Monday, May 2, 2016

Senka - The Foamy Experience @Summer Residence, Genting Sempah

If you have been keeping up with my social media platforms, you may I have actually uploaded tons of images of me, with the unusual blue and white theme. Balloons, full lace outfit, bubbles and etc. Something trigger you to find out more?
Keep reading!
So, I have actually joined my very first sort of 'day trip event' weeks ago, along with the launch of Senka's More Foam More Fun at Summer Residence, Genting Sempah with some other medias.
It was definitely an amazing experience, remarkable event launched at somewhere different instead of the common boring places like hotel, cafe and all. The crew has really made their best effort in decorating the places. Well, salute and of course worth skipping one day class haha! Shhh...don't tell kay?
In the launch, Senka has unveiled the all-new range of fun and foamy facial cleansers and makeup removers, giving a hint that washing face has never been that boring!
Of course, everyone of us wish to wake up with beautiful skin and strongly agree with the terms 'good skin starts with clean skin'.
FYI, Senka is a brand origin from Japan and it has never fail to meet all the customers' needs by producing only the best quality products and strongly believe in providing the perfect cleansing routine! The brand new Senka comes in a blue hue packaging, which metaphors the ultimate freshness, moisture and hydration within the products itself. 
Lets go to the product one by one!

This picture features all of the Senka Cleansing range, from left,
Senka Speedy Perfect Whip (Airy Touch) features an easy-rinse off formula that leaves our skin clean and refreshing!

Senka Perfect Whip (No.1 Best Seller in Japan) features with the silk essence from white cocoons and double hyaluronic acid formula, leaves our skin with supple and translucent finish!

Senka Perfect White Clay features the mineral clay that absorbs dead skin and unclogged our pores instantly, leaving us with a brighter and smoother look!

Senka Speedy Perfect Whip (Moist Touch) features the fine texture yet intense foam which is rich and doesn't limp!
Lets get into the remover range, from left
Senka Perfect Liquid features the thick and viscous liquid that instantly lift and remove the impurities effectively.

Senka Perfect Watery Oil features the moist cleansing formula that helps removing waterproof makeup as well as delivering moisture into the skin layer!

Senka Perfect Double Wash features the 2-in-1 formula that act as both the facial remover and cleanser in just one wash! It definitely helps to speed up our beauty regime.

Senka Perfect Gel features the gel based remover that can be spread smoothly and cleanse effectively, leaving the skin grease-free and silky smooth finish!
Beside the fantastic products and fun-filled activities, we would never forget to do some photo shoot in such a gorgeous place haha! To fit the theme of Senka, I have purposely dressed up fully in white. Tassel lace bralet with lace midi dress from My Dress Code.

It was really lovely, I was so indulge in the foam-ful pool. I should said it looked like a huge bath tub that can fit in the crowd? Well, it was exactly like a dreamland! To soak in a gigantic bathtub with everyone.
Review on the Senka Cleansing and Remover range will be up on my blog real soon! Stay tune.
For more information, please feel free to check out Senka on


  1. This looks fun, unfortunately it is a girls party. Great review and nice pictures too. =)

  2. This was definitely a great event with foam pool! btw, you look so pretty with your ootd! :D

  3. Really fun day with you! And can you please don't be so pretty and cute can or not? I will love you even more one. :D
    Anyway, tried their gel cleanser and I really really love it. Can't wait to try out the remover now. :D

  4. I had a blast with you and Chency on that day! I tried the makeup remover really nice =D

  5. Never heard of Senka but seems like a great skincare range that I want to explore. Will get 1 soon.

  6. Love your outfit babe! You looks fair and sexy with it! Can't wait your post about their product review! The foamy pool is cool hehe!

  7. You looks so beautiful in the photo ! I had heard this brand before , plan to buy and use soon ~

  8. love your outfit babe! i had so much fun playing with the foam the other day :D

  9. Is it new brand? Never heard of this brand before

  10. the place looks so dreamy and beautiful. your outfit is perfect too!

  11. This event really looks fun and dreamy yo. Really have the chance to attend some kind of event like this and of cause, if Senka is very moisturize product, I know what to do then. xD

  12. I'm using senka cleanser perfect clay and after that i apply aloevera gel as moisturizer at my face. I also apply senka essence in pink bottle after that i did notice that my face burn. It's because of what?


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