Welcome to my little world of Art
 Everything handmade

i gather information and do some research on Google
sometimes i get inspired from blogs
 i observed the card's designs at book shop
 and i wonder if i would like to make a copy of that
haha xD

i can spent up to half day(6 hours) to finish a craft
and i will make sure it is complete and perfectly done

I would like to do some sharing here .. =]

 #1 Chinese New year card
#2 Birthday card
#3 Birthday Card
#4 Teacher's day card
(Piano 3D)
(handmade ballerina)
 #5 Teacher's day card
(3D glitter words_Thank You)
inspired by: XiaXue
 #6 Teacher's day Card ( paper carving_ Butterfly & floral)

 #7 Chinese New year (paper carving_ Tiger)
 #8 Chinese New year (paper carving_ Tiger)

#9Chinese New year (paper carving_ lotus)
#10 Chinese New year (paper carving_ Rabbit)

#11 handmade ribbon_ Present

#12 Hari Raya card with ketupat shaping and emotion faces (inspired by a blogger)

#13 Hari Raya card with mosque and Moon in opposite way
 #14 The penguin Family! (Poly Clay Play)

#15 Popsicle House (with bench and little garden)


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