. Remember that brows should be light on the front of brows then darker on arch and medium-dark on the end. You can always drag the brown shade from front part of brows to the side of your nose bridge. It can create sharp nose effortlessly.

After done with the eye parts, I blushed my cheek with Anna Sui blush powder using blush brush.

 Eventually, got my lips done with Mary Kay at Play Just for Lips.

Final look! Make use of your scarf as a hair band for this simple retro look!

 ---------------------------- Rating ----------------------------
Advantage: The materials of the brushes are soft and it won't hurt our skin when applying make up.I love the fluffiness of the blush powder, I feel comfortable with it touches my skin. It's easy to carry around in bag for touch up purposes and it can be a good start for make up beginner. Lastly, the price is affordable and they are having promotion now! (Within RM30)

Disadvantage: For the eye shadow brushes, it tends to make powder-like products to be clumpy. Application of times are needed using the brushes as the colors can't appear to be vibrant especially for eye shadows for one-off-application. Too bad that there's no lip brush in this set.

Have fun with make up!

For more information and details on products, check out Natta Cosme on Facebook | Natta Cosme Website

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Suspected Dengue

Well, recalled back that I have fever on the second day of lunar Chinese New Year. It lasted for 2 days. Gift for CNY.
Recalled again for the last 20 years, I have less than 5 times of fever. I seldom got sick! My mom said that it's good to have fever as it shows that 'you are growing up'. How ridiculous that I seldom have fever, it means that I seldom grow up and so my height wtf.

As I got some of the dengue fever symptom, like vomiting, headache, nausea and rashes all over my body. I got suspected to have dengue fever as amount of platelets in my body reducing. Luckily everything's fine now, I'm all healthy and rashes started to fade off.

But still, I have learn few things. Besides some of the to-do-things when visiting hospital, (I don't really been to hospital), I felt so much love from my friends and some even not really counted as close friends. They sent in some of the regards and showed concern about my healthy condition. Even shorty, he was so concerned about my health, asked me to drink more water, have bitter gourd and all. Some of them even called and wanted to visit me in hospital LOL.Thanks for all. Even though it's just a simple text but it did work deep in heart. I knew who you are and it shows something between us.

Somehow, I still expect some regards from the old friends who I fought with in the previous. THEY DON'T FUCKING CARE. No message and none! Maybe they saw it and it just passed by their Facebook walls and well I saw them discussed about a food gathering. It's not at all about any relationship thing but some concern, even though we are no longer friends? Even stranger they sent in regards.

Yeah, why should they care? Who am I to them? Even though it's a 3 years friendship, but after all the drama, the friendship flushed away well in the toilet bowl. Just a piece of shit.

I felt even sad when I browse through Facebook's look back, it's all the old face who is a no one now. Ours memories which gone to be no more related now.

I shouldn't expect much from people who don't care about me. It shows how stupid and naive am I being such a sentimental human, trying to engage with them. They don't give a fuck and why should I?

Sometimes it's such melancholy to see the real world, the truth. Can't really bear it sometimes.