Monday, April 28, 2014

Giorgio Armani ACQUA di GIOIA EDT

I have actually dropped by Suria KLCC last Friday where they were having a fantastic promotion on Giorgio Armani perfume at the concourse level.

In conjunction of the promotion, they are introducing the latest fragrance of the ACQUA di GIO family - ACQUA di Gioia Eau de Toilette, which is sold out swiftly in every 20 seconds world wide.

Presented by Emily Didonato, a woman who is reawakened by the nature in joy and youth.
ACQUA di GIOIA perfectly deliberate 'the heart of nature' and creating a new chapter of the Spring. From water, air and sun, a life source of eternal youth and happiness. A transformation of the perfect harmony of the original fragrance through a sensory voyage into light.

ACQUA di GIOIA EDT is an infusion of energy, embodying a vital, sensual woman. Seduced by the freshness of the air, the caress of the sun's vibrant rays and the sweet euphoria of flowers in full bloom, she is at peace, serene in her beauty yet alive with pleasure and possibility, fully empowered by the nature. The coming of Spring is her rebirth, where her spirit is replenished.
All is new. 

The bottle...
like a water drop, comes with a organic, natural  and feminine curvy. The bottle comes with sea green pack (the symbolism of Spring green leaves) and nicely covered by pearlescent sheen, fantastically symbolize the fusion of sand into glass, stones polished by the sea to a soft translucency and discovered, by chance, on a sun baked shore, evoke an ever changing nature.

The ingredients...
Top notes: Zesty Primofiore Lemon, blackcurrant bud, crispy pear and violet leaf accord.
Heart: Peony petals, Crystalline water Jasmine, Sensual Jasmine Sambac
Base: Cedarwood, cashmeran, light sweet brown sugar

The scents...
celebrating woman and nature in a fascinating escape across lands of green forest to an endless sea.
It's a harmony of sensual emotions, freshly awakened in the unexpected facets of a signature water jasmine accord Greener, delicate. Evoke the beginning, it carries a sensation of freshness made of even more exalting with the addition of blossom peony, bursting with translucent petals. Its beauty is fragile, yet intoxicating and intensely feminine. 

The fragrance will be available at all Giorgio Armani fragrance counters from 1st of May 2014 retailing at RM210|50ml and RM280|100ml.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

My 15 minutes haul from Clothes Buffet!

Wanna have some fashion challenge?
Grabbing clothes within 15 minutes and stuck them all in 1 Ziploc bag in just RM60? 

Yeah, we just played our part at Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet @Syopz Mall, Taylor Lakeside and it was a crazy experience.

So, I dressed up like a Japan School Girl (according to what they said), guess I was trying to act cute a little and look younger in my age LOL

And thank god, I met the most adorable guy on earth, Reuben Kang in Taylor where he was actually filming with Jinnyboy. [Picture of my instagram @Immateapot]

Here's the place we have the crazy clothes grabbing session.There are any occasional kind of dress, T-shirts, sweaters, pants and more!

To repeat again, if you have not read my previous post, this is Malaysia's largest Clothes Buffet which you need to buy a Ziploc bag (in 9 x 14 inches) at RM60 and stuck in as many clothes as you can in only 15 minutes. As long as you can zip it, you can keep them ALL!

Sharing some of my tips: I've spent actually 5-7 minutes to pick up clothes which I like and I think they suit on me.

Later on, I spend 4-5 minutes to choose among what I've picked. Another 5 minutes to roll and stuck them in the Ziploc bag!

Tadaaaa, our 15 minutes haul done, no worries all the time can be wisely used, be calm and be cool!

My partner of the day, ShiniLola! Both of us have successfully tuck in 6 clothes respectively. Arhh how embarrass as there's a record where people can tuck in 20 clothes in a bag wtf.
No worries, if you can't tuck in all the clothes you want, because there's blowout sales selling all clothes at only RM10 each after every sessions!

Not only blowout sales, Aussino is having a great deal with 80% off for every item!

Moreover, there are also a fashion bazaar with PinknProper and other online brands where they are selling all clothes and accessories in discount price!

Jang Jang, so I have got myself 3 dresses, 1 legging, 2 loose top and of course a Aussino Bed sheet! Still not bad huh xD

Today is the last day, make sure you don't miss out any super deals! Check out at #MalaysiaClothesBuffet. Starts from 10am!

p/s: Some pictures credit to Carmen So using her Casio tr15 *Blow kisses*

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prodigy KL Redefine Official Launch

So here's how I spent my LAST FRIDAY NIGHT! And of course load of pictures before my hair turns blue!
I was actually stuck in my school assignments for the last few weeks, it was a terrible nightmare, sleeping side to side with my laptop and paintbrushes. After submitting all the final assignments on last Friday, directly I bumped into a pool of fun at Prodigy before the coming week of dead exams!

My face of the day, first try on sort of 'fishy' eyeliners. #MOTD My friends can't recognize me though haha!
I'm actually not a clubber, though my face looks like, #FaceProblem meh. I hardly put on thick makeup, but I know thick make up give a boost under flash and the heart-bumping musics. =P 

Prodigy has officially launched on last Friday, it's a beginning of a whole new chapter for night life, replacing Butter Factory.

A big thanks to Manoah and Prodigy for the warm invitations, I was warmly surrounded by all the gals and so Don, teeheee.

Well, all of us started to go crazy when we saw this garden-like corner! Can't stop selfie-ing.
Oh yeah, this is Carina, a crazy ass like me whom I met during WOW Music Festival.

Again a big kiss to Manoah, I've brought four of my besties(from right) along with me and DJ Da Queen! Party all the night together. They are all newbies LOL so cute.

Ahaha, I reminded my friends to bring along their shades when going club, #NewbiesClubber

The place is so spacious, fit soooooo many of us  =0 
Everything was nice and great, the place, the bar, the drinks, DJs and the people there =D

Back to selfies after all, it's a tradition.
Guess this is first selfie with Fish =D

Tadaaaa... you know I know la, this is my girlfriend of all time, Chency!

Selfie with Don.

Selfie with a guy, forgot what his name sorry, my bad, if not mistaken he's a manager of elecoldxhot :(

 With le siao zha bo gang haha!

End up this post with my besties, Allen, Niki and Diam.

Can't wait to party again at Prodigy KL this Saturday.
Do drop by, because Prodigy KL is your best nightlife destination.

Prodigy KL
No. 1, Jalan Kia Peng 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(It's actually nearby Pavilion KL, do WAZE on 'Neverland' or 'butterfactory')

P/s: Pictures with Prodigy watermark, credit to Prodigy KL

Monday, April 21, 2014

Aussino SALES!

A great news to share around with all of you! Do you still remember the post which I blogged earlier about Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet?

Yay! In conjunction with clothes buffet on this coming weekend, Aussino is running a stock clearance up to 80% discounts! OMG, I can't wait to get myself some bed sheets from Aussino because it's such a deal with 80% OFF.

 (Pc to google)
Somethings sweet and dreamy?   OMG this is so adorable :D

Besides, this can be a fantastic gift for your parents as mother's and father's day are just around the corner! Surprise them!

You should never miss this great deals too, visit them
on 25-27 April 2014
from 10am to 6pm
at Syopz Mall, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus
For more information, do visit Malaysia Clothes Buffet.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Malaysia's Largest Clothes buffet @Syopz Mall, Taylor's Lakeside

Whenever looking back to my wardrobe again and it just makes me sigh...
To me, all of them look the same, neither the color nor patterns. I just can't get enough.
You may doubt that why don't I mix & match with the clothes I have? So that they won't always look the same. I did that, I swear. But then turn out with not much of outcomes which look perfectly match, some may turn out weird indeed, like a Christmas tree with everything on? Moreover, I used to get bored with clothes which I have wore once only LOL.

I bet we are the same, girls, haha!

Now, do you want more clothes??

Well, guys and girls, IT'S TIME TO REFILL YOUR WARDROBE!!!
Everyone one of you is invited!

--- Malaysia's Largest Clothes Buffet ---
Yeah, the largest clothes buffet will take place soon, with 50,000 pieces of fashionable pieces, this event brings shopping a brand new level for young fashionistas without breaking the bank! Brought to you by LINs Communication and A Shopaholics Den.

Venue: Syopz Mall, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus.
Date: 25th - 27th of April 2014
Time: 10am - 6pm
Entry fee: RM60 (+ a Ziploc bag in 9 x 14 inches)

--- If you can zip it, you can keep it ---

With the main highlight above, you'll need to pay only RM60 as entry fee and you'll be given a ziploc bag to fit in as many pieces of clothing as you want in 15 minutes with the restriction that you need to zip the bag. Eventually, you can bring home everything stuffed in the bag! How worth wtf.
Here's an example.
Bag on Left: 4 x dresses
Bag on Right: 1 x dress, 4 x skinny belts, 1 x clincher, 1 x pair of stockings

----- Terms & Conditions -----

♥Cash terms only on event day
♥No handbags and any other bags allowed in the ‘shopping area’
♥May go for multiple rounds
♥Only 1 bag purchase per session per person
♥Sessions limited to while stocks last
♥Clothes are all in brand new conditions
♥No pre-loved/pre-owned/vintage items
♥No trying allowed
♥Shopper must be able to close the ziploc bag before exiting ‘shopping area’
♥Bag must not be torn or damaged or a penalty for a new bag will be incurred
♥No refunds
♥Management reserves the right to refuse entry/sale of bag
♥Management reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions without prior notice

----- Sneak peak -----
Here's part of the sneak peak, for more.

----- Blowout SALES -----
Besides the clothes buffet, there'll be a blowout sale which held from 4-6pm on each of the 3 days. Each piece of clothing will be on sale at RM10 only. Variety of stalls will also be participating in the adjacent fashion bazaar!

----- Tips-----
Just ROLL all the clothes to create more space and SQUEEZE them in!

----- Why should you go? -----
What's the point to miss this opportunity, when you can have around 5 pieces clothing and you'll need to pay only RM60? Ok lahh, lets see, I assume that a T-shirt will cost RM10, paying RM60, you can have 6 pieces. But then who knows you can stuck in more than 6 in the ziploc bag? You get 7! Then you're only paying each clothes for  RM8.57!

Second, it's a waste being a woman if you are not going! =P 
Third, it's fun! You know how fun it is to grab the limited clothes with all the women out there haha! Bet there'll be a women's war.
Next, it's a skills required event, you can definitely practice skills on folding/rolling clothes and how to stuff them in a ziploc bag. It may be good to you when you're planning to travel, packing stuffs in your luggage. 
Lastly, it's challenging/exciting because you'll need grab as many clothes as possible in just 15 minutes and still roll and stuff them in the ziploc bag, hmm..

Grab the tickets in advance here!Don't miss this out, you'll definitely regret after all!

For more information, visit Malaysia Clothes Buffet on FB | Web