Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Smokey Eyes Makeup for New Year Eve!

Right before New Year, I have come out with a smokey eyes makeup tutorial that I guess it was just perfect for the party! 
It was basically a transformation look from day to night, as I knew most of you are working on 31st. So, here's a makeup transformation from a daily light makeup into a party night smoke out look! It was something bold and definitely making you eye-catchy in the party!
Smokey Eyes

The makeup was so easy to be done and all the steps were shown clearly. The eye makeup was completed with only an eye shadow palette and 3 shades. 

Products used as shown below:

LEGERE Magic Water Cool Aqua Powder
HEAVY ROTATION Gel Pencil Eyeliner
ARTDECO The Most Wanted Eyeshadow Nude
OFFICE Shadow Cake
HEAVY ROTATION Pure Color Gloss #01
False Lashes 
The whole video was much lifestyle, without involving too much of editing and it was kinda rush for me in uploading this before the new year eve. Hope you guys will like it and please subscribe to my channel to stay tune more video from me.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Endless Jewelry, Endless Inspiration.

I guess almost everyone has hook onto a trend of owning a bracelet with different charms on it. Especially girls, we are trying too hard to collect as much of charms as possible. And, sending a unique charm as a gift for the special one, is always the best and it is so much easier as you just simply don't have to crack your head.
Recently, Endless Jewelry, a danish fashion jewelry brand has landed in Malaysia. With no doubt, Malaysia is so much lucky to be the first country to have the Endless boutique over the South East Asia.

Endless is hand finished jewels that is created with genuine metal plating in gold, rose gold, sterling silver, precious stones, quality leather and high touch of craftsmanship.
The concept of Endless Jewelry, is the idea of offering fine jewelry in affordable price and attainable to a wide customer group. 
Unlike the usual bracelet we see outside, Endless Jewelry is so much different as it comes with a various of color and design for its bracelet. It has the usual silver bracelet, 3-string bracelet and leather bracelet with different loops and 25 colors to choose on.
It works pretty simple, where you will just have to choose one of the bracelet design from all, either single loop to triple loop, even the material and colors itself.
Then, choose your preference size that best fit your wrist.
Last but not least, pick one of your favorite charm with your preference colors and designs.
Even the mechanism works pretty different from the usual silver bracelet, as it either comes with steel lock or gold plated lock.
It can be easily opened with the steel lock, by just pulling apart.
As we can see from the picture, it comes with 25 colors to choose from, that perfectly suit our changeable lifestyle and attitude. The leather design is so glamorous, edgy and trendy, guess it targets a wide age group from teenagers to elderly group.

Whereby, this collection was designed by the fashionable Jennifer Lopez itself, who is also Endless Jewelry's ambassador and co-designer. The J Lo collection was inspired by the idea of reflection of own personality and style, something bold and edgy. The leather design is so much different from the original one, as it is much elegant. It comes with the reptile design, with a great texture and extra shine on the leather itself, offering bold color like golden, red and black. The other design will be in metallic colors.
The golden reptile which is also known as the Winner of the Collection of the year, is one of my favorite bracelet, as well as the leather bracelet in mint green.
The Endless Jewelry comes with endless possibilities, that it has over 600 charms to choose from, that gives additional fun and joy, as well as festive. Consumers able to express own self by customizing their bracelet with endless possibilities, mix and matching the colors depending on the occasion, outfit and emotions.
Besides, silver and gold charms, they offer charms in rose gold that matching with colorful stones.
Since Christmas is near, Endless has launched their Christmas collection as well, with snowflakes design, angel and more. Guess you shouldn't miss this! Grab one for your special one for this Christmas. It's your choice to create and combine, add a little sparkles for this special Christmas.
Here am I wearing the award winning leather from J Lo collection. How dazzling it is on my chubby wrist.

Polish service isn't offer as it can last up to 7 years without getting oxidized. The charm will still glow and have to be maintained by just cleaning it with cloth. Consumer is advised to remove the bracelet when having aggressive activities that causing sweat or even taking shower.

Gold charms are made of 18kt. Gold plated sterling silver.
Silver charms are made of Rhodium plated sterling silver.
Rose gold charms are made of 18kt. Rose Gold plated sterling silver.

Endless Jewelry bracelets are priced from RM299 onwards.
Charms are priced from RM119 to RM999. 
Anyway, there is a promotion going on from 2 December till 17 January!

For more information, feel free to visit Endless Jewelry on

Friday, December 25, 2015

My First Makeup Tutorial on Youtube

I have a confession to do, 

So yeah *drum rolls*....

My very FIRST makeup tutorial was up on my Youtube channel. Finally!!!

For years, I have been watching makeup tutorials on Youtube. I meant all kind of makeup, from lovely one till the creepy one. Something that I was really obsessed about beside some comedy videos. I quite insane in watching people in the video who initially look ugly but end up with a totally different and pretty look LOL. That is quite a reflection of me, looking distinct before and after the makeup, even in real and in photo haha!

As I have blogged earlier right in the post 'My 2016 Resolution', I decided to come out with a makeup tutorial. 
Wait no more, I have made one. My very own makeup tutorial on my channel. A look for Christmas. I guess it was just in time, for a perfect dating although it wasn't professionally done.

The makeup was actually inspired by LOVE? Yeah, FYI, I am currently in love. Not currently, but it has lasted nearly 2 years.
I named it as Sweet Christmas Date Makeup because I always got to relate pink with love, date and shy. I guess it was a great one for a date, pretty simple, light and natural, with just the basic application of CC cream, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blushes, brows and lips.

It was a rough and quick one, as I am still in the progress of learning and exploring. I wasn't really good in controlling my camera, setting up, as well as editing in Premiere Pro and After Effects. ( friends did all my video related assignments) I didn't invest much of the equipment, what ever light source, professional lenses or backdrop. But, I am willing to learn and try:)

It was a good start for me. I hope you guys will like it and show me some support by subscribing to my channel ----> Here

I will just share about everything I knew, my passion, my skills and some of my personal beauty hacks through my channel.
Fingers crossed that I will try to do more tutorials in the future. Share the video if you do love my look, or even leaving some comments.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Skincare and Supplement from Return Legacy

In this post, I am going to start with 4 steps in achieving healthy skin and body!

Step 1: H+ Skin Renewal Spray
With the fast pace of modern lifestyle, it's hard to avoid but most of our skin has entered the 'sub health' state, which is a state where skin is dry, aging and even appear to be very sensitive. In order to get rid of the 'sub health' skin, Return Legacy has come out with the H+ skin renewal spray with the infused of Japan Micro Mineralised Nutrient Technology. It helps active ingredients to be easily penetrated into the skin and perform in its maximum.
Main ingredients:
Aqua, Potassium Citrate, Potassium Carbonate, Silicon Oxide, Magnesium Sulfate
Texture and scent:
It doesn't come with any scent and work just like mist. The texture is much like water, crystal clear, non-greasy and non sticky.

My Thoughts:
I used to apply H+ renewal spray as my skin toner and even as base before applying makeup. I realized that my makeup last longer after the usage and even the oiliness has been reduced. besides, I used it as a mist too when I have makeup on or after I removed my makeup, just to make sure my skin isn't dry. Every time after usage, there's a real cooling sensation on my skin, I can feel it instantly hydrates my skin as my skin appear to be supple and smooth. I was so amazed that it works magically from top to toe, as eye spray, breath freshener spray and hair spray!

Step 2: Redoxy
Second step will be Redoxy, to combat with all the sign of aging caused by variety factors, like hot sun, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habit. Redoxy, infused with Micro Mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMN) which is also known as Microcluster technology, that helps reducing our skin's surface tension, in order to get active ingredients to penetrate deeply into our skin for maximum nourishment and absorption.
Main ingredients:
  • Milk peptide (reduce visible signs of aging, inducing production of collagen in skin)
  • hyaluronic acid (best moisturizing agent)
  • collagen (protect skin from moisture loss and firm the skin by rejuvenation)

Benefit and usage:
  • Anti-ageing (reduce wrinkles, fine lines)
  • hydration (locks moisture in skin cells for long hours, minimize pores)
  • Rejuvenation (firm skin, improve skin elasticity, enhance production of collagen)
  • Penetration (allows nutrients to penetrate deeply and nourish the skin cell)
  • Repairing (boost skin healing, like scars and marks)

Texture and scent:
It's comes in white milky color with watery texture, something like essence or ampoules. It has this mild milky smell and floral aroma as finish.

My Thoughts:
I don't really fancy in the scent, but it works quite well when penetrating into my skin. Swift! It even moisture my skin instantly without leaving any greasiness or stickiness behind! My skin is firmer after the application and it becomes much radiant.

Step 3: 2° Activator Hydro
Final step will be 2° Activator Hydro. With the increase of temperature, especially hot weather in Malaysia, our skin has become more dry and thin, that may be easily caused damage and accelerates the skin aging process.
Aqua, Glycerin, Chamomilla Recutita Flower extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra root extract, Rosmarinnus Officinalis Leaf extract and etc

  • Protect our skin from senescence
  • Soothing
  • Skin repairing
  • Firming
  • Whitening
  • Hydrating
Scent and texture:
It comes in gel kind of texture, clear white color in with a hint of refreshing floral scent.

The lovely scent aside, I am so impressed as it absorbs so rapidly into my skin. It leaves my skin with zero-stickiness and zero-oiliness, giving a soft and cool touch to my skin. I feel my skin is so supple and smooth after the application.

Nutrition: Medigold
Beside the daily skincare regime, intake of supplements is important as well.
MediGold, helps improve and maintain our health always in good condition, especially for those who's meat eater, lack of sleep or even always used to stay up late, smoker and drinker.


  • Oxxynea (extracted from 11 superfruit and 11 vegetables that helps to improve body metabolism)
  • Olive extract (maintain healthy blood lipid profile)
  • Vinovia red grape extract (contains resveratrol that mopped up brain damaging plaques and free radicals)
  • Chromium Yeast (improve glucose tolerance and insulin efficacy)
  • Vitamin C (antioxidant agent, get rid of skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles)


  • immune booster
  • detoxifier
  • antioxidant
  • brain-protecting ability

Scent and texture:
The color of the drinks is in purplish color, like ribena. With strong grapes and berry scent.
My Thoughts:
It taste like drinking water, come with a mild sweet taste. without any condensed or powdery scent which definitely nice to drink. Unlike the usual supplement that I consumed, I don't feel any irritation or disgusting while consuming this. After consuming for a week, I feel I am much energetic and my constipation has reduced!

For more information, please feel free to visit ReturnLegacy on
Website link:
Facebook link: 
Instagram link: 
Youtube link:

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Shopping and get your cash back from ShopBack!

Another 5 more days to Christmas! OMG, I feel so excited, just can't wait to meet up with my girls on Christmas Eve! I wonder if all of you is going to do some quick Christmas shopping online for gift exchange?
Besides shopping for some Christmas pressie, I actually wish to get something for myself as well right before 2016. I guess it will be a great start for me after owning few of the new makeup products LOL.

Few days ago, I have gone through Hermo's site and hence I have made up a few items in my Christmas wishlist. Perhaps it wasn't that long haha. It was basically Pony's makeup line products from Memebox and  Pony Effect Collection. I really hope to get the contouring palette and eye shadow palettes.

Well. Few weeks back, I was quite busy with my assignments and finals. I got into a little panic as I was afraid that I can get my Christmas pressie ready before meeting the girls. Thank God! Michael Aldrich who has created online shopping trend and he helped in making shopping to be so much easier and faster. It really helps to skip queuing the long way or even carry heavy bags whenever I shop. I can now even shop when I was busy with my tasks!

Yeah, I was pretty good in multi-tasking, like doing my assignment on laptop while shop with my Ipad LOL.

Online shopping asides, I have come across a site named ShopBack recently, where it is a platform that you can get your cash back when you make purchases! 
You get it???
I shop, I spent yet I can get some of my money back! How ridiculous!
Well, it even saves more of my money to purchase more stuffs LOL

Basically, I found the mechanism is pretty easy.
Go to ShopBack site and register yourself as a member.  For me, I feel it's much easier to sign up via my Facebook account.
Then, click on any of your favorite merchant site referring on the ShopBack web page. 
No worry as ShopBack actually has more than 300 online merchant sites, any well known site that you can name, from fashion, food & beverage, electronics, books and even travel. 
After selecting your favorite merchant site, there will be a pop up box showing the percentage of money you can get after your purchase.
Lastly, you will  be directed to your merchant site and you can shop as usual! After making payment, your cash back will be credited to your ShopBack account. After few accumulation, you can cash out anytime into your banking account, in return of getting cashes!
Gosh! I can now do my Christmas shopping with one eye closes while saving my money in the other way! Imagine if you do like RM100 Christmas Shopping on Hermo, you get to save up RM4.20. If you spend RM1000, you get to save up RM42 and you manage to get another lipstick for next Christmas! 

What are you waiting??
Do your Christmas shopping now at ShopBack to get your cashback! This a new site to get cashback on your online shopping

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Missha is now @Sunway Pyramid

It was a hustle bustle day for me, on last Saturday. After attending the first event at One City and right away I headed to Sunway Pyramid, in a rocket speed, just to attend Missha Opening Launch although I knew we were already late LOL. Because I just can't simply skip this. 

You may not know how fast this brand grew in South Korea, even to the world. It was started as an online cosmetic and makeup brand in 2000, by 2003 it has reached out more than 10 million of users and today it has expanded to more than 32 countries around the world.
Thus, a good news was -- Missha has opened its very first flagship store right in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia. It was located at the corner at LG1 floor, which is close to the Pyramid Ice Rink.
The interior design of the store came with the simplest concept of matching color of white and black, giving the shop an elegant and classy feeling.
Missha holds on with its principle of quality before quantity, producing quality products using the state-of-art technology in extracting organic plant substances while maintaining in affordable prices
with gorgeous packaging.

Here you can see Missha offers a wide range of products, covering from skincare, body care, makeup, fragrances and hair care lines.
All the products are perfectly-organized on each and every shelf, so you will not find it hard to look for a specific item. Here's lip section on left and eyes section on right. On the lip section, you may find lip gloss, lip tint, lip stick, lip crayon and lip lacquer. It was so much to look at.

They even have the nail session here with a lot of shades to choose from.
Beside satisfying all the women's demand, they do offer a various of skincare products for MEN! Well, men can have nice packaging design for their products too. I really love how simple the packaging is, with only red, blue, black and white colors, as a differentiation for each series and products' functionality. It comes with geometrical slanted strokes design and gradient shades, giving the item a special handling texture and looking like the sea wave. Ok. I feel like buying this for my man though.
Here's the skincare session, with so many cute and lovely packaging, with a hint of Korea Culture. I am a graphic designer, hence I am quite obsessed with product packaging LOL.
This was my favorite packaging among all. It was actually a mascara with a full diamond cut design on the packaging itself and gradient shades. The design was so exquisite and looks luxurious. I really don't mind to carry it in my bag everyday.
This was Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing BB Cake, look at the gorgeous packaging, so timeless! I really can't resist all the nice packaging in the store.
This was the bestseller from Missha, the Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream. The fancy gold packaging aside, it was renowned for its perfect formula that works like a filler which instantly cover up the fine lines,wrinkles and pores, leaving the skin with smooth and even finish.
 Glam Art Rouge was also the bestseller of Missha, which known for its rich and even color, as well as UV blocking benefit. With the glide on formula, it adheres well on the lips while moisturizing it.
Signature Glam Art Rouge for rich, even color with UV blocking benefit.
Misa Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream was another bestseller in Missha, where it is a great anti-aging eye cream that helps getting rid all the sign of aging around the eyes area. It has all the wow ingredients within like ginseng, deer antlers and gold extraction as shown on its packaging. It looks like the temple's bowl LOL, so cute and tiny.
Besides three of the items I have introduced above, here are a list of Missha's bestsellers.
You should definitely visit the store and explore yourself with some on the spot hands-on! For Christmas shopping maybe? All the items here are 100% genuine from South Korea and come in affordable price as I knew women nowadays hook on the Korean Skincare trend. You should just pay a visit! Anyway I have bought a lip tint and tinted eye brows for myself, a matt lip stick as Christmas gift for my girls.

For more information, feel free to visit Missha:

Instagram: @Misshamylove