Thursday, September 22, 2016

Life as an Intern

In this post, I am going to conclude my 4 months of internship experience before heading to be a permanent worker in a few weeks time, in the same company.

Stage 1: Anticipation
How to start?
A month before the industrial training starts, make sure you have a list of companies or position that relevant to your course. Start to filter on the list of companies that you're interested to work in, reasonable payment/ allowance and of course you see your bright future working in the company.

Don't pick only 1 or 2 companies, but make sure you pick 5 to 10 companies and be sure to send your resumes. Because most of the companies are too busy to reply your mails! Higher chances to be asked for an interview if you send your resumes to more companies.

What about the interviews?
After all, it's time to reply your emails and prepare for your interview sessions.
To attend an interview, make sure
  1. you're in proper dress code, don't go with your comfy jeans or slippers. Go for formal outfit, because it's first impression and it reflects how serious are you toward the interview. 
  2. do some background research about the companies and get your portfolios ready. 
  3. be prepared with few questions that you might be asked. For example,
    Tell us about yourself,
    this is a tricky question where you shouldn't do only the basic introduction about yourself but talk about your strength, weakness and goal;

    What do you want to learn in the company
    something that you didn't learn in the class. Some hands-on or practicals etc. Knowing the flow of the relevant job and of course develop some professional work etiquette.

    How can you contribute to the company
    by knowing the company background will definitely helps answering this question. As an intern, we can definitely contribute fresh new ideas, handling some simple and minor task, applying knowledge that you've learnt in the class.
  4. ask some questions, like how many hours you have to work per day, do you need to work overtime, how long do you need to wait for their favor reply and etc.

Stage 2: Confliction
After your position is secured, it's time for some reflex action LOL.
There goes your conflict with yourself, when you start struggling  and being in a dilemma situation, between your thoughts and action. You are afraid to ask, you are shy, you act like a coward and etc. Take initiative to talk to your colleagues, look for guidance and seek for help. Be humble! Don't act like a smart ass, like you know everything! You are there to learn and gain experience. Of course it works perfect when you have a good mentor who guides you from time to time.

Be responsible on your own task and follow every single instructions. No worry if you make any mistakes, but make sure you learn from your mistakes and don't ever repeat! When you're confuse or lost, seek for help! It helps to reduce any risky situation.

You will have some bad time in the company too. Meeting some awful clients, colleagues or boss. Sit back and get over it! It's just a few months. It definitely helps us to develop some working etiquette, like better endurance and higher EQ. It's good to helps us adapting in different situation too.

Try not to blame too much, else you will really have a tough time there. Even though we are not born to please anyone, but still do try kay? Everyone loves compliment and being respect.

Stage 3: Expectation
When your internship is going to end and you have a great time in the company, definitely you will expect to get a better offer in your position, being a permanent worker? A good pay?
Let me tell you, if the company wants you, they will do whatever to ask you to stay! Of course if your expectation aren't over your head.

If you have a real bad time in the company, well, just expect to end early kay?? Start looking for a new position right a month before you end your internship.

Before getting a permanent job,
do a lot of surveys, ask your friends, colleagues, lecturers and parents for tons of advises, as in the basic expectation of salary and etc. Get your portfolios ready and don't be shy to go for some other job interviews, because it helps you to understand your working field more! Like the basic offers and requirements. Then start comparing and picking up the one you want most.

That's all my conclusion during the 4 months internship. Mind to share yours with me?


  1. This gives a very in-depth insight to what makes an internship what it is babe so thank you for the share. There are many that do not know how to prep for a session so this is a good guide. Keep it up! :)

  2. I am permanently working as a baby-sitter ! i dont have internship experience before.

  3. Congratulations on completing your internship soon. The real work environment is almost the same but then it is not. Hopefully, uoi will have a smooth career.

  4. Internship was like a glimpse of the working world. Congrats on ur completion!

    P.S.: I've followed you on Blogger & Google+. Hope that you can return the favour & let's get connected :)

  5. Congrats for completing your internship... being an intern is not easy as interns are the easiest to bully and make used of... I know my intern in my previous company was bullied in some ways as everyone one would pass her the jobs they did not want to do and she hardly got paid for it...

  6. Congrats on completing your internship and I must say you are definitely off to a good start in the working world if you can analyse your internship journey as well as you have done on this post :)

  7. Very true! I had go thru internship during college time too

  8. I have no chance to go though internship. Well, but I had a lot of part-time experiences. These experiences do bring advantage as personal career portfolio~

  9. Hahaha it's great info for those students. My intern life was like 2 years+ back. *Feel so old*

  10. Seem you enjoying your internship. My company do offer internship and the students love the working environment.

  11. :P.. my internship i just had to make coffee .. lol!

  12. Seems like an eternity since I have worked in an office but you have some good advice for those who haven't done an internship yet.

  13. Congrats on finish your internship! I never try internship before, but heard many fun experience of working as an intern =D

  14. I never really had an internship before, instead I had 4 months hard training! Wasn't easy trying to adapt to working life hmm

  15. I've been an intern once too, really a good experience to prepare myself for the harsh world :)

  16. Thanks Amelie for the write up. All soon-to-graduate students should read the post

  17. Eh? Thought you graduated dy? That means you are in your final year la? When will you be graduating babe

  18. this article is so helpful for those students who gonna intern soon, I am the one also
    thanks for sharing :)

  19. ah reminds me of the days i was an intern, those are fond memories yet at times it was really hard. seniors sometimes look down on you etc. anyways all the best in your future career too.


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