Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012♥

As i told in last blog  "last day of 2011"

we have joined the countdown at ENCORP STRAND!!!
this was my first countdown for New Year
its the "Mystical Eve 2012"
For the very first time in Malaysia, the ENCORP Strand building will move, transform, and come to life in 3D to the beat of pulsating music, light effects and fireworks. Beams of laser light will be hand-manipulated, bent, stretched and spun around like a light saber.

Over my passed 17 years,
i was just stayed at home
peacefully watching
Taiwan 跨年

Last year i watched and stay late until 2am
because LeeHom was there!!! and he was the last singer to perform
besides all those favorite singers but also Fireworks!
Taipei 101 was so AWESOME
but yesterday that one also not bad la

Hereeee the long (photos) post...
My look of the day
Thank you Chency,she is an awesome photographer:)

8.30pm we reached Encorp strand
and within 5 minutes we found a parking
There's quite a lot of police there ..
so scary ..
(we are like so * under age* )

its still quite early and so we have our drinks at
Gourmandis Bar
*expensive la weih!*
*such a high class place* = =
*you know wat? a cup of coke cost RM8 (not included tax)*
*i am so friggin poor lorrr*
 my little sista, Polly joined us too :)

its time to CAMWHORE...


about 10.30pm we went off and went to the venue for countdown!!!

 spotted a green face ghost behind me?lol
 *ego dao*

the place was so crowded
and those sounds effect and blasting light was so Fantastic!
our heartbeats were so fast and followed the beats of the songs
its like the heart almost explode
the songs there was damn loud
and the atmosphere there was like clubbing
everyone shaking

there were a gang of people who became the central
besides the show
passion dance-lovers
*uncle ,so hot LAH!*
*although he is with his big belly ,he still can dance agility !
*shaking his butt*
*dont you saw his "breast"..its bigger than mine LOL*
after all..
there was a show on "LASER MAN!!!"

The "Pop Shuvit!"
The Amazing 3D Projections!!!

 so sad if u didnt attend the show..
its so amaze and realistic
you cant experience the 3D projections
its better watching in live than photos
 Happy New Year!!! #2012
coming up next, was the Fireworks!

P.s: actually i dun wanna write about this
but this guy was so annoying and he spoiled our mood!
i think he was bit drunk
but dont you know its a manners to apologize after you hit someone or step on someone's feet ?
he was so irritating
with his sweat and "alcoholic smell"
he kept dancing and he didnt realize he were hitting my friend when he was doing his "big move"

*photo attached
*this asshole wet himself..and asked his friends to carry him on shoulder
somore he wanna take off his clothes...ZZZzzzz*

lastly ,
Wish everyone Happy 2012 again!♥

p.s: there's damn lotsa photos..sorry i cant post them all out
if you want complete photos


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