Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Time to De-Stress with Superseeds - THE FACE SHOP

Perhaps stress is everywhere in life. If you do follow me on Instagram, you may know how 'hardworking' I am for always staying late at work LOL. Whoever experience such conditions, like frequent headache, insomnia, mood sway or even loss of appetite, YOU ARE IN STRESS.
Stress affects our health but also skin conditions, making it sensitive, dehydrated with skin peels/ big pores, rough texture and dull complexion, even acne/ breakouts too. 
Yesss! A great news for all of ya.
THE FACE SHOP brought in the Green Natural Seed Antioxidant range to help de-stressing your skin.
First impression on the PR Kit, it's super duper cute! I bet you feel it like I do, right? With recycle paper as dominant material and lots of small details on the layering, meticulously-natural!
Lets dive into the products!

So, what are the unique ingredients (that make up the Green Natural Seed Formula) in these range? 
  • Oat, rich in antioxidant properties, it helps to heal and repair the skin. 
  • Green Oat, a medicinal herb that contents bunks of minerals, helps to strengthen and nourish the skin. 
  • Tocopherol, powerful antioxidant that extracted from sunflower seeds and soybeans. A type of Vitamin E. 
This Antioxidant range comes with mild yet effective formulations. The key benefits of this line is to helps relieving stress and sensitivity in skin, while moisturising the skin. It even helps to improve skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production, reducing the signs of aging, like wrinkles, fine lines and uneven dull complexion.

Green Natural Seed Antioxidant Toner

Always start your skincare routine with cleansed face, as I said, cleanse your face twice (removing impurities using micellar cleansing water and facial cleanser). Then, followed by toner.

Green Natural Seed Antioxidant Toner - natural skin's reliever that helps to calm and relieve our skin from external stressors, like dryness, redness and irritations. 
Like the usual toner, it comes in dilute liquid form, accompanied by a soothing citrus scent, which makes my mind calm and relax.
In a wipe using cotton, I feel my skin is super moisturising and comfortable, the toner gives a soothing effect on my skin, my skin feel moist and soft. I love how the toner on my skin, it somehow like essence? It's really hydrating and refreshing.

Energy Seed Antioxidant Hydro Serum
Move on with Energy Seed Antioxidant Hydro Serum, that helps to boost the overall skincare regime. This serum can be used before toner too!
The 'first serum', with powerful blend of Mexican Chia Seed extract, Mango Seed Oil, Oat Kernel extract, Rosemary extract and combination of Vitamins, it comes with 2 key benefits - Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory (reducing skin irritation).
It is also FREE FROM harmful ingredients, like silicone, parabens, tar colorants, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil and PEG.

I love the texture a lot. It looks much like an essence toner to me. Very lightweight and watery. It smells so good and refreshing, like orange? It absorbs into the skin within seconds, leaving the skin soft and supple, with zero stickiness and oiliness.

Energy Seed Antioxidant Emulsion Lotion
Energy Seed Antioxidant Emulsion Lotion, an ultra-smooth emulsion that contains of natural skin-loving oils that soften the skin without leaving any heavy after-feel. It helps to maintain skin's moisture level, while improving the skin elasticity.
FYI, my skin's surface has a lots of white bumps and I was told by skin specialists that my skin is super moisture within, whereby dry on the surface. I have to be super aware on my skin moisturiser. Hence, this lotion is just the right thing for my skin.
The texture is kinda watery milky, can be easily spread out on the skin, with moist.  
It isn't super moisture, but simply lightweight and easily absorb into the skin.

Before and After
After the 3 steps routine using Green Natural Seed Antioxidant range, I feel my skin complexion is so much better. It looks less tired, with lesser blemishes and skin texture is so much better. Indeed, my skin is so much de-stressed!
Lets destress our skin together, achieving a better skin complexion and texture!

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