Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quick post on Desserts!

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This was what i've experienced during the exam
-Parkinson's disease
  My hands kept on shaking when i was trying to tie the papers together using a strand of string
-Can't take my eyes off Clock
   i was afraid run out of time ..sigh
-Look around
  (my mind went empty) to calm my mind down

How stressful was I within these days! i just slept 6 hours a day :'(
so pity...

So, i did something evil ..hehehe
I sneaked out with my friends during the exam week
Aiya, de-stress what xD

After spamming comments in WeChat
we decided to dine at Full House @sunway giza
This was my #motd
 light make up =D
i did look bit plumply in the photo =.=
"chic" loose Tee and high-waist shorts(turquoise color)
Oopsy! you saw my STPM time table haha!

Let's look around the dreamy decoration around

this is the menu book, so cute :3
My friends and I hate reading menu book,
like taking years ,
so we named this process as "reading the dictionary"

Because there are so many choices
and about 10 pages
we cant manage to select one
After 30 minutes,
we will end up ordering the same food and beverage lol
 huge chandeliers
walking up the stairs and i felt like a princess lol
perhaps there is a gown!
i was so curious what's up there!

i was thinking to have a look in the washroom, maybe a bath tub is in it =0
sorry ..i am a sakai actually
haha...i've been there for second times only =/
all the deco are so sweet and girlish =D

Nao! Sneak Peak on our dessert haha!
(order any 3 desserts and you need to pay only RM29.90!)
If you wanna order separately,each cost RM13.90

*all of us are very Kiamsiap (stingy) one, we count every cent lol*

Even the food are so well-deco lor, like an art piece haha!
Watching the food and i can feel the sweetness and satisfaction already lor
Chia's cream brulee
cheh, so small
Fatty's chocolate mousse cake with ice-cream topping
cheh, so small

Mine chocolate brownies with ice-cream =p
sho BIG leh
My hot jasmine tea ..hmm..
like having high tea at classy restaurant like a Princess only haha

both of them ordered bubble tea
i forgot what chia ordered but then i remembered fatty ordered banana milkshake 
OMG it tasted badly, like drinking medic syrup

i think most of the girls like desserts!
highly recommend!hmmm......

P.S:i wondered whether the flower petals in the tea are edible anot? 
      i mean will you swallow the petals too when you are drinking the tea=O
      leave your comment below :)
      Sorry for the stupid question haha!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cheese steamboat review!

Previously i have blogged about Chocolate steamboat!
Now, i have tried on cheese fondue!
As i mentioned in previous post, there are several branches at Kota damansara, kepong
Check out their facebook link here, Hometown!

Back to the cheese fondue
#motd ,not going to wear any make up
afraid the hot atmosphere there may spoil my make up LOL

OMG, it just cost RM19.90..
it's so reasonable!
there's many choices of food materials there,
and we chose some kind of breads, nuggets and fries.

Actually before that we already had some normal steamboat, then we tried on cheese steamboat and chocolate steamboat at the same time LOL
Sounds mad right?! we ate 3 type of steamboats as dinner that night
 kindly recommend that if you guys planning to dine at there..
as early as possible
there's lotsa people after 6pm!
they came like in a "herd"?
Full bowl of cheeseeeeee.....
seems so delicious only!

after divided the food evenly.....into 4.....
We started to eat!!!
So smoky..the atmosphere there are so cheesie
You can see the cheese evenly wrapped the food!

 cheese your day out =D
Bubbly cheese! so cute!
the cheese really taste nice! not that salty ,not too greasy 
and most important you wont easily get detest! 
sometimes, when we consumed too much of cheese, we will get abhor !
It can be proved as my friend directly drank the cheese with full spoon ..
i know it's a bit exaggerate, but she really did that =.=
kindly recommend to cheese-lover!

Again we tried chocolate steamboat again haha!
Show some photos here , and maybe you guys can get a try there =D
you will never get bored eating this chocolate steamboat
it's not too sweet  and it seems really attractive lol
kindly recommend sharing is LOVE!
feel so romantic LOL
 there's few scoops of ice-cream, fruits, small cookies, marsh mallows, breads and cakes..
 Nuts are free of charge lol

 you guys should really try this! It's damn nice!

after food, as usual, chill at Modern Vintage @sunway giza ..

 the place there is kinda huge and cozy
 there are some game facilities too..
 buy 1 free 2 LOL for RM30
honestly that's too much for us, we can't really finished them
 bubbly again..xD
 LOL 交杯酒

 Readers, i will stop blogging now...this is the last post for november..
I am having stpm soon..
will be back after exam =)

stay tune with the red lips devil on the next blogpost...rawrrr...