Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BCL x BFF Make up Party

 ----- Workshop -----
I have attended a make up party with both BCL(Beauty Creative Lab) and my BFF last Sunday! It was definitely a productive day and I can feel that we are getting closer after the workshop!

So, this is our partially bared face (minimal make up), nothing much but our main "BROWS" haha! Opps, this is my BFF of the day, Niki!

A big thanks to Manoah and BCL Malaysia for having us with Mr.Takaru Hiroki, a make up artist who came all the way from Japan!

During the workshop, Hiroki san shared some of the Japan lastest make up trend and tips to us! I love interactive workshop where the make up artist will demonstrate and guide us step by step, it's much interesting compare to letting us to do some hands on after the full demonstration.
Hereby Hiroki san was doing a demo using BCL make up products, creating Cool Beauty Look for dinner occasion and Japanese Idol for natural daily look.

Here's the result!
As you can see that for Night (Cool Beauty Look), it has much sharp and strong edgy brows. Since it's a cool make up, a sharp wing eyeliner at the outer corner of eyes is a must! Besides, make sure you brush your blush in upper direction, creating a gorgeous bold look. Followed by inner liner, mascara and a touch for your lips, you're done!

For Day (Japanese Idol), it has lighter and thicker flat brows which much imitating the Korean Brows. Droopy eyes can be created by having your eyeliner drawn downwards, right extend from outer corner of your eyes. Make sure your blush is brushed outwards, as to create a sweet, friendly and innocent look. After inner liner, mascara and lipstick, you're done with a sweet natural look!

During the demo, we were putting on make up as well! Guided step by step with Hiroki san from eye brow to eye shadow, then eyeliner and mascara!

Niki's serious face haha!

Tadaaaa, here's y face done using all BCL products, except my brows la, but I did touch up abit with BCL eyebrow powder.

----- Favorite Products -----
Eyebrow :
Browlash EX W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid, available in Natural brown and Grayish brown.
It comes with both eyebrow pencil and eyebrow liquid liner.  With the sharp tip for eyebrow liquid liner, it can creates sharp and strong eyebrows, go for bold!

[NEW] Browlash EX W Eyebrow Gel Pencil & Powder. Available in Natural brown and Light brown.
It comes with both eyebrow gel pencil and eyebrow powder.  Eyebrow powder is good in creating natural and lighter brown shape.

Eye shadow:
Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow, available in Bronze brown and Light brown.
It comes with a tip which easier for application as eye shadow and also eyeliner! Besides can be used as eye shadow and eyeliner, it can be used as eyebrow powder and also creating tear bags! A 4-in-1 invention!

 [NEW] Browlash EX Slim Gel Eyeliner which available in deep black and deep brown.

 [NEW] Perfect Mascara + Liner, it's a combination of eyeliner and mascara in ONE! It definitely makes our life easier! Besides, the eyeliner is alike with what I've reviewed earlier, it comes with shiny jewel! Creating a gorgeous with a addition of glitters on our eyes!

[NEW] Washable WP Mascara, it produces thick and curly eyelashes. What's washable means? It is waterproof (oil based) yet can be easily removed by warm water.

Volume Lash Fiber which gives us extra 200% volume and thickness!

----- BTS -----

It has been a long time since my last event, meeting all the girls. Guess it was during May, on PinknProper event LOL? Thanks BCL Malaysia and Manoah again for putting all of us together! I have so much fun during the workshop especially those amazing props!

 Thanks Niki for accompany =)

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