Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Korea Skincare - D'RAN

Hello dearies! I guess none of the girl hates being fair like snow white as people used to say 一白遮三醜 (all the flaws are covered when you are fair). No matter how you body figure are, how you look, fairness does matter. Besides, putting on sunblock as daily routine, doing some home treatment every day and night is important as well.

Here's my secret to be fair with my recent approach on Korea Skincare - D'RAN.
D' derived from the words dermatology, whereby RAN derived from the words Rang from Korea, which means together.
D'RAN being a beauty brand with both natural and dermatology as main objective to pursues to harmony of healthy skin and optimum beauty.
It comes with premium quality ingredients yet affordable price.
D'RAN Wonder Cream Series Skin and Spot Brightening - A cream with whitening effect which formulated for skin and spot brightening.
With the ingredients of VitaminB3 and Pro Vitamin B4, it helps brightening our skin tone and lighten the dark spots. Besides, it consists of placental protein that helps rejuvenate our skin, leaving our skin with natural soft and radiance glow. Meanwhile the beta-glucan within helps to strengthen the skin wall and even up our skin tone.
The texture is rich and creamy in white, with some bracing citrus scent. It absorbs quite quickly into the skin.
Here's the instant result! My skin appears to be brighter and fairer. Unlike the usual whitening skincare products which will eventually causing some dryness and discomfort on the skin, whereby after applying D'RAN Wonder Cream Series Skin and Spot Brightening in few hours, the skin will appear to be slightly oily, but still bearable.

RM113 | 100g
In addition, I used to add on with D'RAN Whitening Facial Mist before I step up from my doorstep and putting on the sunblock. I want my face to be fully moisturized before the application of sunblock or make up.
This facial mist comes with combination effect of whitening and hydrating! It helps refreshing, purifying and toning our skin meanwhile provides lasting hydration to keep our skin supple for all day long.
This hydrating mist do consist of Alaska Gracier water and hydrolyzed sea collagen, which are definitely a thirst-quencher for our skin!
The texture is like water instead of gel. It comes with a refreshing and pleasant aroma.

RM87 | 125ml | 4.23 fl.oz

Personally, I love this product very much as it's really easy to carry in the bag! Besides, it comes with the combination of moisturizing and whitening effects!

For more product information, please feel free to visit D'RAN at
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