Sunday, March 6, 2016

Collagen Drinks with Flavor: Vida Glow

I guess everyone notices the changes within body and skin when getting older. Metabolism begins to slow down and the loss of collagen has eventually led us to the sign of aging.

Do you know why are all the Japanese looking so youthful even in their elder age? It's marine collagen, a secret to stay youthful!
After reviewing and trying so many stuffs about marine collagen and they were all welcoming, I was so happy that Vida Glow from Australia has approached me. It was truly unbelievable when you got to connect with PR abroad. Which means, I got not only readers from Malaysia but also overseas!

After doing some research, I found that Vida Glow, is actually a company from Australia, yet all the products are 100% natural extract from the scales of Deep Sea Red Snapper (sourced in Western Central Pacific Ocean Waters of Australia) and purely made in Japan! Besides, all the products are safely tested and quality guaranteed. 

Well, I feel so much comfortable in consuming these supplement. 
Vida Glow, a natural marine collagen supplement which comes in powder form that can be added or mix into any of your drinks! Not only any drinks, even food like porridge, soup, yogurt, tea, coffee and etc.

By consuming Vida Glow, it boosts the production of natural collagen in our body, improving skin elasticity and firmness, while strengthen our hair, nail, as well as joint and bone!
What makes Vida Glow different from others?
Beside all the pure ingredients, Vida Glow offers variety of flavored collagen powders which containing natural fruit flavors and extra dose of vitamins. 

Vida Glow is so consumer-friendly that offering supplements that best meet everyone's demand! Beside offering collagen in flavors like original, blueberry, peach, mango and pineapple, they even offer supplements like Original Loose Powder for those who has sensitive taste bud and Beauty Blend for those who is vegetarian. 

Hereby, this is Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen that comes in a packaging which is every girls favorite dream color, Tiffany Blue.
 This Natural Collagen serve the highest quantity of collagen per serving within all the range.
The ingredients are basically pure natural marine collagen, with no wheat, gluten, sugar, additives, preservatives or flavors.

As mentioned earlier, the natural marine collagen comes in white powdery form. Without adding the powder in any drinks, the scent of collagen is quite heavy, sort of fishy scent? Yet, it tastes just like pure water.  

This is Vida Glow Pineapple that comes in a bright yellow packaging.
The ingredients are not much different from the Natural Marine Collagen, yet it contains pineapple fruit powder which is high in vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C, as well as bromelain enzyme. Bromelain helps in reducing swelling or inflammation, especially the nose and sinuses, preventing cancer and getting rid the body fat.

The combination of collagen, Vitamin C and bromelain helps nourishing the skin while assisting in body healing and combating the sign of aging. 
The pineapple collagen comes in white powdery form and it turns yellowish after dissolving in water. Without adding the powder in any drinks, the scent of pineapple collagen unlike the natural marine collagen, it smells like the exact pineapple with a very light hint of collagen scent. Again! It tastes just like pure water.  
So, here's the fully dissolved Natural Marine Collagen and Pineapple Collagen in plain water. There isn't any taste from them but just carrying a different scent. 

In terms of the packaging, I really love it, simple and eye-catchy! The size of the sachets are really convenient to be kept in our handbag, especially for the office ladies. Easily, you can dig out the sachet and adding it into your morning coffee in the office. 

I was so impressed with the way of consuming: adding the collagen powder into any form of beverage. I really hate the marine scent LOL. Yet, I've been adding the natural marine collagen in my morning beverage before heading to class, like a sachet everyday. It didn't make my coffee tasted weird  nor having a weird scent, it just tasted and smelled like coffee. After consuming for two weeks, I did notice that the hair fall condition has been reduced and even my nail is growing very healthily without that much of chipping. 

Vida Glow
Made in           : Japan
Size                  : 30 sachets per pack
Flavor or Type: Original, Peach, Pineapple, Blueberry, Mango, Original Loose Powder (sensitive taste bud), Beauty Blend (Vegetarian-friendly)
Benefit             : Stimulate collagen production in body, Hydration, Increase skin firmness and elasticity, Strengthen hair and nails, Maintaining healthy muscles, tissues and bones
Price                : $49.95 usd - $142.95 usd

For more information and update, please feel free to visit Vida Glow on
Instagram: @Vida_Glow
Twitter: @Vida_Glow


  1. I want Vida Glow too!!! You look radiant.

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  3. Waaa First time here about the Vida Glow. I love how how it work on your skin! I love to try Mango , peach , blueberry flavor....

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  7. I tried before but it seem not working for me. Maybe different kind of body absorb different thing.

  8. Wow, I need collagen drink so much as my age getting 3X already T.T Need to take care before it is too late.

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  11. looks like very delicious because it comes in flavours like pineapple :D i wanna try too

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  13. The drink looks so healthy and yums! I wanted to take collagen in take as well! This is a good choice for me =D

  14. i wanna try tooooo... i noticed you always take photo with that kind of style heheee

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