Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Amelie in Bangkok, Thailand! [Part 1]

[A little update on me]
After a long semester, I have finally gotten my short break. Started my workout routine on the earlier semester then ended up quitting after 1 and the half month, because of the hectic University life, should be specific, it's all the burdened assignments. Or maybe an excuse for myself to escape haha! I have officially gained weight after that due to over-ate (thanks to someone) and not having my meal on time.

So, what was I up to for the last few weeks?
I went to Bangkok, Thailand for a short getaway! Got mentally relax yet exhausted physically LOL. I shopped too much. But it's my way to de-stress, I have got no choice but spending more money to get my wardrobe filled and explode. How could I resist when there were variety of clothes that comes with affordable price?

- Terminal 21 -
Just a little bit guide on where I have visited and of course the fooooooood.
Here's my second visit to Terminal 21, they make it like an airport and comes with different theme on different floor, like Paris, Japan, Sans Francisco, Istanbul and etc. You can definitely experience different cultures of each country on each floor. 

Never miss out any chance to visit the toilet of each floor LOL. They are so well-decorated with different theme, worth-visiting the toilet. They are just amazing and I feel absolutely great pee-ing in the toilet,even their cleaner dresses like a cosplayer haha! [Picture above is the toilet with sort of Greek interior design]

*How to get there: Take BTS and off at Asok station. Terminal 21 is just in front of the train station.

- China Town -
I was here in Chinatown and it's all because we heard that we shouldn't miss any meal with seafood! They are way too 'AFFORDABLE'!

Here's T&K Seafood, which is a roadside eatery. It's well-recommended and reviewed by lotsa bloggers.

They have really really looooooooooooooong queue....and finally after around 30 minutes, we were seated!

The Assam fish, and of course it's quite a traditional Thai cuisine. The fish is crunchy at the first bite and then fleshy within, the best matches ever comes with the spicy sour sauce which is really savory. Best eat with rice.

 Not recommended this, the squid. The overall dishes like tasteless LOL.

 Sort of tempura that comes with their special sweet sauce. Hmm..this is still ok. Don't really like this, still prefer the tempura from Japan cuisine.

The grilled prawn, which is quite a signature dishes at T&K. The palm-sized prawns are perfectly grilled and never loses it's natural freshness within, sweet and juicy! You should try this!

*How to get there: Take MRT and off at Hua LamPhong station. You may take a Tut-tut to reach there around 100 baht.

- Asiatique, Riverfront -

The best place for night life and gigantic Ferris wheel! Place of romance....

There were lotsa bars, restaurant and even place to shop. Yet, they are kinda pricey for me. But it's good place for some romantic stuffs happening here or in contrast something violence - Muay Thai Show.
* How to get there: Take BTS and off at Saphan Taksin station. There will be free transportation - boat.

Okay, Bangkok is so great that they have effective train that stop at almost very location and shopping mall. All the people there are fantastic and low crime rates where I need not to really take care my handbag when I'm walking by the roadside. The fares for both train and cab have not much differ, for my opinion. I will recommend that taking cab will be much better. But, do take note that not all the cab drivers are good, be aware as they may lead you to a place (where they will get commission) and asking you to slack around for 15 minutes, if you rejected/ making the driver unhappy, they will ask you to take another cab.

 Ended up here and soon carry on with my visit at Hello Kitty Cafe. Stay tune my next Bangkok post =D For more pictures, do check out my hashtags #TeapotinBKK.

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