Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Fitness Journey

Fitness Journey
If you ever track me on my social media platforms, you might already knew that I have BUMPED INTO FITNESS and I have actually started 6 months ago! 

Before I start my journey to fitness, here are some throw back on the not-too-drastic-changes happening to me from 2014 till 2016, with zero photoshop in all the pictures.
I was never a skinny girl, N-E-V-E-R. I am always chubby in my petite size, an ordinary lady in pear shape. If you know what a pear stands for its shape, tiny waist with huge hip line and thigh. Back in 2014, I was still looking  'normal' and I was daring enough to fit in bikini for Steve Aoki's rave party.
A year later, I bet you see there is some changes on my face. Yeah, plastic surgery failed? I started to own that round face and trying to cover up all my fats with loose clothes.
In June 2015, my birthday month, I got shocked to even look at my own pictures with that gigantic elephant thighs and arms.  
In October 2015, I started to bloat and look like a pregnant lady in her petite size due to my eating habit and lifestyle without working out at all. With no choice, I have to work really hard to edit all my pictures so that I looked like the ideal me as you seen in all my social  media platforms and blog.

I can't fit in most of the pants as I felt the tightness on my thigh and waist. I was able to pinch on my three layers fat tummy when I was doing some excretion in the washroom. I realized the changes on my body and I tried to reflect myself in pictures/mirror. FATS IS ALL A-ROUND. 
My Fitness Inspiration
I used to give myself excuses, like 'I am not able to skip meal, I have gastric and low blood glucose level' as I have tried to skip meal when I was younger and ended up faint in the public. For a week, I have slight eating disorders, like I felt disgusting and vomiting even looking at food.

Until, I followed Sherlyn Tan (Founder of Twenty3) on Instagram. I started to have a clearer look of her personal life. How she used to be a in-confidence girl, she always felt fat and ashamed about her body, she even tried to commit suicide till she approached fitness that causing a major changes in her life. 
I was impressed with her words and attitude toward life. Through her Instagram, I got to know Kayla, as well as the BBG communities. I began to follow a bundles of BBG girls on my Instagram as nmosf of them tend to share about their transformation, recipes and fitness tips. 
I was so inspired during that period of time, when I saw every single changes in the girls, even a mother of 4. They have that curvy bodies that they are proud of, with the perfect abs and huge fit thighs.
Then, I was like "OMFG, I gonna work that shit out!" There goes my fitness journey in December 2015. I wanted to own that body, I wanted to feel confidence with it, I wanted to built it. Not about losing weight, but owning that ideal body and of course a better lifestyle. 
My Fitness Motivation
I started to cut down my food portion but never skip a meal. I replaced my snack with granola, fruits and milk. I stopped craving on unhealthy snacks no matter how stressful and emotional I was. Never order a drinks for my lunch or dinner, but always opt for drinking water.

After approaching Kayla, I have decided to give a try on her Kayla Apps. I did not purchase the monthly apps, but went for the one month trial. I wanted to know if I was able to be determine throughout the period. I did not go for gym, as that's not how some girls worked, 30 minutes workout per day was good enough.

I initiated myself by purchasing sport bras and yoga mat. I forced and dragged myself to workout for at least 30 minutes everyday, even when I was back from class at 6pm. I gave no excuses to myself even though I was exhausted after a 7 hours class. I spent no time on surfing the net or nap, as I rather spent them on fitness and building my body.

After the one month trial on Kayla's app, I started to workout with Blogilates on Youtube. You know what? It's FREE and it WORKS.

If you wonder how I kept myself motivated all the time?

  1. Follow all the fitness pages and BBG girls on Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Take pictures of your body after every single workout and share it over your social media platforms. 
  3. Set your lock-screen and wallpapers with images that is able to motivate you not only in your phone, but everywhere, in your ipad and laptop. I used to have Cathryn Li's body as my lock screen wallpaper.
  4. Have a clear mind set of what is the ideal body that you are aiming for and stop giving yourself excuses to skip working out.
  5. Start purchasing pretty sportswear, like special prints and colorful sports bra. That helps reminding yourself 'Oh Damn, I have bought so many and I gonna put them on!'
  6. Always look yourself into the mirror after every workout and see the changes. 

3 months later, I have noticed significant changes on my body. I SAW ABS ON ME. Even my boyfriend did notice that I was less meaty at the side of my hips as he used to hug me from behind and love to pinch me.

After seeing the changes, I have never been any forceful to workout anymore. I felt extremely happy when I was sweating and trying different kinds of intense workouts like 1000 abs challenges. I felt wrong when I wasn't sweating and I would go for another 30 minutes more.

I felt delighted looking into myself through mirror, I saw shapes and lines on my body which I have never thought about. I saw satisfaction in my face. I FINALLY OWNED THEM.

Not only changes in body, but I was mentally changed too. I started to embrace the 'western culture' as there were actually many more curvy ladies out there, appreciating their body shapes and being proud of their body, as well as dressing up daringly. I totally admire Ashley Graham whom said "it's not about the size you wear, it's about how you wear your size".
 I saw changes on my face too. I have gotten that jaw line! I saw that distinct separation from ma neck and face.
I felt so much confidence in dressing with low cut or sleeveless top. I knew I might still being chubby but at least I have that muscles on me, not fully covering with fats. I am way healthier and happier now. 
I have to make it clear that I DID NOT SKIP MEAL neither EAT CLEAN. 
I still wanna crave on sweet and salty stuffs. But I definitely have to put extra effort in building up my bodies even though in a slower pace.
Hmm.. my personal view towards life will be, be slow and enjoy! Not too rush yourself in building such a body in a month, you should enjoy the procedure with enough endurance and discipline. 

Even though there is some changes now after my internship life, yet I am still not losing track. I am still working out at least thrice a week, with more cardio exercises and for at least one hour. I have to say 'be determine and always adapt to changes'.
Right after the laziness overwhelm you, you will hardly get back to fitness.

That's all about my fitness journey. What's yours? Mind to share? Leave me a comment below!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Time Capsule Retreat @Sungai Lembing, Pahang

Time Capsule Retreat @Sungai Lembing, Pahang
After the thrilling Bentong day trip, Chency and I were still overjoy and indulging in the mood of holiday. We were both anticipating for another short summer vacation on our own. Out of random, we have decided to visit Time Capsule Retreat at Sungai Lembing, Pahang. We hope to have some relaxing time spent there, away from the urban city and of course some plans for video shooting in the serenity of nature. 

Woke up at 7.30am and we have make move around 10pm from Petaling Jaya. The journey took us around 3 to 4 hours, and we WAZEd throughout the whole journey. Just search for "Time Capsule Retreat" and you will get there accurately!
White Cottage
It was a really hot sunny day! Well, it's Malaysia.
Unlike the hotel, there's no reception desk but there's a 'kakak' to help out, showing us the room and guiding us with places to visit.
This is one of the "White Cottage" which suits 2 to 4 persons to stay over.
There is basic BBQ facility and you guys might have some BBQ for dinner. Remember to bring your own food LOL.

The white cottage has a huge living hall, so clean and much like a comfort home with television. All the family members can gather around, sitting on the wooden chair, chit chatting throughout the night, with the accompany of the sound of nature.
Here's a room with two queen size beds.
Walking down a trail, we were brought to the '"Capsule" stay. There were tables and chairs at the center of the capsules, which I don't it was a good place to sort of 'feel the sun'.
There are actually two types of capsules, with a little different from the interior design, yet both comes with the sky view hole, with air conditioners and in cylinder tube kind of shape.
Capsule 1
Capsule 1 comes with the renown insta-worthy transparent glass door and concrete wall, without window.
No worry, you're not gonna expose your personal life through the glass door, there's a white drape curtain!

Capsule 2
Capsule 2 comes with no glass door but a stunning wide window view, with a pair of matching blue window.
This was the room where both of us stayed over. I was quite surprise as it wasn't that spacious like what I thought. Do bear in mind not to bring huge luggage.
It was so freaking cold sleeping in such a tube with full air conditioning.
For capsules, we don't have our own bathroom but a shared one.
I have read through a few travel blog and none of them mention about the bathroom, which was my very first concern.
Here I shared a picture of it. It was way better than what I've imagined right before the trip. It was so clean and every bathroom equipped with water heater. I felt really comfortable showering in the bathroom. It was really hygienic.
Beside the capsules and cottage, there's a hidden paved lane to the "Parallel Aurora", which was actually a nicely designed container room, with large glass panel windows.
I wonder, there was a round bath tub outside the container. hmm...

Beside filming and shooting in the capsule for the damn whole day, we have visited the town as well. Suggest not to go on normal weak day or non-peak season LOL. There was very little shops operating, I can tell, not more than 5? We have not much choices for food and restaurants.
Nasi Ayam Dara
We have hunted for the famous Nasi Ayam Dara for dinner, located opposite Persatuan Hainan Sungai Lembing. The operation hour is usually after 4pm, if not mistaken.

Rainbow Waterfall
We have actually participated in some activities the next day, which was a tour at Rainbow Water Fall at RM50 each. 'Kakak' helped us to contact the person-in-charge and we were all requested to fill up a form with personal details before the tour. We would rather pay to stay safe instead of getting up the rainbow fall our self :(
We were all requested to gather at 6.30 am and our journey to the water fall started after the breakfast in town. The real excitement started when we were all brought up to the hill with a 4x4 four wheel truck. The whole drive journey as if both of us was situated in the movie 'Fast and Furious'. It was real cooling as the wind blew and with the speed of the truck.
We were dropped at each station, to enjoy every single view of the sunrise. 
After crossing the river with slippery stones and hiking for about 30 minutes, we have finally arrived the waterfall. We were served with maggie cup and hot milo at the waterfall, like an award for the efforts made LOL. (Included in in the package of Rainbow Waterfall Tour)
We have actually waited for 2 and half hour for the appearance of rainbow. The rainbow only lasted for less than 20 minutes. 
I realized that the whole journey reflect what's in our life. The noble moment lasted only few minutes, but we have actually spent more than ten years behind to achieve what we have dreamt of and wanted. 
"Nothing comes easy, we have to be patience, overcome each and every obstacles, work all out. "

There were actually a number of activities beside the Rainbow Waterfall Tour, like visiting the Museum, hiking the Panorama Hill and visiting the hanging bridge. Just contact the kakak for any inquiries.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Taiwan Trip, Day 4

First post in June -
Here's some quick update on my current, so called 'lifestyle'. I have actually started my internship a month back and I was busying with my FYP before that, right after the update on Taiwan Trip Day 3. I have totally forgotten that I stopped at day 3, due to the hustle life which I am pretty enjoying. Summarize all - TOO BUSY.
After 2 months, I am finally back with my Taiwan Trip, Day 4. Yayyyyyy!
In this post, I am going to start off with my very first station at (XinShe Castle) Summit Resort, 新社莊园 in TaiChung. 
XinShe Castle wasn't a hot spot for travelling but pre-wedding shooting, as I did not read up much regarding on this place on travel blog, unless you are an architecture and photography freak like me, you will definitely in love with this place like I do. The breath-taking view and of course an insta-worthy place too LOL.

Like an ordinary girl, I am obsessed with castles and fairy tales. I was over-joyed when the castle from the fairy tales came alive!

XinShe Castle is an unique manmade castle which imitating the architectural style in the ancient Europe, in the period of Renaissance.
Everything was so elegant and magnificent! I really love how silence it was, not much of crowd, with only the sound of natures. The gushing sound of the water, birds that were humming when they flew by, all the details on the buildings, every single bricks, and arches. I felt that I was really situated in a painting. An European oil painting.
The castles looked spectacularly majestic under the sun kiss!
Even though it wasn't an historical building, but it was a great place as an recreational park that was perfect for an evening walk!

It was filled with lush greeneries and stunning flowers in the gardens, as well as swans in the lake!
The tree-scrapers has reminded me of the song 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift though. 
Well, this creepy place somehow reminded me of the vampires that I have seen in the movies.
After visiting the castle, again we have hopped into another fairy tale's destination - Lavender Cottage Farm (薰衣草森林).
It is a journey of dream, painted by colors and collected through memories.

The lavender cottage farm was started up by two girls who loves to travel and dream. Bought a hill in nowhere, they have started to grow lavender sea, with the aroma of coffee around, they realized it's time to share their dream with everyone else in the world.
Upon arrival, we were welcomed by a giant teddy bear! It was so large that mimicking my size!

Instead of just visiting the lavender farm lamely, this journey was so much adventurous and exploratory, with a fun mission behind.
Right at the entrance, we were given a map to collect colorful stamps from each station that comes with different themes. There were market, gardens, pathways, as well as cafe.
Along the journey, we were led to different surroundings and unique experiences.

The so called 'post office' that you may purchase any post cards and send to the one you have forgotten in the country home.
If you have visited the lavender farm in Cameron Highlands, well, I have to say, the lavender yield in the lavender cottage farm was so much larger.
Following the trail and up to the hill, there was a wishing bell.

I have dropped a wish too! Let me know if you are able to find mine =P

Right before the exit, there was a beautiful carousel. Just to fulfill the girly's dream.
WHAT? A carousel in a forest?!
I have realized that the secret behind the mission was actually wanting the explorers to enjoy every single steps they took, be slow and take a look of the surroundings, admire the natures and feel the soothing breeze. Or else, you may just miss the stamps!
Instead of collecting the stamps on the map, I have so much fun collecting the stamps on my stamp book LOL, which I literally bought it from 光南大批发 for stamping purpose.
At the last stop, we have visited the Flying Cow Ranch (飞牛牧场).

It was a great place for children. Overall was clean, children get to have a closer look of the animals, as well as taking part in the interactive activities, like feeding the animals, watching the ducks parade and etc.

I was pretty disappointing as I did not get to see Alpaca 草泥马. Information misled. =.=

The flying cow ranch was a really huge place, there was also butterfly farm, children playing area and restaurants.
I have to salute their innovative milk in peach flavor! OMG, it was so damn nice, but too bad it wasn't for sale, but it was only been given away to all the visitors, one for each visitors. Some of the other milks and yogurt were so damn nice too.
On our way back to the hotel, we saw an enormous sunflower fields, right beside the MiaoLi TongLuo highway 苗栗銅鑼交流道.
I guess the sunflowers will look even brighter on the right season. =(
That's all for my Taiwan Trip Day 4. Will blog about the next few days soonest!

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