Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Prosperity Dragon Year~*

This was the first year we celebrated chinese new year
without dad :(
according to the chinese tradition
after a member died in your family
*no decorations and reddish stuff at home*

chinese new year's eve
although this year we have less a member
but there were "quite alot of "new members added-on in our family organization chart :)
if u recently read my blog,you will know that 
almost all my cousins around me already get married
*and thats got me into a "marry- mood" * LOL

as usual
this night all our family members gathered together to have a reunion dinner
 the long chocolate which 1metre long
( brought back from my cousin who studied at Australia)
*everyone thought that was "fluorescent tube" LOL*
then all of us chit chat in the living room
having snack

after that we have praying section at the temple

First day of chinese new year
*camwhoring in the car*
*with my lengzai bro *
both of us macam lengzai & lenglui LOL
so arrogant =P
on the way to temple to pray again
this day all of us tend to have vege oli...(no meat allowed)
mum said this can bring good fortune and prosperity for the whole year

the temple was so well decorated and
all of us mad in snapping photo at there

* with all the ladies*
 *me and the "lion"*=D
love this photo so MUCH!!!
 *I and my family*
lost a member----> my dad  *sob sob* =(
the continuous year maybe the same ..sigh

 *with my lengzai cousin bradas*

after praying,all of us go Bai Nian at Subang :)


Third day of new year ,
back to hometown , Perak
This day was also granny 81st birthday!!!
my granny :)
so happy with her cake
" 子孫滿堂"
 my cousin and his girlfriend ,they are going to marry sooooooon too=P
more angpau we can get=D

my nephew lol
she is aww cute rite? but she always cry...zzz
 after dining ,we have a small gambling party at uncle's house
haiz...god of luck not with me...i just won RM5 ..=(
but my brother more cham lose quite alot money =P

this is quite a lousy post i know..=(
i wrote this in a rush ...
hope u guys wont mind =D

ended up my blogpost with this picha...
"happy birthday,Gandma!!!!"

p.s: ok...guess what?? i have grew fatter during this chinese new year and drink alots!!!!!
damn it!! :(

Thursday, January 12, 2012


over my 18 years
i have been studied in 5 different schoolSss
*so AWESOME rite?*
and to me
aparting was a "common thing =.=''

i left my friends 
(who i lived with in hostels, compete with , fight for our goals for 3 years!)
and i cried for days
when i know that i gonna leave:(
we spent more time in school
school is like our second home

i knew the feeling as
we have to leave our very best friends
 who are our 2nd closest persons

besides being farewelled by my friends,
this was my 1st time to "farewell my friend"

few months ago,
i received a phone call from Khangling
she told me that she is leaving...
she was crying in the phone
telling me that she was so sad that she is leaving us
since we are so close although it was just 6 months
we've been through so many things in Form 6

when i 1st saw her..
she gave me a impression that she is sucha confident and arrogant person
the way she speak
she was like a leader *love to instruct others*

and what make me changed my sight on her?
after we get along with each other for few months

recalled our memories:
she is freaking mad in the class!
*i hope u can continue to be yourself, your truth self* hardworking and serious wor..
*she was copying my workssss lor!*
*been slaved as car-washers*
she is sucha daring girl!
she is a really faithful and loyal friend!

the day that we jogged together, swim together

the first time SHE WENT INTO K-ROOM!
*be aware when u wanna sing k with her...
she always love to SHOW OFF her english by singing english songs!"
she is such a weirdo LAH!
Do you seen before that a person who straight away carry  the burger to the "chili machine" and add  the chilis on??
yeah...SHE WILL!!!
it was a first time i saw people did this action!LOL
its so funny la weih!
i even told my mum, my bro and my wife about that!
*we must share good and happy things to others*
she is such a perceptual person, who is sensitive to things around her
she can easily cry
*during her 18th birthday, 
she was so touching till cried that 
she said it was the first time that her friends celebrated her birthday*
the days we hang out at Chatime and Snowflake
 during the farewell
 the days we "ZHA" each other "Balls" LOL
 the days we spent in Koperasi
worked together as a seller
LOL, this cute present bought by Chinyee..
she said " we must hand this in our hand , when we meet each other again!"
"it is a thing that we used to recognised each other!"

and also the days we teased each other

beauty will fade and things will change as time pass
but i will never forget the days and memories that we've been through!

goodbye doesnt mean forever
it is a beginning for us to meet again!

be strong and take care of yourself!
u will start a new life in new environment
make new friends
so dont be too sad!
i am sure your friends there not that MAD like US!
and you wont have a chance to "ZHA other's BALL" again =P
never mind..we will meet again!
i hope you look more girlish when i meet you nextime!
stay happy :D
dont forget US!

 goodbye :')

P.S: i will always be there for you..
pls inbox me your new contact number:)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012♥

As i told in last blog  "last day of 2011"

we have joined the countdown at ENCORP STRAND!!!
this was my first countdown for New Year
its the "Mystical Eve 2012"
For the very first time in Malaysia, the ENCORP Strand building will move, transform, and come to life in 3D to the beat of pulsating music, light effects and fireworks. Beams of laser light will be hand-manipulated, bent, stretched and spun around like a light saber.

Over my passed 17 years,
i was just stayed at home
peacefully watching
Taiwan 跨年

Last year i watched and stay late until 2am
because LeeHom was there!!! and he was the last singer to perform
besides all those favorite singers but also Fireworks!
Taipei 101 was so AWESOME
but yesterday that one also not bad la

Hereeee the long (photos) post...
My look of the day
Thank you Chency,she is an awesome photographer:)

8.30pm we reached Encorp strand
and within 5 minutes we found a parking
There's quite a lot of police there ..
so scary ..
(we are like so * under age* )

its still quite early and so we have our drinks at
Gourmandis Bar
*expensive la weih!*
*such a high class place* = =
*you know wat? a cup of coke cost RM8 (not included tax)*
*i am so friggin poor lorrr*
 my little sista, Polly joined us too :)

its time to CAMWHORE...


about 10.30pm we went off and went to the venue for countdown!!!

 spotted a green face ghost behind me?lol
 *ego dao*

the place was so crowded
and those sounds effect and blasting light was so Fantastic!
our heartbeats were so fast and followed the beats of the songs
its like the heart almost explode
the songs there was damn loud
and the atmosphere there was like clubbing
everyone shaking

there were a gang of people who became the central
besides the show
passion dance-lovers
*uncle ,so hot LAH!*
*although he is with his big belly ,he still can dance agility !
*shaking his butt*
*dont you saw his "breast"..its bigger than mine LOL*
after all..
there was a show on "LASER MAN!!!"

The "Pop Shuvit!"
The Amazing 3D Projections!!!

 so sad if u didnt attend the show..
its so amaze and realistic
you cant experience the 3D projections
its better watching in live than photos
 Happy New Year!!! #2012
coming up next, was the Fireworks!

P.s: actually i dun wanna write about this
but this guy was so annoying and he spoiled our mood!
i think he was bit drunk
but dont you know its a manners to apologize after you hit someone or step on someone's feet ?
he was so irritating
with his sweat and "alcoholic smell"
he kept dancing and he didnt realize he were hitting my friend when he was doing his "big move"

*photo attached
*this asshole wet himself..and asked his friends to carry him on shoulder
somore he wanna take off his clothes...ZZZzzzz*

lastly ,
Wish everyone Happy 2012 again!♥

p.s: there's damn lotsa photos..sorry i cant post them all out
if you want complete photos