Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Taiwan Trip, Day 5

I'm back again with my sharing on Taiwan Trip at Day 5! After all my sharing in TaiChung, finally it's now in Taipei :)
It wasn't fully a bad stay in Taipei but we have chosen to stay in sort of terrace house and we have to carry our  huge luggage till the fourth floor. OMG. Imagine that I have to carry all my shopping hauls in TaiChung?!
So, back to the post, for our first day in Taipei, we have decided to hang around 西门町 XiMenDing, a must visit place in Taipei. 
For the trip in Taipei, we did not hire any driver, but taking MRT or buses were good enough to reach any places. 
We reached XiMenDing a bit too early at 9.30am and all the shops weren't operating yet LOL. In the end, we decided to wait nearby the well known Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodle 阿宗面线.
Well, I heard that there was a lot of crowd queuing outside Ay Chung Flouring Rice Noodle once they operate. So, be fair and square we have grabbed some chairs with us queuing outside the shop.
Oh. There wasn't any tables or seats in the shop but few chairs where you have be seated and eat near the shop.
Tadaa, here's the hot noodle! I wasn't a big fans of flour-rice noodle, even though I have tried it before in Malaysia, I wasn't fancy in the taste and the softness in noodle which tasted much like a porridge to me. 
After all. To be sincere, Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodle was REALLY THE BEST ONE ever! I have eaten this for consecutive two days and I remembered Carolyn told me that during her trip in Taipei, she has eaten Ay Chung for the damn whole week, and of course, Ay Chung for breakfast, lunch and dinner.!
The soup was just great and the noodle was so bouncy, everything was good, unlike what I've eaten in Malaysia! Remember to consume when it is still smokin' hot!
During our walk in XiMenDing, we were distracted by a shop where they have two huge golden retrievers, welcoming our arrival!
Aren't they too cute??

Another must eat in XiMenDing - the Shave Ice Desserts 幸春三兄妹, which was just right opposite the Hot Star Large Friend Chicken 豪大大鸡排.
Yeah! It was indeed a great feeling to have ice during the winter! Especially the mango shave ice! The whole combination was perfect, not too sweet nor over-greasy after consuming the full bowl. 
I really love the soft and fine shaved ice, chewy mango that makes me feel like going back to Taiwan again, just for this!
After filling up our bellies, it's time for a walk in Taipei 101. Hmm.. Have to make a confess that it wasn't my favorite spot as I felt it was much like Pavilion in KL. If you're looking for classy brand, then it will be a great place for expensive hauls. 
Beside Taipei 101, you may shop at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi 新光三越, which reminds me of Isetan or Parkson. 
If you aren't going for fancy brands, you might just pay a visit at Kuang Nan Discount Store 光南大批发 which was my favorite shopping place. There was a lot of good deals, from hair to toe.
If you're looking for some pretty cosmetic or skincare products, you may just visit Paris Strawberry 巴黎草莓 in XiMenDing or Cosmed 康是美 in any place. 
For book lovers, you will never missed out the Eslite Bookstore 诚品书店. 
Don't forget to stay tune on my next post and do check back my previous posts if you have missed them!

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  1. The dogs looks like they're the same dog only taken from a different angle! LOL!

  2. Oh my, I really would like to visit Taiwan one day. But being a banana, the language barrier has been a huge obstacle for me.

  3. Nice trip! I would love to explore Taiwan again. Many places need to visit but short of time.

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  7. went taiwan for my honeymoon. love the culture and nice people there.

  8. The Golden Retriever is so cute!!! Never really been to Taiwan, love your post!!

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  10. I have put bookmark in my calendar as I will be going Taiwan in October. Thank you for Sharing some tips and information about Taiwan.

  11. this reminds me of my trip to Taipei back then... Ximending is a fun place to shop.. hahaha.... but it was like chicken and duck talk to me.. hahha

  12. I have been to Taipei once when I was young. From your photos, there are lots of changes since I was there.

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  14. Lovely pictures. I'm a bargain hunter too and would have also headed for the discount store too hehe.

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  16. I have never been to Taiwan, the place really looks busy like Pavilion. Hahaha

    But Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodle look really goods! I wondering how it taste because your friends ate for whole week. hahaha


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