Friday, April 29, 2016

REO Suite: My Ideal Work Place

To be honest, I am definitely one of my friend, Chency's biggest blog fans LOL! I used to read every of her blog post and even watching her Youtube Videos, that's how I always keep myself inspired and as a motivation for me in pursuing my interest or even motivation in blogosphere. 

Last few days, as usual, I have come across her blog again where this time she blogged about her visit to the REO Suite with few of my fella blogger friends. So envy when I saw all of them sharing their nice photos in the suite on Instagram. Hence, to be a little tricky, I asked Chency to accompany me for a visit again.
Here we were, at the REO Suite show unit, One City USJ. I felt a little excited when I was at the door step. the entrance itself already very impressive.
Chency has explained so much to me that the suite was actually inspired by the idea of 'In Between', which was a working place and also a home place. 
It was definitely a flexible space that you can work without tense and chill with your colleagues. Grabbing a sip of wine and got all the inspirations flow when you have run out of ideas.
I guess it was a great place for designer like me. I meant we used to brainstorm everyday and sometimes we may just run out of ideas, stoning in front of the laptop. We really need a place for to get our mind set and relax.
OMG, I really love how simple was their interior design, it isn't really huge but it's comfortable, with a table which I can do my own design and a comfortable bed where I can rest a little or even reading book.
The washroom was so classy, I felt i was in the hotel's washroom.
After tons of work, all the colleagues and friends can gather around to have a tea and chit chat a little, sharing some joy while looking out of the wide glass panels. Besides, all of us can even have our lunch or dinner here, with night scenery accompanied!
Some of us may even hang around  the office and even have some sporty activities in this space, like playing pool. You can get yourself to sweat a little and being energetic back again!
When a couple tend to have a tiny space of their own, they can even lunch or dine here. A little romance in their work place. I guess it was also a perfect place to meet our clients here!

This suite was so versatile that there's even a place for musical inspiration, I guess it was just a perfect place for song writer or singer.
Here's another corner for little artists. Spot the pink bed with so many cute pillows! How lovely! Well, I rather stay here for OT compare to getting home when there was a huge project. Waking up with my works the next day, continue working instead of rushing into the morning traffic. 
This was definitely my ideal space, a place where I love to work at, a place where I can show my passion and even a place to have fun! I love how the shades of blue went well with the pink, as well as the pillow with some simple drawings on. 
It was so cozy and I feel so comfortable to be in this place, like lying down in an ocean. The color made me feel so calm and free.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Fit: Sloggi ZERO Cotton Collection

I guess every single woman loves sexy sleepwear and lingerie like I do, not even wearing but the will of owning them. I have no idea why am I so madly indulge in purchasing all kind of lingerie lately. I am so obsessed with the romantic lace and bright soft hues, enjoying the smooth comfort touch on the material and all the lovely design.

are we choosing the RIGHT one?

Months ago Sloggi has launched their latest range of ZERO collection, highlighting the natural invisible and comfort look while introducing the natural Supima cotton in  ZERO Cotton and ZERO Micro series.
Sometimes fitting can be quite challenging, especially when I am going for something casual and slim fit, like T shirt and crop top, I don't like to expose my bra cup and the rough texture on the bra edge even frustrate me more. In order to prevent the embarrassing bra edge, choosing the right bra is essential and it really helps to boost the overall look.

I am so glad that I have made a right choice in picking up the Sloggi ZERO Cotton, which perfectly meeting all my demands.
With the luxurious and skin-friendly Supima Cotton as material, the ZERO Cotton series leaves the skin with a softer and smoother look. It is just like my second skin, seamless and breathable. Sometimes, I just feel like I am wearing nothing beneath! Besides, I am so impressed with the invisible bra edge that works under the advanced bonding technology, no more disturbing line and un-smooth texture reflecting on the clothes.

Wearing the matching briefs, is super soft and gentle, under the all-cotton fibers material.
Anyway, the ZERO Cotton series comes with variety of pastel colors, that is just in time to embrace the Spring pleasure.
Also, all types of bras which are just perfect to fit in any clothes for any occasions.
Usually, I will go for push up bra or bra cup with metal wire, to provide extra lift and giving a desired curvy shape for the overall look. Yet, some of the underwire bra, may somehow cut my skin or even causing irritation. 

This time,  I have decided to give a try by picking up the Sloggi ZERO Cotton without any incorporation of metal wire cup. The ultra smooth and comfort cotton aside, I feel totally amazed by the bra set, as it gives the utmost support to my breast, leaving it with extra soft and natural round shape. I feel much comfortable to jump and walk around as I am like wearing nothing underneath. From what I have observed in the pictures, the bra is going to sink and blend into my skin, which is just perfect under the appearance of white top, seamless and flawless. No more awkward situation!
Btw, there's a good news for all! Sloggi is looking for Miss ZERO, any ladies who contain a number ZERO in your mobile number, you will be awarding with exclusive coupon for redemption! Apply now at

All Sloggi collection is available at Sloggi counters, Triumph boutique as well as Triumph's online store!
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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sorabee Balancing Series

Months ago, I was invited to join the Sorabee grand launch in Da:Men, USJ. Unfortunately, I did not manage to make it due to class and assignments. Yet, the PR was so kind that delivering the Sorabee products to me right at my doorstep for review. 
Sorabee Balancing Series
Sorabee, meant by 'honey from the sea' in Korea, it was indeed a premium skincare brand from Korea and it was known as the world's first naturally nourishing sea star collagen skincare. Yeap! It is collagen again! For external use only. 

All the products from Sorabee are rich in collagen ingredients and it comes with 3 major series, which is the balancing series, whitening series and anti-wrinkle series. So, in this post, I'll be reviewing the balancing series. 
In the Sorabee balancing series, they aim to balance the sebum control and keeping the skin complexion shine-free while maintain the moisture level within skin as well as smoothen the skin texture.

Sorabee Balancing Cleansing Lotion
Sorabee Balancing Cleansing Lotion
All the skincare regime starts off with cleanse. Even though without putting on any makeup, but double cleanse is an essential step that always keeping our skin clean and away from impurities. Do you ever know that we should remove our 'sunblock' as well? 

Cleansing lotion and cleansing water are always my preference. Sorabee Balancing Cleansing Lotion, is a two-in-one formula cleansing lotion that helps removing makeup and cleanses our skin. Meanwhile, it helps to sooth and soften the skin.
It comes in a white creamy texture with a hint of citrus aroma, which is so refreshing and relaxing! I would love to squeeze them out just for a smell haha!

The main ingredients are rice extract, mineral salts, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil and various milk ingredients.
I always prefer cleansing my face with fingers rather than using facial cotton or tissue as I used to have that hurtful feeling after removing my makeup. My skin is irritated and red blemishes appears when I am in a rush, I tend to be harsh to my skin. 
Yet, Sorabee lotion is rather a good choice for me, removing my foundation makeup with fingers are so much easier! Going round and round, then wash them off, it leaves my skin soft without any oily feeling. I would suggest using lotion to remove face makeup, but oil-based remover for waterproof eye or lip makeup.

Size and Price: 150g | RM79.50

Sorabee Balancing Essence
Sorabee Balancing Essence
Putting on essence before any further application of skincare is important. It helps to boost our skin moisture while effectively deliver all the active ingredients into our skin layer. 
Sorabee Balancing Essence, helps maintaining our skin's moisture while acting as a protective barrier. 
Unlike the usual essence that comes in clear transparent texture, it comes in a clear white watery texture, which is smooth and easy to spread out. 

The main ingredients and technology used are sea star collagen (anti-aging effect), deep sea water (purify and clarify) and sea pool (moisture and revitalize). 
Again, I am so in love with the scent, so fruitilicious! The scent aside, the penetrates level is amazing. Within seconds, it is fully absorb into the skin. In short, we get to conclude how fine the active ingredients are. After the application, I feel the instant radiance glow on my skin, with better complexion and and skin texture. 

Size and Price: 30ml | RM121.90

Sorabee Balancing Aqua Cream
Sorabee Balancing Aqua Cream
Sorabee Balancing Aqua Cream, works like a moisturizer, it helps to boost skin hydration and firmness. With enough hydration on the skin, it helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
I was so impressed by the texture itself. At first sight, it looks like a gel sort of solid creamy texture, like a bubble, instantly with a pop of finger, it turns into a super watery texture, like water droplets.

I feel my skin is so supple and moisture after the application, with a cool and soft finish behind. My whole face is full of citrus aroma hehe, so fresh! No stickiness and oiliness!

Size and Price: 70g | RM106

Sorabee Balancing SS Mask
Sorabee Balancing SS Mask
Last but not least, never skip the home care step - MASK!
Sorabee Balancing SS Mask is an intensive care facial mask patch that helps to moisturize and revitalize our skin. Besides, it helps to restore skin elasticity and tighten our skin.
The material used on the mask sheet is rather common for me, as it is similar with mask from other brand. Perhaps there will be some improvement on the formula and material used, as I would suggest it in a thinner layer and with more essence on the mask for better penetration. Moreover, the effect on hydration is just fine for me. Nothing too special.

Size and Price: 20g x 10 packs | RM100.70

Now, we get to try the premium skincare brand from Korea in Malaysia!

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Outlet               : Da:Men | The Mines | Taiping Mall | Sunway Carnival Mall | Quill City Mall | Gurney Plaza 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Organic Skincare | Eternelle

I guess everyone loves the compliment of being told way younger than their real age.

Rohanna Hussein, who is in her 60 and a mother to 3 children, has experienced the same too! She believes that everyone deserve to look younger and retain their youthfulness. Hence, she has started her research journey and finally founded her own skincare series - Eternelle Organic Skincare. She wants to accomplish everyone's dream of loving and be proud of their own skin, need not any makeup beneath and look confidence even without makeup. 
Regardless on age or gender, with Eternelle, beauty is lasting and timeless. In addition, everyone can afford the price of beauty. 
In the Eternelle range, they highlight on eco-friendly and organic, not only the ingredients itself but products which are refillable!
The packaging itself features the nature too, with green complement with white on the simple plastic material. 
Not to talk too much on the introduction and back to the products! In this post, I'll be reviewing the products of Cleanse, Luste, Miracle and Touche, with only 4 simple steps of daily facial regime.

CLEANSÉ Facial Collagen Cleanser
CLEANSE Facial Collagen Cleanser, it is just my favorite as in the previous post I did mention that I am totally not a fans of foam cleanser, but gel cleanser. Cleanse comes in a foam-less clear gel texture, which is really light and really soften my skin. I really love the scent of the gel, with fresh and sweet floral aroma, with some hidden touch of green tea.
Cleanse is formulated with collagen that helps removing makeup, oil and impurities on the skin, while getting our skin moisturized and revitalized. I guess it works perfectly as a double cleanser on my skin! It really helps removing some light foundation makeup, that completely remove some impurities that left out from our first cleanse with makeup remover.

Price: RM34.90 | 80ml

LUSTÉ Intensive Hydrating Serum
LUSTE Intensive Hydrating Serum comes in a very lightweight slight yellow-ish gel texture, yet much in a dilute liquid form. 
I am quite surprise that the serum penetrates swiftly into the skin, without leaving any unbearable stickiness or oiliness on the skin. It just prep my skin from further application of moisturizer and hydration cream. 

Price: RM79.90 | 15ml

MIRACLÉ Instant Lift & Firm
MIRACLE Instant Lift and Firm comes in a much clear white creamy texture, with a light scent of herbal aroma? The main ingredients will be Bee Venom that helps in firming the skin while reducing the fine lines. 
It is equipped with a applicator, which I guess it works just well around the eyes area, super gentle that helping in massage and letting the active ingredients to penetrate more. 

Price: RM112.90 | 15ml

Obviously, my skin looks way glowy and healthier after the 3 steps of skincare regime. My skin look even firmer and supple too!

TOUCHÉ High Performance Foundation SPF30+

Last but not least, TOUCHE High Performance Foundation SPF30 is just perfect for our hassle morning!
It provides 5-in-1 effects to the skin from pre-aging, anti-aging, revitalizing, firming and sunscreen. Foundation that works like a skincare too!
Benefits aside, it comes with a common tone yet the texture does not impress me at all. It is way too dilute and sticky, while containing some graininess within.
From my own view, the foundation shade is just fine as it can complements various skin tones. Yet, it is not smooth enough to be evenly spread on the skin where it causes patchiness on the skin. It reminds me the texture of dough? It forms lines even when I am spreading off with my fingers. Perhaps there will be some enhancement on the formula and texture.
Somehow, I would advise to apply part by part on the face, start with a tiny pump (10 sen). Surprisingly, it forms a very thin and airy foundation layer on the skin!

Price: RM79.90 | 30ml

Overall, if you're looking for affordable and organic skincare products, Eternelle might be a great choice for you to start off with.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

KOSE Sekkisei Herbal Gel

Recently, Kose has launched its innovative multi-functional herbal gel and it is now a rising star within Malaysian Celebrities, like Jeffrey 庄惟翔, KeQing 可晴 , Hunny Madu and Monika from Asia Next Top Model Cycle 3.

A week ago, I was invited by Kose Malaysia, to join and witness the grand launch of the Kose Sekkisei Herbal Gel along with all the medias and personalities at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur. 
Kose Sekkisei Herbal Gel
In order to fit in the busy lifestyle of modern people nowadays, Sekkisei has invented a wonder gel that comes with 6 benefits in just a jar.
With only a jar of this wonder gel, it helps to save up most of our time in pursuing daily skincare regime. Cutting down all the steps, one simple step of applying this gel, it works the miracle-ly same like emulsion, serum, cream and mask! It is just a perfect companion for us who is always on the go, a quick fix with the gel leavings us with translucent healthy complexion!

Sekkisei Herbal Gel comes in a light glass jar, which I think that it isn't convenient to be carried around, due to its fragility. The glass jar is actually good in durable of temperature, as in preventing the quality changes due to temperature changes from the surrounding. 

Yet, it is convenient in terms of the content and benefits within, as we just need to carry a cleanser and the sekkisei herbal gel with us when ever we travel. It definitely saves up a lot of space in our bag or luggage, skipping that toner, serum, moisturizer and lotion. 
On top of Sekkisei's proprietary trio oriental plant extracts - Angelica, Melothria and Mugwort, Sekkisei Herbal Gel has been added with two extra active ingredients, which are Fermented Coix Seed and Loquat Leaf to ensure the effectiveness in delivering moisture and promote skin translucency.

Each and every ingredients carry its very own unique benefits:
  • Angelica - Intense moisture, long lasting hydration
  • Fermented Coix Seed and loquat leaf - Antioxidant properties that helps skin in achieving radiant glow
  • Mugwort - Sooth the skin and provide anti-inflammatory effects
  • Melothria - Plump up the skin while leaving it with soft touch
  • Plant based oil - soften the skin

The benefits aside, I found  that the texture of the herbal gel was just impressive. This innovative gel texture was formulated by emollient capsules technology in order to achieve affinity to the skin and effeiciently delivers active ingredients into the skin.
It comes in a white gel texture, which is quite similar to the texture of face cream, yet it is much lightweight when attach to the skin. It was so easy to be spread on the skin, smoothly and evenly without leaving any slippery feeling behind. The scent of the gel is so refreshing and strong, with a sweet floral hint, which is pretty identical to the sekkisei lotion. 
For full skincare regime, apply it after cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer.
For a quick fix, apply it directly after toner.
For waking up in the next morning with beautiful skin, apply two scoop on the skin before sleep.
For hydration boost, apply one scoop om cleansed face.
I have been using Sekkisei Herbal Gel for the past week and I really love how it works on the skin. The soft moisture texture aside, the feeling of waking up with soft supple skin is really good! I swear!
For daily skincare regime usage, there will be a sticky feeling after the application and it will turn out a little oily after hours, yet it would be an awesome base before makeup. I would suggest putting on the herbal gel at night or even as a sleeping mask! It really really moisture my skin and giving it a glowy radiance the next morning! Waking up with good skin is never a problem now!

Here's the result after the application. Dewy soft baby smooth skin with healthy glow. Well, isn't it just perfect to prep our skin before a Korean dewy makeup look?
Yeap! SIX benefits in ONE gel! We can now enjoy 6 benefits with just 1 hassle-free application!

Kose Sekkisei Herbal Gel
Made in           : Japan
Size                  : 79 ml | 2.8 o.z.
Ingredients     : angelica, melothria, mugwort, fermented coix seed and loquat leaf
Benefit            : long lasting hydration up to 8 hours, softening and smoothing, radiance boosting
Retail Price     : RM130

For more information and update, feel free to visit Kose Malaysia on