Monday, October 22, 2012

How to react after a mild car-knock? (P-driver)

As a P licensed driver, we are always the one who be taking advantage of those "experienced driver"
as i have mentioned on my previous post.

I have been a P license driver for 1 year and 6 months,and so was my friend.
I think all of you have experienced a lot during your driving journey.

Hitting onto people's car when you are parking your car, yet you run-away, 
( I have a dumb friend that she hit a car when she was trying to park her car, AND she still got to parked her car beside the car she hit!! LOL )
Even more stupid, car side mirror hit onto the ticket-taking machine in the mall at the entry or the wall when you are trying to turn into another corner.

Of course this is all accidentally action. 
All this Hit-and-run action.
We want to avoid from problems. LOL
For sure we want to keep it away from our parents. Later they will bug on us after they examine our car after every single route.

My friend have got into a minor car-knock at the parking lot yesterday and we felt so helpless during that moment as we don't even know what to do . We have no idea where to fix the car and we want to keep this away from our parents.

A secret between us and the car.Shhh.

Writing a post of this has come to my mind and perhaps you guys find this helpful, especially girls.

Now, let's differentiate "car accessories shop" and "car repair shop"

Car accessories shop, they are selling car stuffs, they included Tyre fixing service --- There is no car body repairing here.You can find this kinda shops anywhere, they are usually not that huge as car repairing shop.
This is normally how the car accessories shop looks like!
 The tyre rims falling off may happen and you can get this from car accessories shop.
 (you may find this incident happened stupid, but it did happen)
The car tyre rims

Car repairing shop, for sure repairs your car. They are usually very huge and normally found in industry area(you can't find this kind  shop easily) They included the car services, car-spraying ,oil change, tyre fixing and most important they fulfill your car body & collision repair needs! Great technician provided to fix your problems! 

How do you look for this kinda shop?
You just need to ask "Do you know where to get 吗咭 (Ma Kat) ?" [In english, MudGuard]
Problem solved then. Ask the price before asking them to repair your car!
don't get cheated! Mostly this kinda shop gathering at the same place. Compare the price!
 This is what they fix (car bodywork)

Never panic when handling mild car knock! 
The end of my post! perhaps this information helps!

p.s: All photos from google. (edited)

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