Monday, February 25, 2013

Nadeje - Mille Crepes is launched in PJ!

I was so desperate to have a try at Nadeje Malacca
when i heard about how delicious is their finest handmade Mille Crepe
how special are them
and all these make Nadeje become famous

Everyone who went to Malacca
will try the crepes in Nadeje
it's like a must do thing

In case you guys haven't know this news:
Nadeje is launched in PJ!!

we no need to try it at Malacca anymore,
it's in our area too! 

My friend told me that Nadeje in PJ is not that well decorated and huge like the one in Malacca
Yet, it's comfy and the crowd have never reduce in number
when i first reached there, i was kinda shock
the queue.............
they are so sweet as the waiting seats are provided...
for those who wanna take away their Mille crepes...

There are few flavors of Mille Crepes : original, cheese, strawberry chocolate, rum & raisins, green tea, berry berry strawberry, mango yogurt and praline lover

The average price for each slice of mille crepe is RM9.50
 Besides Mille Crepes, there are some coffee and drinks.
plain water is provided too (for free)
Of course self service is needed

Because there was so crowded and there was no empty seats for us, we decided to take away 
 camho while waiting..:D
Since all of us are still studying,
we have really limited budget, so we tried on few slice only..xp
#1 strawberry chocolate
highly recommend this, it's amazing! (Y)
#2 cheese
#3 berry berry strawberry
#4 mango yogurt

The cakes are soft and the great thing is, you wont feel greasy eating those cream
the cream are not too sweet nor oily like those cake we bought outside
they are just nice
No worry if you wanna take away the crepes because there is cold bag within to prevent the cream from melting
 Moreover, there's also a Nadeje card for you to collect the stamp like chatime or snowflake lol
well, if you haven't try out, faster go and try it on!

Address below :
Nadeje 3Two Square,
B-01-01, Dataran 3 Two Square, Jalan 19/1, Section 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operation Hours:
Daily : 11:00am - 10:00pm
Try it out now!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

All-time favorite music album - LeeHom!

No doubts.
i am still a big fan of Leehom
Keep playing his album again and again whenever i am alone, tired or stress

I still remember how i got his very first autograph at his showcase at One-utama
Stuck in the crowd of about 5000 fans
with sweats and toils
The 18 Martial Arts album
This is my favorite and only album that I've ever bought in my 19 years
with LeeHom autograph
yes, i need to keep repeating throughout the blog that i got his autograph
that's why it's my favorite music album ever

His sound is fascinating and i feel like those love song he sing can really heal my soul
i know it sounds abit exaggerating
but it really did on me
when i feel that i am all alone and sad
some of my favorite songs in his album are 天涯海角(Ends of the earth), 需要人陪(Need Someone By Your Side) and 你不知道的事(All the things you never knew)

and a meaningful song named 自己人(One of us)
the lyrics talk about child, war and natural disaster

Monday, February 11, 2013

The year of Snake!

Actually just wanna write something during CNY xD

Have you guys spent your day with your loved one?

Please spend some time with your parents when they are still here with you
although it's just a simple reunion dinner
it means alot to them
[photos post]

During the first day of CNY!
dressed up in pink!
"Ong" a xD

These are my parents :D
Mom's funny face, she didn't know where to look at haha
finally she knew xp
with my sis :D 
are we alike?
 with cousins :D

 and i found something cute when i was having steamboat
it's the angry bird-fishball LOL
[caption: i was eating the angry bird ]
ended up this post with my stupid face xD
Happy Lunar New Year!

share this funny video with you guys,
it's from JinnyBoyTV
have a great new year ahead :D

Saturday, February 2, 2013

First backstage! (FHM's Girl Next Door)

Actually nothing much
and sorry that i didn't capture much photos to share with you guys :C

just wanna memorize this moment :D
and share this experience with all of you

This was my very first backstage
over my 19 years
as a make up artist

i was so surprised when i was asked by my guru and instructor
i thought i cant make it
but luckily everything went smooth
and my guru, Jil was satisfied with our works :D

Thanks to my partner, Artisha, been so helpful and caring

As usual,camwhored in the car! On our way to KL

 The FHM's girl next door 2013 event was held at Zouk club,KL!
this is stevensoon susu, one of the ACA graduate make up artist from Time Square branch
 the place was well-decorated with balloons , so pretty omg

the stage before the event started!

 all the contestants!
They were all putting so many efforts in this competition
dance and performed their best
time to announce the winner!
 The winner - ACA graduate Victor Yong! (PC to Amber Chia Academy)

i was so happy that i can made it
made up for the models on time
i was abit surprise that i did complete make up for 3 models within 2 hours
actually we spent 45 minutes on each model during class
Now i spent like 40 minutes la..haha

i will appreciate every opportunity and i will do my best in each job

well, ended this post with this photo
Photo captured with the FHM's girl next door winner!

again, thanks for reading ! :))