Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Neesya Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, Age Defense Moisturizer, UV Shield SPF30 PA++

I was once told that there were few types of make up remover which specifically for face, eyes and lips. 
For my face, I used Cyber Color Cleansing Oil, which is a perfect remover for dehydrated and dry skin.
For eyes and lips, we have to use a separate remover they are much fragile and sensitive area, needed much delicate formula compare to face. So, I've come across using Neesya Eye & lip Makeup Remover.

Neesya Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

Neesya Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, a bi-phase makeup remover, which is specifically designed to remove stubborn waterproof makeup, like mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. Meanwhile, it helps moisturize and condition the skin.
In the previous old time, I used to remove my eyes and lips makeup very harshly, hence it leaves my skin with redness and itchiness. Eventually, I got to change the way of removing my makeup, which was much gentle to my own skin, especially my eyes. I gonna share a bit here. 

Direction to use:
Step 1:
Shakes well and pour on a cotton pad.

Step 2:
Press the cotton pad gently onto your eyes and wait for 5 minutes. It helps the remover to penetrate into the waterproof mascara and break the particles.

Step 3:
Remove the cotton pad and you have your waterproof mascara on the cotton pad. 
Texture and scent:
The texture is no much difference compare to the usual eye & lip makeup remover, oil based. Yet, it comes with a very very light and refreshing floral scent.

My thoughts:
It removes my eye and lip makeup rapidly and effectively within 1 or 2 wipes, without the need of being harsh rubbing. It leaves my skin a bit greasy, but still bearable. Most importantly, it is super gentle to the skin as it doesn't cause any itchiness or redness on my skin, my skin is moisture and sooth.

Neesya Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
Size:    100ml
Price:   RM49

Sunflower oil, Vitamin A, C and E, Vitamin B5

Key Benefits:
Remove makeup swiftly, Moisture, prevent sign of aging

By the age of 22, I'm already doing my skin care towards preventing the sign of aging. It's good to prevent before it's too late right hehe.

There are few visible signs of aging on face and let's see if you've meet one.

  • Rougher skin texture
  • Dull and dry skin
  • Accumulation of black spots on face
  • Eye Bags

TBH, I've marked few on the list above. But what causes these signs of aging?
According to research, skin changes which associated with aging are avoidable and most of the causes are due to Sun Damage of Skin Dehydration.

So, thank god that I've added in another two skin care products recently - Neesya Age Defense Moisturizer and Neesya UV Shield SPF30++ .

Neesya Age Defense Moisturizer
To hydrate our skin, wait no more to use the Neesya Age Defense Moisturizer. As named, Neesya Age Defense Moisturizer comes with multi anti-aging functions, not only restoring the skin glow, smoothen the wrinkles, revitalizing skin collagen, it helps in instant deep moisture and long lasting hydration up to 72 hours!

Besides, it helps protecting the skin against free radical, just great to use before sunscreen, double protect!
Texture and scent:
It's in liquid form with sort of milky and gel texture, with a light delicate scent. 

My thoughts:
Although it helps in restoring glow skin, but i feel the texture is rather too greasy. For the post usage feeling, I can feel my skin is rather sticky yet supple. I tend to use the Age Defense Moisturizer in the morning and Hydrating Serum at night.

Neesya Age Defense Moisturizer
Size:    50ml
Price:   RM125

LumiAdvance (All finest ingredients that easily penetrate deeply into skin layer)

Silanol, brown algae complex, carbohydrate complex, Silver Vine extract

Key Benefits:
Prevent sign of aging, long hours hydration, Brighten the skin complexion

Neesya UV Shield spf30 PA++
After the use of Age Defense Moisturizer, I'll top up my skin with a layer of sunscreen using Neesya UV Shield SPF30 PA++. 

It's not only a sun protector, but comes with triple functions!

  • Defence-Repair-Relief
  • Protect skin from UV
  • Induce loss of firmness, restore youthful, moisture, sooth skin

Texture and scent:
It's white in creamy texture, with a mild sweet floral scent.

My thoughts:
Personally, I'm not fond with the white sunscreen, I would prefer it in light skin tone. I'm afraid it makes my skin way too fair. So, do take note on the amount, not too much but just applying dots. The post-usage is quite great besides the whitening effect, without making my skin too slick nor sticky. BTW, the tiny tube size is just great to carry around for travel purpose! I may just touch up my sunscreen anytime anywhere.

Neesya UV Shield SPF30 PA++
Size:    20ml
Price:   RM79

Silver Vine extract, titanium dioxide, octinoxate

Key Benefits:
UV Protection, Prevent sign of aging, Enhance skin complexion

For more information, please feel free to visit Neesya on

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hair Styling Tricks and Tips | Ma Cherie

Any Ma Cherie Fans here? I am definitely one of them!

In this post, I gonna share some hair styling tricks and tips using Ma Cherie Curl Set Lotion, Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist and Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance. (From left)

Ohmygod! How we girls resist such cute pink bottles? 
FYI, Ma Cherie 'my sweetheart to me', is always an ideal brand for us who desire high quality hair products, achieving the lustrous, silky soft hair with a touch of romantic fragrance. Not only the hair styling products, they do come out with a line of hair care products which we always get to see in Watson and Guardian, always pink and sweet packaging.

Not to talk much, let's move on to the products!

Trick 1: Smelly Hair

Wondering if anyone of you have come across a situation whereby dining-out after shower and coming back with unpleasant hair, sort of combination of food oil or even cigarettes?? Especially after having sort of BBQ or staying in mamak. Yet, you feel extreme lazy to get through all those tiring hair pampering session (hair wash and hair dry) the next morning again just to get rid of the smelly hair.
Here's the instant Hair Fragrance to get rid your smelly hair - Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance Spray to keep your hair smell great all the time!

Even if you're rushing for a date at night after whole day of working, I bet your hair smell sweaty or sort of polluted, bring along this hair fragrance, because it's a hair product in need! BTW, with the fragranced-hair, you may just skip the body perfume. 

Texture and scent:
Comes in a sweet pink packaging, the hand tube size bottle is just great to fit in my handbag! Instead of leaving your hair wet, it works like a hair spray! Delivering some scented sweet fruity and floral wind to your hair. 

Direction to use:
Shake well before usage. Press on the nozzle while keeping a distance of 15-20 cm away from your hair.
Use when your hair smell unpleasant.
Before applying the hair fragrance, I have an oily head smell.
Right after applying the hair fragrance, my hair smell so sweet and lovely.

I'm all ready for a date now! Beside that, I would love to carry it around in my bag just to in case to cut off all the disgusting smell on my hair LOL
Don't expect the fragrance to last for whole day long, unless you stay indoor without any sweaty activities, the fragrance scent will lost due to different environmental condition, even perfume doesn't last that long if you're at outdoor. You may just touch up.

Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance
Made: Japan
Size:    100g 

Champagne, honey, hydroxyethyl urea and inositol

Key Benefits:
Cut off unpleasant smell

Trick 2: Curly Hair

Besides getting rid of stinky hair, Ma Cherie has come out with an ideal hair protector while holding the curls for all day long - Ma Cherie Curl Set Lotion. Just perfect for us who's going for a lunch outing! A little curl at the end and sweet fragrance hair which sways when the wind blow.
The curl set lotion is made from a honey-derived formula "Champagne Honey Gelee", keeping our hair moisture, healthy, bouncy and smelling great throughout the day! It's even an ultimate protector, keeping strand healthy after experienced hot and curl. 

Texture and scent:
In a transparent dark pink long tube bottle, it comes with mist-kind of texture, watery and leaving with a delicious fruity scent. 
Direction to use:
Apply the Curl Set Lotion on your dry hair, I would spray on bottom part of my hair which mean half-head below, mainly focus on the hair end. 

Wait for minutes until the lotion is fully penetrate into your hair, then you may start with your curling!
Before applying the curl set lotion, my hair looks frizzy and dry, especially on the hair end.
After applying the curl set lotion and curl my hair, my hair looks smoother and the curl look extremely supple and soft! Although the scent doesn't last long, yet it still hold my curls a little!

Ma Cherie Curl Set Lotion
Made:  Japan
Size:    200ml
Price:   RM42.30

Champagne, honey, hydroxyethyl urea and inositol

Key Benefits:
Shields your hair from heat, holding curl, moisture and leave your hair with fruity scent.

Trick 3: Dry Hair

Since, I used to dye and tong my hair frequently, you may know the condition of my hair. Well said, even TERRRRIBLE after I went for swimming and long term blow-dry my hair. It's worse than the dry grass field now.
My hair is dehydrated, frizzy and tangle all the time. 
Luckily, I have Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist with me, which is my current favorite hair product, works like a daily regime treatment that would keep my hair moisture, smells fruitilicious and adding a little shine within daily.
Texture and Scent:
Come with a long thin baby pink bottle, it's a water and mist-type, leave-in conditioner. With the formula of, Champagne Honey Gelee, it leaves your hair with sweet and fruity aroma.
Direction to use:
Can be used on both towel-dried or dried hair.
Press on the spray nozzle while keeping a distance of 5 - 10 cm away from your hair.
Before usage, my hair is dry and the hair end is so kinky and mess. 
After usage, instantly my hair turns like a regrowth plant after being watered. It's smooth, silky straight and smell like flowers! I would definitely carry it around for travel purpose hehe. 

Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist
Made:  Japan
Size:    200ml
Price:   RM42.30

Champagne, honey, hydroxyethyl urea and inositol

Key Benefits:
Moisture, gives your hair a soft/silky finish and leave your hair with sweet fruity scent.

For more information, please feel free to visit Ma Cherie

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Flavourest Cafe @ Kelana Jaya : A date with Teddy Bears

It has been a long time since my last food review. Just to mention here again, most of the food reviews here weren't paid or advertorial, they were just my honest opinions and humble sharing. 

I've heard about everyone talking about the Teddy Bear Cafe which was recently a favorite cafe among the food hunters. 
Oh  well, so I am here at Flavourest Cafe - A cafe with the most Teddy Bears, from tiny to a huge one.
There is a huge Teddy Bear welcoming the arrival of us right at the doorstep with sunflowers aside, bright-fully and cheerfully. 
Guess it's just the right place for kids.
What amaze me the most is the huge mural art. Although it's only in black and white, yet all the tiny details are meticulously drawn. Just imagine you, yourself having a tea date in Paris! With Eiffel tower by the side and all the teddy bears!
Besides, there's a tiny stall, made of cardboard and surrounded by bears and flowers, so lovely! 
Dear Elise can't wait to squeeze herself into the stall, acting like a hawker, selling bears and flowers hahah! There's also a white shelf at the side, where you can simply pick up some of your favorite sauces for your dishes.
Elise is thinking how much we should pay her for the bears.

Most of the tables, were accompanied with a teddy bear. So no worry if you're dining alone, you are not alone anymore, there's still bear! Just great for girls to take selfie with.

After all, it's food tasting!
My mom has ordered a Black Pepper Chicken with mash potato @RM13.90.
I like the black pepper sauce and mash potato. The seasoning for both is fantastic. Yet, the chicken meat is tasteless although it is perfectly grilled. It looks like two separate layer. The chicken skin taste great with the sauce and the chicken meat taste nothing.
I've ordered myself Egg Salmon Croissant @8.90 as the Egg Mayo Croissant isn't available during lunch time.
It's a combination of croissant which filled with cheese, tomato and cucumber slices, scrambled egg, smoked salmon and lettuces. So far, this is the most delicate dishes among all. The croissant is crispy and it perfectly matches with some of the salty tastes from scrambled egg and smoked salmon.
Too bad that the signature Chocolate cake isn't available, so that my sister has ordered a slice of Oreo Cheese Cake @RM7.90.
There are a total of three layers within this cake, crunchy oreo on top and bottom, whereby thick cheese as fillings. Overall taste great, not too sweet nor cheesy. Yet, we feel sort of greasy after having too much of this and the cake isn't properly freeze. Sharing is better.
I am quite disappointing with the services, the staffs aren't that friendly and slow-in-response. The environment is just fine, quite pack for me. I mean if it's too crowded and you can feel the sardine. LOL All the things aren't tidily arranged, quite messy, like the shelves at the counter. The price for all the food are reasonable and affordable.

Food:              3/5
Services:         2/5
Environment:  3/5
Hygiene:         3/5
Price:              4/5

No. 46-G, Block D,
No.1, Zenith Corporate Park,
Jalan SS 7/26, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya.
(5 minutes away from Paradigm Mall)

Operation Time:
Tues - Fri : 10am - 9pm
Sat, Sun   : 11am - 10pm

*You may just WAZE there.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Whitening Cream & Santa Marche Green Tea Peeling Gel

Sorry for not keeping my blog updated :( I have been really really busy lately. I got suffocated by all the assignments. I took 5 major subjects this trimester and I am soon approaching my FYP, I have to really get through all these shits, being rejected and keep redo-ing my designs.  It was really a tough time for me.

Not to talk about my recent university life but then I have two new products to introduce!

Santa Marche Green Tea Peeling Gel and Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Whitening Cream from SaSa!

Santa Marche Green Tea Peeling Gel
I believe most of you own a habit of face exfoliation, for once or twice a week. Face exfoliation is important as it helps removing impurities and dead skin on our face, hence it helps to boost the active ingredients to penetrate deeply and easily when we are doing our skincare.

If you find that face scrub is way too harsh for your skin, you may try Santa Marche Green Tea Peeling Gel, which is a 100% oil-free gel cleanser with zero preservatives, zero artificial color and zero paraben!

Texture and scent:
The texture is in clear dilute gel form, slightly greenish in color. The scent is very light and refreshing, with a green tea aroma. 
Direction to use:
Step 1: Cleanse and dry your face. Make sure your face is fully dried so that the gel can perform well.
Step 2: Pump an appropriate amount of the gel on your face. Make sure that it isn't too much as you may take longer time to massage your face.
Step 3: Spread the gel over your face and massage the in circular motion.
Step 4: After 20 seconds and you can see all the grey dirt/mud appearing, somehow look like the leftover from eraser haha!
Step 5: Rinse them off.

My thoughts
I can feel my skin was smoother instantly, like the fresh boiled egg! My skin wasn't dry but supple and moisture! The exfoliation was super gentle, unlike the usual scrub which may hurt your skin or causing any dryness/redness once you're scrubbing way to harsh.

Santa Marche Green Tea Peeling Gel
Made:  Japan
Size:  200g

Price: RM68


Konjac scrub (dirt-grabbing),
baking soda (melt away impurities and unclog the pores),
Kyoto Uji Green Tea Extract (lighten skin tone,  anti-oxidant, sooth sensitive skin),
marine collagen (boost elasticity),
botanical beauty extracts  

Key Benefits:
Removes dead skin, excess sebum, moisture

Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Whitening Cream

Taadaa, here's the rescue for girls who always used to worry about exposing their underarm- Shiro Waki Hime 白ワき姫 Underarm Whitening Cream.

TBH, I'm one of the girl who hardly expose my underarm, even though wearing sleeveless dress or shirt, I refuse to raise my arm, I feel embarrass to show my dark and lined underarm. I get to jealous looking at all the other girls, who can so proudly embrace their smooth and white underarm. Luckily, I've found Shiro Waki Hime, which somehow works a bit for me.

Texture and scent
The texture is much like the Veet hair removal cream, yet it smells much better, with a light scent of sweet floral aroma.

(Pic credit to Tokyoninki)

Direction to use
Step 1: Make sure your skin is fully clean and dry.
Step 2: Apply an appropriate amount of cream over your armpits or any concerned dark areas (knee, elbow, etc)
Step 3: Leave it for 10 seconds and gently massage it for 20 seconds.
Step 4: Once it comes off, remove it or wash it off with water.

My thoughts
The scent is hilarious! I thought it will smell like the removal cream, but it didn't. It works much like the peeling gel, it lighten and brighten my underarm without causing any inflammation, irritation or redness on my skin within minutes.

Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Whitening Cream
Made:  Japan
Size:  18g

Price: RM59


Titanium Oxide (instant whitening effect),
Hyaluronic Acid (retain moisture),
Squalane (antioxidant and antibacterial),
clay component,
fruit acid

Key Benefits:
Remove dead skin, instant whitening effect, moisture effect

All the products are available at SaSa outlet.
For more information, please feel free to visit SaSa Malaysia:

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jelly that helps in slimming and restoring youthfulness!

After diminishing from the blogosphere for a month, and I'm finally back with my secret to slim and youthful journey.

It's not hard to find slimming or collagen products in the market, whereby in a form of skincare (cream and gel) or even edible products (pills and sachet drinks), but then this is my first time to come over slimming and collagen JELLY by Centa! Lets check them out together!

Centa Beauté Marine Collagen Jelly

Centa, a brand from Switzerland, they come out with innovative products using Swiss biotechnologies with all natural high quality ingredients.

Centa ​​Beauté Marine Collage​n​ Jelly, it works well in skin renewal, delay ageing and lighten​ ​skin pigmentation with the exclusive Max Effect technology​ for up to 24 hours.

In each box, it comes with 15 sachets in long flat tube shape, handy size and super travel-friendly! There's no issue to keep like 3 sachets in our bag for daily use. We are recommended to take one sachet daily after meal (after breakfast and before bedtime for best result).

In one sachet, it consists of marine collagen (amino acid found in the ocean, restore youthfulness and elasicity), Co Q10 (antioxidant), Japanese Sakura Extract (natural whitening property), Bilberry Extract (Blueberry- antioxidant), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.

For each serving, it provides 38.5kcal of energy, 4.9g of carbohydrate and 5g of protein. No fat at all.

Apparently, the jelly is very soft, smooth and looks slimy in orange-yellowish color. It tastes exactly like the lychee jelly, bouncy without any odd taste. No worry, it doesn't taste any collagen or like fish. It's very chewy and easy to be swallow, yet the after taste leaves with a mixture of taste of salty, sour and sweet. 

Centa beauté 5000mg Marine Collagen Jelly
Per box        : 15 sachets (Each 20g)
Price            : RM137.69
Link             :
Ingredients: Marine collagen, Japanese Sakura and Bilberry extract, Co Q10, Vitamins
Benefits      : Reduce pigmentation and dark spots, boost immunity, renew skin and minimize pores, reduce sign of aging.

Centa svélte Slender Jelly
Have you ever heard about consuming tasty jelly and it makes you slim down anytime anywhere??

Centa svélte Slender Jelly, works like a miracle, it maintains weight loss and keeps you slim in just 3 steps! Slender Jelly helps to burn body fat, stop fat formation and reduce hunger pangs with the exclusive max effect technology which last up to 24 hours!
It contains of 20 sachets in each box with the size of 12g each. Recommend to take one sachet with 300ml water before breakfast and dinner. It helps keeping you full and reduce the amount of food taken.
Again to emphasize, all ingredients are premium and natural.
It consists of Garcinia Cambogia Extract (cut back appetite and boost fat burning), Young Honey Orange Extract, Acai Berry Extract (promote weight loss), L-carnitine (produce energy) and Purple Tea (improve body metabolism).

For each serving, it provides 4.1kcal of energy, 2.63g of carbohydrate, 1.6g of dietary fibre, 0g of fat and protein.
Visibly, it's smooth, bouncy and with some grainy ingredients within. The color is no much difference from lychee berry, but slightly darker tone to brown. The texture is much like agar agar, less chewy compare to lychee jelly yet there comes an after taste of grainy feeling and combination taste of sweet, sour and salty. Please take some water while consuming this, it helps to reduce the grainy feeling.

Centa svélte Slender Jelly

Per Box       : 20 sachets (Each 12g)
Price            : RM95.29
Ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Young Honey Orange and Acai Berry Extract, Purple Tea
Benefits      : burn fat, prevent fat formation, promote metabolism, reduce hunger pangs, boost immunity, drain toxins.

Well, that's all of my beauty secret! Get yours now at Watson or Guardian Store, it's never too late to be youthful again or slimming down in the easiest way! 
Keep Calm and eat Jelly :)

For more information, please feel free to visit Centa at