Sunday, April 22, 2012

Single women

How's perfect is our life would be if there's no love?
why do love exist?
what is the purpose of love?
i meant the love between couple

i do think there is another way of life without love

From every movie or drama scene
Love is ubiquitous
it's a must
(or else the movie or drama will be bored)
if there is none a part of kissing, having sex or argument between couples
there will be no touching
or exciting?

 vengeance on love?
get into relationship?
 happily ever after?
commit suicide after the heartbreak?
triangular love?
forbidden love like Romeo and Juliet?
or run away love?

i think these are all dramatic parts..
 but it did happen in our real life
and sometimes we feel that it is so ridiculous to happen around us.

i am really enjoy with the love scene in drama
its so romantic being in love,
being proposed
being cared
its so wonderful to be loved.

but how it would be without love?
cant i live without love?
without being tied on marriage?

sometimes i think i might be one of the single women in the future
enjoy my single life
i wondered to take wedding photos alone too LOL

 there are increasing numbers where the women who do not get married

"Of the 105 women who responded, the results were evenly split:
  • 45 percent would like to marry
  • 45 percent don't want to marry
  • 10 percent were undecided"
"Marriage ages have risen all over the world"

"In 2010 a third of Japanese women entering their 30s were single. Perhaps half or more of those will never marry. In 2010 37% of all women in Taiwan aged 30-34 were single, as were 21% of 35-39-year-olds. This, too, is more than in Britain and America, where only 13-15% of those in their late 30s are single. If women are unmarried entering their 40s, they will almost certainly neither marry nor have a child."

"As marriage continues to decline in popularity, increasing numbers of men and women in their twenties and thirties are choosing to live alone...
Many women are choosing their careers above marriage and families."

"Two forces are giving women more autonomy: education and jobs. Women's education in East Asia has improved dramatically over the past 30 years, and has almost erased the literacy gap with men. Girls stay at school for as many years as boys, and illiteracy rates for 15-24-year-olds are the same for the two sexes (this is not true of South Asia). In South Korea now, women earn half of all master's degrees."
Do we need to feel pity on these women?
they are all successful women
who are well educated and well-paid
some are even earn more than men

Do they desperate on love sometimes?
Do they feel lonely in the night or even valentines?
Do they feel that they are totally a loser with naked ring fingers?
Or they just made to feel like such losers?

Being scrutinized by friends, family members and others for their singlehood 
i am just curious on those people 
why do they love to ask those crappy questions on woman who is on the age of marriage?
"who dont you find a boyfriend?"
"why dont you get married?"
 Do we supposed to get marry in the age of 25 or above???
is there a law insist that women should get marry in these ages?
if there is a law to put them in jail or sentence those busy body people might be great
i dont think that is caring instead of humiliating.

"In 1950, 90 percent of white female high school graduates had married by age 40"
Single women are highly independence and have great adaption in life
they find their way out to live a different life
they live a life without marriage

 they are not the remainder 
they are just waiting for the right person who precious them most.

“Love Doctor you should know true love doesn’t wait or rush.”
 Indeed, I couldn’t agree more.

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