Friday, April 29, 2016

REO Suite: My Ideal Work Place

To be honest, I am definitely one of my friend, Chency's biggest blog fans LOL! I used to read every of her blog post and even watching her Youtube Videos, that's how I always keep myself inspired and as a motivation for me in pursuing my interest or even motivation in blogosphere. 

Last few days, as usual, I have come across her blog again where this time she blogged about her visit to the REO Suite with few of my fella blogger friends. So envy when I saw all of them sharing their nice photos in the suite on Instagram. Hence, to be a little tricky, I asked Chency to accompany me for a visit again.
Here we were, at the REO Suite show unit, One City USJ. I felt a little excited when I was at the door step. the entrance itself already very impressive.
Chency has explained so much to me that the suite was actually inspired by the idea of 'In Between', which was a working place and also a home place. 
It was definitely a flexible space that you can work without tense and chill with your colleagues. Grabbing a sip of wine and got all the inspirations flow when you have run out of ideas.
I guess it was a great place for designer like me. I meant we used to brainstorm everyday and sometimes we may just run out of ideas, stoning in front of the laptop. We really need a place for to get our mind set and relax.
OMG, I really love how simple was their interior design, it isn't really huge but it's comfortable, with a table which I can do my own design and a comfortable bed where I can rest a little or even reading book.
The washroom was so classy, I felt i was in the hotel's washroom.
After tons of work, all the colleagues and friends can gather around to have a tea and chit chat a little, sharing some joy while looking out of the wide glass panels. Besides, all of us can even have our lunch or dinner here, with night scenery accompanied!
Some of us may even hang around  the office and even have some sporty activities in this space, like playing pool. You can get yourself to sweat a little and being energetic back again!
When a couple tend to have a tiny space of their own, they can even lunch or dine here. A little romance in their work place. I guess it was also a perfect place to meet our clients here!

This suite was so versatile that there's even a place for musical inspiration, I guess it was just a perfect place for song writer or singer.
Here's another corner for little artists. Spot the pink bed with so many cute pillows! How lovely! Well, I rather stay here for OT compare to getting home when there was a huge project. Waking up with my works the next day, continue working instead of rushing into the morning traffic. 
This was definitely my ideal space, a place where I love to work at, a place where I can show my passion and even a place to have fun! I love how the shades of blue went well with the pink, as well as the pillow with some simple drawings on. 
It was so cozy and I feel so comfortable to be in this place, like lying down in an ocean. The color made me feel so calm and free.

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  1. sexy secretary there hahahahah !! so nice interior design !!

  2. this is nice!! definitely will check it out.

  3. The place looks really cozy and conducive for working and getting inspirations!

    Much love,

  4. You guys really makes me wanna drop by to visit this suite!! Their interior design was really great!

  5. The environment and interior design is awesome. Confirm will buy if got extra $$$~

  6. Can I go there to just take photos? Cos this place look smashing! I love everything!

  7. Woo hoo! A pool table! Suitable for time out after a long day at work!

  8. this just look like such a dreamy place to stay... wish I can stay there...

  9. that's a really beautiful place to stay and work at :) perfect home!

  10. This is such a photo worthy place! I love how they maximize their design with pool area and working area!

  11. I wish I can have a studio unit like this to work and stay.

  12. What a beautiful place. Hopefully I can have a studio unit like this too =)

  13. A nice place indeed to visit. And nice shots you got there. Worthy of some magazine cover placement.


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