Monday, February 27, 2017

Taking a break: Exploring the unknown

It has been a month since I last updated my blog. It was a real long long break.
I have blogged for about three years and I guess I seldom take a break. Yet, I did it, for this time.

I am lost. Since I started 'evolving into an adult', working from 10am to 9pm, I am lost. Till now.
I am frustrated with my life, I am tired of repetition.
Waking up at 7am, off to work at 9.30am, lunch at 2pm, get home at 9.30pm and sleep at 12am.
This routine repeats daily.
Guess it will still keep on repeating till I jump into another stage: Marriage and Gives Birth. Then, it will still repeating in another way.

I asked myself:
Is this a normal/usual human life?
All about repetition?
Am I going to live in a repetition life FOREVER?
What am I going to do in after this?
Do I have a goal to work on?
What else to fulfill my life?
How can I live it to the fullest?

I have no idea. Or should I keep on asking my own self with the same questions.
Everyday, again and again.
How can I live a different life, a much fulfilling and meaningful life?

Do you guys think the same? Or just me?
Share your thoughts with me down below the comment. I really appreciate.


  1. Maybe you need some driving force in your life... First of all, are you happy with your work? If not, then you will find the routine very boring. However, if you enjoy your work very much, you will anticipate every tomorrow.

    Maybe you need to try to ask yourself what are your pursuing for at this stage of life. Some people aim to 干一番大事业,some want to build a happy family, whereas some want to lead a simple life. Finding out what you want the most and strive for it, and you will find your life more meaningful and exciting. Just my two cents. :)

    1. Thanks for your kind words, it helps me a lot. And yeah. I am still figuring out what am i really into :(

  2. Living a routine life can be exhausted. I feel you. That is why I always trying to create something new and make things more exciting so I don't feel like how you describe. Jia You!

  3. I think what you are facing is the same thing as many working adults are.... just take a holiday when you can. Getting away from routine life is really refreshing. That's why it is so important to do something that you enjoy doing, so that it is not "work".

  4. Hello dear, I guess something to divert your attention in a bit. Why not have a long travel overseas? A solo travel perhaps. Take a break and enjoy it, and do not over think :)

  5. i also experience about this before when i meet the bottleneck~ one of the way is i start to blog about my travel and life~

  6. When things get fed up , take a 5-7 days vacation and go where you wish to go , short trips doesn't make any changes . Working is ordinary routine in life unless you are .....

  7. Sit donw and think harder what are your dream in your life. Life is short and is to be dreamed.

  8. mundane life, its the same for everyone. We must make it a point to make it interesting. :)

  9. i agree with the boring repetition, that's why I am thinking if I should take up an office job. At least the income is stable... Take a break once in a while to enjoy what you feel like doing :)

  10. I fully understand your feeling right now, I'm tired of my life too sometime. But maybe have a dream or hope will always help, or maybe you should go on a trip or holiday to take a break for your soul.

  11. We have what we call daily routines that we have to repeat in cycle throughout our life, but we should not forget live our life and not just live. We can do much in between and it is your free will to decide what you want to do with it. Don't overthink it. You have so much time to grow. Go out and explore.

  12. Hey babe! I agree that I have this kind of repetition of life for myself, super busy and stressful life at work. I feel that I slack alot in blog and need more time to rest. Is ok to take break and give some time for you to stay back and start to think of what you want for your life.

  13. I used to feel the same. Sometimes its just I don't have the idea and mood to write. I think its normal for us, blogger.

  14. Yes, life is about routine - day in and day out. What I do to escape the norms, is to have a life during weekends - cut myself from work and just enjoy great friends, great companies and great outings. Then I am ready to face another week.
    Also, it is good to find some good points about work to keep you motivated.

  15. I understand you, especially when at uni, days seem to be quite repetitive. Thank goodness for holidays!

  16. I got the same questions too, but then this questions came into my mind "What is my Purpose"

  17. I think it is normal to behave that way. you are at the stage of life where you are looking for self-identity.
    It's completely fine, better than most of the people just repeat the endless "Rat Race" without questioning themselves.

    What you really need to do now is to find out what are your life goals?
    What do you really like to do?
    Most importantly don't stop at the stage of questioning yourself, go look for answer.
    If you are sick of the repetition, get out of it. Try new things.

    All in all, find a solution, don't dwell on the problem itself. ;)
    All the best! :D



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