Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bentong Day Trip

Earlier in May, I was so glad to be invited to be a part of the Bentong Trip along with all the travel and food bloggers. To be honest, I have never ever been to Bentong LOL, so it was my very first trip and I was so happy that the whole day was fully occupied with activities.

Gathered at 8.30 am, it took us about 2 hours to reach the destination by bus.
Bilut Extreme Park
At first stop, we were brought to the Bilut Extreme Park, a place for adventurous people who loves nature, exciting challenges and enjoying the fun of exploratory! It was great to escape from the town once a month, to get some fresh air and involve in some recreational activities in the nature.
So, Chency and I have decided to go for the outdoor archery shooting before the  ATV rides.
Unlike the usual archery I saw in Sunway Pyramid, we were having the archery shooting, surrounded by all the greenery.

It was definitely an insta-worthy place too. LOL
No worry if you are a newbie like me, as there will be a coach to guide you from gearing up with the protective equipment, raising the bow, drawing the string, aiming till shooting in the right posture.
Here's a #macamyes posture. For photo-shooting only. So, this trip proved me that I wasn't an arm-strong person, as I felt the bow was kinda heavy to me, my arm got exhausted after holding the bow for only 5 minutes.
Thus, it caused some issues in aiming. *laugh cries* This wasn't my result, but Chency's.
Honest reveal: Hmm.. I have tried 21 shots and I GOT ONLY ON SHOT ON THE TARGET. Wasn't as bad as I thought. LOL

The price range falls from:
12 arrows (1 person) : RM10
24 arrows (Max 2 persons) : RM18
36 arrows (Max 3 persons) : RM27
60 arrows (Max 4 persons) : RM40
120 arrows (Max 5 persons) : RM72
Here's the most anticipated part for me and Chency, ATV RIDES!
Even though it was already 10.30 am during our turn, our passion in the ride were still burning like the hot sun!
ATV Rides
Of course, we will never missed out any chances for photo. We got to snap a few pictures right before the coach guided us in the ride.
A candid shot of mine hehe.
It was an amazing experience for me. Since young, I have always wanted to be on the Go-Kart ride in Genting, but it was like a forever-dream to me due to the reality in height limitation. But now, I was given a chance on the ATV ride! Well, it was pretty tough at the start, but you will immediately use to it after a few round of practices on the beginner path before getting into the advanced path (palm oil and rubber tree plantation)! The advanced route was really thrilling that we may easily being thrown into the trap as the road was bumpy and uneven.
Enjoyment has a cost and all of us got sun-burnt after the 2 hours ride.

The price and packages for ATV rides are shown as below:
ATV Route A (30 minutes) : RM70
ATV Route B (60 minutes) : RM120
ATV Route C to E (90 minutes) : RM180 - RM200
Family Packages (60 minutes) : RM120
Valley Agro Park
We got really tired and hungry after the energy-consuming activities, we decided to take a rest and have our lunch at the next stop - Valley Agro Park. 
It was indeed a wonderful feast, as all the food served was so delicious!
I would highly recommend the signature dishes like Pumpkin Bean Curd 金瓜豆腐, Grilled Nyonya Style Tilapian in Foil Packets 金凤娘惹烧, that reminds me of a Thai Grilled Fish with some sour and spicy taste and last but not least, Yoke Lan Chicken 玉兰鸡.
Beside the taste of nature, Agro Valley park does provide accommodation for the busy city dwellers for a perfect serene getaway! Staying in wooden attap huts that gives you a complete natural experience, definitely stress-free living in the green landscape that surrounded by all the sound of nature.
The price range from RM50 per 2 pax up to RM270 per 6 pax.
Moreover, there are a lot of activities provided in Valley Agro Park like visiting vegetables garden, miniature animal park, fishing, camping and more.
Bee Museum
There is also a Bee Museum in Valley Agro Park! It gave us a total different experiences and views entering the mystical world of bees. 
Stingless Bees
We managed to have a closer look of the stingless bee, as well as their living environment.
Honey Collection
Stingless bees are actually living in the tropical countries. Unlike the usual bees we see, stingless bees do not sting. A perfect and safety place for a visit especially for primary and secondary schools students.
Honey Extraction
Besides, we managed to see the pure honey extraction from stingless bees, which we named it E-honey. E-honey is believed to be highly antimicrobial and has stronger medical value, as well as twice the nutrients compare to the usual honey.
Since the stingless bees produce a much smaller yield of honey, hence they are way cost-ful compare to the usual honey and of course a muh unique taste profile.
In addition, there are a lot of pure honeys selling at the museum.
Honey Lemon Ice
Here's a MUST TRY at the Bee Museum, the honey lemon ice, which is something we have never tried before in the market! Unique honey taste and ice texture that will boost your taste bud!

For more details and information, please feel free to contact
Bilut Extreme Park
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BilutAdventurePark
Address: Lot 6776 Jalan Bilut, Raub, Lurah Bilut, 28800 Bentong, Pahang
Contact: 014-608 8803

Valley Agro Park
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/valleyagropark
Website: http://www.valleyagropark.com/
Address: PT44, KM13, Mukiim Tras, 27600 Raub, Pahang, Malaysia
Contact: 019-228 9152

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/melipoly/
Contact: 03-7733 3921

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sweat proof makeup | Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation

Staying in such a hot and humid country, I have always been looking for the best BB cream, BB cushion or even foundation that really work on the skin and last for the whole day, without the need of touching up. 

Since summer is near, I have thought of creating a sweat-proof tutorial, which was just in time for my Bentong day trip, electric run as well as a short vacation to Time Capsule Retreat with my girl friend. With no doubt, we girls want to take nice pictures even when we are sweating. That was what I thought of! I wanted to take gorgeous shot even when I am on my ATV ride, hiking under the hot sun or even running the world!
Recently, I was trying the Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation from Shiseido. This foundation is known for its ultimate beauty potential where it can easily adapt into every skin tone and creating a beautify effect, like camera!
Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Foundation - " a foundation that draws out the skin's natural vitality to reveal its true splendor. "

Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation
I really love the packaging of it, with my favorite color of red, which is classy and eye-catchy. With only descriptions in black and white, it gives a simple yet elegant touch to the overall packaging. Nothing too complicated, a long red box.
The bottle itself comes in a feminine curvy shape, like a woman! Confidently and gracefully. Besides, it comes with the usual pump that helps in controlling the amount of foundation we need.
This foundation comes with an unique intelligent formula (Advanced Sensing Technology) that can synchronize with our skin tone and skin condition, leaving our skin with natural finish while enhancing each skin tone in achieving the healthy glow.
In addition, the airy cushion formula helps creating a silky smooth finish on the skin, lightweight and comfortable, yet keeping our skin in perfect condition for all day long, as well as working as a sunscreen (SPF 20+).

In this foundation range, Shiseido has successfully produced 13 new shades to satisfy a wider range of skin tones, from cool reddish tone till warm yellowish tone.

During the first pump on my hand, it was not as liquefy and dilute as I thought. I thought some of the tiny bits may just drip on the floor or even messed up all over my hand. Surprisingly, it didn't. All the particles were bonded so well.
Remember that, one pump is just good enough to cover up the whole face, especially if you are going for a natural day look, for work or friends hangout.
The foundation is so easy to be spread and even out on the skin.
The foundation can be blend into my skin tone so effortlessly, just like the second layer of my skin, leaving my skin with silky smooth and radiant glow finish. In addition, there was some moisture touch on my skin, looking supple and fresh. 

Main ingredients:
  • Hypericum extract - smoothen skin complexion
  • Thyme extract - create a kin barrier as protection and antioxidant properties
  • Hydro-sensing polymer - moisture
  • Glyceline 

Before and After
Before the application of foundation, my skin condition was kinda terrible with obvious huge pores and red blemishes, as well as dark circles which look like the bruises. My skin tone was uneven, pretty dull on the chin and forehead, whereby brighter tone on my cheeks. 

After the application, my skin looked so flawless and natural with just a thin layer of the foundation. Without any application of concealer, the foundation worked like a miracle in covering the dark circles. My skin looked so glowy and even in terms of the skin tone.
Summer Sweat Proof Makeup Look
Overall, the application on the face is fast and easy, without putting much effort in blending. I really love the formula of adapting into the skin tone, as there wasn't that much distinct from the face and neck. It just like a second layer of the skin, natural yet flawless!

Btw, I have created a sweatproof makeup look using the Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation and some others highlighted products which are just perfect for Summer!

Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation
Made in           : Japan
Size                  : 30 ml | 1 FL. OZ.
Shades            : 16 colors
Retail Price     : RM155

Moisture         : ★★★★☆
Radiant Glow : ★★★★★
Coverage        : ★★★☆☆
Long-Lasting  : ★★★★★

For more products details and information, please feel free to visit Shiseido on Facebook | Official Website

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bubbly Goodness for your skin - Berrisom Bubble Mask

Berrisom Bubble Mask
If you are one of the beauty junkies who always stay up-to-date to all the trendy skincare or makeup products from Korea, I'm sure you have heard about the Bubble Mask! I have seen a lot of Youtubers and Bloggers shared about their opinions on the bubble mask and they sound promising!

Yet, unlike the usual cream or clay mask that we saw, I am going to review a bubble sheet mask from Berrisom! Yes! A SHEET MASK.
Beside the famous peel off lip tint, Berrisom has come out with an innovative idea of merging both bubble mask and paper sheet mask, namely Oops Soda Bubble Mask. It is a self-bubbling mask that contains of carbonated sparkling water. Of course, it isn't edible.

The Oops Soda Bubble Mask comes with 3 variants target on different skin concerns. They are Aqua fruit, Poretox fruit and Brighten fruit.
The Aqua fruit contains mandarin, grapefruit, aloe vera and green tea extract.
Grapefruit is known with its high antioxidant properties where it helps even up skin tone, geetting rid of wrinkles and fighting off free radicals. Besides, grapefruit is also high in water content. It helps to create an extra moisture barrier on skin, to promote lasting hydration, as well as protection.

This mask helps to boost skin hydration, leaving our skin with radiant glow.
The Poretox fruit contains natural pure persimmon leaves and green tea extracts, as well as centella asiatica extract.
Green tea extract is highly demand in all sort of skincare and beauty products. It helps improving skin complexion, as well as treating acne or pimples.

This mask targets on clogged pores, where it helps purify and detoxify the skin, in achieving tighter and finer pores.
The Brighten fruit contains concentrated extract of tomato, grapefruit, blueberry, acerola cherry and centella asiatica and lycopene.
The centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) extract is a medicinal herb that widely used, as it promotes skin healing where it helps to repair damaged skin cells, as well as get rid of aging. 
It targets on dull skin, promote fairer and brighter complexion, as well the growth new skin cell.

Instead of a mask for whole face, it is a cotton sheet mask that covers up only half face.

Texture & Scent:
The mask comes with concentrated essence which slowly turns into bubbles foam after being oxidized. Each of the mask comes with different scent, yet they are all in refreshing and citrus kind of aroma. 
Direction to use:
Step 1: Start with a cleansed face. Tear off the mask pack and take out the mask sheet.
Step 2: Gently fit the mask on face, starting from the nose bridge.
Step 3: Wait for 10 to 20 minutes.
Step 4: Remove the mask.
Step 5: Slowly massage the remaining bubbles essence into the skin until it is fully absorbed.
Setp 6: Rinse off with luke warm water.
Before & After:
I did not realize any significant changes on my face until I checked back my pictures. The difference before and after was indeed distinct! As I was using the Brighten fruit, I saw that face was glowing healthily and it looked way supple! My skin texture turned smooth and the red blemishes on my skin has reduced. 
My thoughts:
[Aqua Fruit Mask]
During the first application on the mask, I felt there was some burning sensation as the mask started to bubble up. After usage, my skin was tighter and there was a cooling sensation. My skin texture has become smoother although I don't exactly know how much it has hydrated my skin.

[Brighten Fruit Mask]
There wasn't any burning sensation like what I have experienced on the first application. Yet, the distinct was obvious! My skin became so much brighter and fairer. I was surprised that the pores on my skin have minimized and the red blemishes have reduced.

[Poretox Fruit Mask]
There was slight burning sensation on skin but still bearable. The skin texture has improved as it was smooth and soothing.

Overall, I think this is a creative mask that makes home treatment become so much joyful and fun! I loves all the natural fruits ingredients in the mask, as I feel it is so much organic and safe to use. It is good that the three variants serve at different skin concerns like pores, hydration and brightening. I don't think I can see much different on the first application but definitely the result is significant after few applications. In contrast, I don't think the mask is for all skin type, especially those will dry and sensitive skin. Although be sure to be laying down while applying this mask as it will slide a little as the mask bubbles up pretty quickly - within 2 to 3 minutes.
For more product information and update, please feel free to visit Guardian Outlet or
Guardian Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GuardianMalaysia/
Guardian Website            : https://www.guardian.com.my/

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Express Manicure | Scholl Electronic Nail Care System

Beside the basic skincare or treatment routine which we can do it at home, body care is essential too. By looking at our skin condition or texture on nail, elbows, ankles, knees, heels and toes, they reflect how hygienic and healthy a person is. I knew most of us tend to spend time on skincare, even simply brush through with some body lotion, to whiten and moisture the skin. Yet, are you guys taking good care of our nails and heels too? Can you imagine yourself extending your arms towards someone, with dirty, dull and ugly nails? Definitely a no for me! We should always looks the best  from both inside and out, left to right, top to bottom!
Scholl has really put an effort in advertising their latest Electronic Nail Care System lately, I meant I saw the ads everywhere! On television, Facebook and even when I was doing my blog walking. All the good reviews on the electronic nail care system.

Since I have reviewed on the Scholl Pedicure Electronic File last year, my mom was like "Eh, why don't you get one? It seems like a great tool!" When I was about considering to check them out, Scholl has sweetly delivered them right at my door step OMG!
Dream always come true this easily? Hehe
Ding Dong, so the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System has finally arrived! I just can't wait to unwrap it.
As usual, the packaging was in full blue and yellow color scheme, which was pretty similar to the express pedi electronic foot file.
The Electronic Nail Care System pack actually comes with a full set of

  • 1 x Electronic Nail Care Device
  • 1 x Nail Care Device Cap
  • 3 x Nail Care Heads
  • 1 x AA Battery
The electronic nail care device comes in a long tube shape, which looks much like a plus size pen. The size and shape of it has bring a lot of convenient to us ladies! We can simple carry it effortlessly in our hand bag or even travel bag. We can now have glossy nails anytime anywhere.  
At the top of the Nail Care Device, it contains a thick needle-like oscillating head that can be inputted with 3 interchangeable heads.

At the handle of the Nail Care Device comes with a switch that indicating on and off, as well as two different speed options. We can manipulate the two different speed for optimal control and desired result, in a much faster or gentle way.
O for off, I for slower speed, II for faster speed.
At the bottom of the Nail Care Device, it comes with a cap, where the inner part is a space for battery.
The 3 interchangeable heads come with 3 different shades and texture, where the
darkest blue shade (rough texture) for filing purpose,
mid Tiffany blue shade (soft spongy texture) for buffing purpose
lightest white shade (smooth spongy texture) for shining purpose.

The heads are refillable too!
This is how the head is inserted on to the oscillating heads, easily and securely.
The application of Electronic Nail Care Device is superb easy as it involves only 3 steps in achieving glossy and healthy nails!

Step 1: Gently file and shape the nail edges, following the natural edge lines.
Step 2: Lightly buff  the nail surface to smooth away ridges. Not to over buff your nail and if you have thinner nails, please consider to use the lowest speed.
Step 3: Polish your nail surface, from the outer part of the nails moving towards the center part.

Step 4: A step to be skipped or not! Apply the Scholl Nail Care Oil to moisture and protects the cuticles of your nails. Scholl Nail Care oil consists of Sunflower seed oil, Apricot kernel oil, Shea Oil, Avocado Oil and more pure natural ingredients, that contains Vitamin E and Omega 3 that helps nourishing the nail.

Here are pictures before and after the application of Electronic Nail Care System. 
Before application, my nails are dull and the texture are rough.
After application, my nails look healthier and glowy! I found that with glossy nails, it even brighten up my overall skin tone. 
I really love the easy application of the device and the travel friendly size! The overall process took less than 10 minutes! Faster, easier and brighter! I can now owning the healthy shiny looking nails effortlessly with Scholl Electronic Nail Care System.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System: RM135.20
Nail Care Heads Refill                                             : RM29.90
Nail Care Oil                                                            : RM34.90

*All the items are available at pharmarcies, Caring, Guardian, Watsons, Giant and Tesco.

For more information, please feel free to visit Scholl on
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SchollMalaysia
Website: http://www.scholl.com.my/