Sunday, February 9, 2014

Suspected Dengue

Well, recalled back that I have fever on the second day of lunar Chinese New Year. It lasted for 2 days. Gift for CNY.
Recalled again for the last 20 years, I have less than 5 times of fever. I seldom got sick! My mom said that it's good to have fever as it shows that 'you are growing up'. How ridiculous that I seldom have fever, it means that I seldom grow up and so my height wtf.

As I got some of the dengue fever symptom, like vomiting, headache, nausea and rashes all over my body. I got suspected to have dengue fever as amount of platelets in my body reducing. Luckily everything's fine now, I'm all healthy and rashes started to fade off.

But still, I have learn few things. Besides some of the to-do-things when visiting hospital, (I don't really been to hospital), I felt so much love from my friends and some even not really counted as close friends. They sent in some of the regards and showed concern about my healthy condition. Even shorty, he was so concerned about my health, asked me to drink more water, have bitter gourd and all. Some of them even called and wanted to visit me in hospital LOL.Thanks for all. Even though it's just a simple text but it did work deep in heart. I knew who you are and it shows something between us.

Somehow, I still expect some regards from the old friends who I fought with in the previous. THEY DON'T FUCKING CARE. No message and none! Maybe they saw it and it just passed by their Facebook walls and well I saw them discussed about a food gathering. It's not at all about any relationship thing but some concern, even though we are no longer friends? Even stranger they sent in regards.

Yeah, why should they care? Who am I to them? Even though it's a 3 years friendship, but after all the drama, the friendship flushed away well in the toilet bowl. Just a piece of shit.

I felt even sad when I browse through Facebook's look back, it's all the old face who is a no one now. Ours memories which gone to be no more related now.

I shouldn't expect much from people who don't care about me. It shows how stupid and naive am I being such a sentimental human, trying to engage with them. They don't give a fuck and why should I?

Sometimes it's such melancholy to see the real world, the truth. Can't really bear it sometimes.


  1. Babe, this is life. Life goes one and sometimes, it sucks. But I still care about youuuuuu :D

  2. rule of happiness: Never expect anything from anyone.

    life experience from author:

    1. Can't agree more. The more you expect from others, the more disappointment.

  3. You still have me, lol I will always support you one. xD
    Glad to know that you have recovered.
    I seldom have fever too, not even once a year lol. now I know why I can't grow taller too. High 5

  4. awww.. sorry to say babe, but people come and go, even your close friends. =(
    The only thing you can do is to chin up, and be with the people who care about you at the moment, like Angeline up there, ME and many other people you have in your life... *hugs*
    glad to know that you are fine now.. =)

    1. Glad to hear that babe! Yeah, life still need to go on and sometimes we need to learn how to live alone.

  5. hmmm people come people go. old one didn't go, new one won't come.
    stay calm and get to know more friends! =D cheers!

    1. Haha agree with you! Thanks for advise Henry =D


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