Monday, June 30, 2014

Creating Glossy Dark Bold Lips with Bloop duo lipstick (Sovereign 02)

I am a huge fans for bold lips, yet it requires definite skill in creating shape for the lips, whether in creating sharp or rounded edge for the upper lips, full and thicker lower lips for absolute sexiness. It's always suit in any formal event and party. In this post, I am going to create a glossy dark bold lips with bloop duo lipstick (Sovereign 02).

- Outter Packaging -
It comes with a rectangular box in brownish packaging with extreme hot pink of the brand 'bloop'.

- Design -
Inner packaging it self comes with simple yet elegant white holder which holding two tubes on the left and right, a two-in-one lipstick which can be easily carry around for touch up purposes.

On the left, it's a gloss tube which can be easily push / slide out. Inside the tube, there's an applicator with the sharp edge for a precise drawing and even application. The texture of the gloss is not that sticky and in slight clear peach-pink color with glitters, perfectly create a glamor look. In additional, giving our lips moisture and hydration.

On the right, it's a lipstick tube. It's much like a lip balm yet it's in matte ice plum color. The rich matte texture perfectly create a sophisticated look. For longs-lasting effect, do apply few layers of lipstick, gently pat a tissue on the lips after each layer.

Here's a before and after applying the gloss. 
As you can see that in matte(without applying gloss) form, it looks much dry with clear lips cracks yet it adds a sense of mystery and sexy look. I always think that for bold lips, lip cracks is necessary for its sense of sexiness.
In glossy form, the color looks much brighter and of course the lips look much juicy compare to matte form, creating a 3D and bouncy full lips.

- Review -
Personally I love the design so much as it's so much convenient to tuck in bag and carry around for touch up purposes! The matte color is so gorgeous even without the gloss, pretty suit any cocktails parties or formal occasions, elegant yet disenchanted chic style!

Price @RM38.

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