Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prodigy KL Redefine Official Launch

So here's how I spent my LAST FRIDAY NIGHT! And of course load of pictures before my hair turns blue!
I was actually stuck in my school assignments for the last few weeks, it was a terrible nightmare, sleeping side to side with my laptop and paintbrushes. After submitting all the final assignments on last Friday, directly I bumped into a pool of fun at Prodigy before the coming week of dead exams!

My face of the day, first try on sort of 'fishy' eyeliners. #MOTD My friends can't recognize me though haha!
I'm actually not a clubber, though my face looks like, #FaceProblem meh. I hardly put on thick makeup, but I know thick make up give a boost under flash and the heart-bumping musics. =P 

Prodigy has officially launched on last Friday, it's a beginning of a whole new chapter for night life, replacing Butter Factory.

A big thanks to Manoah and Prodigy for the warm invitations, I was warmly surrounded by all the gals and so Don, teeheee.

Well, all of us started to go crazy when we saw this garden-like corner! Can't stop selfie-ing.
Oh yeah, this is Carina, a crazy ass like me whom I met during WOW Music Festival.

Again a big kiss to Manoah, I've brought four of my besties(from right) along with me and DJ Da Queen! Party all the night together. They are all newbies LOL so cute.

Ahaha, I reminded my friends to bring along their shades when going club, #NewbiesClubber

The place is so spacious, fit soooooo many of us  =0 
Everything was nice and great, the place, the bar, the drinks, DJs and the people there =D

Back to selfies after all, it's a tradition.
Guess this is first selfie with Fish =D

Tadaaaa... you know I know la, this is my girlfriend of all time, Chency!

Selfie with Don.

Selfie with a guy, forgot what his name sorry, my bad, if not mistaken he's a manager of elecoldxhot :(

 With le siao zha bo gang haha!

End up this post with my besties, Allen, Niki and Diam.

Can't wait to party again at Prodigy KL this Saturday.
Do drop by, because Prodigy KL is your best nightlife destination.

Prodigy KL
No. 1, Jalan Kia Peng 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(It's actually nearby Pavilion KL, do WAZE on 'Neverland' or 'butterfactory')

P/s: Pictures with Prodigy watermark, credit to Prodigy KL


  1. whoots! another new club in kl!1 =D

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