Thursday, June 2, 2011

♥ Sweet 18th b'day ♥

it was one day before my birthday...

and it was the 1st time i celebrated my birthday with my own friends
because my birthday is always in the holidays

i really appreciate what u guys have do for me!
very Thank U!
i was really very happy and enjoy it!
it will be a good memories for me !

i forgot how we met and become friends
actually we are parallel lines
we were far apart and will never cross over
but lastly
we have related
and come across into each other life
become a part of memories
joyous and happiness
i really happy to get know with u guys
it just like a destiny!
awesome and rosier...

i was really
when u guys said that u wanted celebrate my birthday with me
1st time i heard this
for the last 18 years in my life

thanks for all u guys have done it to me

my look:

birthday cake:

 3 of us:

me and xing de:

me n kok weng:

chan hong and carmen:

 both gay:XD


lastly i hope all of us can stil keep in touch


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