Sunday, June 28, 2015

Victoria Sweden Egg Pack and LoveNail from HiShop


It's Sunday! I knew everyone well living within such hustle bustle life, we have less time for even proper manicure session that last for 2 hours + 1 more hour for drying if you're taking the basic manicure instead of gel. Here's a quick fix for you if you're running an instant errand- Love Nail, the instant applique.

Not the nail extension, with one stick, with zero drying time and leaving you with perfect shiny nails!

In a box, it comes with 20 nail strips, a nail file (to remove the excess strip and shape the edge), a double-headed stick (to smooth the applique) and sealing stickers (to prevent the nail strips from drying and harden).

Made of 100% nail polish ingredients (including base coat, color coat and top coat) that you can easily remove with the nail polish remover!

Direction to use:
Step 1: Make sure the nail is clean, without any recessive nail polish.
Step 2:  Select the size of french tip that best fit your nail.
Step 3: Peel the selected nail strip off the clear cover and apply it on your nail.
Step 4: File off the excessive nail strip in downward motion.
Step 5: You're done! The nail strips can last for 2 weeks.

My thoughts
It's actually alike with Bloop Nail Strips that I've reviewed before, but one of the property that really make me surprise was the 100% nail polish ingredients that I can simply remove it with nail polish remover without the need of tearing it off that may hurt my nail!

Victoria Sweden Egg Pack
Here's the Victoria Sweden Egg White Facial Care Soap which is originally prepared by Swedish Women as a tradition of daily facial home care.Works like a cleanser and also face mask!

  • Egg White (maintaining the healthy glow of skin)
  • Plants extract (cleanse the skin)
  • Goat Milk (soften the skin)
  • Rose Water, Lanolin (sooth the skin)
Pores control
Sebum control
Moisturize the skin
Suit all skin type

The texture of the soap, is just like the normal soap out there yet it forms more foam and there's a slight rose scent which is gentle and refreshing.
Direction to use:
Step 1: Best use in the morning.
Step 2: Lather and smooth the foam on the face. Let the foam stays for 5 minutes.
Step 3: Rinse off.

RM120 RM79 (A box with 3 pieces | 50g each)
* Available at HiShop

My thoughts:
I don't really like the feeling when I was rinsing off the foam, it's slippery. But then when I dry my face, I can feel the immediate soft touch on my skin, it's so pleasant and comfortable.

For more information and details:
HiShop official website:
HiShop Facebook Page:
Instagram: @hishopmy
Twitter: @hishopmy

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Korea Skincare - D'RAN

Hello dearies! I guess none of the girl hates being fair like snow white as people used to say 一白遮三醜 (all the flaws are covered when you are fair). No matter how you body figure are, how you look, fairness does matter. Besides, putting on sunblock as daily routine, doing some home treatment every day and night is important as well.

Here's my secret to be fair with my recent approach on Korea Skincare - D'RAN.
D' derived from the words dermatology, whereby RAN derived from the words Rang from Korea, which means together.
D'RAN being a beauty brand with both natural and dermatology as main objective to pursues to harmony of healthy skin and optimum beauty.
It comes with premium quality ingredients yet affordable price.
D'RAN Wonder Cream Series Skin and Spot Brightening - A cream with whitening effect which formulated for skin and spot brightening.
With the ingredients of VitaminB3 and Pro Vitamin B4, it helps brightening our skin tone and lighten the dark spots. Besides, it consists of placental protein that helps rejuvenate our skin, leaving our skin with natural soft and radiance glow. Meanwhile the beta-glucan within helps to strengthen the skin wall and even up our skin tone.
The texture is rich and creamy in white, with some bracing citrus scent. It absorbs quite quickly into the skin.
Here's the instant result! My skin appears to be brighter and fairer. Unlike the usual whitening skincare products which will eventually causing some dryness and discomfort on the skin, whereby after applying D'RAN Wonder Cream Series Skin and Spot Brightening in few hours, the skin will appear to be slightly oily, but still bearable.

RM113 | 100g
In addition, I used to add on with D'RAN Whitening Facial Mist before I step up from my doorstep and putting on the sunblock. I want my face to be fully moisturized before the application of sunblock or make up.
This facial mist comes with combination effect of whitening and hydrating! It helps refreshing, purifying and toning our skin meanwhile provides lasting hydration to keep our skin supple for all day long.
This hydrating mist do consist of Alaska Gracier water and hydrolyzed sea collagen, which are definitely a thirst-quencher for our skin!
The texture is like water instead of gel. It comes with a refreshing and pleasant aroma.

RM87 | 125ml | 4.23 fl.oz

Personally, I love this product very much as it's really easy to carry in the bag! Besides, it comes with the combination of moisturizing and whitening effects!

For more product information, please feel free to visit D'RAN at
Official Website:

p/s: I'm giving away a Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spritzer Hot and Warm Mini Dispenser x GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Bello! Soon, it's going to be the month of July. 
So yeah, I gonna share a bit on my current life. 
I've moved to Sungai Long and it's almost a month with the need of studying. There were tons of news reported regarding on the rental fees, traffic, parking and students of UTAR in Sungai Long. All the facts, crowded and crowded everywhere.
It has been a tough time for me, to leave my parents and boyfriend, no one gonna take care of me, no one gonna do my laundry, no one gonna feed me every single meal, pretty hard. But, I guess I did pretty well compare to students who come from the other states, I'm still able to go home on every Friday.
Something unfortunate did happen on me on the second week of my stay at Sungai Long. My bag got cut by two aunties when I was doing my food hunting at Pasar Malam behind our campus, my phone got stolen and it's pretty pathetic.

Arhhh, not gonna talk anymore about the shitty incidents.
For those who's staying away from home but hostel, there's a big deal for you!
Keep reading...keep reading...
I bet none of you are strange with the brand Spritzer in Malaysia. We can trace them everywhere around, like hypermarket, hotel and even in the office, just to name a few. It is being known as the best selling natural mineral water with their assured professions and technology that have won them tons of rewards. Spritzer is also specialized in manufacture and distribution of natural mineral water, sparkling water, distilled drinking water, functional drinks, packaging bottles and etc.

With the highlight of 'Premium Water is just a Fingertip away', Spritzer has come out with the Water Dispenser Series which advantage our life so much!
So, here's the Spritzer Hot & Warm Mini Dispenser, which is much different from the previous dispenser , with different designs, color choices and also additional features!
  • Light weight mini dispenser, easy moving and carry.
  • New patented design, suitable for home, office, hotel guestroom.
  • Mini dispenser makes changing water so easy. Just refill with a new bottle!
  • Both hot and warm tap!
  • Hot water tap with safety device - Lock Tap. It can easily keep your child safe and sound.
  • Sucker feet that secure the dispenser at its own place!
  • A removable drip tray that prevent overflow of water from tap.

Materials: ABS and stainless steel.
Dimension: 18cm(L) x 22cm(W) x 30cm(H)
Power source: AC 220 - 240 V 50 Hz
Net weight: 1.25kg
Heating capacity: 90°C, 3L/H
Ambient temperatures: 10 - 38°C
Suitable for water bottle: 5.5L - 9.5L
Color: Orange/ Pink/ Purple/ Green
Others: One Year Limited Warranty

Direction to use:
Step 1: Remove the secure lids of  the bottled water.
Step 2: Remove the seal from cap.
Step 3: There's a white hollow which is the non-spilled cap, that makes changing or refill easily!
Step 4: Aim and refill!

Price: RM88
Official Website:
Facebook Page:

I can't believe that this mini dispenser brings so much of conveniences! The water is heated up within only 5 minutes and I can get my hot drinks done instantly before I leave to class. No more late to class or work! Besides, it's so easy to carry around, even me with tiny size afford to carry both bottled water and the dispenser. The new design of the dispenser is just adorable to fit in all places and any occasions.

Step 1:
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Step 2:
Like the page 'Amelie Yap' on Facebook and share this Picture on your timeline!

Step 3:
Follow Amelie's Blog and leave a comment by answering the question 'How many colours are available for Spritzer Dispenser? Name them' .
Don't forget to leave your email address, Facebook sharing URL and Instagram username in the comment as well.

*ONE winner will be selected randomly. ONE winner will be receiving ONE dispenser only.
*Open to Malaysia Resident only, who's able to collect the Dispenser at Selangor / KL.
*Contest close on 21st of July.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick

Finally, a makeup post after so long! 
I am always looking for longwear eyeshadow with the need of traveling to full summer country like Thailand and having some beach side vacation. Traveling, sort of sweat-ful exercise.We will definitely go for waterproof eyeliner or mascara, but somehow I feel like, lack of something without the eyeshadow, the eyes look hollow and kinda dull. Eyeshadow creates perfect eye crease and adding some colors on our eyes, reflecting our mood of the day, even making our look a little more interesing. 
I'm glad that I found Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick and here I am going to share with you all!

''Elianto, derived from the word 'Sunflower' in Italian, it's a unique combination of striking beauty and utility symbolized by the flower.''
With the aim of bringing the best of nature and finest quality/ingredients in cosmetics, all the Elianto products are enriched with botanical extracts, which are gentle to the skin yet bringing out the best gleam of our eyes, lips and cheeks.
Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick, is a wax-based eyeshadow stick which originated from German. This range of eyeshadow stick is perfectly created to suit this Spring/Summer seasons in creating runway vibe and dramatic look with timeless smoky eyes, bold strokes or even precise vibrant lines.
Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick range offers with the effortless step of apply, glide and go.
It's also dermatologically and ophthalmologically (disorders of eyes) approved, with mineral oil-free, paraben-free and preservatives-free.
It is available in 6 intense shades, which are black, navy, brown, white, purple and blue.
The texture of the eyeshadow stick is much creamy, like the gel eyeliner, yet it will slowly turn to feather-light weight powder. As you can seen, the texture is so smooth and the line can be drawn so fluently.
Besides, Elianto Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick is known for its long lasting properties, meanwhile it's smudge-proof (lightly or accidentally brushing the eyes and the eyeshadow won't smudge) and water-proof

FYI, smudge-proof doesn't mean with rubbing you eyes harshly, of course with this action, not only the eye shadow smudge, as well as your skin. (Above picture, showing that I brushed my skin rudely and the eyeshadow only smudge abit)
Water-proof means the eye shadow appears to stay solid without being washed away by the water. Doesn't including brushing your eyes harshly with the water on.
What's even better? It has the in-built sharpener at the end of the stick that makes our life less miserable haha! I don't need to keep an extra sharpener in our make up pouch or bag, space-saving. We don't have to worry if we lost the tiny sharpener, mindspace-saving.

Price and availability
RM31.90 each | 1.4g | 0.05 fl.oz
*available at all Elianto stores.

My thoughts
Like: I love the colors as they really pay off, intense and vibrant. It's super smooth in blending even tho with my ring finger, definitely save up some time using the brush. i would love to use the brown shades for daily smokey effect. The in-built sharpener is brilliant, so convenient that I only need to carry a pencil in my bag, using it as eyeliner or even eye shadow.

Dislike: I dislike the purple shades as I found it way too dull, much like the darker brown tone. I'm still considering with its sebum-proof effect, guess we can still top up with the powder eyeshadow after the eyeshadow stick, for a better vivid colors and long lasting effect. The tip of the eyeshadow stick is too soft that you might easily break one of the edge.

For more information and updates, please visit
Facebook: eliantoMalaysia
Twitter: eliantoMY
Instagram: eliantoMalaysia

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Glory Nail @Atria Shopping Gallery

Have you guys been to Atria Shopping Gallery? I guess it's now the talk of the town, known as the shopping mall with most food stores around. It's also being strongly advertised on the newspaper and has been sharing by all the Facebook-ers, with lotsa pictures of food and all.
Here's my first visit to Atria Shopping Gallery because I was invited to have a pedicure and medicure session at Glory Nail.
Before I walked into the shop, I was so surprised with its interior design, with layered brown bricks, pure white sheer curtain, which giving much of the combination of vintage and dreamy feeling. The dim lighting in the shop added a great sensation and atmosphere, customers can enjoy while having a luxury pampered session.
I thought it will be lesser people in the shop, as the mall was just newly opened, yet it didn't! After I walked in the shop, the crowd was getting larger. WHY? Because of the opening PROMOTION!
With only paying RM99, customers are encountered with a set of manicure and pedicure service, with a complimentary set of gel polish! (T&C apply)

Glory Nail is using GLORY nail polish which originated from Korea. The color features the traditions and current trends, even created the whole new mixture of nail colors along the primary colors. Glory colors not only express its vivid color which best suit the Asian skin colors while using the top quality ingredients, like with the antibacterial properties.
Beside Glory, they are also using MEMORY gelwear which newly launched in Korea in 2011. It features superb and long lasting color (more than 2 weeks with glossiness). It comes with 30 shades with top quality brush without any harmful materials within.
Although the shop wasn't that spacious, yet all the spaces were perfectly-used and I felt quite cozy while having my pampered session there. Maybe because of the massage equipped chair? 


After all the basic treatments, I was recommended to put on the Fuchsia shades as base and topped with glittery coat from GLORY.


For manicure, I was recommended to put on with pastel colors from MEMORY. Personally, I love colors, especially in pastel. This manicure was just nice to express all my favorite colors.
Don't miss the opening promotion! It's valid till 30th of June 2015.

For more information, please feel free to check out the shop at
Glory Nail
Lot S30, Second Floor,
Atria Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS22/23 Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Contact No: +60 377330725 | +601 76872725

Friday, June 5, 2015

SHISEIDO Ibuki 資生堂 イブキ  Multi Solution Gel

Few weeks back and I've experienced my first ever Fit Ball exercise in conjunction of the launching of Shiseido Ibuki - Multi Solution Gel at CHI Fitness, PJ Trade Centre.
So, what's the relation between Ibuki Multi Solution Gel and the fit ball. Keep reading and check out below!
It was indeed a great day, bouncing back and fro with all the girls. We fell, we rolled, we laughed. Although the fit ball session took around 45 minutes, yet we already felt exhausted during the start.. Errr....lack of exercise? *embarrassed*
Everything was so fun and amazing, as long as you stick to your beloved girls gang. It has been so long for all of us gathered around, still Chency and Audrey didn't turn up. *sad*

Ibuki イブキ
Shiseido Ibuki, a skincare range in its multifunctional hydration line, it's created perfectly for woman in her twenties till thirties, who experience all sort of stress in life that brought them to skin breakouts and dehydrated condition.  
Ibuki, the rescuer just in time to save the skin! Boosting their skin with long hours moisture and radiance shine from inner to outer.

In this Ibuki range, it consists of
  • Multi Solution Gel | 30ml | RM160.60
  • Softening Concentrate | 75ml | RM180.20
  • Protective Moisturizer | 75ml | RM185.50
  • Refining Moisturizer | 75ml | RM190.80
  • Gentle Cleanser | 125ml | RM127.20

*All the products are available at Shiseido counter.

Ibuki イブキ Multi Solution Gel
Ibuki Multi Solution Gel was actually a new addition in the range of Shiseido Ibuki. Come in a tiny packaging that just nice to fit in our palm, it's our instant beauty emergency saver, anytime anywhere!
It is an high impact gel solution that getting rid of our skin concerns due to stress and lifestyle habits, like skin roughness, dryness, visible pores and breakouts.
It comes in a very light and liquid form texture, slightly bluish and with a comfort scent. Gentle to the skin, non-comedogenic and dermatologist tested.

Direction to use:
  • apply appropriate amount of the gel, tap and spread it over the problem area.
  • last step of the skincare regimen, just to keep your skin smooth and hydrate.
  • can be used over make up.
Like the fit ball, Ibuki Multi Solution Gel keep our skin bouncing back in 3 ways!
  • With formulated ingredients like Trehalose, MLS Water, Horse Chestnut Seed Extract and Glycyrrhizic acid that activate the PhytoTarget Complex, they effectively restore the skin's resistance, directly work deeply into our skin and get rid of skin problems.
  • Connective Memory Network technology in the gel structure keeping the products adhere tightly to the skin layer. In the meanwhile, blocking external stimulus, rapidly delivering active ingredients penetrate to our skin and helps promoting skin healing.
  • Bouncy texture that locks dewy moisture and supplying skin-reviving ingredients directly to the skin.

My thoughts

I've use it frequently on my cheeks and eyelid area, which are the areas that always appear to be dry and even the skin peel off. The Multi Solution Gel works so well that I can instantly feel the suppleness on skin, much hydrated and comforting on the areas applied. It penetrate to the skin very rapidly and the texture isn't too oily. The size of its packaging is just perfect to carry around, especially when we are going to travel.
Lets bounce back from beauty emergencies and get on with your beautiful life!
For more information, please feel free to visit:
Shiseido Official website:

p/s: current giveaway!